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How do Bloggers make money in Nigeria?


How do bloggers make money in Nigeria? Most people often ask this question when they see how successful Nigerian bloggers are. Many prosperous bloggers in Nigeria double up as brand influencers for rich people and commercial businesses. Bloggers in Nigeria make money through a lot of channels.

They make their money by signing lucrative advertisements and endorsement deals and many more.

With lots of money flying around the country’s media and advertisement industry.


Blogging is just a simple way to make money from different entities.

However, this process involves a long-term strategy.

Some famous bloggers in Nigeria and their blogging network:

Before we get into how Nigeria bloggers make money, it is essential to know some famous and successful bloggers in Nigeria.

The section also covers top blog sites in Nigeria as these blogs’ earning potentials are their owners’ relative reputation.

Just because people want to know what chance they have as Nigerian bloggers, they tend to ask how many existing bloggers in Nigeria make money.

There is available information in the estimated earnings of Nigerian-based bloggers and a breakdown of their estimated net worth.

Linda Ikeji – (www.lindaikeji.com)

Linda Ikeji is the face of blogging in Nigeria.

She is known in the country as a social influencer and a media mogul.

Linda created a name for herself when she began blogging in 2007 after graduating from the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

After graduating for some time, with no job, she learned how to start a blog and followed her heart.

She took the world of blogging by storm, and today she is worth billions of Naira in Nigerian.

Also, this is proof of the power of blogging.

LindaIkeji.com, her blog is currently estimating at $80 million.

Linda runs a gossip and celebrity news blog that rakes nothing less than $25,362 in a day.

In a month, she reportedly earns about $760 869 from her blogging business.

She is estimate to earn about $9 million per year through her blog.

Her blog has gone through its fair share of scandals as Nigerian celebrities are known to have criticized her severally about the news she publishes on her blog.

Her blog even got blocked by Google for violating their privacy policies but has been restored.

All of these controversies have made her popularity soar even more.

Linda is indeed the premier bloggers in Nigeria, which is the most populous black country in the world to make money.

And as a bloggers she made money close to ₦50 million in the 2015 General elections in Nigeria.

Where she was reportedly by politicians for advertisements slots on her blog.

Linda Ikeji, in 2016, bought a house for ₦850,000,000 in Banana Island in Nigeria, which is the most expensive real estate located in the country.

Linda has made a name for herself and created her dream lifestyle through blogging, and she never plans to stop anytime soon.

Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa – (www.nairaland.com)

Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa is an internet entrepreneur based in Nigeria.

He owns and runs Nairaland, which is another popular blogger in Nigeria that makes money on many platforms.

Osewa launched Nairaland back in March of 2005, and the website has grown to become a staple among young Nigerians seeking information on pretty much any trending topic in the country.

Also, if you need any information in Nigeria, post it on Nairaland, and you shall get useful replies within a short time.

The website is so popular in the country that, according to Alexa.com, Nairaland ranked as the second most famous website owned by a Nigerian in the country.

Nairaland comes second to Bet9ja.com.

Also, Bet9ja is a betting website that ranks as the most famous website owned by a Nigerian.

Furthermore, Nairaland is officially the sixth most popular website in the country after Google, YouTube, Bet9ja, Facebook, and Yahoo.

More people visit Nairaland than the platform can handle.

As a result, the founder has to scale up its algorithms several times due to the amount of traffic that swarm to the blog to comment on relevant and trending topics.

Therefore, as of 2020, Nairaland is worth about $313 million.

It is also evaluate that the blogging platform makes about $55,693 every day.

Also, about 169 420 people visit the website every day to comment on trendy issues.

Furthermore, the platform earns about $3 million monthly through advertising alone.

Nairaland is evaluating to have a market price of about $80 million.

Makinde Azeez – (www.naijaloaded.com)

While the name Makinde Azeez may not ring a bell, people sure know his blog – Naijaloaded.com.ng.

