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List of low-cost franchise business opportunities for sale

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One excellent way to become self-employed and financially independent is by owning a franchise business. You can become a franchisee from several available low-cost franchise business opportunities.

What does a franchise business mean?

If you own a franchise business, you, as an independent entrepreneur, have the right to make use of the name, products, branding materials.

And also the logo of the larger company to work as a separate outlet.

In this scenario, the franchiser is the person who owns the larger company.

The franchiser sells their business licenses to you for profitable use.

In the same vein, a franchisee is a third-party businessman who owns and operates a franchise business location.


Perhaps you have thought of buying and operating a franchise because you aim to become a franchisee of one of these profitable franchises.

However, how do you set out to pick the best franchises?

One good thing to consider here is that you should pick the business that matches your skillset and budget?

The following lists include some profitable investments to own and get yourself smiling to the bank.

A list of cheap/low-cost franchises currently for sale:

When setting out to own a franchise, you should consider how much you stand to spend as an initial investment.

The initial investment needed to own a franchise can be quite expensive.

This initial investment can be about several thousand dollars a low-cost franchise business opportunities.

In some cases, you could be required to fork out several millions of dollars to put up as your initial investment.

In this case, we have compiled low-cost and affordable franchises for you to easily purchase and make a ton of money.

People on the lookout to buy a franchise for a lower fee can consider these amazing.

And profitable options that were neatly from different industries.

If you know how to invest in a franchise opportunity, one of these low-cost franchises might become yours for next to nothing.

1). Cruise Planner

This franchise is available to people who are ready to plan cruising expeditions for their clients.

The business can run from home.

This means that you do not get to pay for any office location.

Cruise planners come as a recommended franchise since you need no travel planning to begin the business.

The company offers comprehensive training.

The franchise fee is nearly eleven thousand dollars.

For the initial investment, you will have to fork out between three thousand and twenty-three thousand dollars.

You could be on your way to organizing unique cruise expeditions for fun-seeking and adventurous people.

The company is top-rated in the USA and is a part of the American Express Group.

Cruise Planners are among the low-cost franchise opportunities in the USA.

It also comes with an initial investment, which is among the lowest in the market.

2). Fit4Mom

This franchise is one of the most profitable franchises that can start with a low-cost initial investment.

Just think about the thousands of mothers that can benefit from your franchise when it finally gets launched.

The Fit4Mom franchise is an affordable franchise that offers nationwide business opportunities.

It has low start-up costs while offering suitable scheduling options.

Anyone that becomes a franchisee of this brand can conduct fitness lessons for mothers with babies.

This involves classes that can be held within your community.

The franchise can be begun with just an initial investment of between six thousand and twenty-four thousand dollars.

The franchise fee for a commercial Fit4Mom license is between $5,495 and $10,495.

3). Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry is still a profitable business to purchase as a franchise.

Think about the number of people who own carpets in their homes.

Every year about ten billion square feet of the carpet gets installed in different homes and offices in the USA alone.

Due to the potential number of visitors you may have, the Chem-Dry franchise seems like a viable option for a franchise.

The business was established back in 1977.

Its primary aim was to keep carpets at every home and office in the US looking spick and span.

Ever since then, the company has thrived, leading on to fragmented franchises that have yielded sufficient profitability.

Depending on the equipment you look, to begin with, the cost needed to start this business varies.

However, several outlets have obtained the franchise rights for $56,495.

This fee includes the fee for the franchise rights a low-cost franchise business opportunities.

Luckily for enthusiastic investors, they will get help with the initial investment for this franchise.

The owner of the franchise has an internal financing instrument that will help any interested buyer get started.

The franchise fee for Chem-Dry is $23,000.

The initial investment for this business is between $56,495 and $162,457.

4). Jazzercize

Jazzercize is so popular that opportunities for fitness franchises cannot be mentioned without including it.

And was established in 1969 and has undergone constant evolution to be the household name that is today.

As a franchise business, Jazzercize has the potential to make its new owner lots of money.

When you think about the potential of this business, think about the number of people who like to dance while in the gym room.

For interested people to buy the Jazzercize franchise, they will have to fork out an initial investment.

Furthermore, they will be needed to get an excellent location in a beautiful place.

The business has low initial investment, as well as a low franchise fee.

If you want one of the most affordable franchises on this list, Jazzercize is among the options you may have.

