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The best cities worldwide for successful startups


When it comes to the best cities for startups, several names come to mind. Entrepreneurs looking to start a business can choose any one of these cities. They offer friendly business environments that only seek to promote profitability and growth. The following towns are perfect for successful startups

1). Berlin, Germany

The best city Berlin is for new startups from anywhere in the world.

Berlin, Germany, is now the new Silicon Valley of Europe.

The startup economy of Berlin provides some unique competitive edge, such as inclusiveness and diversity.


With the average corporate office rent in Berlin falling within a budget most entrepreneurs can afford, Berlin is the perfect place to watch your brainchild grow.

The startup city is one of the best cities for entrepreneurs.

More often than not, people who begin their businesses in Berlin get financial support from business investors.

Furthermore, they may be eligible to apply to get government funds to expand their startups.

Berlin is also a fertile ground for lots of inspiring people that will motivate and energize you to take your business to higher heights.

You have reasonably affordable fixed interest rates for long-term loans, while for the initial first one or two-year(s) loan repayment payback period, your loan repayment is suspended.

One awesome thing that attracts smart entrepreneurs to Berlin is that you do not need a fancy degree or an indigenous passport to begin your business in Berlin.

Berlin is the best city to start a business for anyone from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, with the recent implementation of Brexit and new economic outlook for UK-based startups, Berlin seems much favorable to London, Manchester, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, or Edinburgh.

Berlin is home to such startups as Coya, N26, and Lemoncat.

2). Tel Aviv, Israel

The business capital in Israel is Tel Aviv.

In terms of innovation, so many people think of Tel Aviv as the best place to start a business.

Loads of US-based companies now have their primary Research Bases in Tel Aviv because the city is widely known for its talent pool and famous technology startups.

Due to the number of times, people stay up working to introduce innovations to several markets, Berlin is dubbed “the city that never goes to sleep.”

However, the startup city comes with massive cultural differences.

Most Israeli businesspeople negotiate fiercely, and one massive part of the Israeli culture is risk-taking.

They see taking business risks as something to be encouraged and appreciated.

Tel Aviv is also very ideal for tech startups.

Tel Aviv is known for its unique combination of highly innovative startup businesses, interspersed with its Mediterranean culture.

In the city, perfect English is spoken by everybody just as you can get Wi-Fi everywhere.

You can find numerous world-renowned venture capitalists in Tel Aviv.

While you can find the city quite expensive to live in, you will also find out that the food in Tel Aviv is excellent.

Some of the startups that are based in Tel Aviv include Lemonade, lawgeek, and Missbeez.

3). Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the best place for a startup that needs a decent and smart city to locate its primary base.

The local startup scene in Helsinki comes with all the advantages that can make any startup successful.

The town has critical business influencers, accelerators, hubs, investors, and talented entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, many startups can quickly get funding for their businesses at an early stage.

The government of the city firmly back newly launched businesses with financial aids to become successful.

There is something known as the “Finnish Startup Permit.”

It began back in 2018 empowers entrepreneurs with high potential to start their startups and get it into their local ecosystem.

The city comes with a rich entrepreneurial heritage; it is also known for leading brands like Linux, Clash of Clans, Supercell, Rovio, and Nokia.

Based on the revisited layout of the Finnish Smart City Development, numerous new city exits got constructed.

This new development benefitted the local business environment in the city.

However, the best thing about Helsinki is its openness to every part of the globe.

It also impacts essential and useful business relationships among entrepreneurs from various ecosystems.

Helsinki is home to such startups as Oura, Sulapac, and Enevo.

4). Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is Sweden’s best place for startup companies.

It is commonly known as a unicorn factory.

Despite its low population of about 1.5 million people, the city is known worldwide as being among the most significant ecosystems for startups today.

Stockholm, however, is not a city that is new to innovation.

The city is the headquarters to brands like Klarna, Mojang Minecraft, King, Skype, and Spotify.

In 2017, a vast investment company reported that Sweden possesses the second-biggest concentration of companies with a billion-dollar per capital.

The country is second just after Silicon Valley.

But how plausible is this?

The city’s boosted economic outlook arose when Ericsson’s slow decline led the company to lay off lots of its very skilled engineers.

But they have all let off the hook with attractive severance packages.

The engineers found it very difficult to get new jobs, so they decided to begin their private companies.

Therefore, the geometric growth and development of startups in the Swedish startup scene result from a domino effect.