To millions of young Nigerians, Naijaloaded comes across as the best website to get some of the latest music free of charge.

Naijaloaded found by Makinde Azeez while still an undergraduate at a University in the western part of the country.

It is reported that the site is worth a whopping $88 million as of 2020.

Additionally, the website earns about $38 000 every day and has about 70 000 visitors every day.

Naijaloaded is ranked in Alexa as the 16th most popular website.

Naijaloaded began making money through some conventional blogging monetization tools out there.

However, it has since gone local to cater to the needs of influential Nigerians and commercial companies.

The blog is a reputable advert platform for such companies like MTN, Globacom, Airtel, and politicians and indigenous businesses.

Tyler Duncan-Stobo – (www.tooxclusive.com)

If you are as enthusiastic as I am about Nigerian music and tunes, you would have stumbled across www.tooxclusive.com.

The music and celebrity website is one of the best sources of the latest Nigerian and foreign music.

This website founded by Tyler Duncan-Sotubo, a Nigerian.

Based on a report from Alexa.com, www.tooxclusive.com is the 26th most visited website in the country as of 2020.

Currently, Duncan-Sotubo is said to be worth a whopping $73,500,000 in 2020.

However, while this figure may not be official, Tyler seems to make lots of money through his blogging efforts.

Due to the number of visitors that throng to his blog to get the latest scoops on celebrity, musicians, songs, music contests, and more, he has a loyal audience.

Due to these bloggers like Tyler are social and brand influencers in Nigeria, who get millions of dollars by politicians and business brands to advertise their products on their blogging platforms to make money.

Furthermore, it is reported that the blog earns a daily amount of $20,652 every day.

Its yearly revenue is pegged at $7 million.

www.tooxclusive.com locally offers most of its contents, although with an international vibe.

If you were looking for any local Nigerian music, the blog has you covered.

In 2020, it was reported that 42,436 people visited the site daily.

To this end, it is also estimate that the site is currently worth about $5 million.

Ademola Ogundele – (www.notjustok.com)

Still, on reliable blogging outlets for Nigerian music and celebrity gossips, Notjustok.com is also a familiar blog that ranks high on google.

Notjustok.com is owned and operated by Ademola Ogundele.

The website features unique and original musical contents as well as celebrity gossips.

If you were looking for some of the most recent international and local music, Notjustok.com has you covered.

The website also offers this music to be listened to or downloaded free of charge.

Notjustok.com is popular bloggers in Nigeria that get its revenue from advertising and brand influencing to make money.

In 2020, NOtjustok.com was valued at $2.5 million.

The blog was said to have increased in value over one year.

Just in 2019, the blog was reportedly worth $1.8 million.

However, it seems that it has grown in value within a space of just twelve months.

Notjustok.com is a website that earns most of its revenue from advertisements.

It earns about $1,470 daily.

It is also reported that the site has a visitor count of 3 million and 35 million per month and year, respectively.

Uche Eze – (www.bellanaija.com)

If you were into fashion and wedding occasions, you would have stumbled across Bellanaija.com.

This website was modeled after LindaIkeji.com because they consistently ran similar news headlines for a while ago.

However, while LindaIkeji focuses on celebrity gossip and other shocking news.

Bellanaija focuses more on bridal matters, fashionable styles, and wedding news.

The website is owned by Uche Eze and is currently worth a whopping $1.8 million.

It was recently reported that Bellanaija.com makes as much as $1,085 for one day.

At the same time, it makes about $32,550 in a month.

In 2020 alone, the website is said to make about $400,000 in revenue.

So, about 72,403 people visit the website daily.

The website is said to have an estimated 361,849 page views every day.

Bellanaija, just like every other famous Nigerian blogging outlet, makes a large chunk of their revenue from advertisements and brand influencing.

She counts some of her popular clients like MTN, Globacom, Airtel, 9Mobile, DHL, Maggi, Indomie noodles, etc.

