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Top 30 ways how to make quick money in one day

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Have you ever seen an adult who doesn’t spend money every day? It is rare, right? That’s why every adult needs to make money every day too. That way, there’ll be a balance between your inflow and outflow. If you spend more than you make, you’re never going to retire. So, if you don’t want to be hustling for cash when you’re 60 years learn how to make quick money in one day. The idea may sound far-fetched, but it’s possible.

You know what?!

It’s easy to ignore your “wants,” but where are you going to stuff the “needs?”

Every new day gifts you with one reason or the other to spend money.

Unfortunately, cash doesn’t grow on trees.

The good news is that we are now operating in a global village, and there are offers called “remote jobs/services.”

You have lots of opportunities to even make quick money online right there in your home. Remember! “


Earn more and spend less every day” takes you closer to a luxurious retirement.

It doesn’t matter the amount of money you make every day.

The idea is that you must look for ways to earn extra cash every day.

Many people are already doing it, and you can’t be the last in line.

We are talking about legit ways to make quick money online and offline.

So, if you’re ready as we think, check them out!

Ways to make money in a day:

1. Car Renting

This is one of the surest ways to make cash every day.

Many people own cars and only use them for luxury.

If you’re interested in living a better life tomorrow, it’s time to think like an entrepreneur.

Your car is your asset and not supposed to be a liability.

The more expensive your car is, the higher the rental amount will be.

So don’t be like, “What!” Rent out my Lamborghini! No way!

You asked how to make quick money in one day, which is one of them.

Remember, anyone looking to rent a lambor-g knows the worth and will pay what you ask for per day.

That’s for the big guys who want to make extra cash anyway.

If you have a car that sits idly in your garage, reach out to a rental agency such as Turo to list your vehicle.

The best part is that the whole process is free.

Instead of accumulating dust in your garage, put your car to work and earn money every day.

That way, you can even expand from renting one car to renting cars every day.

So, check it out today!

2. Hold a yard sale

Do you know that many items in your home can become real cash for you in one day?

Those things you no longer use, but they are as good as new, can be your saving grace.

Instead of choking your family with excess belongings, why not make money in your neighborhood.

Let’s share a secret with you.

If your neighbors know you for acquiring quality items, your yard sales will be a boom!

All you have to do is spread the word and watch them troop in for a treasure hunt.

After the first yard sale, things will be easier the next time you want to make quick cash in one day.

You can even make it a business.

While some try to sell their used items online, you can be doing it in your backyard.

If you still have some leftovers after the sales, try selling them off on Craigslist.

3. Trade on Crypto platforms

This option is a bit exciting but risky.

It is best for those people who are already trading on cryptocurrencies.

At least, they have learned the ropes.

But if you’re a newbie and looking for ways to make quick money in a day, you can check it out.

Crypto trading gives quick money if you know how to do it.

There’re many platforms where you can try it out first with the demo account and later with real cash.

The downside to trading is that you have to invest your money and then predict how a currency will behave.

If your predictions work, you’ll make some cash.

If it fails, you’re going to lose some money.

It’s not for the feeble-minded, but it pays.

So, if you’re looking for how to make quick money in one day, try crypto trading.

But be careful, there’re lots of scammers in the crypto environment.

Investigate the platform and, most importantly, check the reviews first.

4. Do some manual work

If you wake up one morning and decide to make quick cash, put your muscles to work.

Straighten those bones and muscles cramped up due to long hours of sitting on your office chair.

Someone in your neighborhood may be looking for someone to be their gardener, landscaper, carpenter, or lawnmower.

You can be that guy that performs those jobs for quick cash.

One good thing about physical labor is that it benefits you emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Even if you’re working in the corporate world, physical labor can help you to rejuvenate for more productivity.

So, instead of sleeping in on weekends, put your energy to good use.

Grab some jobs around your neighborhood or even outside and make quick money.

You can also negotiate a good deal and be paid every hour you spend doing it.

In addition, it will be like gym time for you except you’re going to be making some money too.

5. Do some delivery services

If you have a car, you can do some delivery services for some companies.

If there’s no car, you can use your bike.

There’re lots of online platforms where you can register and be the delivery man.

Many people work every day for Jumia, and all they do is deliver packages to online shoppers.

There are other sites such as PostMates, where you can also register and be the delivery agent.

You can make as high as $25 per hour on this platform.

Apart from the payment, you have the chance to earn good tips from the deliveries you make.

Other apps, such as DoorDash and Uber Eats, are there for you to explore as well.

So, if you want to make quick cash in one day, join the race.

Don’t keep your car or bike in the garage when your pocket is dry.

You need to make some quick money, and here is the option for you.

6. Provide answers online

If you’re a professional in one field or the other, here is the best way to make extra cash.

