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List of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria


Shopping isn’t just a hobby. It is a lifestyle we can’t do without. Our food, clothes and other necessities are all shopped for. It could be either be in an offline or online marketplace. Humans can’t do without shopping. Online shopping came as an initiative to allow humans to exercise their basic duty. Also can do in a seemingly stress-free manner through the aid of eCommerce, which has made online shopping in Nigeria possible.

Online shopping sites in Nigeria consist of eCommerce sites and online stores.

Although both aren’t similar in scope and operations, they both make online shopping in Nigeria possible.

Top 10 eCommerce sites in Nigeria

There has been a slight confusion between eCommerce sites and online shopping sites in Nigeria.

But both are not the same, although they misused for each other.

ECommerce sites serve as platforms that provide a wide range of services to the customer.

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It goes beyond just buying and selling.

While online stores only help to electronically connect directly to sellers to purchase goods and services via the internet.

So the top 10 eCommerce sites in Nigeria are:

1. Jumia

Jumia is arguably the best eCommerce site in Nigeria with over 50,000 international and national vendors, 6,000,000 products and over 15,000,000 monthly visits that cut across 13 African countries.

The company established in the year 2013 by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Polgnonnec.

Jumia provides logistic services which allow for the effective delivery of goods to their desired destination.

But its shipment and delivery rate is kind of higher than other online shopping sites in Nigeria.

Jumia operates on a range of online stores that deals with a wide range of electronic gadgets, fashion, home appliance, smartphones, laptops and kids items.

Jumia offers the same-day delivery if you live within Lagos, but this comes at a higher cost.

But for those living in other states in Nigeria other than Lagos, delivery could take up to three or say five days.

But note that Jumia does not deliver goods on weekends.

Jumia payment scheme is a fast one, as those within Nigeria can easily pay for their items online using their ATM cards.

Jumia does not own any product.

It partners merely with manufacturers and brands to sell.

Lately, Jumia had unified all their online brands into one website in Nigeria, to give their customers unforgettable online shopping experience.

Most importantly, the black Friday experience, which takes places normally during the December period serves as an ending of the year bonanza for its customers.

This allows them to finish their old stocks so that by the coming year, they can have new stocks.

2. Konga.com

Konga.com is a Nigerian retail eCommerce company establish by Sim Shagaya on July 2012, with headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State.

Also provides a fast, seamless delivery service that considers being safer than other eCommerce sites in Nigeria.

It operates in a wide range of goods.

It has large warehouses in big cities, like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

To improve the shopping experience, Konga.com provides a range of services which are:

  • KongaPay

KongaPay was an initiative that aims at making online payments and transactions fast and secure, through partnering with Nigerian commercial banks.

Banks like Zenith Bank, Heritage Bank, UBA, First Bank, GTB, Access bank, Access (Diamond) bank, and Ecobank has fully integrated into the payment scheme with KongaPay.

With KongaPay, a customer will be given an authorization code that is secured and registered with a given mobile number saved in the platform.

This allows the customers to carry out transactions without releasing their bank details.

  • Konga Marketplace

Konga Marketplace gives businesses in Nigeria, even roadside traders the leverage of displaying their products online.

This has helped to bring buyers and sellers together, thereby boosting sales.

Konga marketplace is a provider of the best online stores as wide ranges of products are exhibit.

Also, affiliate marketing has been possible with the aid of Konga marketplace.

  • Konga Express

To make delivery very fast and secure, Konga introduced Konga Express, which aid in daily tracking of goods as they move to their desired destination.

Ordered goods through this service can get to their destination within one to three days.

  • Konga Self – Fulfilled Model

Konga Self – fulfilled model provides the opportunity for customers to rate the over experience of the product or service and give feedback.

3. PayPorte

Launched in the year 2014, it is one of the leading eCommerce sites that help to reach the teeming youths and small businesses in Nigeria.

