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Top 30 online business ideas in Pakistan


Tips on how to start a business in Pakistan are everywhere, especially on the internet. However, finding practical tips and ideas is the key. If you’re a beginner in the field, it might be tricky to come up with plausible and profitable ideas. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best offline and online business ideas in Pakistan.

1. Open a franchise business

Can’t think of new business ideas in Pakistan?

There’s no need to fuss about brainstorming.

Franchise opportunities have been around in Pakistan for quite some time.

When opening a franchise, it doesn’t have to be random.

You can put your passion even in a franchise.

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They include but are not limited to, education, food, health services, automotive repair, retail business, and more.

Low labour cost in Pakistan is one of the attractive qualities of a franchise business.

Furthermore, real estate is quite cheap at the moment in Pakistan.

You can also open a franchise depending on your budget.

Moreover, franchise businesses have already created a profitable and successful framework and plan.

All of these make franchising a promising large or small business idea.

The initial franchise fee depends on the business.

Furthermore, continuing fees differ among companies.

Typically, businesses in Pakistan charge around 5% of monthly net sales.

These are things to consider if you want to open a franchise business in Pakistan.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is a lucrative online business you can build today.

Whatever special skills ideas you might have, you can surely market it online and do online business ideas in Pakistan.

Moreover, you can even do it on the side of your normal 9-5 job.

Thus, it’s one of the best ways to earn extra money.

You can freelance as a copywriter, graphic designer, video editor, photo editor, and many other fields.

Another advantage of this business is your ability to set your price.

You can charge clients per hour or project.

Your fee all depends on you.

For students, online freelancing is also one of the best choices for a small business.

With freelancing, you have the liberty to choose the number of hours you will work.

Furthermore, you can simply do the work in the comfort of your home.

There is no initial investment or capital required.

All you need to have is a working computer and a stable internet connection.

3. Real estate business

Real estate is one, if not the best you can open in Pakistan.

It is proven to reward you with a high return of investment.

However, most real estate business requires high initial capital.

This business encompasses a wide range of business opportunities.

Most real estate business owners earn money by flipping houses.

This entails looking out for foreclosed or cheap houses and lots that have potentials.

Then, they invest some amount of money to improve the property.

This includes improving the house layout, interior design, and decor, etc.

After that, they put it up on sale for a higher price, generating them a good amount of profit.

Other businesses focus on making commissions off of sold properties.

This requires good and dedicated real estate agents and brokers’ efforts.

Moreover, it can advise to expand it to an online business.

This is for higher visibility.

Note that opening a real estate business in Pakistan would require registrations and certifications from the government.

4. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is ideal for students in Pakistan who want to earn money through an online business.

Websites like Chegg, Tutor.com, Tutorhub, and Tutorme are great platforms for an online tutoring business.

You don’t even have to have a degree to become an online tutor in Pakistan.

You can teach a wide range of students and various subjects.

Tutors can teach as young as preschoolers, up to college students.

Furthermore, you only have to teach a specific subject or topic you’re comfortable with.

Just set aside a couple of hours per day.

You can surely make good money from these online business ideas in Pakistan.

Furthermore, you can also sell learning materials such as handouts and other content for other students.

Sites like Stuvia and NoteXchange allow students to sell their old notes and handouts to other students.

You can also create new learning materials to sell. Over time, this can turn into a profitable business.

5. Blogging or Video blogging (vlogging)

Believe it or not, many people in Pakistan are making a decent living off of blogging or vlogging.

It is a great online business ideas in Pakistan for anyone.

If you have grown your audience to a large scale, you can easily earn thousands in just a month.

Everyone has at least one area or field to talk about.

With blogs and vlogs, you can freely discuss any topic or voice out whatever you have to say.

Frequently, these are about educational or informational content that brings value to your viewers.

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Moreover, it is a lucrative work-from-home online business you can start.

When starting a blogging business, you need an owned domain.

You can earn money through Google Ads.

Moreover, you can also incorporate Amazon Affiliate Marketing in your blog.

