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Top 15 online investment platforms in Nigeria

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One of the secrets to making wealth is through investments. Not just any investment, but the right type of investment. Researches have shown that online investment in Nigeria has come to eradicate poverty among Nigerians. Why would I say so? Through online investment platforms, you can build a solid asset base that can secure your future. Online investment platforms allow you to invest in mutual funds, gold, cryptocurrency, and so on.

Through these platforms, the process of investing in these treasures have been automated and made easier.

How can I get started?

To begin a legit online investment in Nigeria, you just need some basic requirements, and then you are good to go. The requirements include:

  • A valid means of identification. It could be a national ID card or a driver license.
  • A debit card (probably an ATM card)
  • A smartphone or a laptop with a subscription
  • A working bank account

Enlisted below are the platforms that provide the best investment opportunities in Nigeria:

1. PiggyVest

Are you looking for a credible online investment platform that has stood the test of time? Then PiggyVest is the answer.

PiggyVest is the most popular and oldest online investment platform in Nigeria.

Apart from being the oldest, it is one of the best investment platforms that provide optimum security to your money.

PiggyVest starts on January 7th, 2016 as an investment app which can download through Play Store. Currently, PiggyVest provides two functions; savings and investment.

You can start up automated savings using this app. It can be daily, weekly or monthly.
PiggyVest plans include:

i. Core savings

This specific plan allows you to save either daily, weekly or monthly.

In adding up money to your core savings, two options can enable you.

They are; quick save and autosave.

Quicksave enables you to add money directly from your bank account to your core savings.

Autosave enables automated deduction of money from your bank account to your core savings at a particular time.

For example, you can choose to be saving N2,000 every Friday night by 9 pm.

Then every Friday by 9 pm, PiggyVest will automatically deduct the money from your Bank.

The interest rate on core savings is 10%.

With this plan, you are allowed to withdraw quarterly for free.

Any additional withdrawal outside this period will be of 5% as a penalty.

ii. Target savings

This plan allows you to save towards a given target.

For example, you can use this plan to save up money for your wedding, a vacation or a new business.

In this plan, you can decide to do the saving personally or with a group.

iii. Safe Lock

With this plan, you can lock up your savings for a specific time.

Unlike core savings and target savings, you can’t withdraw before the set time.

iv. Flex Dollar

This plan allows you to save and invest in dollars.

A 7% interest rate is given to you per annum when using this plan.

v. Investify

This plan allows you to earn more on your savings by investing in both primary and secondary investment opportunities.

The investment risks are usually on a low or medium level.

2. Cowrywise

Cowrywise enables stress-free savings and investments through its automated and easy-to-use feature.

You can invest in mutual funds using Cowrywise.

Savings in this platform generates a 15% interest rate per annum.

Cowrywise investment app allows you to meet your set financial goals with their easy-to-use app.


Withdrawal in this platform is debited at the set maturity date.

When withdrawing, you can choose to either withdraw all your money or part of it with interest.

You can also choose to roll over the plan for another set period.

This gives you access to compound interest. Cowrywise Plans includes:

i. Regular Savings

This plan enables you to save either daily, weekly or monthly, for a minimum period of three months.

Like the autosave feature in PiggyVest, you can set up a saving plan immediately you sign in into the platform.

After which the selected amount of money will be automatically deducted at the set time.

ii. Life Goals

This plan helps you to achieve your long term financial goal.

The minimum maturity rate is one year.

iii. Halal Savings

This plan is designed specifically for Muslims who don’t believe in earning interests on their savings.

So in this plan, no interest is accrued to you when you subscribe to it.

3. Wema Bank Alat

Wema Bank Alat is the first-ever Bank to become fully digital.

With its app, you can open an account within five minutes.

This app also enables automated savings.

Wema bank Alat uses a referral system code.

That is, immediately you register, you will get a personal referral code.

For anyone that uses your referral code to sign in, you will get a bonus.

Additionally, you will get a bonus anytime your referral funds his or her account.

Wema bank Alat provides both personal savings plans and group savings plans.
Personal saving plans:

i. Flexi Goal

This plan allows you to save daily, weekly or monthly towards a target.

You can withdraw 50% of your savings every month.

But, when you don’t meet your slated target, you will lose bonuses.

The interest rate is 10% per annum.

ii. Fixed Goal

In this pan, you can also save daily, weekly or monthly towards a target.

In this plan, you are not allowed to withdraw before your maturity date.

You will also lose your interest if you don’t meet up on your set target.

iii. Stash

This allows for the flexible saving of money.

That is, you can choose to save whatever amount, whenever you want to and at whatever time you want to. Group saving plans

iv. Rotating Savings

This plan allows you to save with up to twelve friends.