It provides a platform where business, including small businesses, can advertise their products online.

It deals on a wide range of products like electronic appliances, technical appliances, furniture, home appliance and daily household products.

Unlike other online shopping sites in Nigeria, PayPorte enables the sales of a lot of affordable products, which are classified and convenient for all Nigerians.

Their transaction platform is highly secured.

It is being regarded as the masses online shopping site.

4. Jiji.ng

Jiji.ng is a free eCommerce site with an advanced security system.

It will interest you to know that JiJi.ng is a free online shopping website in Nigeria.

On Jiji.ng almost everything is sold, from home appliance, down to daily household needs, to fabrics, cosmetics, fashion and so many more.

When buying from Jiji.ng, one has to make use of the search panel and filters to locate any choice product.

After that, you can connect to the seller directly through the Jiji chat, or a phone call if the seller’s number is displayed.

Negotiation then comes into place. In Jiji, feedback is always essential.

Also, sellers can display their products online for advertisement if you are a seller and looking for a less expensive platform to advertise your goods.

Then Jiji.ng is the best option for you.

5. OLX Nigeria

OLX Nigeria is a free eCommerce website in Nigeria launched in 2012 that provides the platform for a large number of people to advertise their products for sale daily.

Unlike other conventional online shopping sites, OLX Nigeria provides an information filled arena for both buyers and sellers.

Sellers can create, design and post ads of any products in their classified area.

The arrangement of advertisements in their classified settings makes it easier and faster to locate the desired product.

To get on in OLX Nigeria, all you have to do is to register via their website simply.

6. Kara.com.ng

It is one of the best shopping websites in Nigeria, where you can purchase all types of mobile phones, electrical appliances, power supplies, home appliances, computers and office equipment from international and national brands.

Kara.com.ng offers to pay on a delivery system, where the customers only pay after collecting the products and satisfied with it.

The payment scheme is a flexible one as it can be done via bank transfer, Credit or debit cards and even through cash.

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Kara.com.ng also provides an opportunity for individuals to make money through affiliate marketing in promoting their products via websites or social media handles.

If interested in affiliate marketing, you can register via kara.com.ng. Discounts on goods bought in bulks.

Also noted that karar.com.ng does not give provision for instalment payment of goods, whether bought in bulks or at retail price units.

7. Obiwezy.com

Are you looking for an eCommerce website in Nigeria that provides quality IT infrastructures? Then Obiwezy is the best option.

Obiwezy offers customers the opportunity to buy quality second–hand or used gadgets with a high level of guarantee.

Obiwezy also provides a platform in which customers can swap their phone or gadgets to get a new one.

Everybody cannot easily afford expensive gadgets like Apple laptops, iPhone, IPad and smartwatches.

So with Obiwezy.com, you can swap your gadgets and top up some money to get a better one.

It helps save cost. It is an initiative that assists the general populace in getting quality IT gadgets.

Obiwezy also offers extra services like:

  • Repair
  • Advisory services, and
  • After-sales services

8. Tracelist

Tracelist is an online web platform in Nigeria that was created by a software company, Office Motion.

It is currently focus on fashion retail only.

It allows customers to purchase quality fashion wears from multiple sellers easily and securely.

Tracelist brings all the sellers together and presents them in a single online outlet, which makes it easy for a customer to connect with any seller.

Tracelist offers logistic services which cover the whole states in Nigeria.

Although its payment scheme is “pay on delivery”, Tracelist encourages buyers to pay on the website, unlike Konga wish gives the option for cash payment on delivery.

Tracelist also provides extra services like:

  • Advertisement of products
  • Inventory management of sellers’ products
  • Inventory storage of sellers pages with unique URLs. That is, each seller will have a unique URL.
  • Advanced security in payment and delivery.

9. Vconnect

Vconnect was an online website that displays information on local Nigerian SMEs that can be accessed through the search engine before enlarged to an online marketplace.

