Last Updated on August 22, 2020

How to Control Your Anger in 1 Minute

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Most unfortunate incidents happen within 1 minute as a reaction to high anger. Firing your assistant at a small mistake, slapping your colleague, hurting your loved ones, and breaking your relationship is to name a few.

Most people regret their decisions in the future which were made under the influence of instant anger. How to control your anger quickly? This is the most widely asked question that an angry person needs to work on.


Anger is your enemy. It not only brings harm to your reputation but also affects your physical health. It can very well increase your blood pressure, anxiety, headache, and depression and you don’t want any of these. 


Short temperament is no praise. People who are good at anger management are always on a path to glory, an excellent reputation, and success. 

While controlling your anger instantly may be challenging if you are short-tempered, there are few efficient ways to control your anger in less than a minute. 

Reverse count from 10 to 1

Your mind stops working at least in a positive direction when you get furious at once. In this situation, do not react. Try counting in a reverse direction from 10 to 1. 

This will not only deviate your mind from the issue that triggered your anger but will also give you a time slot to think in a different direction. 

Recall the worse incidents 

Remember that the world has not ended with what has just gone wrong in your life. You still have a better life in comparison to many people in the world. There will always be people in the world who have suffered more than you do.

Recall the worse incidents in your life and try to think that you are still better than others.

Think about the long term 

Don’t think short. Tell yourself that your anger is temporary and life is much bigger. Don’t let your short temperament overwhelm your long term life.

control your anger - meditation

Remember life is short

If you always remember that life is short and you will die one day, then you will surely not bother about the little incident you are angry about.

Remember if you choose to forgive over unpleasant reaction, you will be remembered in very good words even after you leave this world.

Think of your ideal cool personality 

There must be someone in your life who has a super cool mind with excellent anger management skills. Think of how he or she would have handled the situation in which you are at that moment.

If you have ever idealized a person with a cool mind, you are already in a phase of becoming that person. So there is no point in waiting further and impersonating your ideal personality right away.

Imagine yourself in the opposite situation

Think about what would have happened if the tables were turned. If it was you who had triggered someone’s anger. Wouldn’t you expect generosity? 

Remember it is in your own harm

Quickly tell yourself again and again that being angry is bringing harm to yourself. As mentioned at the start of this article, anger eats up your health. So it is always in your own favor to distract your mind to lower your anger.

React but not with anger, control your anger  

If the situation is unforgivable, and there must be something you should do about it, do not react in anger. Think over it, sleep over it and then make a decision with your cool mind with no factor of anger in your decisions. 

Tell yourself that you are going to react but that will depict your anger but wisdom.

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