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What are the best business ideas in the UK?

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With the UK’s exit from the European Union, there is no better time to come up with excellent business ideas in UK. Brexit will lead to a focus on private businesses to give the economy a boost. Therefore, there is a massive possibility for entrepreneurs to earn high revenue from little profitable ventures.
Great financial rewards await those who actively become part of the UK economy. Some of the best ways of becoming a part of this to start or invest in business ideas UK.

The following are some of the best business ideas to become self-employed and earn an excellent income.

1. Bed and breakfast

Tourists looking to spend light on accommodation and breakfast will thank you for this small business idea.

Also, the business comes with flexible working hours.

Furthermore, the owner gets to choose the proper time to let out rooms and fix the charges.

You have to be ready to accept strangers into your house for this business.

It is a great side business you could start to make money.

Most visitors fancy inviting, clean, and private home located in the heart of the city.

2. An online fashion retail store

London, as a famous capital city in Europe, is home to numerous globally renowned fashion designers.

Therefore, it would not be a bad business idea to start an online fashion web store where people can purchase at their convenience.

You could stock some of the best and trendiest designers’ clothes in your online fashion retail store.

So, in this regard, there are fashion niches you could focus on Casual, Corporate, Urban wear, unisex, female, and male fashion.

Or you could get your creative juices flowing and start designing your unique fashionable clothes.

3. Real Estate marketing business

London is such an excellent location for the real estate business super ideas to work in UK.

So, in the city, numerous students and young graduates come from various parts of the globe to live out their dreams and accomplish their life-long ambitions.

A real estate business is a small business you could start to cater to this demographic.

You could start a real estate agency to rent out properties to millennials.

Or perhaps you could rent out your properties and make money from this.

4. Sports Academy

In London, Sports Academy has got the be the best business ideas in the UK you could ever think of.

The city is home to several clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, and so on.

There are several sports academy in the UK, but none rivals that of the London-based football discovery grounds.

You can start small but expect to earn big money from the business.

5. A finder for parking space in London

A city like London is always jam with people that getting a space to park becomes a difficult task.

Finding parking spaces for people is a small business that you can start with little or no money.

This unique idea involves the creation of a parking space finder application.

So the app should be able to indicate to users about the closest available parking spaces.

If they find it useful, the users will pay any amount of money for this genius business idea.

6. Gym

London is home to many fitness-conscious people who would do anything to maintain their body shape.

You could start a gym in the city.

Gyms are a profitable business venture and are serious business ideas in the UK.

As a small business, all you need is some money and a decent/accessible facility.

7. Bicycle Repairs

London is a famous Capital city with lots of people and the crowd.

Therefore, getting around the city is quite a difficult task.

Due to this trend, many people have taken cycling to get around the city.

Hence, this had led to an influx of bicycles in the city.

This influx of bikes means more jobs for bicycle repairers.

You could fix pretty much anything from faulty brakes to punctured tires.

This small business is a very flexible, profitable venture.

With little money, to begin with, all you need is just a bicycle technician, and a company is born!

8. Courier Services

London is the busiest city in the UK.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that lots of people will be looking to deliver and receive packages.

This is where courier business ideas come in.

Apart from the expenses of the vehicle which provides the package and also, couriers services from any small business often started with little money.

The market is so viable that you could get mouth-watering contracts from more prominent courier companies.

Apart from the challenge involved in getting lucrative contracts from the big players, you could also start with the crumbs which fall off the table!

And this means finding and serving your customers.

You partner with anyone or a more local business in London and become their official courier partner.

9. Sports Magazine

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom.

The town is friendly to many sports; therefore, you could start a Sports Magazine as a small business on the side.

Also, you can focus on offering news on different types of sports.

So, you could provide news and the latest information on several niches in Sports to keep fans informed and engaged to promote your business ideas in UK.

Sports is one of the biggest money-spinners in the UK.

10. A Video Game business

If you were passionate about video games, so this would be one of your business ideas to start in the UK.

There are numerous popular video games loved by the youth.

You could create a small business out of this passion.

All you need is several game consoles and TVs, and you are in business.

You could locate your business in a complex and have people participate in video competitions.

So, as one of the most innovative business ideas in UK, this business can use for LAN parties to increase patronage.

11. Pet Grooming business

Who wouldn’t want to pick London for their pet grooming business?