As an online marketplace, Vconnect helps to connect sellers with buyers.

Payment in this platform can be instantaneously or in instalments based on the agreed payment package by both the seller and the buyer.

Apart from that, Vconnect provides services which enable buyers to hire local professionals in Nigeria for services like:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Event and entertainment management
  • Home and office maintenance and improvement
  • Personal services and
  • Logistic services

10. Shopify

If you are looking for fast and highly secured eCommerce software to use in boosting your business, then Shopify is the best option for you.

Shopify is a software that enables one to set up an online store and use their shopping cart solution to sell and manage one’s products.

Whether you sell on social media handles, online or through websites in Nigeria, Shopify gets you covered.

Shopify does not only deals on physical products, but it also deals with:

  • Digital Product likes eBooks, email template, e-courses, audio and visual download.
  • Classes and lessons: Customers can buy and undergo a book lesson from an online site in Nigeria, using this software.
  • Services and consultation: Professionals like doctors, lawyers. Interior designers can sell their services online. Also, consultation with professionals can be booked for either an online or offline session in any city in Nigeria.
  • Ticketed experiences: if you are an artist, this is one of the best platforms to sell your tickets online and to get a massive response.
  • Rentals: Dresses like wedding dresses can be rented in here, using this service.
  • Shopify gives aid to businesses to boost the fun of online shopping in Nigeria.

Online stores in Nigeria

Online stores help in making online shopping in Nigeria fun and easy.

Unlike the eCommerce site, they focused on buying and selling of products without much services being offer.

But trust me, they can easily be accessed. Some of the best online stores in Nigeria are:

1. AjeboMarket.com

Are you looking for where to get quality men wears online in Nigeria? You don’t have to search anymore.

AjeboMarket is arguably the best fashion online store for men wears ranging from clothing (Corporate, casual and sports wares) to foot wares, caps, accessories (watches, cologne, sunglasses) and many more in Nigeria.

They stock the trending, and latest men designer wears.
AjeboMarket accepts payment on delivery.

It also provides a 7–day return policy to enable the customers to return any products not satisfied with.

All products brought from AjeboMarket offer a year guarantee.

2. Supermart.ng

Supermart.ng, which established in the year 2014, is regarded as the largest online supermarket in Lagos state, Nigeria.

It collaborates with many major supermarkets and local markets in Nigeria in providing customers with the opportunity to shop for over 70,000 grocery items, including local foodstuffs.

Food items like vegetable, meat or fish can be shopped from Supermart and delivered at good conditions to customers on the same day.

It also delivers on weekends normally from 12 pm to 9 pm.

As a customer-friendly online supermarket, it allows customers to get bonuses by referring their friends and family to shop at Supermart using their coupon code.

Also, goods delivered can be inspected immediately and can return if one is not satisfied.

Supermart can either change the product or get your money refunded.

Its only limitation is that it only operates in Lagos State, Nigeria.

3. Obeezi.com

Obeezi.com is one of the fastest-growing shopping malls in Nigeria that provides a wide range of commodities at wholesale price units.

It deals on commodities like clothes, shoes, wristwatches, sunglasses and fashion accessories.

Obeezi is not in limit, as in a particular state, it serves customers from different states in Nigeria.

Obeezi offers a 7-day return policy, is which goods bought, if not found satisfactory can give back within seven days of purchase for an exchange, replacement or refund.

Its payment scheme also accepts cash payments on delivery.

4. Deluxe.com.ng

Deluxe.com.ng is one of the leading online stores in Nigeria.

It deals in home appliances, security safes, cameras, electronic appliances, security and surveillance gadgets.

In Deluxe, a minor (an individual less than 18 years) is not permitted or allowed to shop.

If a minor must-shop, he or she must be represented by his or legal parents or guidance.

It provides a sound security system that helps ensures the safety of both the sellers and the buyers.

