Reasons why Consistency is the key to success.

Consistency is a Key to Success
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Said Benjamin Hardy, “
Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to becoming the person you want to be.”

Consistency is the key to success. Simple RIGHT!!! Who doesn’t want a vacation, a promotion, a salary raise or a bonus? At the moment, a majority of individuals working around the world, do it for the money.

In reality, they are not passionate about it. If an individual wants the fruit of success, then consistency is the key. When you fixate your focus on just achieving an outcome without planning and considering the process, the outcome doesn’t turn out how you imagined it because it lacks the fundamental qualities of the power of consistency.

By the word “Consistency” I don’t mean doing one thing over and over again.

Consistency is when you understand the key metrics that go into developing a process that has proved successful before.

Practising stability in your process helps you achieve a synergy with synchronization and the flow of your work becomes easier.

Why Consistency is the Key to Success:

1. You become more focused and centralised.

When you are consistent with your activities, they create a pattern of a positive flow towards success. Your focus will be maintained on the process rather than unimportant things.

This helps you gain control over the process and acquire your desired outcome more effectively.


2. It boosts your creativity and innovation.

Being consistent helps individuals know the process better. This allows them to detect flaws or shortcomings that act as barriers and thus it will lead them into being more creative and innovative with their practices to overcome these barriers in an innovative way.

 3. It drives you to accomplish your goals.

Consistency as a tool for success drives your attention more towards the method of being successful. Thus, individuals are able to accomplish their goals by using consistent methods that gain success.


4. Consistency established as a tool to your reputation.

The growth of any business needs a historical record of success stories. One cannot establish this by constantly changing processes regularly. Thus a flow of consistency is needed to set the right reputation.

5. Breaks bad habits and helps you maintain good habits

Positive habits are hard to maintain but they always hold a lot of value. Consistent good habits help break bad habits such as laziness, procrastination which lead to failure. Instead, Consistency helps you maintain good habits that are key to success.

Lastly, Consistency helps you find joy in the process. All we have to do is take one step towards being consistent because small steps bring you closer to success. At the end of the day, we won’t have to go after success, rather, success will come to us!