There are lots of pet lovers in the famous city.

These owners like having their pets looking beautiful all the time.

You could start a mobile van pet grooming business, or you could stay in a fixed location.

Despite the initial cost to set up the business, pet grooming ventures generally come with minimal expenditure of operation and can be quite lucrative.

12. Renting of Bikes

London is the busiest city in the UK.

Therefore, lots of people prefer the simplicity and compactness of bikes to get around the city.

People ditch their cars in favor of bikes.

This way, they avoid getting stuck in traffic.

You could start a small business renting out bikes and make money from this.

13. Niche employment boards

There are way too many job openings in London that people tend to get lost looking for their preferred jobs.

However, the city’s job board can be a mess.

You could systematically organize this job listing and make money from it.

When you separate all jobs according to their niches, people will be able to search for jobs as per discipline and location.

14. Teach Music

London is home to many musically inclined people.

Therefore, teaching music should be one of your business ideas in UK.

You could start the business and set out to teach people how to sing, harmonize, and play specific instruments.

You could start this business with little set-up costs and charge your costumers for private teaching lessons.

15. Warehouse Storage

Do you have a new building, facility, or garage that you currently do not use?

If you do, you should consider offering services related to warehouses storage.

So, as one of the best business ideas ever, you could create a place for people and businesses to store their excellent and properties.

16. Virtual or personal assistant

Why do you need to be in the office working for someone you do not like when you be your boss and work from home?

A virtual assistant job is among the booming industries in the UK and also one of the best business ideas that can earn you significant money.

Any business will like to hire a virtual assistant because it is cheaper for them.

You could work in the IT department, in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, or a personal assistant.

The business is one of the most innovative business ideas you could start in the UK.

The market is very lucrative and provides lots of money for people who invest in it.

17. Write your book

In the UK, there are many ordinary that have been transformed into superstars just by writing their books.

Due to innovative approaches to electronic publishing methods, it is now effortless to write a book.

Book writing is one of the best business ideas you can start with no money.

You could start your small business writing eBooks and selling them at minimal prices.

While you do this, people who like your book, get it downloaded and pay for it.

Book writing is such a lucrative business that offers high income to passionate writers with an eye for business.

18. Consultant for social media

You could invest some money and become a business consultant on the Social media market.

As a consultant in this new niche, you can make lots of money from this niche.

So, many businesses in the UK are on the lookout for the latest social media strategies to increase customer engagement.

It is such a lucrative business that any company will pay you handsomely for your services.

Social media is such an essential channel for communication for any business.

This is one of the best business ideas in UK.

It allows you to help any business with regards to navigating the tricky terrains of social media.

And the best thing about this business is that you can do it from home.

19. Sports-styled restaurants

You could develop innovative business ideas in the sporting industry, such as operating restaurants and bars exclusively for fans of specific sports or teams.

People in the UK are non for their sports passion and excitement.

Therefore, it will not be out of line if you modeled your small business after this idea.

This business is such a great idea that can work in anyone’s favor.

You could serve food and drinks while providing live broadcasts of preferred sports games of the people within that vicinity.

People will like to eat and drinking while they enjoy their most preferred sports games.

20. Creating Product videos for promotion

You could start a small business creating videos to promote products of different companies online.

The use of videos for product promotion is a fancy thing for numerous companies, and they are also willing to pay handsomely for this.

Videos are to communicate more information than photos and texts.

You make money from any business if you know how to create professional videos to promote commercial products.

21. IT Support

Ever thought about a business idea where all you needed was your expertise and determination?

IT support is one of such business ideas.

More people depend on IT to run their businesses. They need IT daily.

Because of this, many business need people that can provide IT support and help.

People with excellent knowledge of IT can earn lots of money from this business and do not need lots of overhead, to begin with.

Most current big IT companies started as small businesses.

However, anyone looking to start this business will need lots of marketing to get the attention required.

22. Mobile Car care providers

Another innovative small business you could start in the UK is the mobile car repairing service.

People travel through highways and bumpy terrains, which lack servicing centers or petrol stations.

There could be problems for these drivers if their vehicle breaks down somewhere in the middle.

This is where your business comes in.

You can begin a mobile car repair service where people call your business line if they are in distress.

Furthermore, you can complement this business effort with a mobile car cleaning business.

