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New Breed Of Young African Entrepreneurs


As the rest of the world is facing problems of an aging population, Africa is flourishing with the best rate of a young population in the history of this continent. Nearly 60% of its population is under 25 years of age. Further, the continent also boasts of the top 10 countries that have a young population, by median age. According to most analysts, with effective governance and development, the African economy can reach new heights. Some signs of it are already visible in its ever-increasing young African entrepreneur base here.

The new breed of young African entrepreneurs is pushing the buck along and contributing towards overall growth and development across sectors.

They are more willing to take risks in comparison to the previous generations and have larger appetites for success.

With the help of such traits, these entrepreneurs have built excellent businesses that are not just contributing towards development but are also generating employment opportunities.

This article cuts across sectors to highlight some of the most prominent entrepreneurs that are leading the path to African success.

1. Temitope Ogunsemo, Founder – Krystal Digital (Nigeria)

Temitope Ogunsemo is a native of Nigeria who founded Krystal Digital in 2010 in Lagos.

For nearly 10 years now, this fast-growing digital company has focused on educational technology.

Under this initiative, the company’s main focus has been to provide customized development and services surrounding the creation of software for these institutions.

‘MySkool Portal’ is its main service offering and functions as a web-based application designed for storage and documentation of data.

As a School information and management system, this portal has a vast fan following across Nigeria and boasts of over 65,000 student users.

As a Master of Science graduate from the United Kingdom, Temitope Ogunsemo holds all the right credentials and qualifications to make this business venture a success.

He is backed by a carefully selected team of equally qualified members.

With excellent vision and determination, the Krystal Digital team has become a go-to organization for IT Consulting and implementation requirements across Nigeria.

2. Nthabiseng Mosia, Founder – Easy Solar (South African)

Nthabiseng Mosia is co-founder of the South African firm known as Easy Solar.

Easy Solar is driven by the unique mission to ensure the availability of clean and affordable energy to rural and off the grid areas in western Africa.

You can begin by renting their solar energy powered devices and can then move on to owning them through convenient financing that is provided by the company itself.

Easy Solar’s success lies in its effective leadership.

It is also due to its commitment to build an effective social network.

Through this network, the company has been successful in reaching numerous areas that are not currently served by the grid.

In the last few years since its launch in 2016, the South African company has managed to reach over 40,000 people.

Further, it has an ambitious network of employees and sales agents to cover all the required districts of the country.

3. Oluwatobi Ajayi, Co-founder – Jetvan (Nigeria)

Touted as Africa’s next Aliko Dangote, Oluwatobui Ajayi has taken the risks that most of us would not even think of.

As the chairman and CEO of the indigenous automotive company, the Nigerian entrepreneur has achieved great heights in this sector.

Jetvan began operations in 2015.

With Ajayi’s previous experience in this sector, Jetvan has proven to be a step in the correct direction.


Further, the company aims to become the largest automotive company in this sector within the next five years.

The organization has also faced its set of risks like recession and scarcity of foreign exchange.

However, it is still on the right path towards growth.

4. Paul Kihiko, Founder – Wing It Nairobi (Kenya)

With an excellent understanding of the market and some niche skillsets, Paul Kihiko has managed to grab a large market share in a short span of time.

Since he saw the chicken wing business work in the US, Paul decided to check its in Kenya as well.

Being a pioneer in this business, Paul has had his share of challenges while securing finance or building leases.

The hard work and perseverance eventually paid off.

Today Wing It has 2 outlets and combined monthly revenue of over $15,000.

5. Etop Ikpe, Founder – Cars45 (Nigeria)

In short, Etop Ikpe runs a successful business of helping fellow Nigerians buy and sell cars without any hassle.

With a strong mathematics background and good business acumen, the Nigerian started the company in 2006.

Since then it has become the largest car auctioning service in Nigeria.

Today, Cars45 has grown to have over 40 inspection centers and helps numerous Nigerians daily to buy and sell cars. 

Additionally, the young entrepreneur sees Africa’s growing struggle with unemployment and promotes entrepreneurship at a young level itself.

Young African Entrepreneurs Conclusion

These top 5 innovators and entrepreneurs discussed above have become inspirational for the new breed of young African entrepreneurs.

Their passion and commitment are incomparable, and they have become a youth symbol for the growing African continent.

These entrepreneurs cut across the sectors.

This has proven that hard work and persistence can transform a unique idea into reality.

Further it has shown how such a transformation can lead glory itself.

Interestingly, all of these entrepreneurs are extremely young.

However, their growing impact on the nation and its economy is a testament to the influence they hold in the commercial circles.

African continent is home to the world’s youngest population.

It is set to grow and progress differently than other continents and nations.

So, in order to make sure that this demographic continues to move forward, the entrepreneurs are urging the governments to invest in this growing population.

The government can do this by ensuring the availability of opportunity and infrastructure.

The continent needs governments that can work in tandem with the private sector.

These 2 can generate employment opportunities.

Further they can together, ensure that the skilled labor force is not wasted.

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