The combination of these two can bring you profitable online business ideas in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Youtube is the most commonly used platform for vlogging.

Google Ads is also a way of earning.

Furthermore, most vloggers in Pakistan generate income for their online business through sponsorship deals.

6. Become an Airbnb host

In the past few years, Airbnb has gained significant traction in Pakistan.

It’s one of the untapped business areas that you could get into right now.

Moreover, it’s also a fast-growing business.

For most people in Pakistan, not a lot of initial investment is in demand.

If you’ve got a spare room in your house, you can start earning.

Meanwhile, some redecorating and renovation are required.

This often allows you to charge a higher rate to guests.

Thus, it will turn to higher profits in the long run.

While other homeowners use Airbnb to earn some extra money on the side, others use it as a business.

Subletting or subleasing is a popular means to earn in Airbnb.

This entails renting a place and subleasing it to other people.

Because daily or nightly rates are a lot higher, owners typically make a profit.

If your property in Pakistan is strategically near business centre cities or tourist attractions, you’re in for a surprise.

Many Airbnb hosts earn hundreds of dollars per day just by renting out a room.

These are often enough to pay their mortgage, and sometimes, make even more profit.

7. Handicrafts

Selling handicrafts (whether in-store or online) is an excellent example of a small business in Pakistan.

These handicrafts can range from baskets, photo frames, decor, to large items like furniture.

Of course, this would depend on your expertise.

You can surely showcase Pakistan’s rich culture and tradition through these handicrafts.

Thus, these will greatly appeal to tourists, foreigners, and collectors.

Furthermore, your business’s location would greatly dictate your success.

You can opt to have a store to showcase your products.

Also, you can distribute it through resellers.

Your goal as a handicraft business owner is to build long-lasting connections with your customers.

Furthermore, you should continually improve your products and develop your product line.

Expanding your market online is also a sure way to generate more income.

Over time, your business in Pakistan could grow into a highly profitable one.

8. Coffee shop

Are you a chef? Or are you just always complimented on the food you prepare for family and friends?

Whatever you maybe, if you can whip up some good-tasting coffee or bake some pastries, you can certainly open up a coffee shop in Pakistan.

The good thing with coffee shops is that it’s not as meticulous as opening a restaurant.

With a coffee shop, you can certainly do away with a small menu of bread and cakes, and an extensive menu of hot, cold, and iced drinks.

Coffee shops in Pakistan get most of their sales from students and workers.

Typically, most of them go to coffee shops for a good internet connection.

Moreover, some use coffee shops as a venue for meetings.

Thus, a fast wireless connection given free to customers is a must.

Of course, the food and drink quality remains superior over any aspect of the shop.

9. Internet cafe shops

You might be thinking that most people already have their computers and internet connections.

You might also think that it’s not a good idea.

However, with a good location, you can surely make this online business ideas in Pakistan more profitable.

Places near schools, offices, and government offices are great to open internet shops.

You also don’t have to offer computer use only.

Internet shops may also include other services such as printing, laminating, photocopying, and other similar ones.

If you have an ultra-fast internet connection, you will have to pay customers going back for your services.

10. Meal delivery business

The online food delivery business in Pakistan is booming, especially during these times.

This type of business saw a huge increase in sales and popularity over the last few months.

It requires you to create a variety of meal plans (daily or weekly).

Moreover, it also requires a mode of delivery.

This could be your vehicle or third-party delivery services in Pakistan.

Furthermore, you can expand your food delivery business in Pakistan to a diet meal delivery service.

Many people are looking for diet-based meal delivery services.

This food business requires you to create a specific and calorie-strict diet.

It’s a good and unique idea for a small business.

Food is a good field to start a business in.

Many people in Pakistan are also interested in health and fitness.

Furthermore, food belongs to the fast-moving consumer goods group.

Thus, it won’t be as difficult to sell as other products or services.

11. Printing services

A printing services business doesn’t only encompass printing on paper.

