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15 Most Visited Websites in Nigeria


The advent of technology has become faster, easier, and more convenient. This is why many online sites have mushroomed all over the world, and Nigeria is not an exemption. The place is known as one of the world’s internet-based countries. With its digital natives, the Nigerian youth, it has become part of the society’s daily basis to check on the different websites. Here are the top 15 most visited websites in Nigeria:

Top 15: Konga.com

Most netizens love shopping online and most love browsing for items in konga.com.

For the past months, this is the most visited site in Nigeria for its trusted products online with its high quality and reputable name in the online shopping industry.

For the past months, websites like konga.com are visited by mostly millennial Nigerians who shop products related to teen’s wares, gadgets, and fashion accessories.

The traffic of this website has reached an unthinkable 800% as of 2019.


It was revealed that most Nigerians who visit this website spend at least 1-hour browsing and checking on their products.

And 60% of these visitors claim to have their records of purchases. As of the last checking, statistics revealed that average visitors browse 40 pages on an average visit.

These numbers show that it is one of the most visited websites by most netizens.

Top 14: Naij.com 

Most people want to keep abreast of the latest news and events in the country.

One of their means is via websites that offer local and current news on different events.

Naij.com is one of the most visited websites when it comes to catching up with the happenings in the place.

Websites like naij.com provide their visitors with a daily dose of updates on local news in Nigeria, especially about the weather.

Parts from this site’s promotions include current local news, music, movies, and weather updates.

Websites like naij.com are believed to be one of the most visited websites in Nigeria because of its number of visitors daily.

It is said that this website is browsed by an estimated 1 million views every day. Its monthly views reached 2.3 million, and each visitor spends an average of 10 minutes per visit.

These numbers all equate to an estimated 35 million views per page every month.

Top 13: Jumia.com.ng

Websites like Jumia.com.ng features retail products that vary from electronics to kitchen wares to cosmetics.

Websites like jumia.com.ng are considered to be one of the most visited websites in Nigeria because of its wide array of products offered to the market.

This most visited site in Nigeria also covers different target buyers from teenagers to seniors.

The site has also built its reputable and trusted names when it comes to the quality of the products they offer.


Jumia.com.ng is one of the most visited websites whose average visitor this website spends approximately 8-10 minutes in browsing and looking for the products they want to purchase.

There is also an average of 5 clicks on its pages daily. This most visited site in Nigeria is dubbed as one of the famous online retail businesses available.

As per the survey, 90% of the traffic on this website comes from Nigeria, which means that the top visitors of this website are people who love spending time browsing and purchasing items online.

Top 12: gtbank.com (Guarantee Trust Bank)

Nigerians are known to be always want to be abreast of the latest financial issues and concerns.

Therefore, they browse gtbank.com in keeping themselves informed with the latest trends and news about the world of finances.

Websites like gtbank.com are quite different from the usual niche that most internet people would want to get involved with.

However, this website has made it to one of the most visited websites by Nigerian people.

Websites like gtbank.com have an average of 7 views per page daily.

Visitors of this website spend an average time of 10 minutes browsing and reading the latest news about the financial world.

Top 11: Punchng.com 

Punch is another website that offers people their daily dose of local and international news.

Websites like punchng.com allow browsers to have a look for news on this site is which is free from biases.

Most visitors love websites like punchng.com because of its non-partisan involvement in government influence.

Upon review, websites like Punch is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria due to its credibility and undefeated name in the entertainment and public news industry.

It solely offers the hottest, latest, and unbiased news to its visitors. Many browse this site because of its interesting topics daily.

Many browse this site, and it reaches an approximate 10-minute browsing time for most visitors to a minimum of 4 pages per view.

As per the survey, most people browse local news and local entertainment than foreign ones. This only proves the sense of nationality amongst people in Nigeria.

Top 10: lindaikeji.blogspot.com (Linda Ikeji’s blog)

Linda Ikeji is very popular in Nigeria for being a model who turned into an entrepreneur.

She then explored the online world by starting her blog, which has turned out to be a very big hit for most Nigerians.

Websites like her blog discuss a variety of topics from news, events, beauty, and fashion. She also discusses in her blog some relevant issues of the society nowadays.

Most of her followers on social media appreciate her ideas and thoughts. 

She has also made an impact in the lives of her followers since a lot of young teens nowadays look up to her, not only for her beauty but for her intelligence and care for humanity.

This most visited blog generates traffic from other countries as well, which includes America, Ghana, Kenya, and the UK.

With this, Alexa has ranked Linda’s blog in 2,500 around the world.

Top 9: vanguardngr.com (Vanguard News)

When it comes to providing news in Nigeria, Vanguard is one of the leading and most visited sites in Nigeria.

Sam Amuka-Pemu, a trusted person in the name of delivering quality and unbiased Nigerian news, hosts this online news.

The company has been established in the year 1983 and has soared high ever since.

Alexa has rated Vanguard as one of the best and most visited websites in Nigeria with a staggering 700,000 likes on Facebook.

