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Healthy Hair Tips and dispel myths about it


Your hair is your crown. This is why you have to take care of it. Great looking hair can boost the confidence of any person. There are infinite ways to style your hair and it entirely depends on your lifestyle and personality. You cannot begin to imagine some people’s efforts to keep their hair shiny and dandruff-free. The hair care product business is also booming because of the people who continuously purchase their shampoos and conditioners. Due to this, people are asking for healthy hair tips to better take care of their hair

It is important to note that styling the hair can take its toll on it and produce hair breakage and dryness. This is why frequent hair dyeing is not advisable. In any case, there are also hair myths that are proliferating the globe right now.

1. Coldwater causes shiny hair

One of the healthy hair tips that is incorrect. While it is true that extremely hot water can damage your hair, it really does not matter how cold the water that you will use to wash or rinse your hair.  

2. Colouring the hair is bad

This was mentioned earlier in the article and this is to expound more on the subject. Colouring the hair is safe as long as the instructions to do this are strictly followed. This is safe as long as it is not done frequently. Also, make sure that you are only going to use gentle colouring products. After colouring your hair, try to use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for coloured hair. Besides, using extra conditioner is beneficial for your hair as well. This is the most useful for a healthy hair tips.

3. Double the shampoo and lather on your hair

It was believed that if you shampoo your hair at least twice in one bath would result in cleaner hair. This is not true. Doing this will only damage it. However, if your hair is extremely oily, then shampooing twice is fine.

4. Cutting your hair would speed up its growth process

Another myth. The growth of your hair depends on the type of diet that you have. It does not depend on how often your hair is trimmed. The tips for healthy hair is in trimming your hair is that it will look neater because of the removal of split ends.

5. Fine hair will stay limp

This is not true. Hair volume increases when hot rollers are used on it. Once finished, apply some mousse on it then brush it as often as its needed.

6. Pulling grey hair would cause it to multiply on your scalp

While this statement is not true, it is true that pulling your hair; coloured grey or not is not advisable. Doing this may cause scalp infections or scars on your scalp. If you do not want to see grey hair, dye it instead. Tip to keep maintaining healthy hair.

7. For healthy hair tips, brush it more than 100 times at night

This myth is a tradition that has been passed from one generation to the next; from mothers to their daughters and to their own daughters when they grow up. You can even see this tradition listed in most hair care books. The thing is that you must never brush your hair except when you are styling it. Overbrushing your hair will only weaken and damage your hair. Everyone wants healthy hair tips that are actually healthy.


Research for healthy hair tips suggests that before doing any service on your hair; like rebonding, relaxing and dyeing, check first if your hair can handle it. Try to get the recommendation of the hairstylist first before doing anything on your hair.

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