Finima Nature Park

Finima Nature Park with a wooden bridge in a forest
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If you want to enjoy the excess of greenery, the leafy lush trees, brilliantly made walking bridges, and live display of playing birds and animals all around you, Finima Nature Park is the place for you. It is the number one visiting spot for nature lovers in Nigeria and Africa because it has promising sites and enjoyable spots for groups, couples, families, and kids that are rarely found anywhere else.

As it is founded to preserve wildlife and deteriorating the ecosystem of the world, you would get a huge opportunity to see some of the animals and birds like monkeys, chimpanzees, colorful peacocks, exotic birds, and other species roaming freely that are hard to be observed in normal life.

A perfect destination for meetups, reunions, vacations, and outdoor activities that you would always remember because of its unlimited fun-packed locations and overall atmosphere.

This park is full of natural forests, sandy soil, freshwaters, swarms, and the beach.

Philosophy Behind Finima Nature Park

Finima Nature Park is the natural park in Nigeria that has been developed to contribute to the preservation of the natural beauty of Nigeria in specific and the continent and the world at large.

Originally designed for saving biodiversity and to meet the environmental needs, Finima Nature Park continues to be a beautiful site for visiting and realizing the social responsibility of keeping the world green and clean.

It was a responsible initiative of Nigeria LNG Limited to cater to the needs of growing environmental hazards due to the scarcity of forests and wildlife in the surrounding of Bonny Island and Nigeria so they decided to build a natural park to take part in preserving the ecosystem of the world and promoting a source to environmental research.

That is why this amazing natural park is well known as the perfect preserve of Flora and Fauna.

Location and Timing of Finima Nature Park

Finima Nature Park is located at Bonny Island, in the Rivers State of Nigeria.

The normal timing of Finima Nature Park is from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays.

This park is bordered at the south with the Atlantic Ocean at the Finima community and to the East by Bonny communities.

Generally, you can use ferries to reach Bonny Island and from there you can proceed to the Finima Nature Park.

Area of Finima Nature Park

It has approximately 1000 hectares of area in total that are further categorized in Eastern and Western spheres.

The Eastern side of the park is 700 hectares and the Western side is around 300 hectares.

Almost whole of the park is filled with green, leafy, and long trees along with the wildlife, lakes, recreational areas, and beautiful bridges.

A Brief History of Finima Nature Park

It was founded in 1999 by Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited. The park was established in 2001 after the prior approval and understanding with the local community of Finima and Bonny Island.

The construction of this park was motivated by observing the unbalancing effects of increased industrialization on Bonny Island and its possible disturbance to harm the ecosystem of the nearby vicinity and the country.

Currently, the park is managed by a reputed biodiversity organization named NCF (Nigeria Conservation Foundation) that is committed to nature conservation and sustainable development in Nigeria.


The major chunk of the financial support was provided by Nigeria LNG Limited but it is not owned by them.

They will keep the ownership of the park with the community of Finima along with providing maintenance services to the park.


In 2011, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) took charge of the park.

Previously, the Finima Nature Park was also managed by Niger Delta Wetland Center who also played a vital role in developing the infrastructure and introducing the management system at Finima Nature Park.

A Brief Introduction about Bonny Island and Finima

Bonny Island is one of the most popular islands in Nigeria. Finima beaches are widely popular for tourists to enjoy the pleasurable moments at the attractive beaches.

Most of the tourists do pay a visit to Finima Nature Park to enjoy the natural beauty of the park along with freshwaters and the clean atmosphere.

Finima Nature Park Resource Center

Finima Nature Park also provides the platform to conduct environmental research related to ecology.

There is a resource center in Finima Nature Park that can be contacted in this regard.


The management of this park appreciates the steps towards sustainable development and environmental protection.

This park is internationally recognized as the center for wetland education.

A lot of students and researchers visit this park to carry out their research to carry forward the mission behind the construction of this extraordinary park.

Recreational activities at Finima Nature Park

This park also provides a huge opportunity for visitors to enjoy their stay at this amazing vicinity.

There are plenty of recreational spots, play areas for kids along with the picnic sites that couples and families enjoy while being there.

Some of the exciting activities that are available at Finima Nature Park are mentioned below.

  • Big chess that visitors can play while at a visit to the park.
  • Big ludo and snake game with big size dices. Not only the children, but adults enjoy this game a lot.
  • Source of freshwater and lush greenery to have a deep insight into natural resources.
  • Fun-filled boating experience in the pretty lakes.
  • Canoe rides with the security staff and proper life jackets to ensure safety for non-swimmers.
  • Remains of the rare birds and animals at dedicated places in the park.
  • Huge skeletons of the extinct animals to augment the awareness to care for wildlife.

Educational Activities

In addition to the recreational activities at the park, educational activities are also carried out to showcase and fulfill their social responsibility to uplift the society in many ways.

  • Arrangement of multiple events at the park to raise awareness regarding environmental protection.
  • Organizing seminars to educate people in the community.
  • Providing workshops and training to the people so that they can also play their role in saving the ecosystem.
  • Laboratory testing and research material for the people related to research.
  • Carry out school activities to educate children and motivate them to take part in their mission.
  • Rare and old plants for the purpose of carrying out research.
  • Tree plantation activities to promote green earth.

Tourist attractions in Finima Nature Park

Tourists from all around Nigeria and Africa come to Finima Nature Park to enjoy multiple natural experiences.

A few of the tourist attractions that are exclusively offered by the stunning Finima Nature Park are as follows.

  • Peaceful park environment.
  • Family spots and locations for gathering and spending quality time.
  • Natural and man-made wooden bridges that walk right between the exotic green trees and bushes.
  • Dedicated food spots with the surrounding green and colorful environment.
  • Sight-seeing of the wildlife and cute animals moving freely.
  • The mesmerizing sounds of the birds.
  • Natural sounds of wild animals.
  • Wind waves and cool breezes.
  • Freshwater sprees to get the real feel the wetland.
  • A lot of rare birds flying freely.
  • Everything that a forest has to offer to the tourists.
  • Heart-touching places like beautiful beaches around the island.

Participation of Finima Nature Park for Community Welfare

As mentioned earlier, Finima Nature Park also plays a vital role in elevating the livelihood of the local community in specific and Nigeria at large by providing substantial initiatives for protecting and improving natural aspects of the world.

The following are a few of the initiatives that the management of the park has taken in uplifting the local and global society.

  • Production of the fresh vegetables and fruits for the local community of Finima to support them in their general livelihood.
  • Providing a green and natural platform to fight global warming.
  • Increasing the emphasis on protecting the ecosystem of the world.
  • Protecting the trees for the generation of sufficient oxygen and healthy gases.
  • Protection of the freshwaters and the natural species.
  • Carrying out researches and providing space for universities, schools, colleges, and institutes for conducting studies and experiments.


There are very few parks in the world that strive to promote and maintain the biodiversity and the ecosystem of the world.

Finima Nature Park is surely one of them. Being in Nigeria and not visiting Finima Nature Park would be unfair if you care for experiencing the natural beauty and the stunning sights of the natural park.

You must strike Finima Nature Park if you want to observe the real essence of the natural substances.