This also includes T-shirt printing, tarpaulin printing, coffee mugs, and cups printing, etc.

Basically whatever you can print on is included in your product list.

These are great online business or companies ideas in Pakistan that offer customized items for their employees.

These are usually shirts, tumblers, and small bags or pouches.

Depending on the services you offer, you might need a high initial investment.

This would pay for necessary equipment like large printers, heat press machines, screen printers, and many others.

Most of these don’t come very cheap.

Thus, it might not be ideal if you have a small capital for your business.

Although the printing sector in Pakistan is already quite saturated, there’s no need to worry.

You could be competitive with low prices and unwavering output quality.

Furthermore, your printing service business can certainly expand online.

Just set up a website or a Facebook account to garner more clients.

12. Consultancy business

Are you an expert on anything?

If yes, you could turn it into profitable online business ideas in Pakistan.

If you’ve worked hard all your life and gained special skills and knowledge, you could help other people and make some money.

You need excellent communication skills to build a consultancy firm that lasts.

This is because your main product is what you have to say and advise your clients.

Some popular fields in consultancy are personal relations, investments, fund-raising, accounting, and many more.

Other areas are career counselling, insurance, real estate, etc.

Whatever your expertise is in, you can make a consultancy company about it – whether small or big.

In the end, there’s no magic formula to start a successful consultancy company in Pakistan.

Your success depends on the value you bring to your clients.

However, it certainly won’t hurt to get your company’s name out there.

It could be through print ads or social media.

Furthermore, networking is key to generate more clients in the future continuously.

13. Beauty salons

You don’t have to personally be a hairstylist, makeup artist, or massage therapist.

Some beauty salons in Pakistan thrive and get their brands out there by hiring dedicated and multi-skilled employees.

Everyone in Pakistan, even men, are going to beauty salons regularly for a variety of concerns.

Nowadays, beauty salons don’t only exist for haircuts and hair colouring.

Other services are also offered, including massage, manicure and pedicure, hair removal, and many more.

In addition to selling services, beauty salons in Pakistan can also serve as a store.

You can also sell beauty products such as branded salon-grade shampoo and conditioner.

Moreover, hair spa treatments and hair colouring solutions are also fast-sellers in beauty salons.

This generates an additional income on top of the hair and personal care services.

The most effective way beauty salons in Pakistan market their establishments is through Facebook.

Make sure to create an active presence there to promote your salon.

14. eCommerce business

eCommerce is the most common form of online business ideas in Pakistan.

It’s the best pick for those who don’t want to sell anything specific online.

You can sell anything under the sun.

Although most sellers or stores tend to stick to a specific category.

This can be mobile phones and accessories, clothing and footwear, stationery and office supplies, etc.

Your eCommerce business in Pakistan can launch on various platforms.

Sites like Shopify allow you to launch a full-functioning online store.

There is no need to worry about the basics of launching an online store.

These sites take care of payments, marketing, and shipping.

Other sites where you can do this in Pakistan are Wix and Squarespace.

Building an eCommerce store has plenty of benefits.

Because you don’t have a physical store in Pakistan, there will be 0 rent costs.

Furthermore, you can simply store your inventory at home.

Overall, this costs you a lot less than having a physical store.

Thus, allowing you to charge your products lower than other stores.

15. Become a driver with ride-hailing apps

Lots of people in Pakistan are leaving their restrictive 9-5 jobs to drive for companies like Uber and Grab.

This is for a good reason.

Drivers in Pakistan are said to earn hundreds of dollars a day from ride-hailing apps.

This type of business in Pakistan requires you to have your vehicle.

Thus, it might not be applicable to everyone.

Furthermore, others even lend their vehicles to other drivers.

In effect, they gain some commission from their sales.

There are things to consider when driving for these companies.

First, you need these apps to approve you.

This requires updated vehicle registrations, a driver’s license, and other information.

Next, you need a working smartphone with relatively fast cellular data.

This will enable you to get customers on the road.

The key to succeeding in this venture is to impress your customers in every ride you give them.

