Last Updated on January 21, 2023

Top 50 business ideas in the Philippines


Running a successful business can be tricky unless you have got the ideal business ideas in the Philippines. That is probably the first step or the foundation on which you will create the skyscraper of your profitable business. That is why it is important to ensure that the foundation is strong enough to sustain your business for the success you deserve. Now, the foundation of any successful business is business ideas. There are a plethora of business ideas for Philippines on which you can work on.

However, not all ideas might work in your region.

So, choosing the right business plan is the key success for any business.

But, a number of entrepreneurs make a mistake while choosing the business plan, and because of that, all their desires end up in ashes.

It is something you would not want to see happening with your business as well.

So, it is always important to be careful why choosing the ideas in which you are looking to work on.

Any mistake at that stage could prove to be catastrophic for your aspirations.

Now, if you are looking to run a successful business here, then you will be searching for the top ideas to start from scratch.

But, before that, you need to understand the importance of having the ideal plan and implementing them to perfection.

Once you know that, you will be able to evaluate a business plan easily.

So, let’s get started with that.

Why you need the best business ideas?

You will find plenty of people wanting to start their business because they feel running a business will give them freedom.

But, running a business is not as easy as you might think.

Many things go into running a successful business.

But, the fundamental aspect of running a successful business is planning.

Without planning, your business will not even get started.

It is like the captain of the ship which you have embarked on is to voyage and find the road to success for your business.

So, before you start searching for the best business ideas in the Philippines, here is what you should about having the ideal business ideas at your radar.

  1. You will be able to focus well when you have an idea. More importantly, you will be able to create an excellent business plan because of which your success will become just a matter of time.
  2. A well-formulated business idea will help you to evaluate the market properly. So, it will prevent you from taking any unnecessary risk that might have a cataclysmic impact on your business growth.
  3. While evaluating a business idea, you will be able to understand the need of the market. Now, the need of the market can vary depending on the region. Therefore, you will be able to customize the business idea according to the need of the market.
  4. The best business ideas in the Philippines can also help you to beat the competitors you have in the market. So, by implementing the right planning, you can be on top of your game from the beginning, which will decimate your competition.

5 tips for choosing the right business ideas for you

Now, you know the importance of having the best business ideas in the Philippines.

But how will you determine which ideas will work for you?

As you already know, not all business idea will work for everyone.

Yes, it is not easy to choose a business idea.


However, here are some of the tips to help you in choosing the right business ideas in the Philippines;

  1. You have to choose a business plan on the basis of what you love to do. To make a business successful, you need to work hard. That can only happen if you do things which you love to do. So, follow your passion while choosing a business idea.
  2. Make sure that the business idea you are picking will go with the life you have right now or want to have in the future. For example, certain businesses require more of your time. If you cannot give those extra times, then it is better off not going for that business idea.
  3. You also have to make use of the knowledge you have gathered over the years. You will see there is something at which you are very good. Build your business around that because that will lead you to success.
  4. Before you embark on any business idea to implement, you have to evaluate your market. It is important to figure out the needs in the market. So, you will understand whether the product or the service that you are looking to provide will be in demand or not.
  5. It is also important to check your financial status. You should evaluate how much money you can invest and how much you need to borrow from a financial institution. Having a well-charted balance sheet for your business will you to run it successfully.

50 top business ideas

Now you have a clear idea as to what you need to do to while selecting a business idea that will work for you.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s cut to the chase and give you the top 50 business ideas in the Philippines on which you can work on.

Digital marketing services

In this day and age, one of the top business ideas with low investment in the Philippines has to be digital marketing services.

Companies are looking to promote their products and services over the digital platform.

They want to project themselves as a brand there.

The way the digital platform can influence the buying tendency of the customers these days, no other platforms can.

Various social media websites also play a key role in influencing people.

Also, you have to take into consideration the ‘Google factor’.

So, digital marketing is one of the highly in-demand services that you can sell.

Yes, you need to study a lot and keep yourself updated all the time with the changing techniques.

However, you have got very good chances of succeeding and making it a profitable business for you.

