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Home Remedies for Migraine

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A migraine attack is often a severe headache that can affect a part of a full head. It can be sudden and has the potential to leave the affected person helpless for a while. There are a variety of reasons that can cause a migraine attack but a few of the general causes include hormonal changes in women, sudden shock, change in your diet or drinks, and stress. It can also happen as a side effect of a medication that you have been taking recently. Try these home natural remedies to Reduce Migraine Symptoms.


Fortunately, there are some highly effective home remedies for migraine which are sharing in this article so that our readers with migraine problems can get instant relief at their homes.

Remedies for Migraine

Try out the following home remedies for migraines for immediate effect. You can try more and more of these tips until you find out what suits you best.

Scalp Massage

This type of home remedies for migraine is as migraine is related to the headaches that reside under our scalp, providing some good oils to our head machinery is advisable in this regard. Lavender Oil is recommended and has proven results in giving relief to migraine patients.

Scalp Massage


Ginger contains the elements that have the capability of reducing the effects generated by migraines. You can eat ginger pieces directly to make them work for you. Eating ginger is a good idea not only for curing migraines and headaches but for its many other benefits too.


Yoga and Meditation

As migraine attacks can be triggered by stress and shocks, having relaxing exercises including yoga and meditation is always advisable. Don’t test the limits of your migraine attacks and do some yoga and meditation activities to calm your head. While staying at home you can try this type of home remedies for migraines.

Acupressure Techniques

Research has shown that massaging other parts of the body relieves pain from the surrounding parts. Therefore, acupuncture and acupressure techniques can also be used to cure migraine attacks at home.

Acupressure Techniques

Avoid  Bright Exposure

Migraines can also be triggered by having direct and sudden exposure to bright light. So you need to detach yourself from the bright and exotic environment and choose to remain at the more convenient environments toll the migraine settles down.

Don’t Chew Hard Stuff

Extra chewing and hard chewing puts pressure on your head via your jaws. Try to eat a soft diet that requires fewer efforts in the form of chewing, this is the best way for home remedies to help migraine.

Take Relaxants

Instead of going for direct medical care for treating migraines, you should try having relaxants which would surely do their task and lower down your migraine pain. There is no cure for migraines, but many drugs can treat or even prevent some of the headaches as well as some home remedies for migraines.

Take Relaxants
Female hands hold one pill and glass of water close-up

Additional Precautions and Home Remedies for Migraine:

Here are a few other precautions and home remedies for migraine.

  1. Avoid Alcohol
  2. Avoid noisy areas
  3. Eat whole grains
  4. Try cold patches on your head
  5. Relax


Migraine attacks are painful and always uncertain. You can try out the best guidelines on home remedies for migraine mentioned in this article to get a sigh of relief.

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