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DJ Arafat net worth, life, and death


Dj Arafat net worth, life and death. Ever wondered how funny and unpredictable fate could be? How one’s life could be full of happiness in one minute and completely the opposite the next? That is what happened to DJ Arafat, one of the world’s most famous DJs in the world!


Full name: Ange Didier Houon

Nickname: DJ Arafat

Birth: January 26, 1986

Children: Mael, Ezekiel, Lachoina, Owen

Wife: Carmen

Occupation: Disc jockey, musician

Death: August 12, 2019

Cause of death: Vehicular accident

Life before his death

Ange Didier Houon, aka DJ Arafat, was an Ivorian singer and musician.

He was known for his great taste for music.

He has also written and sang his songs.

His hard work, perseverance, and constant need for music made him one of the most famous musicians in the world!

DJ Arafat’s parents were also musicians themselves.

Both his parents Tina and Houon Pierre were singers and musicians.

No wonder where he got his taste for music. It runs in their blood!


DJ Arafat, with his spouse Carmen, had three children.

They named them Mael, Ezekiel, Lachoina, Owen.

He and his family were living happily together.

Plans were made for his children.

His wife has nothing but supportive of his career and music endeavours.


A few of the famous music that DJ Arafat made famous are the following:

  • Djessmidijeka
  • Hommage a Jonathan
  • Dosabado
  • Kpangor
  • Yorobo
  • Moto Moto
  • Touching Body
  • Paix

Those and many more were made famous by DR Arafat with his love for music.

He also made collaborations with other famous singers and musicians such as follows:

  • DJ K-Lamite
  • Serges Beynaud
  • Doliziana
  • DJ Mix 1er
  • Erickson Le Zulu
  • Debordeaux Leekunfa
  • DJ Lewis

With his success in music, DJ Arafat received a few awards:

  • Kora Awards
  • MTV Awards in the year 2015
  • MTV Africa Music Awards
  • WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards

True enough, the DJ contributed a lot to the music industry in Africa.

With his great taste in music and his desire to let people know his talent in the industry.

DJ Arafat’s Net worth

At the age of 33, DJ Arafat is one of the richest musicians.

His net worth is estimated to reach $5-10million.

His riches are also fruits of his labour in the music industry.

The primary source of income

Of course, his main and primary source of income was in music.

Being a DJ and a famous one, made him earn millions.

His hiring rate is much higher than an ordinary DJ.

DJ Arafat’s net worth in 2020

Even in his death, the DJ continues to earn and sustain for his family.

His contracts and label are still earning, making him and his family still earn.

At the start of the year 2020, the DJ had earned $4.7k in February and $4.24K in January.

As of the moment of speaking, his net worth is significantly higher compared to other DJs in the industry.

DJ Arafat’s Net worth in 2019

Ironically, DJ Arafat’s net worth in August had the highest estimated earnings.

He reached up to $13, 400 in August alone.

Never did they know that this would be the highest, yet deadly month for the famous DJ.

It was in this month when he met the accident which eventually killed him.

DJ Arafat’s net worth in 2018

In 2018, the famous DJ was known to have reached $100,000 – $1 million in his net worth for the past 2 years.

His net worth continues to earn even up to now because of his active contracts with different companies.

Although DJ Arafat’s net worth has reached immensely high in the past 2 years of his life, he may not be able to enjoy most of this because of his sudden demise.

DJ Arafat’s family will be the recipient of his net worth.

However, DJ Arafat’s net worth may have reached millions, but it will never be enough to compare their lives when the DJ was still alive.

In his lifetime, the popular DJ contributed a lot to the music industry.

His net worth says it all.

He is not an ordinary disc jockey that a host of a party would hire.

He cost a lot, and his net worth continuously increases as he also becomes more popular.


He was too young to die.

He was at the peak of his career, and his family loved him dearly.

Everybody loved his music, and many thought that he would have a long life to live to continue his music.

At 33, he left behind a mournful wife and 4 innocent children who long for a father.

His entire family was devastated because of the tragic loss of a soul who wanted nothing but to love and express his love for music.

Aside from his mourning family members, millions of fans also expressed their devastation and extreme sadness over the loss of someone who contributed a lot to the music industry.

A lot of his fans showed their grief by posting on social media platforms.

Many expressed a sudden shock from the terror of the accident that took away a young soul.

Some of his fans also lit candles in hopes and prayers of strength to be able to comprehend and accept the sudden loss of life.

The accident

He had a late-night show doing what he was always good at – music.

As he was on his way home, at roughly around 8 am, the world lost a wonderful soul.

The DJ was seen doing some motorcycle stunts before his tragic death.

There was even a video of him doing some dangerous tricks.

Another video of him was seen speeding his way in the highway of Angre Neighborhood.

The accident occurred because of him speeding and colliding into another car.

The impact was so hard his motorbike was destroyed.

At the sight of the accident, no one would think of any sign of survival from the motorcycle driver.

Both Denise and DJ Arafat were rushed to a hospital in Abidjan.

However, the car driver, Denise Laffafiette, was pronounced to have stabilized.

She was also able to recover soon after being discharged from the hospital.

DJ Arafat died the next day of the accident, August 12, 2019.

The world lost an iconic artist to a fatal accident.

Unfortunately, he suffered a skull fracture.

It was an irreversible incident, and his body was not responding very well.

This led to his death.

It was around 8 am on the same day when DJ Arafat was pronounced dead by his doctor.

Fans’ reactions

After knowing and telling the world of the passing of such a great icon, DJ Arafat’s fans were gathered in the Cocody suburb.

His fans reaching almost 1,000 of them were nearby the hospital where the DJ was pronounced dead.

They were all singing and chanting songs of the DJ.

They were all shouting “Arafat cannot die.”

The police authority had difficulty in controlling the crowd.

With the volume of the crowd gathered around the hospital, the policemen had to stop the crowd from going too far forcefully.

Their gathering around the hospital created too much chaos that some emergency cases had to be rerouted in another part of the hospital.

Some of his fans also gathered around his house.

They were gathered to show their respect and love for the man who inspired millions of people.

This was also their way of showing their support to the family of DJ Arafat.

The irony of his death

DJ Arafat, being famous, was always surrounded by paparazzi.

His fame led him to give up some of his private life.

Like the most famous artist, he hated these paparazzi.

However, he once revealed that he hated the journalists even more.

When he was still alive, the DJ revealed that he did not like the journalists because they were feeding the inaccurate public information about him.

The DJ did not like the idea of being talked by many journalists, and he hated the fact that some of the information they wrote about him was not based on facts.

He also did not like the idea of involving his family in some fictitious stories which some journalists create. 

He wanted his private life private.

However, due to his fame and popularity, he would not be able to do so.

There will always be things about him that the people would talk about.

He graciously lived with it as much as he hated it. 

His death also involved a journalist! The driver of the car that he collided with, unfortunately, was a journalist!


Ironic as it may sound, but he may have hated the journalist while he was still alive, he may have also hated them more because of his death – a death which no one expected and one that devastated many!


With his passing, he left a lot of memories.

He touched so many lives.

He inspired many dreamers.

To many, he was just a DJ. But for some, he was their hero.

May his soul rest in peace.

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