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How To Start A Small Fashion Business? The Ultimate Guide


Apart from the skills, you need to know how you can turn the skills into a business. So, you must understand the nitty-gritty of the industry you aim to join.

Having good knowledge and education in fashion designs, eCommerce, production, physical retail, wholesale, and consignment is very important.

They give a competitive advantage in the fashion business. So, if you’re ready for that next step, keep reading.

How to start your own fashion business from home

With the advent of online stores in our digital world today, you can decide to operate from the comfort of your home.

This implies you’ll plan on how to start your own fashion business from home. It will reduce some costs in the budget as you’re just on the startup stage.

Thus, using online stores and ads can create more possibilities for your business growth if you operate from your home. So, you can start up a fashion business from home using these approach:

Communicate with your existing contact

By reaching out to your family, colleagues, and friends, you can let them know about your fashion brand. Not only will some of them become your customers, but they can also serve as marketing tools through their networks.

You can never underestimate the power of referrals which may even be more effective than billboards.

Use the social media

The use of social media is one of the sure ways of creating publicity for your fashion brand. Some of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc., allow you to reach out to more people digitally.

facebook logo as one of the way to promote your business

The best benefit of these social media is that it’s cheaper to use once you have access to the internet.

Blog posting

Blogging is a great means to publicize your fashion business. To effectively reap from this option, you will also need to create good content about your products. This’s what will attract readers and convert them to your customers.

However, you need to understand the concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will help to rank your posts and determine the magnitude of traffic to your blogs.

Steps on how to start a fashion business:

Through this article, we’ll give you the ultimate guide the will put you on track to open your fashion brand.

Therefore you can work on how to start a small fashion business that will expand with time. In the journey of your clothing line comes the crests and troughs associated with the business.

Focusing on the downsides can be a limitation in the growth of your fashion brand. The following steps will serve as a guide on how to start a fashion business.

– Find a suitable niche

Starting a clothing line can be quite challenging. Seeing that the industry already has lots of brands, it will take your creativity to distinguish you.

Selecting designs and patterns that are completely different from others in the overflowing clothing lines will be excellent. Also, you may go for market research to identify any gap in the fashion world that you can fill.

This will help you to create your clothing line

Irrespective of what inspires you to start a fashion business, defining your niche from the beginning is very necessary. Your niche is what creates an identity for your fashion brand. It distinguishes you from other clothing lines.

It will help you not to lose vision in the fashion world. You must understand that different people see clothing from different perspectives in life.

Everyone can’t have the same choice and ideology when it comes to clothing and fashion. That’s why we believe that clothing and designs are personal since they define people’s personalities and culture.

Also, the fashion brands we wear and the designs we display form an extension of our personalities. You can use the following questions as a check before settling for your niche:

  • Where lies my greatest challenge – working on how to start up a fashion business? Discovering a unique clothing line to introduce my designs and fashion brand?
  • What is the identity I desire for my fashion brand?
  • Who are the targets for my clothing line?
  • Is the target market for my fashion brand already saturated?
  • What are the distinguishing factors that will attract customers to my clothing line?
  • What customers’ experience do I intend to create with my fashion brand?

The genuine answers you give yourself to these questions and others like them will help you settle for your niche. This will also guide you while creating other aspects of your business like the business name, logo, and online concept.

– Create your budget/business plan

No matter how small a business venture may be, it always advisable to draw a business plan or budget before the start-up.

the circle of plan's elements to create the best business plan and start a small fashion business

Whatever plans you have, you should also create room for flexibility due to the unpredictable nature of the fashion industry.

Even though you may not strictly comply with the terms of the budget, it’s still better to have one than none. Your business plan is like a compass to direct the flow of order in your clothing line.

It will help to put your vision and ideas into reality.

While you’re still treading on how to start a fashion business, it’s better to stick with just one design.

This has to be a design that you love, can easily discuss, and can produce or easily source. It will reduce the challenge of coping with multiple products catalog.

Your business plan will cover the option of either self-producing your design or outsourcing. Whichever option you decide, it’s advisable to start small in the beginning.

Also, your business plan gives you an estimate of costs for both the materials you need for your designs and their production. From your business plan, one should easily trace your analysis of the fashion industry and the research about your competitors.

Therefore content of your business plan should be data-oriented and not based on personal assumptions and inferences. Also, add, where other people are involved and what they do in the plan.

Other activities that will enable the success of the business should also reflect on your business plan.

The branding, advertising, sales, marketing, etc., are all-inclusive. Don’t forget that your financial budget for all the aspects of operation in the business must be planned.

A well-written business plan and budget portray clarity. It will also build the confidence of an interested investor to know he’s not dealing with a novice.

– Get the things needed to start a fashion design business

With a drawn-up plan in place, the next step is to get the needed items for a kickoff of your fashion business.

Your vision of how to start a fashion business can’t be complete without good organizing skills. Your ability in organizing what should come first is very necessary.

For instance, you can’t be talking about a sewing machine when you don’t have a place to start.

