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High return investment opportunities in Dubai in 2020


If you want to enjoy a stress-free life, you must be financially stable. To achieve that, you need to expand your income through investments. Many people often think that saving for retirement is the real deal, but it’s not. You can save up as much as you want, but it won’t still be enough. Instead, you need to create streams of income from different sources to ensure your financial freedom. That’s why we want to explore some of the investment opportunities in Dubai that can help you achieve your goals.

There’re lots of reasons to invest in Dubai.

The first reason is that the UAE is filled with many high returns investment opportunities.

The United Arab Emirates is one of those countries that attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world.

The UAE cities have succeeded in creating job opportunities due to their continued growth and expansion in tourism.

Besides being a tourism wonder, UAE has numerous and highly profitable investment opportunities for foreigners and natives.

Better still, the country enjoys a stable economy, and their currency is stronger than the currencies of many countries in the world.


So, if you’re a forward-thinking investor, you need to spread your tentacles to the UAE.

There’re countless business and investment opportunities in Dubai.

Even if you don’t want to invest in a business, you can lean towards financial instruments or real estate.

The Emirates’ capital city is one of the places in the UAE to invest in and be sure of high ROI.

If you’re ready to explore with us, let’s get started!

Best ways to invest money in UAE

There are lots of ways to invest in the United Arab Emirates. According to Statista, the number of tourists who visited Dubai in 2018 was up to 15.93 million.

Two years before that, the city recorded a total of 14.9 million overnight tourists.

The number keeps increasing each year, meaning that the UAE will continually be a fertile ground for investors.

The best part is that there’re opportunities for both the natives and the foreigners to expand their income. 

So, if you’ve gathered some money and want to utilize  the investment opportunities in Dubai, you can consider  the following:

1. Invest in real estate

Investing in real estate in UAE offers a broader option for businessmen and women who aims at wealth expansion.

You can either invest in residential buildings, tourist attractions, or hotels.

In 2016, the total of real estate deals made in Dubai was up to 41,766, amounting to AED 259 billion.

In 2017, the deals rose to 69,000, with a monetary value of AED 285 billion.

This figure proves that real estate investment is increasing continually and is not about to decline.

Another option to consider when leaning toward real estate is hotel investment.

Investments in hotel properties are very stable because the investor will be receiving rental income regularly.

If you buy hotel rooms, your income will be from the guests who occupy them.

This type of investment is attractive because Dubai is a tourist city and millions of people visit the emirate every year.

Those visitors will always look for hotels to stay in for the period of their visit. So, there’s no way you can lose out on such investments.

Moreover, hotel investment is fully-managed-asset-class.

Anything about the advertisement, maintenance, or daily operations is the sole responsibility of the management.

But before you invest in Dubai real estate opportunities, there are some important factors to consider. 

Factors to consider before selecting an investment property:

  • Location; if you want to make more returns, it’s best to invest in properties close to landmarks. Other locations that ensure real returns are tourist spots, offices, and business hubs. These are the top areas where many things happen in Dubai.
  • Facilities & Amenities; nobody will rent a property where the basic amenities are not available. So, before you invest your hard-earned money, check if basic facilities such as education, transport, and childcare are accessible.
  • Size of the property; the best rental properties to target in Dubai are small apartments such as 1-bedroom apartments or studio homes. The more affordable they are, the faster you can rent them out. Also, smaller-sized apartments are easy to resell if you don’t want to make rental income.
  • Quality of the property; no one will go for an outdated and dilapidated apartment when there’re modern and well-furnished alternatives. So, don’t go for cheap but go for quality in affordable communities.
  • Timing and market conditions; proper research is necessary if you want to invest in Dubai real estate. Also, consider the market conditions to see if they’re favorable to your goals. You have to know the right time to invest in a property and the best times to resell. That’s the only way to make good returns on investment. 
  • Interest rates and maintenance costs; don’t forget that interest rates are charged on mortgage loans in UAE. So, consider the rates before borrowing to invest in real estate. The annual maintenance charges that go to DLD (Dubai Land Department) is also another factor to consider.