Each of you will receive the collective savings automatically when it’s your turn.

v. Join a Group

This plan allows you to join an already existing savings group with their group code.

vi. Save towards a target

This plan gives you the privilege to invite a number of persons to join you save towards a given target.

4. Riby

Riby is Nigeria’s best investment platform for trade groups, cooperatives, and small businesses.

It allows for seamless savings, investing, and borrowing (loan lending) at competitive interest rates.

Also, has different plans for each market segment. They include:

i. Riby Cooperative

This plan helps to meet the need for cooperatives, trade groups and small businesses.

It helps to provide loans at good interest rates.

ii. Riby Peer lending

This allows peers to lend to peers.

It operates like a mutual benefiting module.

iii. Riby Saver App

This allows different market segments to automate their savings.

5. Wealth.ng

When it comes to online investing in treasury bills, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate in Nigeria and other countries, wealth.ng is the best investment platform.

You can invest from Nigeria or any other part of the world.

Investment is in any chosen currency, be it a dollar, euro or naira.

The good thing about this app is that you can monitor your portfolio as it grows and moves.

One important thing about this platform is that it allows you to trade online in the financial market (both domestic and international).

6. FBN Edge

FBN Edge is an online investment platform designed as an app that allows users in Nigeria to invest in mutual funds.

This app is design by an FBN Holding company subsidiary, FBN Quest Asset Management.

With this app, you can open a mutual fund account and manage your investment right at the comfort of your home. FBN Edge investment plans include:

i. FBN Money Market Fund

In this plan, you can invest in diversified short term high-quality money market securities like Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bankers Acceptances, and Certificate of Deposits usually issued by rated banks in Nigeria.

The maximum amount of money to invest in this plan is N5,000.

ii. FBN Fixed Income Fund

This is the ideal plan to invest in diversified modules of long term debt securities issued by the Federal government of Nigeria, State government of Nigeria and corporate institutions in Nigeria.

The minimum starting fee for in this plan is N50,000.

iii. FBN Heritage Fund

This plan is ideal for users that want to invest for a long time.

It usually attracts greater rewards than any of the FBN plans.

7. Kolopay

Do you want to invest in Nigeria on real estate, automobiles, household items and appliances?

Then Kolopay can be one of your best options for online investment in Nigeria.

Kolopay is a cashless web and mobile application that helps users to meet their target goal.

On completion of your target savings, you will get a discount on the kind of item you want to purchase.

In Kolopay, savings are automated and made flexible.

You are entitled to a 10% interest rate per annum using any of its plans.

In Kolopay, you will find several plans that you can subscribe to.The plans include:

  • Real estate
  • Vacation plans
  • Electronics
  • Home and furniture
  • Automobiles
  • Technical gadgets like phones and laptops.

After subscribing to any of the chosen plans, you can then set a specific amount of money that will be deducted periodically from your bank account at the slated set time.

8. Thrive Agric

Do you want to invest in Nigeria, specifically in the agricultural sector?

Then Thrive Agric is the real choice.

As a technology-enabled online investment app, access to funds for farms is simple.

Without raising a cutlass or hoe, you can be called a farmer in Nigeria.

What you need to do simply is to choose any of the farming plans. Afterwards, you fund it and allow them to farm.

Agric investments in this platform mature between three to nine months.

Returns to be received from your investment range from 6% to 25%.

The good thing about this platform is that you can personally monitor your investment until its maturation time.

Plus, you will get periodic updates of activities on your farm.

You are starting from the growth stage to the harvest stage.

Undoubtedly, Thrive Agric is the best app for online agricultural investments.

9. Trove

Trove helps to provide an opportunity for citizens in Nigeria to have access to shares of public traded companies in Nigeria, China, and the United States.

This investment app allows you to buy, sell, trade and invest in stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies either in Nigeria, China or the United States.

You can start investing right away with as low as N1000. Sounds incredible right?

The platform possesses easy-to-use tools that help you to monitor and keep track of all your investments.

Plus, you will be getting free investment tips and information that will help to inform you as an investor better.

This helps you to make the right decision when it comes to investing.

Most importantly, Trove high-level bank security feature helps to protect your confidential and personal information.

Your personal information is saved from being leaked.

10. PayDay Investor

PayDay Investor is a secure investment platform that was launched by ARM, one of the leading Asset Management Firm in Nigeria.

You can begin your online investment in this platform with as little as N1000.

PayDay allows for flexibility in savings and withdrawals.

That is, you can choose to set a specific time when your funds will be automatically removed from your Nigerian debit card to your PayDay account.

Plus, withdrawal can do anywhere.

PayDay Investor equally helps you to save together with your friends and family toward a group goal or target.
PayDay Investor Plans are:

i. Goal-Based investment

This plan allows you to name whatever goal you want to achieve.

After that, you set your investment target.

That is, when to invest and how often you want it to debit.

ii. One Time Investment

This plan allows you to invest at once.