As a female brand influencer, Bellanaija promotes many female products on her blog, either though feature posts or through adverts.

Based on official statistics, Bellanaija currently worth about $110,000.

In 2020 alone, about 5,800 people visited the website while averaging a monthly income of $4,200 from advertising alone.

Bellanaija is also a source of latest updates on weddings involving some bloggers of Nigeria’s most prosperous and famous people to make money.

As a blog being run by a female, you can expect an overdose of information revolving around cooking, wedding, fashion, female products, general gossip, and news snippets.

Noble Igwe – (www.360nobs.com)

If you searched for the Nigerian social and music scene, you would have bumped into 360nobs.com.

It is a reasonably popular blog that is owned and operated by famous Nigerian socialite, Noble Igwe.

Noble Igwe is quite a famous face in the Nigerian social scene.

He is very passionate about traveling and has good ears for music too.

All of this passion he packaged into a business, and it birthed 360nobs.com.

The website features the latest events and occasions in the Nigerian highbrow social scenes while still being a reliable outlet for some of the most recent foreign and local musical tunes.

360nobs.com is owned by a Nigerian; it is operated with such a quality that makes you think it is owned by an American or a British.

It is appropriate to say that Nigerians living in the USA and the United Kingdom find blogs such as 360nobs.com their only connection.

The blog offers a mixture of Nigerian culture interspersed with an international twist.

It is widely known that Noble Igwe is highly connected and makes his business deals with some of the most powerful politicians and business people in the country.

They pay handsomely to feature a post or run their adverts on his blog.

He also is a brand influencer and a model, which adds to his revenue as a blogger.

The site is currently worth about $96,000. It is estimated that he makes about $210 every day.

360nobs.com makes a monthly revenue of $6,300.

Its estimated annual revenue is $76,000.

Also, about 14,050 people visit the website daily.

Also, the blog has about 500,000 visitors daily.

Jide Ogunsanya – (www.ogbongeblog.com)

Ogbonge blog is one indigenous blog that focuses on traditional entertainment in Nigeria.

You can still get foreign music and news snippets from the blog as well.

The Ogbonge blog is owned by Jide Ogunsanya.

Jide is among the leading bloggers in Nigeria that make money every day.

And with his reader base, the blog is estimated at $43,000.

It is estimated that he makes about $132 every day.

He also makes about $3,960 every month, and $47,520 every year.

The blog is said to have an average daily visitor of 995.

The blog is valued at $10,500.

The average monthly revenue from the blog is currently pegged at $430.

Onibalusi Bamidele – (www.writersinCharge.com)

If you were a freelance writer or just a random bloggers in Nigeria, you would have stumbled across WritersinCharge.com to make additional money.

The blog is such a useful library for budding Nigerian based writers.

WritersinCharge.com, as a blog, is owned by Onibalusi Bamidele, who started blogging officially with the blog in March 2013.

The blog is currently estimated to be worth $37,000.

Chude Jideonwo – (www.ynaija.com)

If you knew about Ynaija.com, you would have stumbled on the name Chude Jideonwo.

He is a young media businessman with invested business interests in media and other sectors.

Ynaija.com is a popular indigenous Nigerian website that is valued at $37,000.

Chude Jideonwo is a popular media and blogging businessman whose primary business is not blogging.

He also jointly manages and runs Redmedia with Adebola Williams.

Japheth Joshua Omojuwa – (www.omojuwa.com)

If you knew omojuwa.com, you would know that Japheth Omojuwa owns this blog.

Japheth is a media personality and an online brand influencer.

Japheth started as a blogger until he became a voice of authority regarding Nigerian political affairs.

He is currently a public speaker and a motivational coach.

However, Japheth started as a blogger and became successful.

Currently, he uses platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to let people know his unique perspectives on some issues about the country.

Japheth specializes in highlighting social and political prejudice.

He has flown to so many countries to speak to people about life and success hacks.

