50+ Top trending products to sell in 2021

Are you eager to start an online store but don’t know the trending products to sell? Don’t worry; we got you covered in this article. Running a successful e-commerce store requires three important things. The first is to start with popular products, market them to your target market and then wait for that unprecedented growth.We […]

Why You Should Consider Doing a Business in Africa now?

Some might not include Africa in their thoughts of business. However, Africans are no less than people from other continents. The same applies in cases of business opportunities. People seem to have America or Europe in their first thoughts of business. Well, these continents are indeed leading every business sector. In some instances, Asia is […]

What is amazon’s business strategy?

Amazon is a household name in online retailing, and almost everyone buys from them. But how did the company grow so large to become number one? Were they always this big, or did they grow gradually? Amazon did not grow overnight at all, but we’re impressed with what they’ve achieved since 1994 to date. As […]

10 Steps on Starting a Tech Company You Need to Know

Every starting is challenging and requires great hardship. Starting a tech company is no different. Those who manage to stick with the hardship can expect a similar outcome. And those who lack some of the necessary skills or proper skillset, or fail to do enough hard work, fail in their businesses. However, there are some […]

Demographics of Social Media Users in 2020 – Social Media Statistics

Social media has affected our lives greatly since its introduction in this modern world. It has spread so much that there is no single aspect of our lives without its influence. That is why marketers are now considering social media as their new marketing strategy. But how to determine whether the specific social media platforms […]