Stockholm welcomes potential startups or smart individuals looking to begin new businesses.

Stockholm plays hosts to such startups as Kry, Hedvig, and Karma.

5). Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru is the former Indian city of Bangalore.

It is unexpected how Bengaluru made it to the five best cities for startups.

Bengaluru is a city that is full of talents and geniuses.

People first knew of Bengaluru’s success when it was the hottest location for foreign companies looking for local Indian talents.

Now the city has undergone a total evolution and now has its budding startup scene.

The Bengaluru government has implemented several business-friendly policies.

You can find super affordable homes in the city.

Additionally, the city has gotten to a level where it keeps on growing phenomenally.

Bengaluru is currently the third biggest ecosystem in the globe.

The city is known as an investor’s magnet due to its optimistic economic scene.

Some of the startups based in Bengaluru include OYO, Freshmenu, and Zoomcar.

Bengaluru is ideal for tech startups.

6). London, UK

London in the United Kingdom is a city that is infamous for the activities of the royal family.

It also happens that London is pretty famous for its fledgling startup ecosystem too.

The startups in London mostly specialize in technology.

This is why London is often thought of as the technology capital of Europe.

There is one downside of considering London as your startup base.

Due to the current Brexit policies, people tend to express their concerns over the UK’s market growth potential.

This has led to the emigration of numerous talented young Brits who need foreign international positions.

However, due to Brexit’s concerns, there is a VC funding of £5 billion available for startups.


This money dwarfs both France (£1.55 billion) and Germany (£2.15 billion).

If London wants to regain the economic appeal it once had pre-Brexit, the city has to expand its horizons and search for new investors.

London serves as the hosts to such startups like Syft, Talentful, and Trouva.

7). Boston, USA

Boston, for decades, has always offered an attractive entrepreneurial prospect for businesses.

There are myriads of enterprises and startups that dot the little town of Boston.

However, this economic prosperity has a lot to do with powerful institutions like Boston College, Harvard, MIT, and other famous research institutes.

The town has an excellent history of software and innovation development.

Numerous startups located in the town are connected to these institutions.

This is why lots of investors and founders fancy the city.

Furthermore, the town’s local startup scene is trying to come back to the economic powerhouse that it used to be.

This means that the city is slowly repositioning itself to become a dominating force.

The town is quite different from Silicon Valley due to its socialization and networking patterns.

It also stresses on building trust and enhancing communication.

The city is the base of such startups like Pathai, Alyce, and Veo Robotics.

In the USA, Massachusetts (the home state of Boston), is one of the best states for entrepreneurs and is friendly to tech startups.

8). Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the best startup location in Denmark.

The local startup scene in the area is highly interconnected, and everyone knows each other.

People who have startups in Copenhagen are certainly known to one another due to the closeness and the interconnectedness that the town fosters.

You do not need much to start a business here.

It is, therefore, one of the best European cities for initiating successful startups.

In the capital city of Denmark, businesses continue to receive more seed capitals from angel investors.

If you were in the town and had a potentially successful startup, you would most certainly get some form of financial backing for your business.

If you have a recently-formed business, you can access support money from the government.

This is known as the Danish Startup Fund (DSF).

It is a system that uses funds from the government to help startups get their businesses off the ground.

Copenhagen plays hosts to such startups as Peakon, Orderyoyo, SOUNDBOKS, and Valuer.ai. Numerous tech startups call Copenhagen their home.

9). Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for many things, and business startups are among the many strong points of the town.

Also, Amsterdam is pretty famous for so many things when it comes to business startups.

The town has the highest living standard, the fastest internet mobile connectivity speeds, and the highest average gross salary.

Several other factors make Amsterdam qualify as one of the best cities for successful startups.

These factors include the costs of a cup of coffee, beer, and of course, rent.

Amsterdam is quite a middle-level city compared to other startup cities in Europe in terms of these costs.

Based on official reports from the town, Amsterdam currently has about 800 scale-ups and startups.

Also, about 170 Information Technology firms are headquartered in the Dutch capital city.

The town comes with everything for a bubbling startup scene to thrive.

It has a scientific research and development sector, a high-tech industry, and an advanced mindset that naturally results in a colorful startup ecosystem.

Amsterdam plays hosts to such startups like Bux, Picnic, and Skinvision.

10). San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is home to Silicon Valley, which houses more than one-fourth of all the world’s unicorn startups.

Silicon Valley is the biggest startup scene in the world.