His blog is estimated to have a value of $2,800.

Japheth makes his money from so many other sources that he barely has time for blogging these days.

The internet penetration potential of Nigerians

If you were going to start blogging in Nigeria to make money, you first need to understand the number of people who use the internet in the country.

As of 2020, there are about 99 million users of the internet in the West African country.

This number is to rise to about 132 million users by 2023.

This means that the internet percentage of penetration, which currently lies at 46.6 percent, will be about 65.2 percent in five years.

Blog popularity and the use of the internet in the country

In Nigeria, a majority of people access the internet with their mobile phones.

Nigeria blogs, which often feature indigenous content, are relatively popular in the country.

People follow these blogs to keep abreast of recent information about their favorite celebrities, movies, soccer clubs, or music artists.

Due to the quality and quantity of mobile infrastructure that has been deployed by mobile providers, more people can now access the internet than before.

Furthermore, Nigerian blogs like LindaIkeji, Nairaland, and other blogs are relatively popular in other African countries and non-African countries.

People get good content about music from local artists through these blogs.

With the massive distribution of inexpensive mobile phones in the country, this means that people access the internet with mobile phones rather than through PCs.

Next to Ghana and Sudan, Nigeria ranks the highest in terms of mobile traffic share.

The leading mobile call, voice, and data providers in the country include MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, Globacom, and 9Mobile.

At the same time, there are other internet providers like Smile, Spectranet, VDT LTE, and Swift that concentrate mainly on providing both voice and data services.

Due to the freedom to access the internet in the country, if you start a blog today, there is a good chance that it will grow into a thriving business.

This is because you have a dedicated number of readers just waiting on their mobile phones to access new and unique content mixed with unbridled quality.

How do bloggers make money in Nigeria?

If you know how to monetize your blog in Nigeria, you will see that making money with your blog in the country comes from various sources.

Bloggers in Nigeria do not just make money from one source. Through their blogs, they have a self-created avenue for multiple streams of income.

1). Adverts

Nigerian bloggers make a bulk of their revenue from local adverts.

Though they may cater to a local audience, they still charge their clients in dollars.

Most Nigerian bloggers haven built a loyal reader base that can pitch their potentials of exposure and brand visibility to potential clients.

These clients, in turn, offer them lucrative advertisement deals running into millions of Naira.

Some of the major supporters of Nigerian blogs include Coca-Cola, MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Airtel Nigeria, Jumia, Konga, 9Mobile, Wakanow, Air Peace, and many Nigerian politicians.

Linda Ikeji made over ₦50 million running advertisements for politicians alone during the 2015 general elections in Nigeria.

This is because her blog had the reader base that could sway public opinion in favor of a particular politician.

If you plan to start blogging in Nigeria, you could make money through advertisements too.

2). Brand Influencing

With the current popularity of Instagram, most bloggers have turned their dedicated readers to followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

In turn, this has given these blogs the leverage to turn their social media channels into avenues for influencing brands.

These bloggers can now be found on the social media bandwagon as brand influencers.

They are new and existing businesses and corporate organizations to create a certain amount of publicity on any event or product that they may want the general public to know about.

Brand influencing is a calm and profitable way that Nigerian bloggers make their money.

Featured posts, also a method applied by Nigerian bloggers to make money with their blogging platforms.

Also, predominantly a blog post created to portray a product or a person in a positive light.

Featured posts do the opposite of what a rumor or scandal does to a person’s or a product’s reputation.

Why there are no actual figures to the question – How much do bloggers make per post? – this figure seems to vary for each blogger.

So, most Nigerian bloggers live off featured posts.

However, this can only enjoy by Nigerian bloggers who have amassed a sufficient amount of dedicated readers to their blogs.

Companies, celebrities, and politicians usually approach Nigerian bloggers for featured posts that are lucrative and profitable.

Featured posts serve as a reliable method to make money as a blogger.

