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How to make money in Nigeria?

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Like all of the African nations, Nigeria is also a developing one. Though it is the largest economy of Africa, yet it suffers from frequent inflations. Thus to keep its GDP growth persistent, the youth of Nigeria need to think about the new ways of making money. The conventional jobs are not always securing your future, and some of them are at high risk of unemployment.

In such a condition, you need to think about how to make money online in Nigeria so you can get not only from your homeland but also across the world.

With the advancement of internet connection, a vast path of secure future opens in front of us.

Now anyone with a laptop and internet can showcase their skill and talents and get paid for at home.

Whether you are a student, a housewife, a job seeker, or a retired person, you can get jobs according to your skills.

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You can also develop your skills for a particular online job online, even free of cost.

So if you are interested in something new, then scroll down to learn how to make money online in Nigeria.

If you have a love for creativity, then try these:

Become a YouTuber

The best way to get famous and make money online is to be a YouTuber.

Youtubers are now the new age sensations and profiting a lot across the world.

Every young tech-savvy knows about the PewDiePie YouTube channel, and the owner Felix Kjellberg who became the solo YouTuber to get the highest subscribes in the world.

He has more than 100 million subscribers and also earning in millions.

To be a YouTuber, you need to start your own YouTube channel about any specific subject you want.

It can be related to gaming, movie reviews, roasting, travelling, daily hacks, cooking, fashion, or anything you want.

Only it needs good research and a lot of confidence and communicative skills to address your subscribers in front of the camera.

Once you get the necessary subscribes then you can promote brands, or show their ads in your videos and get an earning.

Recently YouTube launched a paid subscribing option which will enhance your scope of earning money and making business in Nigeria.

Write blogs

If you have your hands-on writing and love to show it, then write blogs and share it with your friends and make money online.

The more people read your blogs, the most you get the chance for profit-making business.

You can make money online by promoting Google ads in your blogs once you get the expected views.

You can develop your blogging site or write blogs for any famous blogging site.

Wix, Weebly, Blogger, WordPress, or Squarespace are some famous blogging sites that you can work for business.

There will be regular traffic or viewers, so you do not need to search for them.

This is one of the most respectable ways you can choose to make money online in Nigeria.

Create a website for your own or sale

You can get a course online and learn how to create a website to make money online.

This is one of the profits making online business in Nigeria now.

You can develop the website for your usage, such as posting your blogs or travel logs or cooking ideas online.

But if you are skilled in web designing, then you can approach to small and big companies for designing their websites.

With a cell phone and a laptop with an internet connection, you do not need to step out to get a job.

Publish e-books

Publishing any book in the market is extremely time-taking and troublesome business.

You need to have good sources for just approaching to the publishing house.

Many works get rejected in the publishing houses.

Even if it gets published, then comes the marketing part.

If there is no marketing, then nobody will know about your book.

But in the case of book publishing, you just need to be focused on creating new content.

Kindle is now the most promising site for e-book learning.

You can get your e-book published on kindle and make money online in Nigeria every time one downloads your e-book.

Start graphics designing

If you have a hobby for painting or designing but not profiting from it conventionally, then start developing your hands in graphics designing for business.

Starting from the international to the local companies are now having their websites and personalized logos to give a natural humanistic touch to their brands for business.

This opened a huge scope for graphics designing.

You can sit in your room comfortably and design print headings, websites, product interfaces, logos, or cover pages of books on your computer and make money online.

Sell your arts and crafts

If you are a creative person and produce your art or crafts, then you know the hassles it takes to sell them successfully offline.

Unless you are a store owner, there is no place than a footpath to show your talent to the wide audience.

But the internet solves our problem too. Various big products selling websites of Nigeria like Flipkart, Konga, Jumia, and amazon are now allowing their customers to sell products on their sites for business.

You can sell your painting, jewellery, showpieces, hand-printed t-shirts, and many of the things and get customers on these sites at free of cost.

You can also sell your old books that are of your no use and make money online to try for new ones.

Write for social media marketing

There are a lot of large and small companies that are doing well in Nigeria but are searching candidates for handling their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

You can take over their social media handles and can post videos or blogs on the company products and their business achievements and make money online.

All you need is a good marketing sense and writing skills.