It is valued at more than $279 billion.

If you were to locate your startup in Silicon Valley, this means that you can access funds from Venture Capitalists pretty easily.

San Francisco is home to such business startups like Anchor, Apptimize, and Rentberry.

If you can afford the costly rent in the town, San Francisco is one of the best cities to start a tech company.

As a business city in the USA, you can spot some of your favorite brands here.

It is one of the best cities to start a food business due to an influx of working-class people and entrepreneurs that keep busy all day.

11). Melbourne, Australia

Canberra and Sydney could appear more economically crucial than Melbourne, but Melbourne is still the best location for startups looking to have their bases in Australia.

The city is known as Australia’s technological capital for different reasons.

One reason, while Melbourne beckons on potential startups is the availability of shared commercial spaces.

Melbourne boasts of a higher number of shared workspaces than Sydney.

Based on reliable information, the increase in business has correspondingly led to increased shared office spaces.

In Victoria alone, you can find only 170 workspaces for startups.

This means that for every 100 tech startups, you have 15 coworking spaces.

Melbourne’s growth of startups is in every sector, but tech-related startups are pretty standard in Melbourne.

Startups thrive easily because the people of the city share both an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

The city has produced a long-term strategy to both attract new talents to the town and retain them.

You can commercialize your intellectual property.

Melbourne plays hosts to Rulo, Canya, and Waddle.

12). Singapore, SINGAPORE

Singapore’s capital city (which is coincidentally Singapore) is one of the best cities for small business in Asia.

The city comes with the different attractions that can help any startup thrive and become successful.

Singapore has modern infrastructure, a workforce that is educated, and it is very close to lots of developed and developing markets in Asia and other continents.

Recently, Singapore was thrown into a competition with Hong Kong, and Singapore won this competition.

Singapore had won for its recognition as the best city to start a new business or expand an existing one.

Singapore, as a former British Colony, makes it such an attractive place for English-based startups.

Additionally, the city offers foreign investors free port trading.

A properly-structured government controls all of these activities.

Currently, Singapore is home to the best schools globally; its education system is second to none.

Expectedly, the town has morphed into a startup powerhouse for investors, tech companies, and entrepreneurs.

The city plays home to OSOME, Liquid, and Active.Ai.

13). Austin, USA

Austin is the capital of Texas in the United States of America.

The town recently got awarded as the top location for a startup.

Due to available data, the city is a leading destination for tech startups and small businesses.

The local citizens are selfless and would help entrepreneurs (especially startups) any way they could.

Austin continues to create self-sufficient networks.

The town currently plays home to more than ten startup hubs, accelerators, and incubators.

It also provides exclusive services for companies that are still at the pre-launching stage.

Additionally, Austin is rated more highly concerning the cost of operating a business than San Francisco’s Silicon Valley.

Furthermore, Austin also trumps Silicon Valley when it comes to an ideal microenvironment for startups’ success.

Austin even surpasses San Francisco in safety, excellent quality of life, and a more skilled and diverse workforce.

Moreover, Austin’s people are very hospitable that any new startups will settle within a short time.

Austin is a city that plays hosts to Storyfit, Threatcare, and Diligent Robotics.

14). Toronto, Canada

How can we not name the ever diverse and all-embracing Toronto as one of the world’s best cities for successful startups?

The town is capitalizing on its collective strength to become a dominating hub for different businesses.

Toronto is suitable for startups; it attracts them and grows them to any level they dare to be.

It is a city that helps nurture the dreams of startups to reality.

Also, the city comes with a diverse and healthy society, ideal for multiple collaborative systems that help startups go commercial and build an excellent network.

Additionally, both medium and smaller-sized businesses are known to be the foundation stones of the North American country’s economy.

Moreover, the city has a special program that supports businesses by using numerous innovation infrastructure platforms.

Toronto comes with its own shared office spaces, hubs, business incubators, and accelerators.

Rumie, Top Hat, and Soapbox are some startups based in Toronto.

15). Vancouver, Canada

If you were seriously considering locating your startup in Canada, but do not like either Toronto or Montreal, Vancouver is a decent option.

Known as the Seattle of Canada, Vancouver, by size, is the third biggest city in the North American country.

Due to the easy access to world-class talent, nearly 3000 new startups grow every year in the city.

You can have your startup setup in Vancouver and see your new venture flourish within a short due to fantastic support availability.