4). Google AdSense

Most Nigeria starts blogging by trying to earn some revenue through Google’s AdSense program.

This is where all Nigerian bloggers make their first money from.

With time, they build a loyal fan base and reinvest into expanding their blogs for more opportunities.

However, everybody gets their first paycheck from Google.

If you learn how to start blogging for the first time, the first method of making money with blogging is through Google Adsense.

With time you usually branch into other income streams.

Famous bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Makinde Azeez, Oluwaseun Osewa, and others in Nigeria made their first money from Google AdSense.

They made so much from the program because they could amass a loyal and dedicated fan base within a short time.

5). Information Products

Nigerian bloggers also make money from information products, but this channel is no longer viable.

People blog and made money from information products around 2009 when the trend was still new.

However, with more people knowing how to get information from the internet.

It appears that this channel of making money online is almost becoming non-profitable.

However, few Nigerian bloggers still make money by selling rare and in-demand information products at excellent prices.

6). Affiliate Marketing

If you knew the potential for affiliate marketing, you would understand that it is one way bloggers make money in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, you could make money through both international and local affiliate marketing.

International affiliate marketing involves becoming an affiliate member of programs like the Amazon affiliate program and so on.


Nigerian bloggers still have their affiliate interests inwards as they form partnerships with various indigenous online e-commerce companies like Konga.com. Jumia.com. wakanow.com. bet9ja.com, and so on.

These companies make shopping codes available through these blogs and promise blog visitors discounts and freebies if they shop through specific blogs.

Nigerian bloggers have a broad reader base that helps them earn revenue through commissions earned from high yield affiliate programs.

How to start blogging in Nigeria?

To make money in Nigeria through blogging, you are going to need a blog.

You would need to know how to start a blog.

While starting a blog is as easy as pie, the main work lies in making your blog popular and getting it out there – there are some essential elements in knowing how to own a blog in Nigeria.

The good thing about all of this is that you can begin a blog in Nigeria and make money with it.

To start blogging as a business in Nigeria is not rocket science.

You need not learn how to start computer programming and coding before owning a blog.

You can get a blog from reliable online platforms, which we shall discuss in detail later.

Steps to starting your profitable blog in Nigeria:

1). Choose a niche for your Nigerian blog.

If you were going to make money in Nigeria by blogging, you should try to select a suitable blogging niche.

In Nigeria, some of the most successful blogs can found in comedy, fashion, food, gossip, celebrity news, sports, job hunting, entertainment, music, business, etc.

Some other profitable blogs combine all of these niches to earn more money.

However, before you start blogging, you will have to focus on a specific niche to attract a particular audience to become regular visitors to your blog.

If you are to start blogging, you will have to understand how to optimize your blog using SEO principles and keywords.

These tools make your blog easily visible when people search for blogs in your niche.

Therefore, it is essential that before you start blogging, you should choose a niche, and once you do get a niche, it is all downhill from there.

After the problem of getting a niche for your blog has been solving, you can then look for ways to identify your loyal readers and visitors.

After you get these visitors, you can then look for ways to make your blog profitable.

In blogging,

Your niche refers to the topic that you write the most about.

You could start a niche blog on cryptocurrencies in Nigeria or start one about Freelancing in Nigeria.

However, whatever niche you choose, you should understand that you will be writing on as long as the blog is active.

Unless your loyal readers base wants you to, you can barely change the niche of your blog.

If you have then perfected your niche blogging skills and increase your reader base, it is possible to get adverts related to your blog’s niche.

If you run a niche blog, you can quickly get affiliate links and advertisements from companies on the blog.

It is essential to know that your ads will be mainly from companies that offer products and services related to your blog.

This means that if I create a niche blog about calm holiday and honeymoon spots in Nigeria.

I could get adverts from local companies like Air peace, Nigeria Airways, Aero Contractors, Virgin Atlantic, Wakanow, Radisson blue hotels, and so on.

2). Select a blogging platform.