This can be your full-time job as companies are willing to pay you as much as you want if you are good at this business.

If you want to spread your acquired knowledge, then try these:

Teach any foreign or your native language

With the advancement of our lifestyle, we get very little time to indulge in our hobbies or fulfilling our wishes or developing our skills.

Thus internet teaching platforms are making business and money considerably.

Online teaching classes help one to learn anything anywhere they want.

So, if you are skilled in any subject and willing to share your knowledge from your home, then go for online tutorials.

The demand for learning English is notable in any nation once colonized by Britain.

You can teach English in Nigeria, if you have your grip in the language, to those who have English as their second language.

Also, you can teach foreigners your native language as in the era of globalization.

There is no shortage of people who migrate from one country to another for professional demands.

You can get your desired amount of naira from them easily for your per-day online class.

Udemy and italki.com are some of the online teaching sites that you can surely visit and register for providing quality online tutorials.

Not only languages but any subject you are good at can be your earning point through online classes.

Play video games online

Who could ever think that playing video games in their homes can bring them earning?

But this is a reality now for every game lover to have earning and fun at the same time.

You can live to stream your gaming experience on YouTube, twitch, or Facebook and build up your dedicated fan base.

  • Choose popular games that most of the viewers want to watch and help then to solve the missions.
  • You can also start writing reviews and guides or make vlogs and interviews on it for a specific game.
  • If you are a pro in gaming, then you can join esports organization and play tournaments. If you win it, then you will get the prize amount, and you can also earn from sponsorships.
  • You can also play and test any new game and give your feedback to the developer to help them fix bugs and issues. This is one of the exciting solutions to solve your question about how to make money online in Nigeria.

Translation and interpretation

You can apply your academic knowledge in translating any books or articles in your native language.

You can also translate any story or document into your language and vice versa.

For this, you will have to be efficient in both the languages you are dealing with.

You can also act as an interpreter or a middle man for any company and handle their documents and translate it to others for business.

To be a successful translator or interpreter, you will have to be sensitive to the person and their culture.

Only successful word translations will not help.

You will have to know the exact way to present the terms for a particular race or culture.

But learning is mostly free on the internet so you can develop your methods and make money online side by side.

Become a voice over artist

The simplest answer to the question of how to make money online in Nigeria is to use your vocal cords.

Your strong and grave and acute voice can be used variously for creative purposes and can make you a dubbing artist or a voice-over artist while sitting at your home.

Many people lack the graveness and depth in their voices.

But the people of Nigeria are born with it.

So why not use your special gift to earn some money online?

Dub short films or give a reading book a human voice through audible by amazon.

You can deal with the entire business and make money online.

You just need to have the proper arrangements in your home to records audios.

Data entry and copywriting

You can produce a handsome amount of cash by working as a copywriter.

In copywriting, you will have to write copies for advertisement or marketing purposes.

The field of copywriting is wide and promising.

You can work as a full-time copywriter and earn your living easily.

If you have the experience of dealing with data in your student life or your class projects, then try online data entry jobs for making some extra cash.

You do not need to be present in your office for this work.

Just sit in your room with your laptop and complete your daily goals.

Some websites, like Clickworker and Smart crowd, will pay you for entering data.

The ways that do not need much education qualifications-

Sell your old unused items

In Nigeria, you can run a business and make money online by simply selling your old unused products online.

This will take zero efforts.

You will just have to take pictures of the item you want to sell and post it on various sites only designed especially for this purpose.

Then buyers will chat with you and eventually come at your doorsteps for their needs.

This process will give you the resources to buy new stuff as well as free up some space in your room to store them.

Online selling websites will provide you with numerous buyers, so there is no need for negotiations from your end.

For a better profit, you can turn this buying selling practice into your business and arrange old items from your locality to sell them online in Nigeria.

Sell your photos

Everyone loves to post their daily whereabouts on their social media accounts by uploading pictures.

But if you have a knack in photography and want to make it a source of earning, then upload the pictures you have taken of nature, adventure, and wildlife on Foap.

This website will give you earning whenever anyone uses your pictures.

So do not just Instagram your pics instead make an earning out of them.

Hence, you will not have to scratch your head thinking about how to make money in Nigeria as a student.