You can put in a single amount of money and go to rest.

All you will do is just to watch your investment grow.

You just have to set the amount you want to invest and select your funding option. Then, you are good to go.

iii. Group Goal

This plan allows you to invest with your friends and family in Nigeria towards a target goal.

11. I-Invest

I-invest tops as one of the best investment platforms for Treasury Bills in our list of online investment sites in Nigeria.

It’s an app that was launched by sterling Bank to aid you the investor to buy and sell Treasury Bills without the help of a broker in Nigeria.


You can also save money on this platform. Saving in this platform attracts an interest rate of about 8% to 11%.

The minimum amount you can invest in this platform is N100,000.

Withdrawal is very easy and flexible.

All you need to do is just to select the withdraw feature, and your money will immediately be transfer to your provided bank account.

Most importantly, this platform is regulate by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria.

To invest in this platform, you mustn’t have an account with a sterling bank.

12. Afrinvest Ltd.

It’s one of the most trusted genuine online investment companies in Nigeria.

As an independent investment bank, it focuses on the whole of West Africa.
Afrinvest operates in four major areas:

  • Investment research
  • Investment banking
  • Asset management
  • Securities trading

The launching of the Afrinvestor app by Afrinvest ltd has simplified and made it easier for its users to be able to trade on Nigerian stocks from the comfort of their homes.

With this app, you can fully take control of your investments.

Furthermore, investment tips and professional guidance is given to all users of this app.

Unlike other online tech-enabled investment platforms, Afrinvest engages its users in a live chat every day between 8 am and 5 pm. In the live chat, you can share your thoughts, complains, suggestions and comments.

Also, withdrawal is easy with this app.
Afrinvest plans:

i. POP

For you to subscribe to this plan in Nigeria, you must be less than 25 years of age.

This is specifically for young people who wants to build a solid financial base early in life.

In this plan, the maximum deposit of money is N20,000 at a time.

The maximum withdrawal is N30,000 at a time, and maximum balance is N200,000.

ii. Groove

If you are a young entrepreneur starting early in your chosen field, this plan is ideal for you.

In this plan, you earn more than those in POP.

The maximum deposit in this plan is N30,000 at a time. Maximum daily withdrawal is N50,000 and the maximum amount to is N400,000

iii. Classic

This plan allows you to get more rewards from your brokerage account.

The good thing about this plan is that there is: infinite maximum withdrawals, infinite maximum deposit and infinite maximum balance.

13. Citi Trust investment Limited

Citi Trust investment limited is one of the genuine investment companies in Nigeria well known for their transparency and integrity.

This investment company focuses on helping you to trade on stocks in the Nigerian Stock Exchange market.


This company offers financial services to both individual and corporate clients.

In addition, this company provides three financial services to investors, both locally and internationally:

  • Innovative investment advisory services
  • Securities trading
  • Financial investment solutions

Furthermore, Citi Trust Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of the company, helps to provides asset management services.

The Security Exchange Commission registers this subsidiary in Nigeria as a fund manager.

14. Bamboo

Do you want to invest in Nigeria and be able to trade stocks on the United States stock exchange market?

Then Bamboo is one of the topmost efficient digital apps for it.

Bamboo helps you to buy, hold and sell hundreds of stocks in both Nigerian and the United States stock market seamlessly.

You can track your investment in the comfort of your home with your smartphone or laptop.

In less than ten minutes, you can create an account with Bamboo.

Deposit money into it and buy stocks on Apple and Amazon.

This digital app helps to curate top stocks, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States.

One good thing about this digital app is that it is both a member of the Nigerian Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and Securities Investor Protector Corporation (SIPC) in the U.S.

Your securities are insured up to $500,000 with the SIPC.

So with this app, you rest assured that your investments are safe and secure.

15. Connectivest Ltd.

Connectivest is one of the best investment platforms for emerging entrepreneurs in online investment in Nigeria.

It is an integrated platform that enables emerging entrepreneurs to raise capital.

Raising funds in this platform follows a well-organized structured pattern.

Your company needs to be at least 8 to 24 months old before you can apply.

A campaign will organized for your business on the platform.

It normally takes place for the duration of 1 to 3 months.

During this period, you are to use it judiciously in running your business or building a project.

Connectivest achieves this by facilitating smart deals between investors seeking to invest in profitable companies and entrepreneurs in need of cash for either growth or expansion.

Membership to Connectives platform is free.

It focuses on entrepreneurs and investor in Nigeria.


Though investment is very profitable, it is also risky.

Before choosing a platform, calm down, study and understand how it operates.

Never rush towards investing without having proper knowledge of what you are investing in.

In Nigeria, we have a lot of scammers online trying to deceive people.

So if you want to invest using an app, go to either your Apple store or Google play store and download it.

Never follow an unauthorized agent online.

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