Selecting a platform for your Nigerian blog is very important.

While there are both paid and free blogging platforms, it is advisable to go for the paid blog.

Paid blogs allow you to make money in multiple ways through your blog.

The paid blogging platforms tend to give you lots of freedom to get creative regarding how you can earn more cash with your blog.

However, with the free blogging platforms, you have limited the amount of money you can make.

Then again, the free blogging platforms are available for those who financially constrain to choose the paid option.

Therefore, if you do not have enough money to go for the paid blogging platforms, it is alright to choose the free platforms.

But, as soon as you are financially capable, you can switch on to the paid blogging platforms.

Free blogging platforms

Due to the relatively unknown potential in blogging in Nigeria, many bloggers opt for free blogging platforms to make money.

However, there are still free blogging platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress, which new bloggers will find very useful.

The thing with free blogging platforms is that, if you keep your blog with them, they get to own your blog’s name.

This domain name ownership ultimately means that you are restricted in the way you use your blog.

Anything you do on your free blog must be in line with their rules, terms, and conditions.

If you are new to the world of blogging, these free platforms will limit your freedom.

They can stop you from monetizing your blog through ads.

Or worse, they will place their ads on your blog.

Serious bloggers in Nigeria looking to make money from their passions choose paid and self-hosted blogging platforms.

The paid blogging platforms

If you plan to make money from your Nigerian blog, you should get the paid or self-hosted blog.

When you choose a self-hosted blogging platform, you operate your blog by using your chosen domain name.

Apart from the fact that you have to observe specific rules from your domain host and registrar, the blog and whatever you post on it entirely belongs to you.

Nobody tells you what to put in your self-hosted blog as long as you do not contravene specific rules on types of content.

People who choose self-hosted blogs have CMS or Content Management System that helps them manage their blogs’ contents.

One of the most popular self-hosted blogging platforms is WordPress.org.

WordPress is a good alternative for self-hosted websites because you get to choose a name for your blog, and you have space for web hosting.

Lots of hosting companies offer low monthly hosting rates for the first few months you join them.

And there are lots of side attractions to go with different mouth-watering deals.

The following are some of the most popular blogging platforms that people in Nigeria use.

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Blogger
  • WordPress.com
  • Gator
  • WordPress. Org

3). Select the name of your domain.

A domain is known as the name of your website.

With a domain name, people trying to access your blog can quickly get there by typing the URL of your blog in the command space.

Irrespective of your niche, your domain name is your identity on the internet.

Think of popular Nigerian domain names like www.lindaIkeji.com, www.360nobs.com, www.notjustok.com, www.nairaland.com, www.tooxclusive.com, and www.nairaloaded.com.

These are some identifiable Nigerian based domain names that have done so well and earned a small fortune for their owners.

It is essential to state here that if you were to make money with a Nigerian blog.

Hence, you should choose a domain name that appeals to your potential audience’s psyche.

Try to add a little bit of local content with international vibes.

If you can do this successfully, you will have an army of loyal followers who would swear by your domain name every day of their lives.

Therefore, one of the essential parts of starting a Nigerian blog is choosing a domain name that will help your blog stand out.

If you were to start blogging by becoming a unique source of information and entertainment for your reader base.

You need to be mesmerizing from your chosen domain name down to your blog’s contents.

4). Select an account to host your Nigerian blog.

When you get a web hosting account, you are now have access to massive computers known as servers.

The servers allow you to store files and other information you will need for your application or website.

These servers get connected to the internet.

This way, they can easily share and distribute your content to people who need them.

Besides choosing a catchy domain name, one other important decision you will have to make is to choose a reliable web hosting provider.

Your performance and functionality depend on your chosen web hosts.

A good web host will ensure that your website is available to potential readers whenever they need to visit the website for information.

How to start hosting a blog on WordPress?

By now, starting a blog to make money should be a breeze to you.

