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5 Most Common Hair Loss Reasons

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Scalp hair is widely considered to be one of the most important aspects of one’s personality. Only the people who are losing hair rapidly can truly recognize the importance of hair. That is why we find it important to describe the top 5 most common hair loss reasons which most people tend to ignore. 

The following hair loss reasons may seem generic to some readers, but if you read closely, you would realize that you can significantly avoid hair loss by making small changes in your daily lives. 

Iron deficiency 

One of the core reasons for hair loss is an iron deficiency in your body. There are a variety of iron-rich sources that you can include in your dietary intake. Foods like red meat, green leafy vegetables, and apple are highly rich in iron. 

Iron deficiency may not be the only reason behind hair fall. If you have an excessive deficiency of iron in your body, you must consult your physician. Excessive iron deficiency will not only result in your hair loss, but it will also be visible on your nails, body strength, and the feeling of fatigue. 

Genetic causes

Most of the time, hair fall is genetically inherited by the persons from their ancestors. If there is a history of hair loss in your family, it is more likely that you carry on the same issue in your DNA. 

While there is a high probability of inheriting hair loss from your family, it cannot be guaranteed that a person will always have a genetic reason for hair loss. 

Excessive hairstyling 

Hairstyling is an essential part of a person’s outlook. But as the cliché goes, excess of everything is bad. If you apply excessive chemicals to hair to make them look better, you will damage your hair in the long run. The use of excessive gel in your hair also counts.

If you are too conscious about making your straight, increasing their length, or curling them up; you must think about increasing your hair strength also.

Scalp conditions 

Dandruff and bad maintenance of your scalp may also result in hair loss. A study says that keeping dandruff untreated in your hair and scalp will result in thinning of your hair, and eventually, you will lose hair.

Proper oiling and the use of anti-dandruff shampoos are recommended in such conditions to prevent further damage of hair. 


Dietary reasons 

The most ignored factor of losing hair is related to what you eat and drink in your daily life. If you don’t get the essential intakes in your diet, you will not only affect your overall health but will also cause significant damage to your hair. Having diets that are low in protein will cause a deficiency of energy in your hair. Excessive intake of specific dietary supplements like zinc may also have an adverse effect on your hair.

You must eat a balanced diet to give your hair the proper nutrients that they need to stay healthy. Milk, eggs, fish, meat and green leafy vegetables must be incorporated in your regular diets to make your hair strong and healthy.

Summary of hair loss reasons :

It is natural to get worried about your hair loss when you are losing hair speedily. While a general hair loss of around 50 hairs per day is nothing to be worried about, you should be concerned if your hair loss is leading towards baldness. Making routine changes in your life, as described above, will surely help you save your hair. Start considering the above-mentioned hair loss reasons and actively workout to avoid them.

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