Storage rental services

Nowadays, people love to have space in their houses.

You will not find a house which is not in search of that extra space which they can utilize for their purpose.

But, their house is generally fill with various commodities which they don’t even use it anymore.

So, in no time, these commodities become clutter for them.

However, they are not willing to let these commodities go instantly because of mental attachment.

Everything in this world carries some memory for some person.

So, they try to keep them to themselves.

You can help such people by with your storage rental service, which is a cool small business ideas in Philippines.

They will keep their unimportant and cluttered memorabilia to your storage space for which they will pay.

It can be a very, very profitable business in no time.

Ready-to-assemble furniture business

One thing is for sure, here, you will not find storage in wood.

Also, the number of woodworkers in this country is huge.

So, there is a scope of running a small business related to this which can become a profitable business in literally no time.

Filipinos love wooden furniture.

So, you can start a business of ready-to-assemble furniture.

You should know that the furniture business can have a bright future due to the demand of furniture made by the Filipinos around the world.

So, in no time, you can also start exporting your furniture, which will generate more profit.

So, it might seem that this ready-to-assemble furniture business idea will only be a small business in Philippines.

But, with the right direction and by taking proper steps, it can become very a big business ideas in Philippines.

Street food

You can rest assured Filipinos love their food.

The street food among the Filipinos is very popular.

If you can start a business on selling street food, then you will be able to find success quite easily.

The love for street food from Filipinos will surely get your business going easily.

Some of the very popular Filipino street foods are Lumpiang Shanghai, Cascaron, Proben, Bibingka, Kwek Kwek, Pancit bihon, Isaw, and Balut.

These are very easy to make, and you will be able to sell them are large quantities if you can maintain the quality of the food.

That is why street food business can be very lucrative here.

Also, you can start this business with minimal capital and invest more as you see a profit.

It can surely be one of the best food business ideas in the Philippines.

With this business, you will find success.

Home & office furniture rental business

This is probably one of the most innovative plans that you can implement.

First of all, you will be thinking, why should any office rent furniture?

Well, they don’t want to bear the hefty cost of buying new furniture if the company will shift locations now and then.

Secondly, why would house owners rent furniture?

You need to understand that the Philippines is a tourist spot where many tourist stay for over a year.

So, they want to feel at home at the place they are renting, and that is why they look to rent furniture.

So, this idea will be excellent for those who are not looking to sell their furniture and instead, lease them for some extra money.

As the Philippines are a very popular tourist destination, even though it may sound unique, this idea can work very well.

Smart home and automation services

The more technology is evolving, and the more people are looking to live in smart homes.

There are so many types of equipment available right now that people are willing to include in their homes to make it a smart home.

Well, this is where the opportunity lies.

You can provide services catering to the needs of the people who are looking to make their homes a smart home.

Automation services are very much in demand here because Filipinos are very much progressive and they embrace the latest technology.

Therefore, you can surely look implement this idea because it has the potential of becoming big.

You can start by only providing consulting, and as you become experienced, you can move up the ladder one of the business ideas in Philippines.


If you have knowledge of videography or shooting high-quality videos, then you can have a very big venture for you.

People are always in search of a good videographer to shoot and capture their special occasions or parties which they can play later.

However, while starting this business, initially, you will have to make some investments in buying good-quality equipment because that is what will help you to manifest your art properly.

Remember, without good set-up, and you will not be able to satisfy your clients.

Now, if you are able to satisfy your clients, then you can have a long list of clientele and your business will be booming.

Therefore, in the videography business, there is the opportunity.

So, you need to seize it.

If you have the confidence to shoot good videos, you can make it big.


Nowadays, YouTube is a very big, video sharing platform.

However, it offers you an opportunity to earn big as well.

You will find many Youtubers making big my by just sharing their video content on the platform of YouTube.

It certainly has a big business opportunity.

When you open YouTube, you will see a lot of creators with millions of subscribers.

You should know that they are making big money from this platform.

Their earning is so big that they have now opened companies on the name of their YouTube channel.

If you have the calibre of shooting great video contents, then you should create a channel on YouTube and start sharing videos there.