Having consistently high ratings and good testimonials from your customers will ensure you always get customers.

Receiving tips are a plus, too!

16. Face mask manufacturing

Hold on for a moment.

Surgical grade face masks require machines and equipment and other special materials.

However, you can easily make cloth masks to sell and distribute to bigger stores and sellers.

All you need is a working sewing machine and some fabrics to start.

Moreover, making a face mask isn’t a very difficult task.

It would also only require a short amount of time.

Initially, you can sell your masks to friends and family, eventually expanding it online.

One of this venture’s benefits is your profit margin is very high.

Manufacturing one face mask doesn’t cost a lot.

However, you can easily sell it for a high profit.

You could get creative with the mask’s designs as many people are looking for aesthetically appealing ones.

This can easily expand to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturing.

This includes lab gowns, foot covers, masks, face shields, etc.

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of their health and safety.

Thus, this makes this venture a lot more promising.

17. Sell online courses

Do you have any valuable information or advice to share with people?

Why not make some money off of what you have to share?

Plenty of people online are surely making a profit from this.

To begin, you need a good quality camera or a smartphone that shoots at least HD videos.

Moreover, you also need a good microphone.

A good background and attire will certainly create a sense of authority to your audience.

There are plenty of sites where you can sell your online courses.

This includes Udemy, Thinkific, Click4Course, and Podia.

You can certainly sell online courses through your website.

You can create them in sites like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.

Furthermore, you can also sell them through Shopify.

Marketing and promoting your online courses are important and crucial keys to success.

You can do this on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Also, have friends and family share it with other people who might be interested.

18. Gym

People nowadays are more health and body image-conscious.

This is why gyms are thriving especially during the beginning of each year.

If you are passionate about fitness and you know a thing or two about business, this could be an excellent venture for you.

The first things to consider are your budget, location, and employees to hire.

All of these will greatly influence your success.

If you’re not a personal trainer by profession; you can surely hire professional gym trainers.

How big your gym will be will all depend on your initial capital or budget.

The basics of a gym are treadmills, weights, and free weights.

You can certainly open a gym with just the basics and just upgrade as you go on.

The important thing is to build your members.

Membership fees from clients will be your main source of income.

If you can grow your membership list quickly, it will be more beneficial for you financially.

19. Personal fitness trainer

If you don’t have the means and resources to open your new gym, no worries, if you know everything about fitness, bodybuilding and the like, you can become a personal fitness trainer.

It is your choice where you wish to offer your services.

Moreover, you can even work on your own.

The good thing about becoming a personal fitness trainer is you can also earn money online.

You can reach out to clients who are not near where you live.

Simply market yourself on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

As a personal coach or trainer, your job is to help clients with their fitness goals.

Weight loss is perhaps the most common goal of most clients.

Thus, creating a specific and personalized routine for them is the service you can offer.

Furthermore, you can also attend to their other concerns like bulking up or even gaining weight.

You can even sell exercise videos online.

20. Spa business

During these times, people in Pakistan are willing to spend a lot of money on pampering services.

Thus, this makes a spa a highly ideal business to open in Pakistan.

Moreover, it’s also one of those businesses that people always come back to.

Your massage and spa establishment can offer a variety of services.

These can be different types of massages, nourishing facials, sauna use, etc.

Depending on your initial budget, you can modify your spa’s services and features.

You can add as many services as you want.

Furthermore, most spas also sell their products.

This includes massage oils, body butter and creams, and other wellness products.

Your establishment’s location greatly affects your success in this venture.

Make sure you have an inviting yet relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Furthermore, your staff’s relations with customers would surely affect their satisfaction.

Make sure to hire only qualified and competent professionals to secure your spa’s image.

21. Sell your photos

Selling your photographs is a good source of income.

Your capital would only be a well-performing camera, camera equipment and gear, lighting, and a good eye.

Sometimes, you can even use your smartphone’s camera to take good photographs.

That’s if your phone’s camera takes high-quality photos.