23. Begin a membership website

The membership website is among the most excellent business ideas you can ever come up with.

The business is the owner of the chance to earn recurring money from it.

When people sign up on your website, you could make them pay a fee every month to see the content present on the site.

This business component works pretty well for digital products, as well as most other resources found online.

24. Mobile game development

You could become self-employed as a Mobile game developer.

Pure research on both the Google Play store and the Apple store will reveal lots of games and similar apps developed by ordinary self-employed people.

The games are download numerous times.

This way, the developers make lots of profit from this business venture.

25. Social Media marketer

Most small businesses see social media as a great tool to market their businesses.

However, most of them lack the right skill set to sell their brands on such outlets successfully.

You could begin a small business by marketing different brands with the use of Facebook and Twitter.

You could charge for such a service and eke out a living from it.

As a social media marketer, you could work from your home while starting up with next to nothing.

26. Technology Repair business

Do you understand the way technology functions?

You could begin your business of repairing devices.

There could be a high demand for your expertise as the world relies on technology.

You could make lots of money repairing harmful gadgets from people.

This business can start without much capital.

However, it would be best if you had an eye for technology.

27. Starting a gift shop for everyone

You could begin an online gift shop catering to everyone, whether 80 or 8 years old.

Your online gift retail store can cater to all age groups.

These gift shops can focus on toddlers, teenagers, and middle-aged people.

Also, you could have a few gifts for older people too.

You do not need a big store for this venture.

A well-organized space will be sufficient for this, while people perform their shopping online.

28. Video Editor

With the increasing popularity of YouTube and several video editing websites, the demand for video editors has skyrocketed.

Lots of college recruits are considering a career option from video editing.

Professionally created and edited videos are handy and tend to come with great words.

In addition, if you are talented in editing videos, you could begin this business venture and start earning an income.

29. Babysitting

Many parents in the UK need some time away from their kids.

This is where you come right in.

You can earn a living off the babysitting business.

As a small business, its time of work is a flexible plus; you do not need any money to start this one.

The babysitting business grows better when news of your excellent and professional spread.

You could start this business as a babysitter.

Subsequently, when you get additional jobs, you could retire, take a more managerial and higher more people.

Looking for lucrative business opportunities in the UK, why not try the babysitting business?

You will be glad you did.

30. Car cleaning

Most people like their cars to keep on looking crisply clean at all times.

However, unfortunately, they do not have the time to do this consistently.

You could begin a mobile car cleaning business.

Most people and the community, in general, will thank you for this.

Furthermore, this is an excellent source of income.

The business can be set up easily with minimal cost.

The car cleaning business is the first venture in this part of the world due to the number of potential clients you could be serving once you begin the enterprise.

31. Business coach

What better business ideas to have than to help people nurture theirs.

A career in business coaching is just about right for anyone looking for a business that will be suitable for their home life.

You could set-up a business coaching enterprise online and work from home.

Business coaching is only reserved for those with the education and industry experience in this field.

You could further grow your business by becoming a public speaker, running podcasts/webinars, writing a book, and so on.

32. Computer repair

Most people lack the technical know-how to fix their devices.

This lack of technical expertise among technology-users creates a business opportunity for technologically-inclined people in the UK.

It is a vital small business that can run from the home.

If you are talented in repairing Mac and PC devices, you could be pretty popular among people in that area.

You could be a great repairer for people rather than taking the broken equipment back to the manufacturer.

33. Data entry

With lots of corporate entities having large sets of data to be entered and recorded into their database, they prefer to outsource this task to independent data entry workers rather than paying full-time employees for this task.

By hiring data entry workers, they help cut down on the operation costs of paying full-time employees.

The work revolving around data entry needs low start-up costs, and the job can be work from home.

Due to its pay-out, you could begin as a lone freelancer before branching out as a full-time business with many data entry workers.

34. Tutor students

You could be academically sound in certain technical subjects like Mathematics, science, or even in English.

The business opportunity here is that you could be making tons of money teaching students on these subjects.

There are several formats you can use to tutor students, such as videos or eBooks. The business is a relatively easy one, to begin with, minimal start-up costs.

35. Event Planning business

With lots of events happening in the UK, there is a demand for professionals in event planning.

Despite the number of current event planners, there are still tons of opportunities in this business sector.