The moment you get 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, your earning will start.

So, it is one of the best small business ideas for students in the Philippines.

Web design and development

Most of the business owners are now looking to promote their business online.

Also, they want to have a good online presence and create a brand name for their products and services.

For that, the basic thing they would require is a website.

So, if you have the knowledge of designing and developing a website, then it can be a big business for you.

You will find clients easily who are willing to pay big to have a good and appealing website for their companies, and you will earn a good amount of money.

Apart from website designing and development, if you can provide your clients with SEO and other digital marketing services, then you can rest assured you will be earning more.

So, you need to focus on delivering satisfactory work for your clients if you want to sustain in that industry because the competition is huge.

Photography or photographer

The business of photography can be a great opportunity for those who love photography.

Now, there are many people whose passion is photography.

If you are one of those people, then you can start a successful business in photography.

Now, you can shoot the portfolio of aspiring models which will help you to earn a good amount of money.

However, if you are smart enough to gauge the scope of this industry, then you can also do a smart thing which most of the photographers don’t do.

You can start a website where you can sell stock images, and you will capture those images.

There are advertising agencies which are looking to purchase such good quality stock images for their ads.

So, it will be a very intelligent way of making big money in the photography industry.

Virtual assistant services

If you are searching for home-based business ideas for moms in the Philippines, then one business that you can start is by providing virtual assistant services.

Now, the demand for virtual assistants who would keep track of the works is huge.

The clients from abroad are looking for such professionals who would help them in their works from a remote location.

They will do the work of the assistant but virtually.


These foreign clients do pay a good amount of money to their virtual assistants.

One thing that will cheer you up is the virtual assistants from the Philippines are very much in demand among foreign clients.

Therefore, Filipinos have a great chance of succeeding by doing this business.

So, you can certainly start this business even if you are a mother looking to work from home.

Hair and make-up services

Do you have an interest in fashion and styling?

Then, you can start a business on hair and make-up services.

Women and men of this day and age are very conscious about their looks.

So, they are constantly trying to experiment with their looks.

As a result, they look to go to a salon quite frequently.

If you have any interest in styling, then you can rest assured you will do well with this business.

The passion of styling will drive you to work harder with finesse and create a loyal client base.

Once you have a loyal client base, you will be on your way towards finding success in this industry.

Yes, you need a bit of investment to start this business.

However, as this industry is highly in demand, you will not have to wait for too long before you recover your investment and see a profit.

Editorial services

If you have the knowledge of any language and can proofread the writings of that language, then you can also provide editorial services.

It is important to have good depth in the language in which you will be providing the editorial services.

You will have the responsibility of editing and creating the ideal form of a writing piece which your clients will send you.

You will need to have great focus and concentration.

Otherwise, your edited pieces will contain mistakes, and for that, you will lose the trust of the clients.

Now, don’t take editorial services lightly because there is big money to be made here.

You will have clients pay a huge amount of money for your editorial projects.

You will be highly in demand in both web and printing publications.

So, make use of your editing skills in the ideal way possible.

Ghostwriting services

Ghostwriting is also another highly popular service that you can provide if you are passionate about writing.

Now, you don’t have to write about horror thinks get this straight first.

You won’t be writing about ghosts.

But you will be writing on various topics.

You will be writing blogs, articles, product reviews, and so many other types of contents for your clients.

You will know this service by the name of content writing as well.

Now, a ghostwriter will also write printable books and e-books.

Therefore, through ghostwriting, you will be able to charge way lot more than many other services.

That is why you can start providing ghostwriting services and earn a good amount of money.

It is surely one of the top business ideas in the Philippines.

Copywriting services

For a company, what matters is how much they are selling.

They are always trying to influence people’s purchasing tendencies.

Now, one of the smart and most effective ways of doing that is by creating catchy taglines, catchphrases, and contents that will influence the buyers.

Do you have the ability to write and create content that will influence the buyers to buy a certain type of product?

Then you can earn a very good amount of money with copywriting.

Basically, sale copywriting is one of the highest paying services in the writing industry.

Companies know the value of a very good sales copy.