Talking of their customer care services, Deluxe.com.ng provides one of the most efficient customer care services that are adapt to meeting the customers’ demands daily.

Also, deuxe.com.ng allows for goods to pay either through online or by cash on delivery.

5. Coliseum.com.ng

Coliseum, which was formerly as Taafoo shopping site is an exclusive fashion online site that deals on clothing and wears in Nigeria.

Both national and international private label products and branded label products can all gotten in Coliseum.com.ng.

Its payment system is secure and is pay as you order.

The above discussed 10 top eCommerce and online stores are regarded as the best shopping sites in Nigeria regardless of their differences in operation and delivery.

It is interesting to note that they are other shopping sites in Nigeria, which are consider cheaper than the above mentioned and discussed shopping sites.

These are tagged ‘the cheapest shopping sites in Nigeria’.

Cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria

Even though they are the cheapest online shopping sites, they are in no way inferior to the others.

Also, they don’t offer goods of lesser quality to their customers.

They still help to give their customers the best and memorable experience of online shopping in Nigeria. They are:

1. Maybrands

Maybrands is consider as one of the best online stores for fashion accessories in Nigeria.

It is the only exclusively who have permit online outlet that sells fossil products in Nigeria.

Also, brands like Emporio Armani, Skagen, Adidas, DKNY, Michael Kors, Nixon, Lacoste, Huge Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger are also sold.

Maybrands offers both male and female fashion accessories.

Maybrands works from 9 am to 8 pm during the weekdays.

It also works on Sundays from 11:30 am to 8 pm.

The best thing about Maybrands is that their products always offered at cheap prices.

2. Kailamail.ng

Kailamail is one of the online sites in Nigeria that branded herself as an “affordable online shopping site”.

Kailamail helps to connect both buyers and sellers.

So, they offer a wide variation of goods, including fashion products, clothing, footwear, home appliances, computers, healthcare, and many more.

Kailamail provides a fast and secure logistic service that enable products to get to their desired destination in any state in Nigeria.

3. The 5K Shop

From the name, you can easily decode that it offers products at cheap prices.

Also considered one of the cheapest online stores in Nigeria because everything in this store is less than five thousand.

None is above five thousand and trust me.

They are very qualitative and simple in outlook.

The 5k Shop also sells gift cards.

During love celebration periods like valentines, or anniversaries, the 5k Shop can help design a unique gift card for you.

They deal in a wide range of products, ranging from fashion wears to household appliances to personal items, and so more.

4. Bumblebees.ng

Bumblebees.ng is regarded as one of the best Nigerian online stores for kids.

It focuses only on kids’ wear, like kiddies’ fashion clothing, foot wares, and kiddies’ accessories.

For the latest trending kiddies clothing in Nigeria, bumblebees are the best to look out for.

Also, their kiddies’ wares offered at lower prices than other online and offline stores.

Also, their logistic services are very fast and secure.

Online shopping in Nigeria is gradually becoming a lifestyle of both the rich and middle-class citizens in Nigeria.

The lower class is yet to catch up.

Despite its gross advantage in providing convenience and comfort while shopping, it still has not been fully recognize and trusted by most Nigerians.

Best online shopping sites in Nigeria summary:

Issues like delivery of a fake product or incomplete packages in terms of electronic appliances have made many Nigerians prefer buying electronic appliances and also gadgets like phones and laptops from offline stores.

Another issue is the failure of online sites to keep up with their delivery service time effectively.

Sometimes customers’ orders take an unreasonable number of days before getting to their desired destinations.

These issues can resolved when the right framework is being put in place.

Supervision should strengthen among online stores, and tracking devices can also employed in ensuring the timely delivery of products.

Online shopping in Nigeria may be the 21st-century innovation, but trust me, it will be and already is the future of the marketplace in Nigeria.

If you haven’t shopped online, now is the best time to begin.

So, online shopping is just at the tip of your finger.

Shop well, have fun, and live happily.

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