Last Updated on August 22, 2020

Food for An Upset Stomach


Having an upset stomach can very well affect your ability and mood to perform day to day tasks. Be it diarrhoea, constipation, gastric issues, or acidity, an upset stomach does not allow you to think about anything other than itself. It can cause embarrassment as well as health issues such as dehydration. Any person with an upset stomach might be wondering what to eat or drink in that situation. While some people would prefer to keep their stomach empty until it settles, it may not be the wise decision all the time because keeping your stomach empty can cause weakness and fatigue. Therefore, we have decided to suggest some good food for an upset stomach which you can safely eat in this condition.


An upset stomach leads to a variety of reasons including indigestion, stomach inflammation, and overeating, etc. Therefore, you need to take the food accordingly that supports your stomach. We have tried our best to bring the best food for an upset stomach that would be beneficial in most situations but still, you have to be careful in selecting food to eat when your stomach is infected.


The following food suggestions are safe to consume when you have an upset stomach because all of them support the functions of a stomach in one way or the other.


Bananas are scientifically proven to contain specific properties that help digestion and improve stomach functionality.  Eating two bananas after meals its a food that can help you settle down your upset stomach. It also fights acidic reflux in the stomach that causes acidity. Try to avoid bananas if you are suffering from constipation. Almost everyone gets an upset stomach from time to time


Sugarcane Juice

Apart from its countless benefits including its fight against cancer, sugarcane juice also plays a part in recovering your upset stomach. A glass of sugarcane juice helps in digestion and prevents stomach infection from growing in the stomach. It is also beneficial in constipation. These kinds of food is sometimes advise for an upset stomach.

Fresh Yogurt

Whether you have a stomach inflammation or diarrhoea, fresh yoghurt is always helpful in keeping your stomach healthy. Ideally, you should eat fresh yoghurt in the morning before breakfast so that it does its job more efficiently. The supplementary products made up of yoghurt are also recommended for the same purpose. Try to include yoghurt along with your food for better digestion, an upset stomach is never pleasant

Fresh Yogurt


Papaya is well-known and known all over the world due to its capability to treat stomach ulcers. It contains the special enzymes that augment the digestive system. It is not necessary to eat papaya only for an upset stomach, you can eat papayas in your daily routine as food for keeping your stomach fit in all respect.


Gingers are also highly recommending when you have an upset stomach. You can always include gingers in your food in addition to consuming fine ginger slices as salads, none of us likes an upset stomach. It provides your stomach with the beneficial components that optimize stomach functionality.



The above-mentioned food for an upset stomach is only a fine selection out of the huge list of recommended foods that are safe for upset stomachs. The other good foods like white rice and herbal tea are also good to take care of your disturbed stomach.

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