You can visit sites such as JustAnswer or others like it to provide answers to people’s questions.

In this opportunity, you’re using what you know to make money online.

If you are an engineer, doctor, or lawyer, many people are looking for someone like you.

You can provide the solution they need from home and make money as well.

These platforms can be excellent sources of making extra cash, but they will not make you rich.

The fun in it is that you will be doing what you love and helping people.

Also, you are getting extra cash by the side to solve one or two problems.

7. Become a one-man moving company

This job can bring in some quick money for you in one day.

You may think that many people are not moving, but you’ll be surprised how many you’ll find.

Many people who change locations are always on the lookout for a cheaper alternative to moving companies.

These companies charge exorbitant prices, and if you offer the same service at a lower rate, you’ll be in high demand.

There are many sites online where you can explore to find such services.

Some sites such as Dolly, or TruckPlease should be a good place to start.

Moreover, you can also make it known to your friends and family that you’re ready to provide such services.

They’ll advertise it for you via word of mouth.

All you need is to use your car and do the runs for your clients.

If you don’t own a car or your client has loads of items to move, hire a truck to complete the job.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can make for that day.

8. Make money with your car parking space.

You may not know this, but you can make quick money daily by offering your parking area for rent.

This option is mostly for those who live near event centers or near a shopping mall.

Many people sometimes search for safe places to park their cars during an occasion.

You can offer your space to them throughout their stay in the event or mall for a particular amount of money.

The interesting part is that you can make more money than you bargained, depending on your space’s size.

Moreover, as cars leave, other cars will replace them throughout the day and so will your money.

Let’s say your parking space is not large enough for your car and others; you can take yours to a friend’s place for the day.

So, if you have a parking space and need quick cash for the day, rent it out and make money easily.

But remember, the cars shouldn’t be parked at the owner’s risk.

You will be watching them like a hawk.

9. Personal Fitness Trainer

Are you an expert on fitness?

Do you have what it takes to put other people through, here is your chance to make money every day.

There’re lots of people and groups looking for someone like you to motivate, lead, and instruct them during fitness training.

You can be that person and be making money every day.

The best part is that you may have lots of people and schedule different sessions for people of different ages.

That way, you can be busy throughout the day, earning some quick cash by the side.

If you don’t know where to start, visit the gym in your area and solicit clients.

This may be tough in some countries if you don’t have certification to back it up.

But in some countries, you don’t need a certificate to be a personal trainer.

People do it out of experience and passion for fitness.

So, if you’re such a person, start making money every day with this one.

10. Donate your blood

Well, if you’re afraid of the needles, this is not for you.

But if you want to save lives or ease the pains and sufferings of others, you can do it.

Many people make from $20 to $60 per donation of their blood.

If you have a rare blood type, you’ll be in high demand.

But if you can’t give your blood, your plasma is also important to people suffering from immune disorders or Leukemia.

If you want to make quick money in one day, you can save a life and get paid for it.

Some people do it without charges, but in some states, it’s mandatory to pay some money to donors.

But before you donate your blood, make sure you’re fit and has enough blood to continue functioning.

11. Work as a tour guide

This is for people who live in areas where there are many tourist attractions.

You can’t fold your arm when there’re lots of people looking for a tour guide.

If you don’t know how to start, visit Viator or any tourist’s website to find a connection.

If you’re god in what you’re doing, many clients will give you a tip at the end of every tour.

The best way you can find good clients is by starting with freebies.


Offer your services free and watch how your client base will grow and turn in daily money.

12. Sell your old electronics

Here is one easy way for anybody to make quick money in one day.

Look around your home and notice those electronics that are no longer in use.

Look for people who buy used electronics and sell them off.

Many of us keep old laptops, phones, outdated television, DVDs, and others lying around collecting dust.

If you need to make quick money in one day, pack all of them and sell them.

We can’t predict how much you can make, but if they’re in good condition, you’re going to make lots of cool money for that day.

13. Join a clinical trial group

This option is risky, but so is donating a kidney, but people are doing it every day.

If you don’t mind the risk, participate in a drug testing adventure.

It’s really scary, but some people do it.

So, it depends on your mindset or immediate need.

Many companies pay a lot of people to participate in their drug-testing phase of production.

Every drug in the market passed through this phase.

News Flash! Many people participated in drug testing and were paid.

You can do it if other options fail.

But remember, the new drugs may have side effects.

Therein lies the danger.

So, tread cautiously.

14. Scrap metal business

Do you know that scrap metal is one of the lucrative businesses you can do for quick money every day?

Maybe you haven’t noticed, many people move from one street or neighborhood calling for used metals.

They buy anything made with metal ranging from a motor part, machine part, rods, generator parts, etc.

You may have thought they are mad but never knew that they make good money daily.

If you want to surprise yourself with how much you can make, go to work.