Therefore, if you are good at writing sales copies, then they are ready to invest on you big time.

So, you can start providing copywriting services to companies which is one of the top business ideas currently.

Translation and transcription services

Most companies nowadays are looking to expand globally.

They want to reach every corner of the global market.

This is where the need for translation services comes in.

Companies are looking to attract customers on their language so that they increase their sales.

On the other hand, transcription services are all about keeping a written record of any digital conversation.

Most companies want this service because most of their dealings currently happen digitally.

So, having a written record will ease up things for them.

Translation and transcription services have great potential to take your career as a businessman to the next level.

So, you can start this business and become one of the leaders in the market easily if you provide quality service to your customers.

Data entry services

The current age is the age of data.

Without any doubt, data is ruling the world.

That is why companies and professionals from various fields want to streamline their data by organizing it properly, and that is where the scope of data entry services is.

Your clients will provide you with a raw file in which there will be data that you need to organize.

So, you will be using your computer to create a digital file of that raw file where the data will get organized in a better way for the client to understand and work with.

Now, data has massive value in the eyes of potential clients.

You have to make sure that they are getting the value and quality for the money they are paying yours for the service.

It will surely take your business to the very next level, and you will also enjoy working freedom with this business.

Customer support

Every company that is providing some sort of services to their customers will be looking to provide customer support as well.

It is one of the primary things that any company needs at the moment to take care of their customers and become credible to them.

In this scenario, companies are also looking to outsource customer support services to take care of their customers.

They are ready to pay a large amount of money to businesses that are ready to take this onus of providing customer support.

Therefore, providing customer support for a company’s customers can be a very profitable business.

Yes, you need manpower and well as resources.

However, if you can invest that much amount here, then you can make a good amount of money very quickly.


When companies launch a new product or any other service that they want to sell to their customers, there are numerous ways they can convey that message to them.

However, one of the most effective ways to do that is through telemarketing.

So, you can start your telemarketing business which can very well be very profitable.

Most of the companies are happy to hire telemarketing companies to promote their products and services through calling.

Thus, you have a great opportunity to cash in.

Here as well, you will have to invest some money.

After that initial investment, you will be able to start a small business that can yield a good amount of profit for you.

Telemarketing business has great potential in the market of the Philippines.

However, your execution has to be great to succeed in this highly lucrative business.

Arts tutorial

People of the Philippines love arts.

Whether that is music, dance, drawing or any other art form, art is embed in the Filipino culture.

Therefore, you will see most of the here are associated with some sort of art.

So, if you have mastered any form of art such as music or dancing or drawing, then you can make a good amount of money by teaching those art forms to the students.

Filipinos are very happy to indulge in such art forms, and you will surely see students in big numbers.

Therefore, by providing art tutorials, you can start a small business.

However, this small business also has the capability of becoming a highly profitable business.

That is why arts tutorial business is something that you can try if you have the knowledge and mastery in some sort of art from.


As you already know from this article, Filipinos are foodies.

They love to eat food and a celebration among the Filipinos without food is unimaginable.

That is why the catering business is a great business idea which can turn out to be a very profitable business in the long run.

Yes, you need to have the right people working for you.

Your cooks need to be good to prepare good and tasty food.

So, the catering business is a small business that you can start easily.

However, you have to be careful about creating a good reputation in the market.

Whether you will get more clients or not will depend on the quality of the service you are providing.

If your food is not good, then you will not get many clients.

But, if you provide your customers with great food, then you will also have multiple clients through recommendations.

Water refilling station

Without good-quality drinking water, it will be difficult to sustain life.

That is why the demand for drinking water will never vanish from the market.

However, among the Filipinos, the demand for good-quality drinking water is very high for a very specific reason.

Yes, Filipinos generally stay in the condominiums.

So, they struggle a lot to get quality drinking water.

Now, if the water you are having is contaminated, it can cause life-threatening situations and Filipinos understand that very, very well.

That is why they purchase packaged drinking water so that they get fresh and quality water to drink.

So, it is a small business that has very high potential.

If you can provide good service to your customers, within no time, you will see that you have a very profitable business.