Numerous startups who call Vancouver their home have grown successfully to incredible heights.

Some names that are recognized easily are Unbounce, Hootsuite, and Slack.

Vancouver offers a robust entrepreneurial environment that puts your startup company in the middle of healthy competition.

Moreover, this trustworthy business-oriented environment also provides numerous funding opportunities for young business ventures.

It is also essential to state that Vancouver offers relatively affordable rental prices with excellent pricing systems for startups and incubators.

If you have any other reason for locating your startup in Vancouver, you may want to consider that the city has a global clientele network.

This means that you are open to a vast pool of clients from every part of the world.

The city of Vancouver takes your business to international heights, placing you in the middle of big players in your chosen industry.

Vancouver has a budding startup scene that gets immense support from the sixteen world-class universities located in the city.

The city also gets lots of government grants reserved for entrepreneurial activities.

People also like the fact that the city offers a tax system that is very friendly to startups.

Some of the famous startups based in Vancouver are Progressa, Procurify, and Spare Labs.

16). Munich, Germany

Germany is the biggest economy in Europe.

So, it is only right that another industrial city is suitable for startups and fledgling businesses.

Munich, right after Berlin, is one of the best cities worldwide to locate your young company.

If your startup were based in Munich, you would be granted access to useful resources through the entire developmental phase of your business.

It is also important to state here that Munich has an excellent network system supported by the community.

If you had your startup in Munich, you are opportune to access inspirational events, feedback, building labs, training, and accelerators.

The Munich believes in the power of independence and self-employment that it has unique activities that cater to the promotion and support of startups.

The city hosts demonstration events, pitching, workspaces, and media channels.

Munich is undergoing constant growth and expansion.

1.5 million people currently inhabit the town.

However, by 2030, the population of Munich is expected to get to 1.8 million.

Due to increased urbanization, people’s lives are being changed, and cities face diverse challenges.

Some of these challenges are renewable energy, mobility, networking, public space design, and general power supply.

Due to these new challenges, there is a blooming landscape for infrastructure, venture capitalists, business angels, and investor networks.

Some examples of startups based in the industrialized German town are Userlane and E-gym.

17). Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw’s ancient Polish town is more famous for its war heritage than an excellent startup location.

However, the town is fast becoming an ideal place to locate your startup.

The town has a massive startup community that prefers to work independently instead of as one big group.

Unity is difficult to get here; however, the local startup scene offers lots of Eastern European talent.

The diversity of Warsaw will leave everyone speechless and breathless.

The people of the town are quite helpful and open.

It is one of those cosmopolitan cities that offers something to everyone.

The town has a plethora of side attractions, which range from people to architecture.

You can get to any shop 24/7.

Furthermore, Warsaw has a well-connected and efficient public transport to simplify communication.

In terms of accommodation, Warsaw comes with a cheap living cost and has numerous spaces.

Further, in Warsaw, there is a competition for the best talents.

Some of the startups based in Warsaw include Telemedi.co, Infinity, and many others.

18). Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is based in Switzerland and is a decent location for fledgling startups.

While it a humble one, the entrepreneurial scene is currently growing.

The Zurich is one of the most amazing cities to locate your startup as it offers fantastic conditions for young companies and startups.

It provides startup initiatives such as Kraftwerk and Impact Hub Zurich to help set up and sustain young organizations.

Furthermore, a stable business environment, strong education, and financial sectors are some of the things that make Zurich favorable for startups.

Some startups that are fully established in Zurich include Wefox, Ambrpay, and Block factory.

19). Beijing, China

It is often said that Beijing is the Silicon Valley of China.

The Chinese capital is one of the perfect places to locate your startup due to the benefits you get from the town and the country.

Beijing offers a decent environment that allows businesses to scale up at a tremendous rate rapidly.

The town provides a residential market opportunity of about 22 million.

This is nearly four times Denmark’s population.

What used to be such a broad market has now given way to an excellent startup hub.

The markets in Beijing come in mixed sizes.

Also, Beijing comes with an enhanced level of consumer adoption of every service.

Also, the town comes with an entrepreneurial mindset and encourages the efforts of startups to scale up.

Beijing is such a hotbed for successful startups since founders can quickly get resources from Peking and Tsinghua.

They are two of the leading Chinese colleges in the region.

They cater to such a rich entrepreneurial landscape currently thought of as the biggest in the globe.

In terms of technology, Beijing is ahead of its time.

