M-Gas and Safaricom launch prepaid Gas Services

Safaricom and M-Gas have announced the launch of a, prepaid gas service for Kenyan households. The innovation will empower millions of Kenyan homes to enjoy access to affordable and reliable cooking gas. It will also provide them with the flexibility of purchasing gas based on their needs and how much they can afford at a […]

17 Sites That Pay through Payoneer

If you want to start earning money online you definitelly should need to know which sites pay through Payoneer. Earning money online has taken a huge surge in the recent past. With the advent of tremendous platforms that pay freelancers for their services, a need for trusted payment methods has been desired. While they are […]

New Breed Of Young African Entrepreneurs

As the rest of the world is facing problems of an aging population, Africa is flourishing with the best rate of a young population in the history of this continent. Nearly 60% of its population is under 25 years of age. Further, the continent also boasts of the top 10 countries that have a young […]

Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

If you are thinking about investing in Nigeria, then you have landed on the right page. The following article outlines some of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria that are worth considering. As the largest investment market in this continent, Nigeria surely offers some advantages to investors. RELATED: INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN SOUTH AFRICA From Farming […]

The easiest places to do business in Africa

What are the easiest places to do business in Africa? You have to know what your business would be and will it be successful in the long run. When starting a business, a lot of factors must be considered.  Hence the location where the business will be established is very important. For one, it will […]

7 Richest Politicians in Nigeria

Politicians are meant for public service in any country. People generally elect politicians so that they can serve them well and because people can relate themselves with the politicians. While there is a good mix of different politicians according to their financial status in the world, Nigeria is no different. We are going to inform […]