Rice retailing

If you are looking for buy and sell business ideas in the Philippines, then one such small business that you can start is rice retailing business.

Filipinos love to eat foods made with rice.

Rice is among the staple foods in Filipino cuisine.

Apart from that, various types of foods are with rice.

So, the demand for rice in the market of the Philippines is very, very high.

When you are doing business on a product which has high demand in the market, you can rest assured your company will become very much profitable within no time.

Rice retailing business has that potential.

That is why what you can do is buy rice in bulk from the farmers in sacks and then sell it to the local Filipinos.

You can decide the margin you want.

You can start with a lower margin, and as you get more customers, you can increase your price then.

Thus, you will see a good profit from this venture.

Cake making or baking

Filipinos love cakes and pastry, and therefore, a baking business can be the ideal thing that will help you to find success.

Now, you would want to run a business which has potential.

As cakes and baked food are popular among the Filipinos, you will surely see your company grow.

As a matter of fact, confectionary is something that you can start even with a small investment.

After a while, when you see profits galore, you can scale your small business to something very big.

If you do bake well, then you will scale your company in no time.

Therefore, for those who want to start a profitable business without investing too much money, then this baking company can be a great idea to create something amazing and profitable.


You will find a huge number of food lovers among the Filipinos.

They not only love Filipino food, but they are also happy to taste the culinary brilliance of various regions around the world.

Therefore, you can start a restaurant which can be a profitable business for sure.

But, before you start a restaurant and become a restaurateur, you need to understand how to run a restaurant.

It is very much different from running a catering company or street food shop.

There are so many things that you have to keep in mind without letting the quality down.

Unless you understand what it takes to run a restaurant and don’t have the passion for it, your venture could become a disaster.

Filipinos love great food, and if you can deliver that, your restaurant can become an overnight success easily.

Meat shop

Meat lovers are scattered all over the world.

So, the Philippines are also not an exception to that.

There are so many meat lovers who love various types of meat and their cuts.

Thus, if you are skilled at cutting meat, then opening a meat shop can be a profitable business.

Also, for those who are looking to start a small business of selling meats, you can learn to butcher from a professional butcher.

So, you will get precise cuts for pork chops, pork belly, whole chicken, with skin chicken, deboned chicken beef steak, beef strips, etc.

If you want to shine in selling meats and make it a profitable business, then you have to learn.

You also need to learn about the quality of the meats because you can’t sell mediocre meats to your customers.

Remember, if your customers are happy, your balance sheet will improve easily.

Egg supplier

Supplying eggs is one of the best buys and sell business ideas in the Philippines.

Now, eggs are a staple food for almost every cuisine.

You will not find a country where people do not eat eggs.

Also, the popularity of eggs is sometimes very much overwhelming.

So, you can make use of this demand for eggs and start supplying eggs to the supermarket.

Well, it can be a wonderful small business that you can start.

If you do this for a while, then it will become a profitable business in no time.

You just have to go to the local poultry farms and talk to them about buying the eggs from them.

After that, you will sell those eggs to various shops that sell eggs.

In between, you can take a good margin as well.

It is a smart idea for sure.

Food cart or stand

Running a food cart or food truck is becoming very, very popular not only among the Filipinos but also around the world.

Now, you don’t have to sell traditional Filipino food in your food cart.

You can also experiment initially with various cuisines to check out which cuisine suits the taste buds of the Filipinos.

Once you know what type of food your customers are looking to eat, you can stick with it.

Also, you can create an identity of your food truck with that food or cuisine.

In no time, your small business will become a brand and will also become a profitable business.

That is why it is important that you choose the location where you would drive your food cart.

One of the ideal places would be where there are many offices and employees would come out to have lunch.

If you find such a location, then your venture will boom easily.

Organic food

People are more conscious about their health than in any other time in human history.

Also, Filipinos are very much health conscious.

They are also very much conscious of what they are eating.

That is why organic foods are taking over the market here.

So, selling organic foods can become a small business that can yield great profit.

As organic foods are very much in demand, you can purchase it from a supplier and sell it to the local customers.

