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Top 10 Fashion Magazines in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, a fashion magazine statement is a thing for both men and women. Most people are always updated with the latest fashion trends, both locally and internationally. One cannot be considered a “fashionista” unless you keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in the fashion industry. How else can one be updated but by reading magazines? Here are the top 10 fashion magazines in Nigeria:

1. Complete Fashion Magazine

This fashion magazine in Nigeria offers fashion statements and the latest information about the said industry.

Magazine is known for its models who are celebrities in Nigeria.

They are great influencers who make the magazine even more popular. 

This offers all information on fashion trends from clothes to makeup and accessories.

The beauty of this fashion magazine in Nigeria is that they do not just post and put up sexy and good looking models; they also promote fashion trends for a cause. 

Each of their ads has a hidden and inspirational message that they want to send across their audience.

Most of their advocacy deals with women empowerment and gender equality. 

They also discuss topics and product reviews on different skincare, makeup products, and fashion designs in a fashion magazine in Nigeria.

These reviews are done both by professional and aspiring designers.

This type of reviews is a great avenue for most readers so that they are abreast of the latest products available in the market.

Complete Fashion Magazine is also a great way to present both ideas and thoughts by a professional and a novice in the fashion industry.

This only proves that they open their doors both to the veterans and newbies in the industry. 

They also cover topics about lifestyle, latest celebrity gossips, up-to-date trends in fashion and designs.

Complete Fashion also offers makeup tutorials and lessons.

This is a great promotion and a great way for young readers to learn about the industry. 

The target readers in the market are young readers to adults.

This magazine covers almost all ages in the market.

The reason for this is because of its wide range of topics offered in their pages. 

2. Pulse.NG

This fashion magazine in Nigeria does not only offers news about the latest news on fashion and designs.

This magazine also offers the latest scoops about celebrities in Nigeria. 

People love reading about fashion, but they also want to know about the latest happenings about the lives of celebrities locally and internationally.

That is offered by Pulse.NG.

This magazine is a wide combination of trends, news, lifestyle, and fashion.

The target readers of this magazine are not just fashion enthusiasts, but also fashion designers.

It offers a lot of fashion and design ideas that could help the young and aspiring models and designers to pursue their passion in the industry. 

This magazine also gives fashion tips and suggestions, especially to newcomers in the fashion world.

Pulse.NG and its popular name in the fashion industry have become a household name.

This is true because of its reputation in giving the latest advice on style, design, makeup, and skincare. 

This magazine also offers interviews and one-on-one talk with celebrities and how they started in the fashion industry.

Pulse.NG feature of their magazine makes them one of the best magazines in Nigeria because of their honest intent in delivering and inspiring people in pursuing a lavish career in the fashion industry. 

3. We Love Style

This fashion magazine in Nigeria is a blog by Jumia. In this fashion magazine, she discusses the latest trend in fashion, lifestyle, and other local and international fashion bloggers. 

Most readers of this fashion blog are fashion designers, stylists, enthusiasts, and self-proclaimed “fashionista”.

The contents of this blog create a lot of inspiration for most people who aspire to be part of the fashion world.

Just like other fashion magazines, Jumia also discusses a lot of beauty and skincare product reviews. 

This fashion magazine in Nigeria is the best hangout activity where you can learn many things about fashion, latest celebrity gossips, and fashion items that are available for purchase online. 

Their products and merchandise items vary from shoes, clothes, accessories, and makeup products.

These items have already undergone reviews and trials.

The trials and reviews make the products even more reliable and powerful to the market. 

Jumia inspired so many young people who wish to be part of the industry. And Jumia is generous enough in sharing her tips and ways to achieve success in her ways.

She expressed in many of her blog entries the strategies she incorporates in achieving success and reaching her fame now. 

With Jumia and her styles of expression, not only is she known for her state of fashion, but also for her heartfelt willingness to share her success with many of her followers and fans. 

4. Fashion Online

This fashion magazine in Nigeria promotes the latest fashion style, designs, cosmetic products, and lifestyle suggestions.