You may use your truck or car to collect from people directly.

Also, you can buy from young guys who collected it and resell it to dealers.

In some countries, you can find dealers on scrap metals in every State.

But if you don’t know where to find them around you, ask Google.

15. Get a part-time job

If you need quick cash, it’s time to work for it.

Don’t waste time asking how to make quick money when you can work part-time and go home smiling.


There are many eateries, supermarkets, offices, and even malls that’ll prefer to hire part-time workers daily.

What about those construction sites around your neighborhood that are searching for part-time workers?

There’s no telling how much you can make in a day working as a part-timer.

Some people walk from street to street, creating awareness for a product, service, or program.

People who host these events or own the product pay them for the day, not mind whether they convinced people.

What are you still doing, search for them, and join the race for quick legit money?

Creative ways to make money on the side:

16. Be the photographer in an event.

How about doing something exciting and also make money along the way.

There are many places you can take beautiful pictures of people, and they pay you instantly for it.

For instance, many people who organize ceremonies sometimes engage the services of one photographer.

You can be the second one who gets paid by the people instead of the celebrant.


Just pick your camera, be at the venue, and take people’s pictures for a stipend.

The best part is that you can print it instantly, give it to them, and collect your pay.

Many people do it, and you can make quick money in one day.

You can also take good pictures of scenarios, cities, décor, animals, etc. and sell them as stock pictures.

Some sites such as Getty Images and Shutterstock are there to facilitate the sales.

17. Convert free spaces to storage units

Do you have some free spaces in your home?

Can you convert them into storage units?

If the answer is yes, here is your opportunity.

Many people live in tight spaces in some neighborhoods and are always looking for where to store their extras.

You can rent out your free space and make some money.

It may be inconveniencing, but it’s usually for a short while.

18. Create and sell a craft

There are lots of things you can make and sell unless you’re not creative.

You may not take one day to make these crafts, but you can make money every day.

Find out something you can do with your hands and few materials.

Once you produce them, start marketing it, and the orders will troop in daily.

The first days may not be too easy as people need to know your craft.

Once you’ve established yourself in your niche, your side business will become a daily income source.

If you want to start with smaller items, you can make beads bags, necklaces, earrings, picture frames, headbands, flower vase with beads, etc.

Most of these items require your time, but there are lots of things you can make and sell in one day, such as earrings and beads.

So, if you are a lady looking for how to make quick money in a day, it’s time to get creative.

19. Test Websites

This is an opportunity for online users to make money every day.

You can visit some sites such as the UserTesting platform to test websites and apps.

The interesting part is that you will make up to $10 after completing an assignment of 2 minutes from home.

Mind you; it’s not so simple.

Some of the sites for app testing requires some qualifications.

You may need to be the right candidate for what they’re looking for to make the cut.

Also, the competition may be high while the demand and supply fluctuate.

So, it’s not every day that the opportunity comes.

But any day you’re lucky, you’ll smile away with cool $50 or more working from home.

Ways for females to make money online:

20. Sell a product online

It all depends on what you can sell and the people on your friend’s list.

One of the quickest ways to make money from home in one day is to sell something online.

Even if you don’t belong in other platforms, almost everyone has a Facebook account.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find something that your friends will be interested in buying and start selling.

The shipping is not a problem.

Once they place an order, you can send it through a shipping company or even send it through a commercial driver and pay a stipend.

Remember, the shipping cost or waybill cost must always be part of the price you offer.

Many people are making daily income from home through this means.

You can make quick money, too, if you explore this idea.

21. Teach little children online from home

This option is mostly for people in U.K or U.S.A. if you want to make up to $20 per hour, visit EducationFirst and make it happen.

But there’s a catch to using this website.

You must be a bachelor’s degree holder in any university in the U.S or U.K.

Also, if you have some experience homeschooling, tutoring, or mentoring kids, you’re likely to qualify.

Apart from the Education first, there’s another platform you can explore.

VIPKid is also open to you if you’re in Canada or the U.S.

You can make up to $22 per hour doing what you love.

No need to calculate how much you can make in a day if you’re serious about it.

That’s a whole lot of quick cash to make in one day of mentoring or teaching kids online from home.

22. Earn from Pinterest

If you want to earn quick money, you can start one of the most popular websites online.

Pinterest is an online platform for promoting all kinds of products.

People make money in two ways using this platform.

The first is to work as a virtual assistant on Pinterest and makeup to $40 per hour.

All you’ll do is to manage your client’s account on the platform.

The best part is that you’ll be making this cash from home.


You can be a work from a home guy, lady, or mom.

How exciting!

The second option is to be an affiliate marketer for Pinterest.

Many people already know what affiliate marketers do.

Share the good news about the platform to businesses and make quick money on commission once they buy.