Apart from that, you can also become a supplier of organic foods.

Filipinos love healthy and tasty food.

If you are looking to start a profitable business, then you can look up to organic foods as a product that you can sell.

It can turn out to be a great idea for you.

Food delivery

In the past few years, you will see plenty of companies emerging which deliver foods.

Restaurants and other food shops cook food.

The customers order food from these companies which deliver the food cooked in the restaurant.

Now, this is what you can call a smart strategy.

You don’t have to cook the food to be in the food industry.

You can deliver the food that is getting cooked in the restaurant and still earn a good amount of profit.

Presently, it is one of the best food business ideas in the Philippines.

You will find a number of people running such a venture successfully.

They started as a small business, and now, they have a very profitable business.

It is something that can happen to you, as well.

Personalized products

One great idea that you can implement here is selling personalized products.

In every occasion, you will look to give gifts to your near and dear ones.

If those gifts have a personalized touch, then you can rest assured the person will remember your gift for a long, long time.

Similarly, you can start selling personalized T-shirts, mugs, ceramic plates, cushions, etc.

You can do produce such personalized products from your homes.

As an investment, you would require the raw materials and the sublimation machine that will help you to print pictures on the products.

Some so many people are running such a small business of selling personalized products.

As the cost of producing the products will not be that high, so, your business will become a highly profitable business within a very short time.

Online clothing store

At present times, most of the people are looking to purchase products online.

So, if you are looking to start a venture of selling clothing items and struggling to find a location for that, then you don’t need to find a store.

You can open an online store.

It is one of the home-based business ideas for moms in the Philippines who love fashion.

Online clothing stores are very much popular here.

One can shop his or her favourite clothes by sitting at the couch in the home.

This is what makes online shopping so fascinating, and that is why you will find success in this venture because of its popularity.

You also don’t need a huge amount of investment.

You can start this as a small business and scale as your venture grows.

Homemade products selling

Homemade products are very much popular among the Filipinos.

There are so many homemade products that you can create at your house and sell them.

Apart from that, you can contact any person who creates such excellent homemade products and purchase them from that person.

After that, you can sell them in your market as well.

However, if you have the craft to create such excellent products, then you can earn a greater return.

Basically, you can also open an online shop to sell such homemade products.

So, if you are selling homemade products, then your venture can truly become very, very profitable.

After some time, you will see a rise in your profit graph by executing this idea.

Personal fitness trainer and gym

Staying fit and healthy should be the goal of everyone, and the people nowadays have realized this mantra wonderfully.

Because of this, they are more inclined towards maintaining their fitness than ever before.

So, if you have knowledge of maintaining fitness you have got a great opportunity.

You can open your gym and also play the role of a personal trainer there.

There are many gyms where fitness enthusiasts would not find a trainer.

It prevents them from keeping their fitness at the optimum level.

You can solve this problem for them.

So, you can run a fascinating gym where people will galore to maintain their fitness levels.

Though it’s a small business, you need to invest some money here to get things going.

If you can, then invest here because it can become a very profitable business in future.

Social media consultant

With the emergence of social media, now, a small company can also compete with a brand.

It’s all about reach towards the people who would purchase the products and services.

That is why social media plays a huge role in determining who will stand tall in the market.

So, if you have knowledge about using and handing social media, then you can become a social media consultant of a company.

You will create social media strategies and play a pivotal role in the outcome of their social media campaigns.

Those who have produced results in the past by handling social media projects of various companies are now earning a huge amount of money.

So, by being a social media consultant, you can also have a very profitable business for sure.

Nutrition consulting

There are two aspects that you have to follow if you want to live healthily.

First, you have to work out regularly whether by going to a gym or by doing various other methods of exercising.

And, second, you have to follow a healthy diet regime.

So, as the people of this age are very much health conscious, you have to understand that the importance they give to their diet is immense.

Therefore, you can see a need for proper guidance in terms of selecting the diet for these people.

So, if you have any qualification as a nutritionist or understand many things about nutrition, then you can start this small business of nutrition consulting.

You can also take courses before you start working as a nutrition consultant just to have a clear idea about the role you will play.