Fashion Online is magazine is the easiest grab for most fashion enthusiasts who want to bring their passion and creative statements on the go. 

This magazine’s content covers the latest news in the industry, social news in the country, and a lot of success stories from professionals.

These interviews from professional fashion artists inspire many aspiring fashion enthusiasts in the country.

The interviews include how they started in the fashion industry, the challenges they went through, and how they cope with these challenges. 

This source of trendy information promotes a healthy lifestyle for both men and women.

Their target audience in the market are both genders and offering topics for each is a great way to promote their name in the industry.

Also, observing child-friendly topics add more eyes to their market.

They believe that children are not excused in any form of self-expression through fashion. 

Another feature of this magazine is the fashion-related services that they offer.

These services include marketing, PR consultation, press release and events, brand development, marketing, and promotion.

All these services add up to the magazine’s popularity and reliability in the fashion industry of the country.

5. Genevieve Nigeria

This fashion magazine in Nigeria is famous for its online and offline platform features.

It also features a lot of celebrities such as Tiwa Savage, Yvonne Nelson, and other famous Nigerian celebrities.

The appearance of these celebrities gives the magazine a famous and strong platform in promoting their brand and their name in the fashion industry. 

Genevieve Nigeria opens a lot of fashion opportunities for most fashion addicts.

Its fashion tips and fashion advice give a lot of empowerment to fashion enthusiasts, both young and old. 

Genevieve Nigeria offers great news and updates on fashion, latest style, and hottest celebrity gossips.

Subscribing to this magazine gives you access to all that latest news.

Many of their target audience are from teens to young adults since these are the readers who are most into the latest trends.

This source of fashion trends also talks about alternatives in fashion materials.

They promote the safe and friendly use of products without causing any harm to any animals while testing the products.  

6. Thisday Style

If you are looking for a contemporary-source of information when it comes to fashion style, trend, and news, this is the perfect magazine for you.

This fashion magazine in Nigeria offers you a downloadable application that you can view and browse both offline and online. 

In this magazine, you are connected at all times wherever you go.

They give you the latest trends in the country’s latest fashion outfit trends, hair and makeup, and the latest showbiz gossip.

Part of their features includes discussions on health, beauty, lifestyle, and skincare.

They rarely include celebrities as part of their magazine endorsement.

However, they invite many professional people in the fashion industry.

These interviews, statements, and testimonies from famous fashion people have made the magazine even more popular and more credible. 

Thisday Style also utilizes the different social media platforms in promoting their advocacy on a healthy lifestyle and spreading information about the latest fashion trends.

The magazine also discusses crucial social problems such as poverty, educational system, and business. 

The wide range of their topics, the up-to-date trends, and the great social concern and contribution that the magazine does are the things that make it more renowned in the fashion magazines in Nigeria.

7. Mode Men Magazine

If you think that magazines are only for women, think again. Mode Men Magazine is a fashion magazine in Nigeria which talks about fashion for men.

All the things that men need in terms of fashion from the latest hairstyle to the latest clothing style are all in this magazine. 

This fashion magazine in Nigeria also talks about fashion style and tips for men who would like to be part of the industry.

Added to their section are business, sports, health, and lifestyle.

They also feature celebrities and renowned sports stars in discussing their trends and life in the world of sports. 

The magazine also features perfume for men.

Ladies love men who smell good.

So, this magazine gives men many ideas on what fragrance are more attractive to their lady counterpart. 

It also gives tips and do-it-yourself makeup and styling tips to look good.

This makes their brand more personalized since men get ideas from them yet allow them to put their own and personal touch. 

This magazine is not only for the professional and newbies in the world of fashion.

But this is also for men who, basically, just want to look and smell good. 

Mode Men is one of the avenues which proves that men could also have their styles and fashion.

Men’s fashion also deserves to be explored and displayed to the world because men have their great fashion taste, too. 

8. Zen Magazine Africa

If you want a real and authentic source of information about the latest trends in Africa, this is perfect for you.