Sell your class notes

If your high school class notes or graduation projects are of no use to you, then do not just store them on the shelves.

You can upload your notes on sites like Stuvia and Nexus Notes and run a business.

Whenever a student downloads your notes, you will get compensation for that.

But your handwriting should be clear, and the picture should be of high quality as nobody wants to invest their time and effort for something that they can’t figure out.

Invest in mutual funds

If you are wondering what can I do to make money in Nigeria, then you can now buy and sell your shares by using mobile apps.

This makes the balancing of the stock market easy stuff for everyone.

You do not need an agent to give you advice about your investments anymore.

A single mobile application can make all those efforts.

So invest your fortune in different share markets across the world to lessen market risks and gain more profit.

Buy and sell domain names

A domain name is the website address that you can see on the address bar when visiting that site.

Every website has its domain names.

In this way of making money, you will have to try to buy domain names that have potential market value and then sell them with high biddings.

The more you can bid, the more you get profit out of it.

You can register on finddigital.com and buy domain names with very little amount.

Once you buy then list it for sale and bid as much as you can to make money online.

What are the requirements to get an online job

An internet-based job in Nigeria does not require higher educational qualifications.

The education qualification criteria to get an online job in Nigeria are comparatively low.

What will matter is your skill and market knowledge for doing good business.

Also, you need to be dedicative and concentrative towards your home-based online job.

Do not get involved in other homely activities while you are working over the internet.

Here are the things that you should have before starting a job on the internet.

Your laptop or computer

It’s highly recommended that you should have your laptop or computer before you think about starting an online business.

It should have a fast processor and enough space to run smoothly.

You can raise money by part-time jobs and buy a second-hand laptop for following your dreams and make money online.

Internet connection

You need to have a hardwired internet connection if you want a dedicated online business in Nigeria that pays.

Most of the home-based job description mentions their need for an internet connection.

It is better to have a cable or DSL internet connection at your home for better service.


A webcam is necessary for those who are teaching over the internet.

Also for video conferencing with your employer over the internet, you will need a webcam.

Modern laptops have inbuilt webcams.

You can use Google Hangouts, Skype, Google meets, or any specialized application for video conferencing and business meetings.

And those who are using desktops are required to install a webcam separately.

Phone or landline number of your own

Your phone number is needed for the clients and job providers to contact you.

For telemarketing business a telephone is mandatory.

Your separate room or a remote place in your home

You will have to find your place of work at your house.

Tell your parents not to disturb you while you are working.

Especially if you are teaching or making videos over the internet, then a separate room is required.

Online apps for money transactions

You need to have a bank account, and it should be linked with your phone number for cashless transactions.

It is much required in jobs or as you may work for international companies and they can’t pay you cash.

Various mobile applications are available for cashless transactions.


In Nigeria to get a decent job, you will have to pass your secondary high school.

So it will not take much effort to get independent and make money online in Nigeria.


How can I make money in Nigeria 2020?

This is now one of the vital questions that may come into many of the Nigerians’ minds.
The simple solution is to work from home and work online.
Many companies in Nigeria assign work from home to their employees so that they can make money online.
And those who lose their jobs due to the pandemic can surely try their hands on online business and jobs.
You can try affiliated marketing or freelancing if you have experience and management skills or you can start fresh as a writer, blogger, singer, YouTuber, and make money online.

How can a Nigerian Student make money online?

For students of Nigeria, it is not a big deal to make some money online.
There are varieties of jobs you can do in your free time for making some pocket money for your movie night or canteen treat.
This experience will also help you in your later life when you look for jobs for a living.
Thus you can make money online as well as gather experience for your future business.

How can I make money from home in Nigeria?

There are a hundred ways that you can try to make money online while sitting in your room.
You can start making your business as a consultant or telecommunicating agent.
You can buy and sell bitcoins, or you can edit videos.
If you know software programming, then you can make money online in Nigeria in dollars.
If you got skills and confidence to showcase it, then making money is not hard for you.

How to make money in Nigeria conclusion

These internet-based job ideas will open up a vast way of opportunities for you.

And, also resolve your queries about how to make money fast in Nigeria.

The present-day condition and the possibility of more unemployment are making it not only our choice but a necessity to look for home-based jobs.

These ideas will surely help you to make money online and secure your future.

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