23. Sell off some clothes and shoes

If you’re really in a fix and need to make money quickly, here is an option.

Many of us have bags and boxes filled with clothes, shoes, and even jewelry.

The funny part is that some of our clothes never appears on our bodies for months.

Why keep them all in the wardrobe collecting dust and occupying space?

Take your time to purge your closet and bring out some of them for sale.

Also, some many men and women move from one neighborhood or the other asking to buy used clothes.

You may not like them anymore, but someone out there will wear them with pride.

So, bring them all out and sell them off.

That way, you’ll have money and space for other ones to come in.

24. Work on “Clickworker”

If you have an Android device or iOS device, you can work on this platform and make quick money every day.

Businesses often advertise their tasks on this platform ranging from form filling, data entry to web research.

So, our job is to find the best work for you and complete it for some cash.

This platform pays via Paypal, and you can also choose the time you will work.

You’re not obliged to start at a specific time or close at any time.

All you need to do is use your device and work as long as you can on assigned tasks.

Fast money jobs:

25. Be a one-day painter

People paint houses, offices, event centers, etc. almost every day.

Most people who offer these services make money daily, painting people’s homes.

What are you still waiting for?

You can share the news on Facebook so that your friends will know that you’re available.

Once you satisfy one client, the rest is easy.

Your clients will tell others about you, and before long, your reputation will bring more businesses.

If you’re an online player, you can explore platforms such as TaskRabbit and Craiglist to market your services.

26. Be an Usher

Do you know that ushering services have gained a lot of recognition in recent times?

Many young boys and girls you see on grand occasions serving food and drinks are ushers.

They appear in their uniforms and stand all over the place, directing people to their seats.

Also, these ushers help the caterers make sure that everybody eats and drinks as they should while in the occasion.

At the end of the event, their agencies pay them, and they go home smiling.

It’s a day’s work, and it pays instantly.

So, if you know that you have what it takes to be polite and humble to people, join an ushering agency.

You’ll be making money any day you attend an event.

27. Wash someone’s car

Here is another fast way of making money in one day.

If you don’t mind the little physical investment, this option is for you.

Many people in your neighborhood are looking for someone to wash their cars and even detail their cars.

Car detailing involves so many things ranging from interior cleaning to exterior cleaning until it looks good as new.

If you start a side business in this area, you can be making quick money every day.

People in your family and friend groups will be patronizing you.

Also, any tiny bit of ads can boost your daily income.

Car washing may not give you lots of cash every day.

But detailing can be a lifesaver when you’re low financially.

If you don’t know where to start, tell your friends.

They’ll help you to spread the news.

You can also print a little flyer and drop at people’s mailboxes, front yards, or eateries.

28. Make money by playing musical instruments

This is one of the fastest ways to make money every day if you’re a musician.

All it takes is to a pro on instruments such as the keyboard, guitar, drums, string instrument, trumpet, etc.

All you have to do is to look for people who hire musicians for a day’s event or program.

It’s usually easy if you belong to a band group or registers with your local music club.

Some people also play in bars every night and collect their payment at the close of business.

So, if you know how to play any musical instrument, go out there and find yourself some cash.

So, you can even play for a local church, and they’ll pay you for the day.

29. Wash carpets for your neighbors

Anybody who uses carpets in their home knows that it’s hard to wash.

So, if you look around your neighborhood and no one is offering this service, that’s your chance to make quick cash in one day.

If you want to establish it as a side hustle, you can rent the machine for the day and set out to work.

Many people may need a carpet cleaning service, but since they’ve not seen anyone, they’ll forget it.

But once you make it known to them, the calls will come flowing in.

You can visit their homes and clean them, or you can take it off-site.

30. Clean people’s houses

Home cleaning is becoming an interesting side job for people who wants to create multiple streams of income.

This is a good opportunity to make money in one day.

So, many people who move into a new apartment will give anything to get someone who’ll clean it for them.

Some people who completed their new house also searches for house cleaning service to hire for a day’s job.

If this gig is not popular in your area, you can create awareness and get busy.

Start by visiting new construction sites and tell them that you’re available for the cleaning job.

You can also design a handbill and spread it around.

Before you know what’s happening, you’re making quick money every day.

Bottom Line

There’re many ways to make money instantly.

Anyone who’s still broke hasn’t taken the necessary step to make money.

Also, the best part is that there are lots of online and offline options for any serious-minded individual to make extra cash.

You don’t have to look for start-up capital before offering your brains or brawns to get cash.

All you need is to decide, search, and work.

We took our time to put these top 30 ways to make quick money in one day.

We’re not talking about a week but one day!

You have the information here already.

All it takes is the first step towards starting it.

Remember, every adult spends money every day.

Therefore, to balance your outflow and inflow, you need to make money every day too.

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