Otherwise, it’s good to invest in a good DSLR camera and other camera gear.

Some websites where you can sell your photographs are the following: Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock, Stocksy, etc.

These sites give you a great deal for your photographs.

Many companies and content creators are looking for royalty-free images to use in their projects.

What’s great about selling your photos is that you continuously earn even after submitting the photos.

Also, there is an endless list of things you can photograph and sell.

This makes it an online business profitable ideas in Pakistan.

It is easy and won’t take up much of your time.

Moreover, it’s good if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash.

22. Vegetable farming

The Pakistan government is encouraging everyone to get into vegetable cultivation.

They are a cheap and good quality source of food.

Furthermore, vegetable farming typically has a shorter turnover time compared to animal farming.

The country has favourable agro-climatic conditions which make it easier to plant vegetable crops.

One thing to consider in vegetable farming is that all your products are perishable.

Thus, you only get allocated a short amount of time to sell your products.

However, people in Pakistan consume vegetables daily.

Therefore, you can sell all your products and make some profit with the right strategy.

You can even expand your farming to fruits.

Typically, fruits sell at much higher prices compared to vegetables.

Just note that in agriculture, vegetables and fruits, you need real estate, money, and time.

It’s not an easy way to earn a huge income.

It might take months to years to start your business.

However, it can be a profitable venture.

23. Poultry farming

The poultry sector is one of the booming agricultural industries in Pakistan.

It contributes a significant portion of the total meat production in Pakistan.

However, note that it would require a huge investment.

It is recommendable to get into this sector if you’re already familiar with it.

If you are a novice, it might be ideal to conduct extensive research and feasibility studies prior to entering this sector.

Poultry farming comes with high costs in its operations.

This might be something to consider, as well.

This includes poultry infrastructure costs, increasing feed cost and maintenance costs.

It’s certainly a competitive and laborious sector.

However, if done right, it could be highly profitable online business ideas in Pakistan.

Ultimately, investing in agriculture and animal farming is one of the lowest risk ventures you can get into.

People in Pakistan consume a lot of poultry daily, which makes it a very profitable industry.

If you’re unsure if it’s the right field for you, it is best to look into other sectors.

24. Travel agency

We are aware of how easy it is now to book your flights online.

Most people are even scouting for extremely low prices for flights to save money.

However, for the general population in Pakistan, most are not comfortable giving out their credit card information online.

Most of them would like to have some guide in creating their travel itinerary as well.

Booking plane tickets and flights are only a small portion of a travel agency’s services.

They also include creating group trips, fun itineraries, and specific tours and trips for different travellers.

Moreover, the travel agency can also assist clients in applying for passports and visas in Pakistan.

It is of utmost importance to register your travel agency in Pakistan’s regulating bodies.

This will give your clients confidence and trust in your agency.

Furthermore, you can work without the fear of being sued or closed down because you’re operating legally.

As with any type of venture, expanding your presence online is essential to gain more clients.

25. Sell smartphones and gadget

Everyone in Pakistan has a smartphone or any kind of mobile device these days.

This immediately brings you a wide range of clients.

Over time, these phones might need some replacement.

We all know how fast-paced the world of smartphones and technology is.

There isn’t a lot of effort required in selling smartphones.

Typically, buyers already have something in mind before going to stores.

Moreover, most of them have already done their research at home.

Marketing for individual phones or gadgets is also not as laborious.

Most of the phone companies have done their marketing themselves.

What you need to do as a seller is to market and promote your store, not much the products themselves.

Smartphones and gadget business is not only limited to selling them, whether in-store or online.

If you have the expertise, you can certainly go into the repair and maintenance side of tech.

However, if you can’t provide these services, you can always hire other people to do it.

26. Party rentals

This model typically requires you to rent out party equipment, furniture, and props.

This includes party chairs and tables, as well as party decors like balloons, banners, etc.

However, you can certainly bring your game to the next level by adding cool features.

Examples of extra features are inflatables like swimming pools, dollhouses, and castles.

These are only for children’s birthday parties.

