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Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria

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Importance of Blogs in Nigeria

Nigeria is not the first country that people think of when it comes to a growing, thriving community of blogs in Nigeria.

And serve as an avenue for earning money from businesses online or to express their opinions unchallenged by outside forces.

While some of these Nigerian blogs exalt in their niche focus, others are still finding it hard to make their way to the top of the industry.

What Makes Successful Blogs

There are at least four reasons for a blog to be successful.

One, their blog site receives an abundance of traffic; two, their blog ranks among the top on several search engines.

Three, their blog fulfils its purpose like airing one’s opinions or generating profits. And four, you have got to have a passion for blogging.

For Nigerian bloggers who are new to blogs or already have created their blogs and trying to be a top blogger, here is a list of the top 10 blogs in Nigeria.

You can visit them and get inspiration from, and see how far they have made with their blogs.

There are still many other blogs in Nigeria that you can check out as well. Keep in mind one thing, though.

The level of influence of these blogs to their readers and revenue potential of these blogs were the criteria for this list. We hope you enjoy it!

Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria

1. Linda Ikeji Blog

This Nigerian blog was born in 2006 by former-model-turned-blogger Linda Ikeji.

Beautiful as she is innovating, she is also one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria.

Small Starter reported that Ikeji has a monthly income of around $65,000 just by writing blogs.

According to the source BuzzNigeria, this particular blog is Africa’s most popular.

It also has the esteemed honour of being ranked as the best gossip and entertainment blog in Nigeria.

In addition, this blog also provides information on the latest news, entertainment, upcoming events, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

What makes this blog so popular is that it features gossip which is raw and unfiltered. In the past, this top blog featured controversial stories about musicians, celebrities, and sports players.

This was reason enough to ignite Nigeria’s social media sphere aflame with rumour and controversy.

Odds are, if there is a hot rumour around Nigeria, it was reported here first. However, the purpose of Ikeji’s blog is not just about gossip.

She blogs to create an avenue for social change.

According to a report from Small Starter, her blog helped a young girl who was held in prison for four years.

Apparently, the girl went to prison without a trial for simply robbing a mobile phone.

Through her blog and Ikeji’s followers, the girl was freed from prison.

Their timely and accurate reporting, raw visitor numbers, as well as their cultural significance being so great, earns this Nigerian blog the top spot on our list.

2. Bella Naija Blog  

Uche Eze made a mark in Nigeria by starting the Nigerian blog, Bella Naija.

It started way back in 2006.

This often-visited blog had been increasing in fame since its birth nearly fourteen years ago.

It is an esteemed lifestyle blog featuring entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle which is updated regularly to this day.

This blog is so famous among the Nigerian citizens that it even inspired Nigerians to have extensive use of the term “Naija”.

In fact, it has become a household name among top Nigerian bloggers, and Nigeria in general.

The world over has seen Uche Eze’s accomplishments as a blogger.

Furthermore, prominent platforms all over the world have featured Uche Eze and her blog.

This includes but not limited to heavy hitters like the Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN. Like Linda Ikeji, Eze is also one of the wealthiest Nigerian bloggers.

Bella Naija earns this lady an income of about $15,000 to $20,000.

This is a pretty significant achievement for blogs in Nigeria! Definitely worth a number two spot!

3. The Punch Blog  

The Nigerian newspaper Punch Nigeria has made its way to the top of the blogging market by creating The Punch Blog.

This oddly named blog is becoming popular in Nigeria fast.

This one specializes in politics, news, business, entertainment, sports, Nollywood, health, food and beverage, and even wedding sections.

The popularity of certain blogs in Nigeria might stem from more than just its content and personalities behind it.

What sets this blog apart from its contemporaries is that it is very interactive and influential.

Plus, it gives readers quality, vetted content.

It is also one of the easier-to-navigate and well-designed Nigerian blogs out there.

4. Hot Nigerian Jobs  

Nigerian blogs do not just feature lifestyle and entertainment. This is quite contrary to what other entries on this list may lead you to believe.

Bloggers created a good number of them for important services such as job hunting.

Thus, for Nigerians who seek new or better employment, blogs such as this are one to check out.

It has one of, if not the largest compilation of job openings, and it is updated quite regularly.

Potential employees can search for a job listed on this blog.

Meanwhile, employers can post a job if they seek to expand their hiring outreach.

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about fees for the services of this blog.

The use of this blog is free, and who does not like free stuff?

It also has a simple, straightforward interface.

Visitors can navigate easily through the blog even if they are completely unfamiliar with how a blog works.

This is also applicable to a computer for that matter.

In a poor country like Nigeria, this is definitely a service that has the best intentions.

Plus, it is a testament to how the people, especially bloggers, will ultimately usher in the best chance.

With thousands of visits every day and a desire to help spread employment, this Nigerian blog has made it to number four on our list!