Organizing and arranging the processes in the operations of your fashion business brings the implementation of your vision. You can arrange your business through the following:

Get a suitable location or work area

  • Though you’re starting small, you’ll need a place or space for your business. If you plan to work from your home, you must ensure that you’ve got enough space for that. Also, arranging to work from your home should be such that you won’t get unnecessary distractions from your family. Getting a working place like a small studio may be more productive in most cases.

Your mode of operation

  • You will decide how you want to run your fashion business. Do you intend to sample your designs from your physical shop? Are you interested only in the online stores? Do you prefer a combination of both? Whatever option you pick, you should understand what it takes for its operation before launching your business fashion business.

Persons involved in the business

  • Though you’re managing and controlling your fashion business without any employee, you’ll still work with other persons. You’ll consider the material vendors, accountants, manufacturers, suppliers (where you decide to outsource your products), etc.

Creating a product catalog

  • You will decide the number of products you intend to handle even from the start-up point. So are you concentrating on one unique pattern or do you decide to move with multiple collections of designs? From your option, you will consider how to keep up with your product list. This will involve the designing, production, and stocking processes.

Raising the business fund

  • Executing your mental visions and the plan outline of your fashion business requires funding. From your plans, you now have an estimate of the possible budget to create for each aspect of the business. Where you’re not financially buoyant to cushion the cost, you can utilize external sources of funds. You can take a loan from your bank, get an investor to invest, or go into a partnership. There are also some government funding schemes for small and growing businesses which you can consider.

Sales and marketing

  • While organizing your fashion business, you should plan for your sales and marketing strategy. We’ll get more detail on this below.

– Register your fashion business

Some designers never register their fashion business before going into operation. They just conceived the notion of owning a clothing line and jumped into it straight away.

You have some advantages by registering your fashion business even before its operation.

It builds your confidence, knowing that you’re operating your business with full legal backup. When you register, you won’t consider the option of turning back on your plans in the face of some challenges.

Also, the registration offers you the credibility to deal with big suppliers on a wholesale basis. It also allows your fashion brand to participate in some reputable business events such as trade shows.

Every country has its standard and procedure for the registration of business entities.


You can also freely reach out to your local authorities for the guidelines in the registration of your clothing line.

– Create your fashion designs

Like we’ve said earlier, the fashion industry is already saturated with lots of brands. It’s only your designs that will distinguish you in the fashion industry.

Your designs can become a brand that will solve a problem or serve a purpose. Creating a fashion design is an exciting aspect of the fashion business.

Irrespective of the number of products you want to roll out, the sketching of their designs is the first prerequisite to their production.

So if you’re very creative, some sights and even events can be a source of inspiration for your designs. It’s a known fact the most designers like doodling. You may not know where it can happen.

So keeping your sketchbook handy all the time is very necessary. This will help you to pen down any idea or design that comes to your head. Here are some tools to enhance your drafting, designing, and drawing:

  • Apple pencil.
  • Graphics and Corel draw software.
  • Adobe illustrator.
  • Inks cape.
  • Gemini CAD systems.
  • Accumark pattern design software.
  • sketchbook

Based on the number of customers you have to satisfy, you may not be fully involved in the production. You’ll need to pass to your manufacturers the essential details that should go with your designs. This will them to create products that’ll reflect the ideas.

However, as you plan on how to start a fashion business, you can personally handle the production at the initial stage.

As you plan on how to start a fashion business, think of creating a brand that will tell your story. Your brand reveals a hidden point of view in your personality.

That’s why you’ve got to be very articulate and creative with your designs. In crafting your designs, ensure to make something unique out of regulars. This is because your initial collection will speak loads about your brand.


It can make or mar your fashion ambition and career. Since you establish the personality you desire from your brand, you can develop a logo that aligns with the brand.

Remember that the logo is the visual expression of your fashion brand. Also, it communicates to the public what your brand stands for.

A complete assessment of your fashion brand is through the following:

  • Your brand personality – Mentioning the characteristics of livings things, you understand that these are special attributes that distinguish them from non-living things. Thus, your brand personality includes every factor that distinguishes it in the fashion world. A brand can be visualized to possess a voice and a tone that brings out a unique vibe. The vibe of a brand proves its point of view and gives rise to outstanding products. When the personality of your brand attracts some people, they will feel connected to it and become your customers. Similarly, where there’s no attraction, there will be no connection and the people can’t be your customers. Thus, with a strong brand image, you can overtake many who has been in the fashion industry even before you.
  • Your brand visuals – Moving forward on how to start a fashion business, the visual of your brand is what speaks loud. With the use of pictures, fonts, colors, model selection, graphics, and website designs, you can communicate about your brand. You shouldn’t be in a hurry in creating your brand. Taking your time will help you to adjust to any possible change in your plans. It will also remove the feeling of incompleteness and regret in the future.

– Develop your target customers’ profile

For you to create a fashion brand, there should be a set(s) of people you have in mind. Understanding your target customers makes it easy to attract them.