China is the leading destination when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Beijing accounts for about 36 percent of the total Chinese venture funding.

Some of Munich based startups are ABC Fintech, AirVisual, and Ao Graph.

20). Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo in Japan used to be one of the preferred locations for startups until the town lost that advantage.

However, with the measures being put in place around the city, there has never been a better time to take your startup to the Japanese City.

The town is known for the support it gives young businesses and startups.

This is due to the level of infrastructure in the town.

Additionally, it has a rich collection of venture capitalists and angel investors.

Tokyo also possesses banks and other financial organizations that serve as generous financial support for young businesses and startups.

Some pretty popular startups in Tokyo include Koska, Trustdock, and the Base.

21). New York, USA

New York serves as home to some of the most excellent startups the world has ever seen.

It is the location of numerous unicorns such as Buzzfeed, Vice Media, and many now-defunct startups.

One reason for such a vast collection of business ventures is due to the ever-increasing presence of Venture Capital investments.

New York is among the best cities in the world to have your startup grow and transform into a global heavyweight.

The town is a media, financial and cultural hub.

This makes it an all-round treasure to businesses regardless of maturity or size.

New York is also a big magnet for talent from every part of the world.

The most fantastic thing about the startup scene in the Big Apple is that it has a thriving gig economy, making it possible for corporations and startups to get simple access to creative talent.

Although New York may be different from the more established Silicon Valley, it still an attractive option.

The city is home to coworking spaces such as Croissant Coworking, Workville, and the Farm SoHo.

Some New York-based startups are Easyship, Letgo, Leaflink, and General Assembly.

22). Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is in a somewhat unique location.

It is strategically located between the continents of Asia and Europe.

Istanbul offers a beautiful environment and ecosystem for young businesses and startups.

In the town, like most entrepreneurs, if you do not have sufficient cash, there are very affordable and reasonable house options that will fit nicely into your budget.

Istanbul attracts talent from the world over because it allows foreign business people to establish their private companies.

Additionally, the good Turkish FDL rules put foreign investors on the same level regarding investment rights.

As a foreign investor in the city, you have similar rights as your local colleagues.

Istanbul has ample coworking spaces, just like Workinton, Impact Hub Istanbul, and Beyond Ofis.

Some popular startups based in the Turkish capital includes Spirohome, Iyzico, and Kolay Randevu.

23). Madrid, Spain

Spain has a bubbly startup landscape that has shown that it can compete with the best out there.

With different cities in Spain offering attractive resources and supports to startups, Madrid looks like a reasonably decent city to have your young business venture.

Like every other leading city in Europe, the town is interconnected with various modes of transports.

In terms of housing, Madrid offers an attractive and affordable housing system that will seem fair and friendly to cash strapped entrepreneurs.

The city also offers attractive corporate and office spaces at reasonable prices with special consideration to startups.

There are also co-working spaces such as Utopicus Colegiata, Spaces, and Flag Co-working Spaces.

Madrid hosts popular startup companies like Nyuron, Tewer, and Billin.

24). Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona comes next to Madrid in the best cities for successful startups.

The Barcelona startup landscape admonishes all founders to learn how to face and accept all challenges.

This town brings founders and investors together to strategize on making a young company a dominating force in its field.

One thing about the startup landscape in Barcelona is its strength.

Nearly 12,000 people work in the industry, spanning several sub-sectors like tourism, Big Data, E-commerce, Mobile Services, and Information Technology.

Barcelona is a fair inclusion on this list as it got more than $700 million investment money in 2017.

This investment was the total amount of money startups got to help enhance their activities.

Also, the town is such a massive supporter of the gig economy that it offers such co-working spaces like Talent Garden Barcelona S.L., MOB, and Betahaus.

Some famous Barcelona-based startups include Coverfy, WesmartPark, and CornerJob.

25). Seattle, USA

Seattle is such a good breeding ground for startups and welcomes new young companies regularly.

Global heavyweights like Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon were once based in Seattle as startups.

Seattle is such a proper location for any startup because their general attitude and culture help people get their businesses off the ground.

The city appreciates and rewards bold and confident entrepreneurs that are willing to add to the bubbling startup landscape.

Seattle is a prosperous city to situate any business.

It is among the best cities to start a food business.

You can find anything in Seattle: from investors, clients, customers, to insurance salespeople.

The town is such a hub for the gig economy that startups can thrive in its regional economy.

Seattle offers such co-working spaces and incubators like SURF Incubator, CoMotion Labs, and ATLAS Workbase.