You could own an outlet of the franchise with just a franchise fee of $1,250.

New franchisees can spend between $2,500 and $38,000 to own a part of this profitable businesses.

5). Stratus Building Solutions

What other business can bring you massive revenues other than Stratus Building Solutions?

This company uses environmentally friendly methods to help in the janitorial works for restaurants, retail shopping locations, office buildings.

And more—the franchise began in 2006.

More than ten years later, the company has added about 91 units to its collection of franchise locations.

If you are interested in this franchise, you have two different options: they have the executive master/regional or unit.

While people can afford both alternatives, if you have slightly over $5,000 to purchase a franchise.

This business should be in your list of top low-cost franchises.

For those who find this offer attractive and want to invest, there are all sorts of financing schemes offered by the franchisor to the franchisees.

This financing solution can help cater to the inventory, equipment, the initial franchise, and other costs associated with start-ups.

The franchise fee for this business is between $3,000 and $100,000.

This is the range for the initial investment of this franchise.

Furthermore, you are required to have some personal funds set aside to operate and manage the business.

6). SuperGlass Windshield Repair

If you take into account the number of vehicles that get their windshield repaired every day, you know that this business is a potential money-spinner.

The windshield repair business is open to prospective business owners who do not want to build a business from the ground up.

Instead, you have a significant brand and household name in the business willing to give interested franchisees its franchise rights to make money.

SuperGlass Windshield Repair is one of the best low-cost franchises to buy in this regard.

The parent company is based in Orlando, Florida.

The company also has locations all over the United States and worldwide.

The business is currently in the market to get interested franchisees.

All you have to do is pay the franchise fee and undergo a professional, which will last for just several weeks.

Before long, you will be laughing to the bank.

The franchise fee for this brand is kept low at between $5,000 and $17,500.

Furthermore, you will need an initial investment of about $18,685 and $84,205 to get this business off the ground.

The franchise is such a profitable business that it has a dedicated and loyal customer base.

7). Mosquito Squad

We can all relate to this.

These guys help us get a good sleep at night without mosquitoes annoyingly buzzing in our ears and leaving us half-asleep with painful bites.

Do you have a problem sleeping at night because of pesky mosquitoes?

Simple, send in the Mosquito squad, and before you know it, your problem is solved.

The business got established back in 2009.

It is recognized globally as a household name in the controlling of pests.

Since its launch, the company has made over $50 million and has opened more than 200 franchise outlets.

You could become a successful franchiser if you are willing to invest in this profitable business with a low initial investment.

Help your customers get rid of mosquitoes and watch your bank account deposits increase geometrically.

Anyone willing to invest in this franchise will be relieved due to its affordability.

Furthermore, the company can help facilitate financing through third-party business lenders.

With a franchise fee of between $15,000 and $32,500 and an initial investment of anything between $20,000 and $80,000, you could become a proud owner of a Mosquito Squad franchise.

8). Pillar to Post Home Inspectors

Real estate has always been a vibrant and attractive industry to venture into.

If you do not prefer the traditional real estate brokerage business, you should consider investing your money into a real estate home inspection business.

With lots of franchise opportunities in the sector, you are sure to make profits if you do pick the right franchise.

One of the low-cost franchises to buy in this market sector is the Pillar to Post Home Inspectors.

The business has over 500 franchises between the United States and Canada.

This is an affordable franchise that investors can invest in low-cost franchise business opportunities.

You would be working with a household name in the house inspection segment of the real estate industry.

Established in 1994, the company has grown to become a leading brand in its market.

One good thing about this franchise business is that you get to own a franchise from a popular business.

Several perks that come with the deal include a profitable business model and a balanced work-life.

Any savvy investor can own a Pillar to Post Home Inspectors franchise with just a franchise fee of $21,900.

However, they would need an initial investment of $40,000 to get this franchise business off the ground.

9). Property Management, Inc.

Still in the house renting business, you can get a franchise business from Property Management Inc.

If you can fork out a franchise fee of between $15,000 and $40,000, a franchise of this profitable business can become yours.

With reliable statistics to back the potentials of this franchise business, you do not need to worry over your investment.

Over 35% of people in the US prefer to rent their houses instead of owning one.

The property management segment has such a huge potential for revenue since an increasing number of people prefer to give out their properties for rent.

Furthermore, many people will instead rent a house than own one low-cost franchise business opportunities.

Property Management Inc has over 200 franchise business outlets in over 40 states in the US.

