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How to Start a Private Investment Company In South Africa?


The South African investment landscape is worth exploring. Presently, there are lots of attractive financial products available for investors to explore. Sometimes, many people get confused about how to go about investing and managing their investment. This is why the decision to start an investment company in the country is commendable. But before you do that, you must know how to start a private investment company in South Africa. That way, you can meet all the legal requirements and also position your business well for success


In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know and do before opening your investment company in South Africa. So, if you’re up for it, check them below.

How do you start an investment firm?

Starting a South African investment business is not rocket science. All you need to do is to follow our guide below.

1. Choose the right business name

This should be the starting point of your South African business. A good business name will show your capability to meet the financial and investment needs of potential clients.

Some companies usually add the word “Investment” to their selected name to capture their target clients’ interest.


If it’s possible, you can do the same. But no matter the name you choose, research it online to make sure it’s new.

If another company uses it, there’s no way to register such a name, especially if it’s registered already. So, find a unique name for your business and move to the next level.

2. Write a business plan for the investment management company

An investment company manages other people’s investments in various financial products. So if you want to be successful in such a business, you must write a targeted business plan to capture all the new company’s operations.

Your business plan must capture your marketing plan, target market, business goals & objectives, marketing strategies, etc. With a business plan, it’ll be easier to achieve success than without it.

When you’ve mapped out your goals, then you decide on your target market, the strategies to reach them, and convince them to use your company. Also, if you succeed in all that, you’ll achieve your set goals & objective.

3. Complete your business incorporation

You have to incorporate the business as par South African requirements. To do that, visit the Secretary of State office in South Africa and get the application necessary for the business incorporation.

4. Register the company with State

After collecting the application, write your company’s “Article of Incorporation” and submit it to the Secretary of State. Also, add your company incorporation paperwork and pay the fee, which is usually mandatory.

But the fee amount will not be the same everywhere. So pay the appropriate fee amount as the Secretary of State will add in the registration instructions.

5. Register your company with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Since you’re into the investment business, you must register the company with the South African Securities and Exchange Commission. This is mandatory, and you can’t do your business without their approval.

6. Register your company with IARD

This is an important move for every investment adviser. IARD is short for Investment Advisor Registration Depository. It’s a filing system for companies like yours to complete their federal and state-level registration with SEC.

7. Gather all available marketing materials

As an investment business, you’ll be representing investment and funds companies.

So, you must get their information packets and marketing materials to enable you to represent them to clients.

So, all you need to do is reach out to them and register as their representative.

Then get all the forms or applications you’ll complete for your clients who’re interested in their products.

8. Start your marketing

Apart from the information packets and marketing materials of the investment companies you’re representing, you need to create your company’s marketing materials.

Potential clients are supposed to come to you for investment advice, execution, and management.

So, if you don’t market your company, how will they come? So, create a website, advertisements brochure, business cards, etc., to enable you to reach potential clients.

Another vital marketing approach for an investment company like yours is content marketing. You can share content on personal finance and investment on your website blog and other social media platforms.

Private funders in South Africa

Every business startup, no matter the size, requires funding. Starting your South African investment company without a good source of funds may extend your growth period.

That’s why you need to explore either the traditional sources or other forms of startup funding.

Once you’ve secured the funding you need for the business, you can hit the ground running faster than others.

So, let’s explore some of the South African investors willing to provide funding for startups like yours.

1. Accion

This is a non-profit organization based in the USA. They provide business funding to startups both in South African and beyond.

2. Goodwell Investments

This is another investment fund that provides funding for business startups, especially in Africa.

a screenshot of goodwell investments with two people who are workin at a farm

Goodwell investments also support budding entrepreneurs in planning, strategies, fundraising, etc.

3. Rising Tide Africa

If you’re a female entrepreneur searching for startup funding, this fund is an excellent option to explore.

But they’re more focused on tech companies that aim at improving the lives of women.

4. Greycroft Partners

This venture capital company focuses on tech startups and digital media startups.

They have broadened their scope also to provide funding for female entrepreneurs.

The company is based in the USA and operates two funds knows as Greycroft IV and Greycroft II.

5. VC4Africa

If you need support, funding, and motoring to succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ll also need to join this platform.

This is the place where people who need funding for their business meet investors who’re willing to provide the funding they need.

6. Knife Capital

This is a venture capital company in South Africa that provides funding for businesses pursuing expansion strategies.

They focus on South African startups both in the tech industry and others too.

Anyone searching for business funding can approach the company for support.

7. Kalon Venture Partners

This is a private venture capital fund operating in South Africa. They also invest in tech startups, even in the financial sector. The company invested in i-Pay and Snapsave recently.

a screenshoot of Kalon venture partners' website

The former is a financial system for solar power, while the latter is a payment processor online.

The fund also supports startups with the funding they need for their business setup and operations in the country.

8. The Vumela Fund

This fund provides funding support to SMEs in South Africa. They also offer additional supports to ensure that these startups grow no matter their industries.

9. MEST Africa

This is a program that provides funding for tech startups in Africa. They conduct a training program, and afterward, they provide financing for the graduates to start their business.

According to the program coordinators, graduates can get up to $50,000 to $250,000 to start their companies.

10. Kgatelopele Venture Capital & Private Equity Pty

This company provides business funding for businesses at all levels. They don’t mind whether the business is struggling or already booming.

KVC also ensures that under-developed businesses that blacks own get the funding they need to grow, especially those with high growth potential.

11. Enigma Ventures Fund

Here is the place for funding if you’re a female entrepreneur planning to start a company on private investment in South Africa.

Therefore the company supports women-owned businesses that are looking for expansion funds.

a screen shot of enigma ventures' website with an African woman with a perfect smile

According to them, they’re prepared to provide up to $1 million capital funding for businesses pursuing growth strategies.

Business investment opportunities in South Africa

If you’re searching for business opportunities in South Africa, you can consider the following lucrative ideas:

1. Car rentals

A franchise car rental service in South Africa is a lucrative business opportunity. So, investing in it will be a wise decision especially busying into already established brands.

2. Transport & Shipping

The South African import and export industry is booming right now. You can invest in providing container import services since the demand is very high.

3. ICT

Here is another business to invest in this year. The industry is booming, and most of their products, such as fraud prevention systems, pre-payment, and revenue management systems, are recognized worldwide.

4. Rental Properties

The South African real estate industry is another lucrative business to consider. The industry has many branches to explore, such as home improvements, renting properties, house flipping, etc.

So, an investor can start with any of these businesses under real estate.

5. Education

Investing in the education sector is also lucrative as the South African government works hard to improve things there.

Areas such as technical & vocational Education & Training (TVET) are worth exploring.

6. Agriculture

This industry is worth your investment. You can invest in producing and exporting products such as sugar cane, maize, sunflowers, and wheat.


Starting a private investment company in South Africa requires planning, strategy, and determination.

The first step is trying to meet all the legal requirements and then taking the steps needed to achieve business growth.

So, if that’s your vision, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

With all the information we’ve shared here on how to start a private Investment Company in South Africa, so you can hit the ground running.

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