Coaching services

The education system here is evolving rapidly.

Also, the syllabus of the students is getting vast.

Whether you look at the scenario of the schools or college or any other high educational institute, the students are looking for guidance.

If you know the art of teaching and are a master of any subject that you would want to teach to younger students, then you can start this coaching service.

It can flourish into a highly lucrative and profitable business because the scope in the market is huge.

Also, when the time comes, you can scale your small business by hiring teachers who will teach the students.

This is why you will be playing the role of an administrator.

It is a brilliant opportunity that you would not want to squander at all.

Advertising agency

When a company launches a product or starts giving service to their customer, they need to send that message to their customers.

While sending the information about the products and services, they have to influence them subliminally to make sure that they purchase that product anyhow.

Well, if you understand marketing and advertising and have experience in this field, then you can open your advertising agency.

You will have companies coming to you to promote their products and services, and if you can do that effectively, you will become a big-money player.

Remember, big companies are ready to invest large sums of money to their advertising campaign.

What they look at is the results and the outcome of the campaign.

If you are capable enough to bring positive out, you will surely succeed in this profitable business.

Computer repair services

At the present moment, you will find computers in almost every houses.

In fact, you can say that most people in this generation have a personal computer or a laptop.

So, when there is an electronic gadget, there is also the need to repair it in case it stops working.

That is where your small business of computer repair services could shine.

It is by far, one of the best business ideas with low investment in the Philippines.

You just need to have the knowledge and some equipment to repair the computers.

Computer repairing equipment will not cost you’re a hefty price.

Therefore, it is a small business that you can start at a low investment.

Also, if you provide goo servicing to your customers, you will also be able to scale your venture easily.

Swimming instructor

Swimming is something that everyone should know.

It is also a brilliant way of exercising.

Also, is one such cardio exercise that can burn a significant amount of calorie.

But, the fact of the matter is, not everyone can swim in the water.

Parents who are looking to ensure that their children are able to swim will look to appoint a swimming instructor.

Meanwhile, it is not only children but also many adults cannot swim.

So, the scope of being a swimming instructor might seem little.

But, this is one of the highly in-demand trades which will help you to start your small business and excel in it.

That is why if you are expert swimmer, then make use of your talent and teach swimming to those who want to teach.

It can become a profitable business for you.

Home massage services

After a hectic day at work, anyone would find relaxation through a relaxing massage.

However, the thought of getting ready to go for the massage and drive through the heavy traffic will make big a big detractor for anyone who wants to have a massage.

If you know how to give a stunning massage, then you can start giving home massage services.

So, your customers will not have to go to any massage centre after returning home from a hectic day.

They can simply pick up their cell phones and call you.

And, you will be there, at their home, to give them the best massage of their life.

If your customers find satisfaction, then they will not only call you time and time again but also recommend you to their acquaintances.

So, you can hire more expert masseuses who will work for you and satisfy your clients.

In this way, your venture can become something very big.

Yoga instructor

Just like gym and weight training, yoga is also a wonderful way of exercising and cleansing your body and soul.

Yoga not only gives you physical benefits, but it also treats you psychologically.

The benefits of yoga are immense, and most people know about them.

That is why many people are inclining towards yoga as a way of finding a fit body and a happy mind.

So, if you know yoga, then you can become a certified yoga instructor by taking up some courses.

You can then start working as a yoga instructor.

You can also appoint a yoga instructor and allow them to teach yoga to allow with you.

In this way, you will be able to scale your venture to perfection.

Daycare services

These days, both the parents of a child are working.

So, they cannot leave their baby at home if there is no one to take care of their baby.

That is where the necessity of daycare services emerges.

Parents look for good daycare facilities for their babies.

So, you can also start a daycare facility if you have space in your house.

You can also hire others to work in your daycare facility and give children an affectionate treatment while their parents are not with them.

Once you start implementing this plan, you will realize how beautiful and enjoyable the work can be.

Spending time with little kids can also change you as a person completely.

Car wash

When it comes to small business ideas for students in the Philippines, you cannot ignore the car wash idea.