5. Olufamous  

The Nigerian journalist-turned-blogger, Olu owns the blog.

Both the site creator and namesake, he uses his journalism experience to write gossipy news in his blog.

For this reason, it has captivated readers in Nigeria to the point of giving him some of the largest traffic in the country.

The blog also provides videos and pictures of news and opinion gist on lifestyle, social issues and politics from the web.

This is a very important feature in Nigeria, where the political landscape is turbulent, and knowledge is of the essence.

Olu does good work, so give the blog a look if you’re interested in the goings-on in Nigeria.

6. 360nobs

360nobs actually stands for 360 No Bull Sh*t. Founded in 2010, Noble Igwe, one of the highest-paid bloggers in Nigeria, owns the blog.

This multi-niche Nigerian blog is another that offers celebrity gossip, entertainment, and lifestyle.

The blog also provides job employment opportunities to job seekers as well.

It also serves as an excellent hotspot for Nigerians who love music and is a go-to site for downloading Nigerian music, movie updates, and lifestyle and entertainment news.

7. NotjustOk  

The founder of this blog is Mola Ogundele.

He leads a group of devoted bloggers to entertain Nigerians with the latest Nigerian music.

NotjustOk is a promising music portal with an emphasis on quality.

It also features the hottest stories about the Nigerian music industry.

From album releases to awards, to news about popular musicians, NotjustOk has it.

Music lovers can directly listen to video and audio music from this blog.

It can be heard from almost anywhere Nigerian music is listened to because of its fame.

The blog’s collaboration with top musicians and music producers in Nigeria helped it to be popular.

And, it’s still gaining in popularity every year.

The culture of music is important to Nigerians everywhere.

And this is the reason why this blog has earned it a spot on number seven on our list.

8. Legit

Previously known as Naij.com, Legit.ng is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

Additionally, it features discussions on political developments in the country and other news and topics of interest.

As mentioned earlier, the political landscape in Nigeria is unstable.

Many issues go by without people, even knowing they existed.

Due to this, Legit.ng has become the go-to place for Nigerians to find out what is going on in their country and to stay informed.

The many isolated within the country is now being known to the wider world.

Because of its presence on social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, this news blog is included in the top blogs in Nigeria.

9. Pulse

It’s news in a heartbeat for the Nigerian people! Pulse.ng offers its visitors pure, raw Nigerian entertainment.

From the latest gist in Nigerian music to new and upcoming movies, lifestyle and culture, and every event and outing in-between, this blog covers every topic in or pertaining to Nigeria.

Pulse also prides itself when it comes to business news.

It has the most reliable and highly rated news stories and developments in the growing business world of Nigeria.

The growth of stable and legitimate businesses in Nigeria is important to the Nigerians as a whole.

Thus, this blog earns it a spot in the top ten.

10. Miss Petite Nigeria

Miss Petite Nigeria is a promising Nigerian entertainment and lifestyle blog.

It offers the freshest, hottest, and original hot-takes about Nigerian fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment.

The blog also features celebrity gossip, and news on Nigerian movies, videos and music.

It rivals its contemporaries with ease.

And although it’s newer than a few on this list, it’s taken off nevertheless.

You’ll find unique stories with personalized takes on the various ins and outs of Nigeria.

They’ve recently moved into their own website and are doing well.

With an easily navigable interface, it has an up-to-date script that have it looking solid, and its visitor numbers are just as high daily as on the old site.

However, raw numbers from the old and new one put this one at number ten!

Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria Conclusion

If you look at the traffic stats of the top 10 blogs in Nigeria in this list, they are overwhelming.

Some blogs in Nigeria even have numbers that exceed sites all over Africa.

Blogs are one of the top ways people of Nigeria can make a living. According to Invoice, blogs in Nigeria that are most popular and make good money are about gossip and entertainment.


For jobless Nigerians, internet technology has opened up several opportunities for them to earn decent money through blogs in Nigeria.

If you have a decent amount of traffic to your blog, you can earn from your blogs using the following ways:

  • Google AdSense: This is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your blog website.
  • Amazon affiliate: If you are writing about some products, you can include amazon links to those products, and you will earn a commission for each of the qualified sales.
  • Publishing paid/sponsored posts: If your blog is ranking high on google and having a good amount of organic traffic, many other blog owners (in similar niches) will reach you to publish a post for them on your website with one or two links pointing to their website for a fee. You can earn a monthly amount from these as well.

Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria Summary:

Like Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze, Olu, and other top bloggers in this list, you too can make huge earnings through blogs in Nigeria.

Just remember one thing, passion and patience are the keys to having excellent blogs in Nigeria.

Without them, you’ll eventually give up blogging.

It definitely takes a lot of energy, hard work, time, and perseverance to make a name in the blogging market and earn money.

The reason for these blogs’ success is the result of these bloggers’ dedication and commitment that they put into their blogs.

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