Where to invest in Dubai real estate?

If you’re still wondering how to invest in UAE, start from the following places:

Dubai Sports City

This is one of the best places to invest in Dubai.

The sports center has been a tourist attraction since its establishment in 2003. It hosts academies in football, golf, rugby, cricket, swimming, and hockey.

The Dubai sports center is only a 15-minutes drive to the Expo 2020 Pavilion, which will start from the 20th of October 2020 and last for 6 months.

Any forward-thinking investor can make lots of high ROI by investing in the sports center as many tourists will visit Dubai soon.   

Dubai Marina

The Marina is a business center where people regularly visit in search of rental properties.

One of the attractions of the Dubai Marina is the captivating towers that decorate the whole area.

Also, water views make this location a viable investment option for investors because people can’t get enough fresh air.

Many people who visit Dubai for business conferences, short meetings, or tourism often prefer to stay in the Marina.

Also, Dubai Marina is close to Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

That’s why people who work in these places prefer staying at the Marina close to their offices.

Barsha Heights

Many people know this place as TECOM, and it is at the center of “New Dubai.”

This location is where companies like Reuters, BBC World, CNN, CNBC, Microsoft, etc. opened up shops.

The number of visitors who come to this business hub is unimaginable.

Also, there’re lots of residential buildings and hotels in Barsha Heights.

That’s why it is a good place to invest.

You can decide to invest in hotels or apartments and increase your revenue through rental income.

Jumeirah Village Circle

This location is another viable place to invest in Dubai.

The Village circle is close to the Expo 2020 pavilion and other business attractions in the city.

The best part is that the Jumeirah Village Circle is just a 20-minutes drive to the Al Maktoum International Airport.

You can see that Dubai foreign residents will love to secure apartments in the Village Circle.

So, investing in rental properties, there is a surefire way of making a high ROI.

Business Bay & Downtown Dubai

These two locations are also good areas to invest in Dubai.

Downtown Dubai holds many important landmarks that attract international tourists every year.

Business Bay is where all kinds of business transactions take place in Dubai.

These two locations house the largest mall and the tallest tower in UAE.

So, whether you invest in rental apartments, office complexes, or hotels, you can be sure of high returns on investment.

2. Invest in the Financial Market

If you don’t want to navigate the waters of Dubai real estate investment opportunities, you can explore the financial market instruments.

Some of the options available for making high returns include the following:

Deposit and e-Saver Accounts

If you want to invest in Dubai’s financial industry opportunities, you can start by opening a fixed deposit bank account. This account pays good interest rates if you leave your money for some time. The time varies depending on your choice. It can be 1 month, 2 months, or 2 years. But it’s all based on your decision. Apart from the FD account, you can open an e-Saver account in any of the leading banks in Dubai and make good returns as well.

– Mutual Funds

If you’re considering a low-risk investment opportunity in Dubai, start with mutual funds.

The business model is simple and straightforward. A fund manager pools money from many investors and buys stocks, bonds, and securities.

The good thing about mutual funds is that the risk is spread across many company stocks.

So, if you’re not ready to live on the edge, try mutual funds.

Moreover, you can invest small amounts of money, depending on your budget.

Many UAE banks like HSBC, Citibank, etc. offer this opportunity.

– Bonds

Many people prefer investing in bonds because they come with little risk.

Also, the returns are at least higher than opening a fixed deposit account.

Bonds are debt instruments that companies issue to investors and pay them interests.

Although Islamic law in Dubai affects the bond market, you can still invest in bonds with as little as 100 dirhams.

The minimum duration for redeeming your bonds is 90 days, and you can do so in an exchange house.

– Exchange-traded funds

Here is another haven for investors in Dubai.

This form of investment is a low-risk option that you can start with little money.

You can purchase ETFs through a broker who builds a diversified pool of investments in bonds, stocks, commodities, etc.

The amount or number of instruments you invest in depends on your budget.

One thing to be sure of is that ETFs are not a high-risk investment, but instead, you can make good returns through them.