26). Paris, France

France has a business culture that has rapidly transformed from the mainstream economy to include the gig economy, startups, and innovation.

The city offers a great network of Venture Capital companies.

It is further getting more financing options.

Paris is home to lots of incubators and co-working spaces.

Paris offers incubators that help startups get through their most vulnerable stage to get sustainable financial backing.

The town is such a source of numerous talents and bright minds.

Paris’s friendliness to startups and the gig economy complemented the city’s infrastructure, such as seamless transport, affordable housing, and internet connectivity.

Paris plays it safe by focusing on incomes and potential business exits.

They have successfully tried to avoid business models that disruptive and weak.

Paris has such a plentitude of companies who prefer to ditch the global appeal to cater to the local demographics.

And, Paris houses incubators like Partech Shakers, Agoranov, and 50 Partners.

Paris also plays host to innovative startups like Alan, Feed, and Qonto.

27). Cologne, Germany

Compared to Berlin, Cologne comes with one advantage when considering its startup landscaping.

Cologne is more peaceful and tranquil than Berlin, which can be overpopulated and stressful.

There are lots of heavyweight corporations in Cologne.

It houses Deutsche Post, Electronic Arts, and Deutsche Telekom.

There are lots of big corporations in Cologne that focus on tech and media.

Cologne follows the tracks of Berlin as a major destination for global investments.

In Cologne, there is a strong network connection among entrepreneurs.

The town also fosters professional relationships between founders and investors.

Cologne is an excellent location of the gig economy and offers co-working spaces like Ehrenspace, Startplatz, and Cowork-Lab.

You can find such local startups like Fedger, Envelio, and Flowtify in Cologne.

28). Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Despite being ranked as the costliest town for foreigners, Hong Kong is an exciting destination for startups.

There have been fundings in the town that show that it can help nurture startups and scale-up considerably when the time comes.

Based on a Hong Kong Cyberport report, Hong Kong has over 200 companies that solely focus on Fintech services.

So, as one of the best cities for startups, Hong Kong plays hosts to different events that help expose young founders to myriads of business opportunities.

The town hosts Launchpad (SULP), the most prominent Asian trade fair on hardware, and has more than 2,000 participants.

Also, Hong Kong is a strong destination for network building and strong partnerships among industry stakeholders and startups.

Hong Kong supports the gig economy and young businesses by offering world-class office spaces.

Some popular workspaces in Hong Kong include Playground.work, the Hive, and Wynd co-working space.

29). Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the best cities for startups because of its massive infrastructure and the country’s attraction for self-employed people.

The town is located in a bubbling country with significant energy plus a booming local startup ecosystem.

Australia has a strong economy.

It has the 13th biggest economy in the world while being the ninth-biggest income country in the world.

The country has got a solid job market where people’s incomes are relatively high.

The minimum wage in the country is currently pegged at $14.48.

The country’s economy is so recession-proof, and its last economic recession was over 27 years ago.

The biggest startup hub in Australia in Sydney.

It accounts for over 35% of the total startups in the country.

Melbourne follows next after Sydney in this regard.

Sydney has lots of accelerators and incubators, with most of them occupying large office floor areas.

Therefore, the local startup scene in Sydney is located in the middle of the city.

Sydney is home to such startups as Muru, Veromo, and Hivery.

30). Shanghai, China

At its level of sophistication and friendliness to entrepreneurs, everybody wants to establish their business in Shanghai.

Also, one crazy thing about the local startup landscape in the city is that the government completely supports Venture Capital companies.

The government reimburses VC companies that may have lost money while investing in startups.

The startup ecosystem of the city has grown rapidly over several years.

It is now an attractive destination for lifestyle startups.

There are various organizations here that persuade Foreign investors to consider investing in the eastern Asian city.

The organizations promise to reduce barriers to trade, such as language and cultural differences.

There are lots of local citizens that are very keen on using technology to boost their businesses.

There are lots of highly competitive and hardworking entrepreneurs in Shanghai.

It is common in Shanghai to see people focusing on their work and keeping long hours to meet up with results.

And also, the town offers attractive and affordable co-working spaces and plays hosts to such startups like FiFish, Italki, and Medtrum.


Therefore with the growing number of independent freelancers and entrepreneurs, most cities are currently repositioning to attract the best talents from across the world.

These thirty best cities worldwide are the best cities for entrepreneurs and startups,

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