Its website also has an unbelievable 1.5 million views with daily 300,000 visitors.

The amazing numbers and statistics above are because Vanguard is free of any political influence in the country.

Websites like Vanguard makes them the trusted provider of news locally and internationally.

Top 8: Nairaland.com

This website has started in the country in the year 2005 and is one of the most visited websites and had tremendous growth ever since.

Nairaland is an online forum that discusses topics form general issues to politics.

Their target members are Nigerians and the people have proven to be in tune with their topics in the different forums, which already has approximately 1.5 million registered members.

The most visited website in Nigeria has a humongous 30 million views, and an average visitor has 5 pages per view and an estimated 8-10 minutes browsing period.

Alexa ranks Nairaland in 907 around the globe.

Members of this forum vary from young adults to seniors in the country. Most visited websites like Nairaland.com, alone, proves that Nigerians are always abreast of the general topics online.

Top 7: Google.com.ng

Of course, Google will not be left behind in the most visited websites in Nigeria.

In the recent past, Google would have wanted to close out some local versions of Google, but thankfully did not come into reality.

A local version of Google is one of the most visited websites not only in the country but in the world, as well.

Most visitors are students and working professionals who are in search of many answers to their questions, homework, and work, in general.

The site has millions of views and Alexa has ranked this in 233 spots in the entire world.

Top 6: Jiji.ng

This website is another selling-and-buying website in the country which offers almost anything you desire.

Their products vary from cosmetics to gadgets to a fashion collection.

For most newbies in the world of online selling, most of them register on this website since it has a reputable name in the online selling industry.

Also, in the country alone, the website has an estimated 40 pages per view of each visitor.

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Each of them spends at least an hour trying to figure out which item to purchase from the millions of items sold on this website.

With jiji.ng, a lot of online businesses have opened and have grown since then.

This is helpful to foreign online shoppers.

To add, it has also helped in the economy and lifestyle of most Nigerians in the retail industry.

Top 5: Remita.net

This most visited site in Nigeria is one of the trustworthy websites in Nigeria when it comes to electronic money remittances in the entire country.

This most visited site in Nigeria allows the country’s clients to have a look at their financial histories.

15 Most Visited Websites in Nigeria Remita

This also includes online banking transactions, and check bank balances at any time, anywhere.

The site offers honest and real-time financial transactions, making the entire process a unique, quick, and easy one.

The site’s trusted name in finances, most especially in money remittances makes them one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

Top 4: Interswitchgroup.com 

Established in the country in 2002, this young website offers its clients an easy and real-time digital payment in their online purchases and banking needs.

Most Nigerians would prefer to pay online via different modes of online payments.

They trust interswitchgroup.com in most of their digital payment transactions.

Not only does the website offers them real-time updates of their accounts, but the site also gives them the best services and suggestions when it comes to making financial transactions.

The site also features real-time updates on currency exchange and stock exchange since Nigerians are also into Forex and stocks. 

Top 3: NYSC.org.ng (National Youth Services Corps)

This website is of no surprise to be one of the most visited sites in Nigeria.

Most youth of today would get engaged in different academic and non-academic activities.

NYSC.org.ng is the best site to visit by most institutions in Nigeria.

Here, higher education institutions (HEI’s) in Nigeria check this website for updates.

They want to know any available foreign student exchange in different parts of the world.

The site has an average 1-2 hours of browsing time, and an average visitor spends about 10-15 pages per view.

It was later found out that most of these visitors are from institutions in Nigeria. They are active in educational activities locally and internationally.

Top 2: Dailypost.ng

This website is all about the latest news and current events in Nigeria!

Dailypost.ng is one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria.

Nigerians have visited this site to look for the latest and hottest updates in the country.

This website has up-to-date and unbiased news from politics to fashion to general information.

The site also generates traffic not just in Nigeria but as well as in its neighbouring countries in Africa.

With its growth and reputable name in delivering the news, this most visited site in Nigeria has an average 1 hour of browsing time for an average visitor.

Also, each page has hundreds of views.

Top 1: Informationng.com (Information Nigeria)

Nigerians would always want to keep themselves updated with the latest information. And Informationng.com is the most visited site in Nigeria.

This website offers them all the information they need in the country.

This most visited site in Nigeria has an astonishing 70,000 followers on Twitter and around 1 million followers on Facebook.

Their huge number of followers have created astounding traffic.

This is generated not just in the country, but as well as in America and the United Kingdom.

Its visitors spend roughly 10-20 minutes reading the latest news, articles about general health, beauty, and fashion.

Most of their visitors are from the younger generation.

Their average visitors are coming from the seniors and middle-aged professionals.


Nigerians believe that this site is trustworthy and many view this website as a result.

It is amazing how some of these sites are considerably young for their age.

However, it has established their names in their niches.

It is also quite amazing how Nigerians know how to filter the sites that they visit.

They are also able to identify which ones are trustworthy and which ones are not.

This only proves that Nigerians could be quite picky with the information that they get.

This is because they want to know that this information is free from hoaxes and unreliability.

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