– Stocks

Stocks are affordable and low-risk, but you should know that they may not yield as high as other investment instruments.

The good news is that anyone can invest in stocks no matter how little they can afford.

If you’re up for it, you can invest in more than one company to be sure of your safety nest. But, always use a broker before buying stocks.

– Gold

This is one of the investment opportunities in Dubai for anyone interested in wealth expansion.

You can invest in gold as a form of savings and resale when the price goes high.

The good news is that there’s no time limitation on recouping your money.

Anytime you want, you can sell the gold and go home smiling.

But be aware that the market for this precious commodity is always fluctuating.

So, you have to be on alert to utilize the best resale opportunities.

3. Invest in business opportunities

Let’s say you don’t want anything to do with financial instruments or real estate; you can invest in high return business opportunities in UAE.

Some of the viable options to explore in Dubai includes:

– Travel agency

I don’t think anyone needs much persuasion to adopt this investment opportunity in Dubai.

Given the millions of people who visit Dubai every year, you can be sure of making high returns in this option.

Moreover, corona lockdowns are being lifted worldwide.

That means people will look for the nearest travel agency to facilitate their movement in or out of the UAE.

That’s why you must use this opportunity to open a reputable agency.

– Financial services

Why not open a financial services business in Dubai and make high ROI?

The city is booming with lots of national and international firms.

Moreover, as the years go by, more companies will continue to emerge in the UAE.

Your firm can take care of the auditing, bookkeeping, and accounting needs of these companies.

All you need to do is concentrate on start-ups and other small businesses at first and gradually scale up to the big shots.

– Recruitment agency

If you know the number of people who search for jobs in the UAE through agencies, you’ll rush to invest in the business. Dubai has turned into the world’s tourist wonder, and many people will give anything to live permanently in the city. So, you can be the middleman for these people and make good money finding jobs for them.

– Retail business

If you’re living in Dubai and not utilizing this opportunity, you’re making a mistake.

The economy is stable, the standard of living is high and foreign tourists are uncountable.

If you even open a gift shop, you can make high returns from selling to millions of tourists in the city.

– Online business opportunity in Dubai

You can also explore an online business opportunity in Dubai for high returns. There’re lots of them, such as:

Digital advertising

Many businesses need the services of a digital advertisement expert to increase their brand visibility and drive sales. You can be the go-to man/woman for it.

E-commerce Business

Opening an online store in Dubai is not a bad idea. More people shop online nowadays, and the number will continue to rise in the future. An online store can go a long way to boost your revenue. 

Website development

Any business without a website is still operating in the dark. This is a digital world, and the business environment has shifted to embrace the change. So, if you have the skill to develop websites, you’re in a high-demand sector.

Information technology

Dubai is overflowing with tech start-ups. Also, they’re part of the cities promoting smart technologies as the future of human existence. If you have the skills in this field, you can start a business and make money.

Job search portal

Creating a job search portal business is another way of making money online in Dubai. Lots of people search for jobs regularly. So, they’ll give anything to find a portal where they can connect to employers.

SEO Services

Every company wants to be visible in the online marketplace. One of the tools to achieve such a great feat is Search Engine Optimization. If you have the knowledge and experience, you can start online and make high returns.

Affiliate marketing

All you need is a blog, social media accounts to start. Register in some lucrative affiliate marketing programs and promote company products.


Once the company makes a sale through your affiliate links, they’ll pay you a commission.

Dropshipping business

Many online business enthusiasts are embracing this business model because it is simple and less demanding. You can invest in this business and make m in selling other people’s products. The best part is that the dropshipping company does all the leg work on your behalf.  

Final words

Dubai is one of the best places to invest in for high returns.

There are lots of business or investment opportunities and real estate deals in Dubai.

You can also explore the financial markets for instruments such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.

Moreover, there’re many online businesses to invest in as well.

The bottom line is that you can make high returns on investment if you know the right opportunities to explore.

That’s why we recommend working with any of the top investment companies in the UAE.

That way, they can help you to hit the ground running instead of taking unnecessary tricks. 

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