This magazine covers a wide range of audiences and readers because of its large topics.

It discusses not just fashion and latest trends, but also culture and other sensitive issues.

It also covers the audience not just in Nigeria, but the entire continent. 

The beauty of Zen is it offers great ideas for those who would want to start their name in the fashion industry.

It offers a lot of information from style, designs, and updated business information about the industry.

There are also many interviews by successful businessmen and businesswomen about how they started and how they became the best at what they do. 

If you are a beginner in the fashion industry, you do not need to worry because reading this magazine will give you insights.

This will also enlighten your creativity and would allow you to make your brands and name in the fashion world. 

Zen also has a food section that a lot of readers love.

This part discusses healthy food which women would want to include in their diet.

There are also alternative food ideas which could be of great sources of nutrients without having to take a lot of carbohydrates that are difficult to burn. 

If you want to know more about the latest on the continent, Zen is the perfect source of information for you. 

9. OnoBello

This is a total magnet for all fashion enthusiasts out there.

This magazine features Ono Bello’s fashion tastes and styles.

Here, she expresses herself based on her creations in different clothing styles and designs.

She also promotes inspiration for young and aspiring fashion addicts who want to create their name in the industry. 

Her creations are worn by many Nigerian celebrities.

Ono Bello is one of the country’s premier and most sought after fashion stylist and designer.

Her creations vary from daily wear to special events and occasions.

She also makes sure that the materials she uses in her creations are of great quality and does not do any harm to the environment and nature. 

With her great creativity and passion, a lot of prominent celebrities are lining up to wear her designs.

These celebrities make Ono Bello even more popular in the industry.

The famous people advertising her brands makes it easier for her to reach out to her desired audience in the market. 

Ono Bello also makes use of the different social media platforms in promoting not just her designs and business, but also her advocacy in freedom of expression in fashion. 

Ono Bello believes that fashion is not just about looking good and being “it” in society.

It is also about empowerment and feeling good about yourself.

This is a good place in promoting women, being on top of everything.

With her creations, Ono Bello can spread this advocacy both to local and international platforms. 

10. Today’s Woman or TW

This fashion source is a woman’s daily guide to a beautiful and healthy lifestyle.

This magazine covers issues from beauty and skincare to careers and relationships.

TW started in the fashion industry in 2007 and became a great success after.

They say that more women are in fashion than men.

This holds for the creation of this magazine is solely for women who require a daily dose of information.

Today’s Woman talks about a woman’s proper diet to achieve an ideal, sexy, and healthy body.

TW enumerates ways on how to perfectly achieve that body goal every woman adores.

The diet entry talks about the food that is recommended in every woman’s diet.

It also covers the forms of exercises that are ideal for every woman. 

Today’s Woman also covers issues on fashion, relationships heartbreaks, and moving on.

TW interviews women all over Nigeria, both famous and regular women, and narrate their adventures in love, life, and loss.

Here these women inspire other women to move on with life despite their losses.

Also, they motivate women never to be afraid of loving again after a tragic loss.

Another famous entry in Today’s Woman is a career.

Nigeria has so many powerful and successful women, too are self-made.

TW invites many women from different industries – sports, media, business – to inspire the audience in achieving and creating their successes. 


Of course, TW will not be complete without its content on fashion.

Here, TW talks about the latest fashion trends in Nigeria as well as its neighboring countries.

Its fashion contents include the latest clothing designs and style.

It also predicts the upcoming fashion trends which may be of a great hit in the fashion magazine in Nigeria. 

Top 10 Fashion Magazines in Nigeria Sources of Information

With all these sources of information in fashion, trends, lifestyle, and health, Nigeria proves that the country would not be left behind.

These magazines create a lot of avenues for most fashion experts and newbies in finding out the latest hits in the fashion industry.

This also provides a great opportunity for those who would want to create their brand and their name in fashion. 

If you want to express yourself in terms of how they look, your lifestyle, and your sense of well-being, read those magazines enumerated above.

They give you everything you would want to know about our society and our world.  

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