When you become a franchise of the business, you will be given all the needed support to become successful such as marketing solutions, training, and technology.

Furthermore, you do not need to become a professional property manager because the franchisor will provide all the pieces of training and support every franchisee need.

When you become a franchisee of this company, you get a verified model of easily building a thriving property management company.

Whether you are new to the business or you are currently a property manager who wants growth and support for their business.

Property Management Inc serves as a tremendous low-cost franchise opportunity for interested buyers.

Anyone can become a franchisee of this business if they willing to pay them between $15,000 and $45,000.

Furthermore, you should set aside an initial investment of between $21,250 and $106,800.

10). Soccer Shots

Soccer shots are one of the best low-cost franchises to buy currently.

When you purchase Soccer Shots, you are not just purchasing a profitable business.

You are buying into a franchise that caters to people who love the most famous sports in the world.

With only a franchise fee of $34,500, passionate entrepreneurs can own a franchise of Soccer shots to call their business.

Luckily enough, to begin making your money, you do not need first to create a client-base.

Soccer shots are already a reliable brand; therefore, you can easily purchase the business for a low franchise fee and start making some money.

There are kids in your neighborhood/community looking for a way to get into the lucrative game of soccer.

Give these kids an opportunity to realize their dreams while making some money in the process too.

Last year alone, the company registered over 350,000 kids into different youth soccer schemes.

The business continues to grow by 60% every year.

The company was established by two businessmen who first decided to try their luck at Soccer.

They began the company once they were retired.

On seeing the success of the business concept, they began franchising the rights to the business.

An in-house arrangement with Soccer shots can finance the franchise.

Whereas there could be numerous opportunities of becoming a profitable franchise of Soccer Shots.

Smart investors who invest in this business will undoubtedly see their revenue increase with time when they finally choose this low-cost business to invest in.

This is such an affordable small business franchise to own.

11). Dream Vacations

If you are willing to fork out between $495 and $9,800 as a franchise fee, you can easily acquire a Dream Vacations franchise.

The business is among the best franchise opportunities for would-be investors.

With just an Initial Investment of between $3,245 and $21,850, you could be on your way to helping your clients get the best traveling experiences while watching your revenue increase.

Dream Vacations is among the best low-cost franchises to buy.

It does not need any office as it can be operated and managed from home.

The business can support franchisees with extensive and professional training to get them up and to run.

Additionally, when you become a part of this franchise business, you get ridiculously discount vacations and trips which is available exclusively for only franchise owners.

12). Lil’ Kickers

Lil’ Kickers is a soccer scheme for kids that recently became a franchise business.

The business is among the cheapest franchise opportunities and comes with a little initial investment.

People who feel like working with the kids in their community or those with experience working with kids can choose this franchise business to make a high income.

You can own a franchise of Lil’ Kickers with a small franchise fee of $15,000 while setting aside an initial investment of between $25,000 and $35,000.

This is one of the best cheap franchises to own.

13). JAN-PRO

If you are more into professional cleaning, you could invest in JAN-PRO.

This is a commercial cleaning company. JAN-PRO’s customers are other businesses.

Do the math and imagine how much you can make from owning a franchise of this rewarding business.

With a franchise fee of between $2,520 and $44,000, anybody can own a business franchise.

Also, they will need an initial investment of $2,520 and $44,000 to get it off the ground.

More importantly, anyone willing to invest in a JAN-PRO franchise will be offered three options:

  • The home-based business,
  • The executive business,
  • And the international master franchise.

12). Complete Weddings and Events

Complete weddings and events have more than 192 franchises in the US and have proven to be a great business model.

With a low franchise fee and an initial investment of $10,000 and upwards, investors have no reason to miss out on this low-cost franchise opportunity.

If you take advantage of this low-cost franchise opportunity, you will invest in an industry worth about $72 billion.

What is more exciting is the prospect of making a small fortune by owning a famous brand franchise in the wedding and event planning industry.

With such a low franchise fee and an initial investment of about $10,000.

The company offers support to its franchisees through training and other event logistics.

Also, the company lets its franchise owners know the ins and outs.

Involved in hiring all types of event professionals like lighting experts, videographers, DJs, photographers, and Masters of the ceremony.

The company helps its franchisees to start by providing the needed support to become profitable quickly.

If you buy a license to operate this business, you are in safe hands as the owner; Jerry Maas is an event DJ himself who began the company in 1974.

