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Last Updated on October 29, 2019

7 Best Tips for Essay Writing

When it comes to writing a good essay, you need to understand that you have to stand out as compared to others in order to gain good marks. A good essay involves a variety of aspects that must be incorporated in order to leave an overall good impression on the reader or examiner. If you need help with essay writing and want to explore some of the best tips for essay writing, you are already ahead of those who do not care about writing an impressive essay.

There are many tips for essay writing that involves some concrete essay writing steps, but we are sharing the top 7 tips that will explain the essay writing process. These top tips for essay writing will help you write an impressive essay on any topic.

Make a detailed outline

A good essay never comes without an outline. Chalking out an outline does not only help you write an essay in a sequence but also assists the essay checker to have an idea about the flow and content of your essay.

If you run out of words in the middle of your essay, you can always refer to your outline and continue with your flow.

Writting essay - outline

Start with a catchy introduction

Starting with a unique story, incident or a famous quote is always a good idea. If you catch the attention of the reader or essay checker, you have done half of the task. If the reader develops an interest in reading out your essay, it is for sure that he will continue reading your arguments throughout your essay.

If an essay has a traditional or boring start, it is very much possible that the reader just skims through your essay and miss important points that you had mentioned somewhere in the middle of your arguments.

tips for essay writing catchy introduction
Tips for Essay Writing – Catchy Introduction

Include some background of the topic

Describing the background of any topic shows that you have a thorough knowledge and grip on the topic. If you state the historical overview of the topic of your essay and describe past developments around it, you have already impressed the examiner.


Even if you don’t know the exact background of the topic, you can mention about the recent developments and discuss those in your analysis.

background of the topic

Follow the flow of your outline

Sometimes you will feel that you have started to write out of your initial flow. You should immediately refer to your initial outline. This should enable you to continue with your essay according to the outline.

If you deviate too much from your outline, the reader or the examiner may think that you lack focus on the topic and you are just filling up the paper.

Support your arguments with statistics

Essays without statistics are mere opinions. While opinions may be important to certain people, it is always advisable to include some statistics that can prove your statements.

Even if you can’t recall the exact statistic details, you can always refer to the general figures in order to show a broader view of the topic.


Avoid extreme stances

You don’t know what mindset does the reader or examiner of an essay possesses. If you are very clear about a certain stance in your essay, it is not necessary that the examiner would share the same stance too.

A good essay always maintains a balanced approach and it refrains from extremes.

Tips for Essay Writing - Extreme Stances
Tips for Essay Writing – Extreme Stances

End with a convincing conclusion

After describing both schools of thought without taking any of the extremes, you should jump towards concluding your essay.

The ending must be convincing and must summarize what you have written throughout the essay. It should give a roadmap to the readers of your essay regarding the issue at hand. It can conclude with some suggestions and solutions to address the issue.

tips for essay writing convincing conclusion
Tips for Essay Writing – Convincing Conclusion

Additional Tip for essay writing :

In addition to the above-mentioned tips for essay writing, it is pertinent to mention here that a good reading has an effect on good writing as well. If you read plenty of material including books, magazines, articles, and newspapers; you would have a bright potential to write exceptional essays.

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