You could help clients undergo the usual stress by planning their events and delivering a successful event.

You would be paid handsomely for assisting the clients in figuring out the details on their behalf.

36. Yoga trainer

With so much going in the cities, there are lots of physical activities outdoors.

You could help people recover from the hustle and bustle of city life by opening a Yoga and wellness business.

You can run your Yoga business from home. It is one of the best business ideas in the UK.

Furthermore, you could arrange to visit people in their homes, which is useful for giving out advanced training in Yoga.

Yoga is a great business opportunity to start because of its effectiveness and popularity.

If you have any doubts, begin a Yoga business now and watch your income skyrocket.

37. A mobile food business

The mobile food business is such a great business idea as you can sell out your foods to hungry travelers and also, people who live far away from restaurants.

You could start with your vehicle or just any van.

Starting small and expanding is the best way to go for this type of business.

Food on mobile trucks is currently in high demand.

38. Sports Photography

Many side attractions happen in the course of sports events, aside from the main attraction itself.

And also, it is a great idea to get a professional to capture some of those timeless moments in sporting events that people could cherish for a long time.

This is where sports photography comes in.

In addition, you could capture classic moments and sell your pictures to media organizations and sports magazines, which are always in the lookout for great photos.

However, the business requires some intermediate photography skills; other than that, it is a great business opportunity for people living in the UK.

39. Logo Design

Are you extremely skilled in designing logos?

If this is your thing, then you can begin a small business working for local clients in the UK as well as across the pond and over the world.

Logo design is such a lucrative business that talented designers make lots of money from the company.

Also, apart from the competitive nature of the market, logo designs are among the best business opportunities anybody based in the UK can make a living from.

40. Website Design

Website design is such a viable business opportunity; every business in the world either owns or plans to own one.

Websites are like a window to all successful businesses.

Due to this, there is a high demand for creative and quality website designers.

With low start-up costs, low operational costs, and high rates, website design remains viable for UK-based opportunities.

41. An internet medical facility company

There are several well-developed UK-based health facilities.

However, you could improve this experience if you create an online tool that enables people to get a timely and effective solution.

You could sell out medicines from your website whenever people need it.

When thinking of this business, think about the Doctors without borders initiative and get your inspiration from that.

You could invest in the market by acquiring a doctor to run the show.

So as medical personnel, you could take full control of the enterprise, using your knowledge as a technical input in enhancing the venture.

42. Sell security products or provide security services

Among great business ideas for people to start are the selling of security products as well as the provision of security services for people who need this.

You could begin to selling security devices such as biometric systems, spy systems, door alarms, CCTVs, and so on.

Furthermore, you could help install the products for people needing them.

Additionally, there is a great business in training a group of security guards and employing them in multinational companies.

You could begin a small business working as a general contractor in Security services, and also lots of established companies will jump at your services.

43. Personal Fitness Trainer

People who professionally help other people to get healthy are always in demand.

However, there is a great need for personal trainers for people looking to maintain their fitness routine.

This small business needs just dedication, passion, and minimal capital to get off the ground.

Numerous UK-based athletes hire professional trainers to help them maintain their fitness levels.

Personal Fitness Trainers never go out, one of the best business ideas in UK.

44. Private Coach

UK-based private coaches are always in high demand.

You could begin a serious business with this brilliant business idea.

There are business opportunities in becoming a tennis coach or golf coach.

Furthermore, if you have lots of knowledge in a particular sport, you could act like a private coach for lots of aspiring sports boys and girls.

You could specialize in lots of games which can be beneficial in lots of ways.

Private coaches often own sports academies; however, you could be a home sports tutor to young and aspiring teenagers.

45. Domestic cleaning

For busy parents, working a nine-to-five job and trying to tend to the kids, in-laws, and the dog can give you little time to cater to personal issues.

Thus, lots of households prefer to get professional home cleaners to help them manage their house cleaning tasks.

If you are looking to become self-employed, then the cleaning business might just be the best job for you.

The cleaning business has transformed into an innovative and technical industry.

With the range of machines and tools available for the job, professionals will never find the work tedious and mundane.

With minimal start-up costs, investors can be on their way to substantial income with this job.

46. Disc Jockey

When thinking of the music business, you can quickly become a disc jockey to try to rake in some money for yourself.

Think about the fortunes of people like Alan Walker, David Guetta, DJ Vegas, and others.