13). TSS Photography

TSS Photography is another low-cost franchise business opportunity that is up for sale.

The company has a low franchise fee and a minimal initial investment of about $10,500, with an average yearly sale of $148,222.

TSS Photography has more than 176 franchises in the US, and it seeks to get more by looking for interested investors.

The photo company specializes in photos of sports teams and schools.

Established in 1983, it began its franchising venture a year later.

TSS Photography is such a popular name in the entertainment business.

The company is for helping interest investors to set up and run their franchises.

With just a basic franchise fee of $10,500, an interested investor can get their franchise up and running almost instantly.

The company have been around for a while and provide a range of support to their low-cost franchise business opportunities.

On payment of the franchise fee, the franchise owners get training in photography, business development, and sales training.

Franchise owners also get support from their daily operations from the franchisor.

You could be an expert photographer looking to start your own photography business, why don’t you stop and buy a franchise of TSS photography instead.

One great benefit of this franchise opportunity is that franchise owners do not have to pay up royalties daily.

This is because the franchisor makes their money in another way.

Therefore, as a franchise owner of a TSS photography business, you get to keep most of the money you earn from your efforts.

14). Motto Mortgage

Still, in the home development and buying business, Motto Mortgage is one good business that offers an opportunity to own a franchise at a low-cost.

With a low franchise fee of $12,500 with minimal initial investment, you could make lots of money with a mortgage business.

The company has over 100 franchises.

As a Motto mortgage franchise owner, you would be helping homeowners when it comes to looking around for a mortgage.

It is has been noticed that one unpleasant activity that comes with buying a new house is shopping around for a mortgage.

This is where you come in as a franchise owner of this reputable brand.

The company has been helping home buyers get affordable and suitable mortgage deals since 2016 when it was launched.

Motto Mortgage is known for connecting realtors to loan originators to create a smooth and comprehensive experience for people who have already in a home.

You could independently own an office with just a low-cost franchise business opportunities fee of $12,500.

You would also be needing an initial investment of between $47,800 and $68,100.

Furthermore, franchise owners get lots of supports from the franchisor.

They are taken to Denver (the company) for a comprehensive training program that lasts for three days.

At this training, franchise owners are trained on the various services and products of the company.

Furthermore, franchise owners get the opportunity to use the company’s official design center for their benefits.

This design center enables franchise owners to create compelling marketing and promotional materials to use in executing their marketing and sales strategy.

Besides being one of the low-cost franchises to buy, Motto mortgage is also attractive as they provide fantastic support for their franchise owners.

15). Help-U-Sell Real Estate

For those people not really into mortgages, they can also own a real estate franchise, when they purchase the rights from the Help-U-Sell Real Estate company.

With such a minimal franchise fee of $15,000 and a low initial investment.

You could be smiling to the bank while earning commissions from helping your clients sell their homes.

The company seeks to expand through its franchise outlets currently at 102 in the US alone.

While many real estate agents charge a fee for their services when they help you sell your home.


Help-U-Sell Real Estate has a slightly different technique for charging its customers.

Rather than accept agent commissions for its services, the company collects a flat fee as payment for rendered services.

Help-U-Sell Real Estate helps its clients to list, promote, market, and close the sale.

For interested people to become franchise owners of the Help-U-Sell Real Estate, they will need a franchise fee of about $15,000 to begin the business.

This package also comes with training, office support, ongoing coaching, and marketing supplies.

If you knew the number of people who put up their homes for sale every day, you would jump at such franchise opportunities.

16). Image One

Still, on some of the best low-cost franchises to buy, Image One is a great business.

The franchise fee and initial investment costs for this franchise are both minimal.

This means that Image one offers an investor a chance to make money from a known brand while enjoying massive support from the franchisor.

Anyone can get their Image One franchise outlet for a franchise fee of about $15,000.

The subsequent initial investment is also minimal for low-cost franchise business opportunities.

The company has been able to grow to 103 US-based franchises since its establishment in 2010.

Image One is a cleaning business that offers its investors huge returns on their initial investment.

The company helps its franchise owners with tremendous support, which people will only discover when they become registered franchisees.


These are the currently available low-cost and small franchises that you can purchase to start making money almost immediately.

One excellent reason to buy a franchise is that you will be purchasing a business whose concept has been proven.

This is often better than starting a company from scratch.

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