Hence, you could create a self-hosted WordPress blog on this platform.

Sign up to get web hosting

Before you start blogging, it is essential to sign up. To sign up for your blog, log on to WordPress.org and click on the tab that says “New Blog”. You then need to fill out the registration fields correctly. You should follow the on-screen commands to complete the signing up process. This will take only just a short while.

Choose a web hosting package

Up next is a web hosting plan. The moment you select a web hosting platform, you need to choose from several web hosting packages that they may have. This is the part where you get to select whichever plan suits your budget. There are different web hosting plans, and they all come with different benefits. Be sure to pick which most benefits your Nigerian blog.

Select a domain name for your new Blog

By now, you should know your domain name. If you have not thought of one yet, this is where you get to choose one. You could drive a domain name for your blogging niche or use your full government name like LindaIkeji. The choice belongs to you.

Complete your blog’s registration

After you may have chosen the name for your domain name, you can now proceed to complete the registration process for your blog hosting. You are required to fill in the missing bits and proceed to check out.

Install WordPress

Next, you should install your WordPress blog on your new hosting platform to enable your paid blogging website. The moment that you successfully install WordPress on your hosting account, you are all set to post your first blog post.

Log on to your blog and create your first posts

With your new blog now a self-hosted blogging platform, you now ready to start blogging. You will see several prompts on your dashboard, compelling you to start blogging. So you can create your first blog posts.

Choose a suitable WordPress theme to help design your blog

While you are given the green light to start blogging, you can also decide to change the layout and design. WordPress, as a free blogging platform, allows you to do this.

However, as a self-hosted blog, there are countless sources of themes from WordPress or your hosts.

So, all you need do is to choose the one that suits the entire vibe of your blog and the niche.

You should also pay attention to blog layouts and fonts because these features are also crucial if a blog.

Start blogging and promote your new blog

Having surmounted the primary challenge that bloggers face when they first start blogging, your primary challenge is blogging and getting the word about your blog out there. Try to write unique and compelling content on your blog. You should create original content with unique perspectives.

Importantly, it would be best if you never connect to the average Nigerian reader by spicing up your blog posts with jokes, humor, sarcasm, and riddles.

Nigerians like comedies, skits, and sarcasm the most when presented in their local dialects.

So, this is a valid point to consider when starting a blog in Nigeria.

LindaIkeji was a blog that was very notorious for her entertaining and provocative blog posts about Nigerian celebrities.


She never failed to cater to the different demographics in the country.

Also, it is essential to add unique and colorful pictures from every blog post you create.

Apart from reading juicy news and useful information, your readers will want some piece of verification or persuasion by way of pictures, images, and visuals.

Videos are also one of the best ways you can keep your Nigerian blog engaging.

To promote your new blog in the Nigerian blogging stratosphere, you need to have good content in the blog.

This means that you should have written close to 50 to 100 blog posts to qualify for the serious promotion.

Furthermore, it is recommend that you promote your blog just as much as you post.

And you should maintain links of your previous blog posts on new ones to keep the reader on your blog for as long as is possible.

If you do this, and users remain on your blog for long, your rankings increase.

And when this happens, you are easily visible in search engines online.

Monetize your blog

If your blog now has a substantial number of posts, you can now monetize it. By monetizing your blog, you get to make money for all your blogging efforts. There are several ways you can make money from your blog.

The following are ways you can make money in Nigeria when you start blogging:

  • Selling information products
  • Google AdSense program
  • Local content adverts
  • Brand influencer
  • Local and international affiliate programs
  • Providing featured posting services


With the amount of mobile internet penetration in Nigeria, there is never an excellent time to own a blog than now.

There are millions of Nigerians, both home and abroad that are hungry for quality and genuine Nigerian content.

If you know how to start a blog and make money from it, you can easily make this a long-term business venture.

Blogging is one of the best businesses that offer you numerous ways to make money with a relatively lesser effort than is for conventional businesses.

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