You can expand to other party events needs such as for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, etc.

Furthermore, you can also offer to create invitations (physical invitations or e-vites) and cover the photography side of the events in Pakistan.

Ideally, you want to expand your web presence if you have this type of business.

Reviews and testimonials from previous clients will give you a high chance of gaining more clients in the future.

Furthermore, you can actively promote your company by holding discounts or giveaways on social media.

It’s a fast way to be known by many people in Pakistan.

27. Pharmacy business

You don’t have to stick with a traditional business model.

You can certainly keep up with large pharmacies by stepping up your game.

Selling your health products online is one of the best ways to keep up.

Opening a pharmacy does come with its challenges.

This includes hiring a pharmacist (if you’re not one).

Then, you need to pass some certifications to gain the right to open the store.

You need to apply for a license to sell drugs in Pakistan.

Location is one of the main factors that will determine your success.

Make sure you open your pharmacy store in a strategic location.

Place them around clinics or hospitals to increase your sales and visibility without effort.

Furthermore, word-of-mouth marketing is effective in increasing your customers.

Lastly, I also consider other factors in opening the pharmacy.

This includes fees for license to sell, competitive pricing, marketing, etc.

However, medicine and healthcare products are essential goods.

Thus, it won’t be difficult to sell them, which is a pro for you.

28. Homemade bath products

Most successful ventures typically start as a small business.

You would be surprised how much a homemade bath product business can make in a month.

If you put dedication and hard work into it, it could be a profitable venture online business ideas in Pakistan.

You can begin by selling basic bar soaps and liquid soaps.

If you buy the raw materials in bulk, you can make more products with less money.

Thus, this allows you to sell your products at a lower price compared to leading brands in the market.

After that, you can start expanding your product line.

You can incorporate other bath items like bath bombs, bath souffle, scented body oil, etc.

Furthermore, you can offer more variety by creating different scents and use for each bath item.

The products may be marketed for stress-relief, calming properties, energizing, sleep aid, etc.

For most people, this usually starts as a hobby.

Then, throughout the days, they learn to improve the products and gain loyal and regular customers.

29. Home security business

First things first, if you’re planning on opening a home security business in Pakistan, you need registration and certification.

This business type is service-oriented at its core.

Thus, you need to train your employees thoroughly to deliver excellent services.

Furthermore, you need to get loyal clients to grow as a business.

These clients will eventually generate referrals that will help you expand your clientele.

Next, think about the basics like your target clients, initial upfront costs, and the time you need to break even.

These are all important things to consider to make sure you’re going into the best industry for you.

As a home security business, you’re responsible for providing a wide array of services.

This includes selling and installing monitor security systems for private homes and business establishments.

Furthermore, this also includes installing alarm systems.

Nowadays, home security has upped its game.

Clients can now access their home security cameras remotely through mobile phones or laptops.

Thus, it’s advisable to continuously update your services to your clients in this kind of business in Pakistan.

30. Sustainable products seller

Selling sustainable products might seem like a small business.

However, eco-friendly and sustainable products are becoming a trend nowadays in Pakistan.

Thus, it might be great to tap into this venture while it’s still fresh and new.

Opening an eco-friendly and sustainable product business is going to reap large rewards in the future.

Especially because more people are becoming environmentally conscious and aware of their consumption.

It’s a good marketing strategy while remaining to be a truly sustainable and profitable business.

You could start selling essential items like bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws, bamboo or stainless steel vacuum tumblers, etc.

Eventually, you could expand your product line.

You could sell recycled paper, notebooks, and other gift items.

You can easily market and sell these products online.

Simply create social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, where your customers can browse through your product line.

As you grow your business, you could open your website for this business in Pakistan.

Online business ideas in Pakistan summary:

These are 30 of the most promising online business ideas in Pakistan.

With the proper strategy and brainstorming, you can open a successful small business in no time.

Whether you’re looking for the best startup business in Pakistan or simply business ideas in Pakistan with a small investment, this is a good reference for you.

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