It is one venture that will surely help you to scale your earning even as a student.

You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money in starting this venture.

You just need a moping kit and detergent and off you go.

People will come to your place with their dirty cars, and you will have the onus of cleaning them and make them look like a new car.

There are so many successful car wash centres here from which you can take inspiration.

There is a big opportunity with this car wash idea for you to succeed.

So, you just have to work hard and seize this opportunity of earning a decent amount of money through this planning.

Mobile repair shop

In this day and age, you will hardly see a person without a mobile phone.

People spend a huge amount of time on their mobile phones throughout the day.

Because of this widespread use, so many mobile phones stop working at a certain time so it’s a business ideas in Philippines.

Now, a new mobile phone will cost a good amount of money and repairing it will be a lot cheaper for sure.

That is why many people like to repair their malfunctioning mobile phone, and this is where the opportunity arises.

You can take up a course to learn mobile repairing and then start a stop where you will repair these malfunctioning mobiles.

It will surely bring a good amount of money for you.

Tour guide services

The Philippines are a very popular tourist destination.

Every year, so many tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

So, they want to know about the various attractions of this exotic location deeply.

That is why they look for tour guides.

If you have excellent knowledge about the culture and heritage of the Philippines and also can communicate with foreign people properly, then you can become a tour guide.

Remember, you have to satisfy the foreign tourists.

In case you find recommendations from these tourists, you can rest assured your venture will be soaring high up in no time.

Bicycle rental services

As you already know, the Philippines are a popular tourist destination.

So many people come to explore these mesmerizing islands every year.

Sometimes, they also rent a bicycle to explore the attractions and have a wonderful time with their partners.

That is why you can also start renting bicycles and earn a good amount of money.

You need to keep the bicycles in tip-top condition so that the ones renting it should not have any complaints.

In this way, you will be earning a good amount of money by renting bicycles.

Co-working spaces

A number of people nowadays work remotely.

Not everyone has the ideal space at home to work from there.

Also, some people look for a professional atmosphere to work because, in such an ambience, they thrive at their work.

That is why the concept of co-working spaces emerged.

So, if you have the money to invest and create a working space for freelancers and professionals, then you can rest assured you will have people coming to your space in galore.

Also, starting a co-working space can be a smart idea that you can implement and find success quite easily.

With the rise in the number of freelancers over the years, you will surely find success with your this venture of co-working space.

Recording studio

Some many singers and musicians want to record their creations.

Also, for the voice overs and sound recordings of various movies and shows, a recording studio is a must.

Therefore, you can easily gauge the demand for a recording studio.

Those who are already in this field are earning a huge amount of money.

For the recordings, these artists give a huge amount of money to the studios.

Therefore, by creating a recording studio, you will be on the side of the profit without any doubt.

Shoot equipment rental

Whether you believe it or not, there is a photographer or a videographer inside everybody.

At least this is what most people think when they have a camera or other shooting equipment in their hands.

That is why many people like to shoot their special occasions all by themselves.

So, they look for shooting equipment that will help them to shoot in a proper way.

Now, you can purchase such excellent shooting equipment and rent it to those who require such equipment temporarily.

The renting charges of these types of shooting equipment are huge.

Therefore, those who are already in this venture are earning a good amount of money, and by the way, you can do the same and earn good money as well.

In a Nutshell

Finally, when it comes to running a successful venture, an idea is very important.

But what is more important is how you execute your business ideas in the Philippines.

Remember, in order to make any venture a success, you need to create a team, and you have to be the leader of the team.

You must have heard that a leader is as worthy as the team.

Similarly, if the leader falters at every stage, you can’t expect a team to perform well.

Therefore, you have to show your team how things should happen in your venture.

These 50 business ideas in the Philippines will work wonderfully if you execute well.

So, if you don’t falter while executing, you will surely see find success.

Apart from this, while implementing these ideas; make sure you are ready to accept the changes.

You have to know that the market is constantly changing.

In this changing scenario, you might also have to tweak the planning according to the circumstances.

Unless you do that, you can get into a mess.

The key to running a successful company is also being open to changes and embracing them.

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