To present an outstanding brand and service for your customers, you must understand:

  • The things your customers care about.
  • The things your customers place value on.
  • The way your customers spend their time.
  • The solution your brand offers to your customers.

Detailed research on your target customers will reveal the necessary information you can use.

This will help you on how to pattern your designs to have a matching personality with your customers.

Through that process, you’ll be able to bring products that will satisfy them. One of the simple ways of getting details of your target customers is regular visits to your competitors’ social media profiles.

This will give you a clear picture of their followers and their details. Using the information, you can then create designs that match the expectations of your target customers.

At the startup point, there’s bound to be an error because no one is perfect. This shouldn’t discourage you. With time and continuous improvement, you can keep refining your customers’ profile as your brand grows.

– Commerce productions and manufacturing

Once you’re ready with your designs, fabrics for the products, and other miscellaneous, you can proceed to production. Be careful to select a production team or manufacturers that will translate your imaginations (designs) to reality.

Remember that manufacturing is a significant aspect as you work on how to create your clothing line.

You can’t afford to handle it haphazardly. Whatever it takes, make sure you’re not settling for anything less than the required standard for your vision.

Getting a reliable and talented manufacturer will go a long way in boosting the image of your brand.

Use your contacts to seek a good manufacturer who will deliver the pattern in your design on clothing accurately.

Vet your accumulated list of manufacturers and go for the best to get the quality clothing you envisage. You shouldn’t cut corners in this aspect of creating a sustainable clothing line.

However, where you decide to make the clothing yourself at the beginning stage, you can simply get to work. In this situation, you may also need to have some persons that will work with you depending on the number of clothing you intend to produce at first.

Whichever way you chose for the production of your brand, Start by making a small batch. With those samples, you can compare to other products from another manufacturer if there are more than one manufacturers.

This will help you to create room for improvement and adjustments on the clothing. Afterward, you can go into full production of the quantity you plan for the products.

– Settle with pricing for your designs

This stage needs careful handling in every business. No business will survive without making a profit to maintain the day-to-day operations.

However, when you tag your prices outrageously high, you will scare away your customers.

You must remember that the life-wire of every business is continuous patronage from your customers.

So, consider the target customers you have in mind for your brand and also consider your production costs. Once you’re determined all that, choose your product’s price.

Also, you should ensure that your price is relatively favorable in comparison with those of your competitors. This will keep your customers and even drive more to your clothing business.

– Create your advertising means and website

Effective advertising is one of the ways of catching on with your prospective or target audience. Fashion is very dynamic and requires strong advertising means to create some impacts both online and offline.

You can create a fashion website, social media accounts, and even a blog to publicize your fashion brand.

Therefore if you’re knowledgeable in web designing, you can create your fashion site yourself.

You may also decide to employ the services of another web designer to create your site for you. Also, you may decide to go with a combination of the two options above.

Whatever your decision is, your budget will also influence it. Here’s a guide for creating your fashion website:

  • Purchase a suitable Domain Name.
  • Select a hosting company (there is Bluehost, HostGator, LiquidWeb, etc., to choose from).
  • Get a freelancer to design your brand logo.
  • Create a landing page (you can use Squarespace).

The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., is a good advertising tool for your fashion brand. You can communicate and interact with your customers using the media.

You may decide to manage the media at the startup point to effectively harness your budget.

However, you will need to outsource to a social media manager for effective management when your fashion brand grows. The use of influencers is also one of the great ways to advertise on social media.

– Test/sample your products

Having a mixed feeling of excitement and fear at sampling the products of your design? You don’t have to be; it’s completely normal.

You can take the sample to the market to test the inputs and reactions of your potential customers.

Some of the good testing grounds include school fairs, Facebook Marketplace, and also other trading spaces around you.

Get feedback from your customers and other people’s opinion on your products.

Also, understand their complaints to know where you’ll make any adjustments and improvements.

You will be amazed to discover that while you’re still testing, you will include more products through your adjustments.

The sales of your newer versions might continuously increase even as you eliminate less popular designs.

– Launch/sales and marketing

On concluding your product testing, you’re ready to fully launch your products. That’s wonderful, isn’t it?

You will agree with me that it hasn’t been easy as you plan on how to start a fashion business. But the result you’re seeing is worth the stress and challenges.

As you plan on your full product launch, create excitement within your community of audience/customers with your brand.

a laptop with some coins and growth marketing analysis

Therefore, introduce your products to them to feel that your creation has the personality to attract and connect to them. Your sales and marketing plans can follow these guidelines to prepare for your product launch:

  • Use email in your marketing plan.
  • Prepare a landing page for your website.
  • Create informative and catching blogs on the entire process of creating your fashion brand for your community.
  • Utilize your social media platforms and discuss a content plan for your brand.
  • Make some Facebook ads before the full launch of your products.


There’s no shortcut to success. Every business has its challenges but your determination to keep up your passion will bring your vision into reality.

Working on your plan on how to start a fashion business can yield a popular brand tomorrow.

You can also create your fashion brand even amid many competitors in the fashion industry. Follow our guide today to prepare and you’ll be happy you did in the future

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