They are all successful DJs.

If you are looking to invest in business ideas in UK, you may want to turn towards DJing.

The job is mainly for people who are passionate about music and like handling party events.

Due to the cosmopolitan nature of the UK, there are always public events where the presence of a DJ is ever needed.

The job is quite easy to begin if you already have your music turntables and other supporting equipment.

This job allows you to work from the comfort of your home.

You only go out whenever you have to perform at gigs or promote your craft.

As a brilliant idea, DJing means that you will always need to attend one event or the other.

From company events, weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties, school discos, and so on.

47. Selling cosmetics

Beginning a business of selling cosmetics from the comfort of the home can be exciting, especially if you just discovered a demand for a specific product in the market.

Most people who sell these products work from home.

They just set-up an online cosmetics store and also, do the necessary promotions to get people to purchase their products.

The business is an excellent idea if you have a new or innovative product to sell to interested customers.

48. The Interior Designing Business

Do you have a flair for designing homes?

Do you have sufficient experience in this field?

Therefore, if you want to do something all by yourself, you could begin your online designing store.

So, this will help you attract customers looking for professional interior designers like you to assist in designing their offices or homes.

Interior design is a very profitable venture, and the start-up amount is minimal, which means that anyone can start the business straight away.

49. Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is a unique profession in building and infrastructural support.

Luckily, due to the little skillset needed to execute this job, anybody with their hearts set on the business can venture into it.

There would always be a need for people to repair damaged building components, also to clean out the dirty areas, and service their electrical and mechanical components.

The business is a profitable venture, with high demand, and low start-up costs.

It is suitable for people who like to get more hands-on with their jobs.

50. The Man with the Van

Do you have a van lying around somewhere?

Do you have extra time to play around?

You can put these two resources to use and get your business off the ground.

With your van in good condition, you could help people transport their goods and items to their needed location and live off this job.

51. Sports Betting

The UK is home to numerous betting businesses and still counting.

It seems that there is no limit to the amount that people make from this business.

The market is pretty popular due to the passion that people in the UK have for sports.

You could begin the job as a professional better to win some money.

However, at some point, you may be tempted to invest in the business idea.

With the number of people who bet daily, the business is a money-maker.

52. Begin your niche PR company

A PR company means that you represent most companies on matters revolving around branding, product launch, crisis management, image protection, and so on.

You could begin a PR agency that caters to a specific market.

When you operate in only a single niche, you tend to know the needs of the market.

53. SEO Consultant

With the current evolution of the SEO terrain, lots of businesses will fork out a substantial amount of money so to have their names showing up at the very beginning of internet search results.

SEO consultants work on websites for clients to help in the ranking of their search engine.

This business can be work from home.

54. Specialist training in computer

People have several computer programs that they apply in making their business functional.

The thing here is that they might not have the expertise to understand how these computer programs work.

If you have sufficient knowledge in this regard, you could organize a teaching tutorial and use it efficiently.

You could also expand your business to train people on the use of mobile applications as well.

With this job, you could move long distances to different companies to teach company employees in groups.

You can also provide personal training one of the best business ideas in UK.

55. Ticket Reseller

You could become an authorized reseller of events tickets.

You can also sell it directly on behalf of the event organizers, or you could purchase these tickets and sell them off at a premium price several days to the event.

While it is unlawful to resell sports tickets, it is entirely within the law to resell such tickets like gig and concert tickets.

Secondary ticket sellers make as much as 40% to 500% in profits if they sell tickets for a sold-out/popular event.

However, to become successful in this business, you would have to know the best activities to purchase tickets for and resell to ensure that you make a profit.

56. Affiliate Marketer

Who says that you have to create your products and sell?

There lots of businesses that you could sign up to sell their products and receive a commission on successful sales.

This is known as affiliate marketing.


With a little start-up amount and virtually no office, you could be on your way to a significant income.

So, all you need do is to create an online retail store and find products from companies with high-paying affiliate programs, and you can be on your way to making lots of money.


These are some of the most profitable businesses to begin in the United Kingdom.

However, while your business is still in its conception stage, it would be best to get it registered to avoid losing the idea.

To do this, you have to know how to register business ideas in UK.

With the United Kingdom finally opting out of the European Union, there will be more support and focus on small businesses to drive the UK economy.

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