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Freedom Lifestyle: What Is It and How to Achieve It?

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Are you tired of getting tired in life? Have you ever craved a life that is free from worries? Have you ever wondered how to achieve a freedom lifestyle?

What is a freedom lifestyle?

If you ever feel tired of all the worries that you have in life and would want to achieve a stress-free life, then you are looking for a freedom lifestyle. But what is a freedom lifestyle?

Freedom lifestyle is a life that is full of freedom. It means doing the things you want, eating the food you like, and doing the things that make you happy.

In other words, a freedom lifestyle is simply achieving full contentment and happiness in life.

We can all agree that with life’s demands and pressure, it is sometimes hard to be satisfied and happy.


Other people may have already things that they need, but still cannot be happy.

They want to crave for more and more than what they already have. It is not a new concept, especially nowadays, that the world is getting competitive in almost all aspects.

Professionals want to get higher pay, students want to get higher grades, general and business people want money, and others want fame.

ut once all those are achieved, they still do not get satisfied. When can we be fully satisfied? How can we achieve the freedom lifestyle that we all wanted?

Here are a few tips on how to achieve a freedom lifestyle:

Step 1: Get rid of your addiction to things (and even people)

Hence, our addiction does not stop. The craving only haunts you over and over for the rest of your life.

Your addiction can be of different things, and yes, people too! In achieving freedom lifestyle, here are a few of the types of addiction that you can get rid of:

  • Material things – we get so hooked and addicted to things that we buy. These material things can be anything from books to gadgets, cars, and even businesses. If you dispose of these addictions, life becomes a lot easier to live on. Besides, these material things can only give you a few minutes of happiness. But it will not give you a pure sense of freedom, contentment, and bliss.
  • People – there are people and relationships that we get too attached to. Sometimes, we are more focused on their happiness than ours. This leads us to forget ourselves in the process.

You have to remember that you have to surround yourself with people whom you love and who love you equally in return.

If you are in the world of business and being surrounded by toxic people, it is time that you start removing them in your life. Avoiding these toxic people makes you acquire a freedom lifestyle in your life.

  • Jobs – A lot of working professionals do not like the job that they are in. 8 out of 10 people hate their jobs. If you are working in a job that you do not like, you are digging your own grave.

Freedom in your lifestyle

Working 8 hours a day and 5 days a week in that job would only do you more harm than good.

Better leave that business as early as now than to give yourself a lifetime of headache and misery.

Only then can you achieve freedom in your lifestyle if you quit a job that does not give you any sense of freedom.

  • Hectic schedule – Some people are happy with their job and businesses but tend to get addicted to being busy at work. Spending more time at work than your family also proposes a lot of risks. Know your priorities. Being tied with a hectic schedule is equivalent to not giving yourself the freedom that you want.

Also, cut down your schedule for the week to spend time with people that matter to you.

At the end of the day, it is the people that you love that you come home to, not your office desk.

Only then can you achieve freedom in your lifestyle if you learn to tone down your busy schedule.

Step 2: Simply your schedule

You may have the best high-paying job, the luxury cars, and the top-rank business, but you are still not happy. All those things require your time and attention.

Therefore you cannot be sitting at the highest position in the business company by just sleeping off all your responsibilities at work.

You will not be able to have those millions of money in your bank account if your schedule is not tight.

All those may satisfy your needs financially and materially but will not give you the essence of being fully contented in life.

So, being busy at work, with your business, or with friends will not surmount the happiness you have within. You have to simplify your schedule by knowing the priorities in your job.

It is hard to imagine a life without all your commitments and responsibilities in the business you are in.

But, have you ever wondered how life-changing it would be if your life is not just about business meetings and business events?

Have you imagined how much weight of a burden will be taken off your shoulders if you cut off some of these busy schedules?

Have you ever felt the need to have freedom if only you know how to say NO to some of those meetings?

Life would offer you a heavenly feeling if you only have a limited schedule for the day. With this, you can start doing the things you are dying to do.

You can attend that concert that you have always dreamed of. Also, you can go to the places you are saving your money for. By simplifying your schedule, you can check all the boxes in your bucket list.

Also, if you simplify your schedule, you have more freedom in your daily lifestyle.

Step 3: Live Healthy

They say that one of our priceless investments in life is our health. That is why to achieve a freedom lifestyle, and we have to start living a healthy lifestyle.

You are too busy to cook, but having it done yourself is a start to healthy living. Here are a few checklists for you to know if you are living a healthy lifestyle:

Get up and sweat

Start your freedom lifestyle with a day in the gym or a walk in the park. Before starting your busy day at your business or company firm, kick a few sweats to sustain your day. A few minutes of jogging or walking will do you more good in life.

Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep

You may be too busy at your business or job, but you forget to get your minimum of 7-hour of sleep a day.

Enough hours of sleep will help you stay awake at that dreadful business meeting and would keep your mind working well during a business presentation.

Also, you have to achieve this sleep hour for your brain to function at its optimum level. Your brain needs to recharge, and you can only do it by sleeping with the eight hours of sleep.

Failing to achieve this would weaken your immune system. This would also make you susceptible to many diseases and illnesses.

Eat healthy food

Mind your diet. If you are too engrossed with your business, you have to avoid eating fast-food.

Make sure that your daily diet consists of nourishing food such as vegetables and fruits.

Cut down your sugar and cholesterol intake since these would make you prone to illnesses.

You are also highly advised to take at least 8 glasses of water every day to hydrate yourself properly.

Depending on your daily activity, but the more you stay hydrated, the better you function.

Stop all your unhealthy habits

If you have unhealthy vices such as smoking and drinking, you have to stop them. And you have to stop them now.

Many business people tend to drink and smoke a lot at parties or even during their daily events.

These are, obviously, not healthy. Anything excessive should be cut down.

If your business partners invite you for a drink, take a glass or two, but avoid taking in too much alcohol.

Most businesses are prone to sedentary work.

Make sure that you stand and walk around for a few minutes to stretch those muscles.

Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle cuts down to 10 years of his/her life span due to a sedentary lifestyle.

See a doctor regularly 

To maximize your freedom lifestyle, you have to take charge of your health.

You can only do this by seeing your doctor regularly.

If you are seeing your business partners at a regular meeting, you should also do the same with your doctors. Preventive measures are better than cure.

Your doctors can give you suggestions to avoid and/or cure any unwanted issues you feel about your health.

Take a break 

With your busy schedule in your company, your job, or your business, you should learn to take a break. You can do this by any of the following:

  • Have a vacation with your family
  • Invite your wife for a weekend getaway
  • Play with your kids in the park
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Read books
  • Sleep

Practice mindfulness 

Your overall health does not only include your body but your mind as well.

Making sure that you have quiet and alone time in the middle of your busy work.

Your business may take its course, but you have to control your own.

Here are a few suggestions in achieving a healthy mind:

  • Meditate at least 5-10 minutes a day
  • Avoid unnecessary and disruptive thoughts
  • Think of good and happy thoughts

Step 4: Surround yourself with positive people

In our world nowadays, there can be so many people who feel like they have the right to take away your happiness from you.

Cut them out. Hence, it is high time that you choose your people.

Choose the right people who will make you happy.

They say that you are who you are with.

The people who you are with would define who you are as a person.

So, having good people around you would affect your outlook and perspective in life.

If you are surrounded, on the other hand, by bad ones, you would also be tagged as one.

Knowing the right kind of people to be with would save your image in the society and would offer you freedom in your lifestyle.

Here are a few benefits of having good people:

  • They help you grow. The ones that you spend most of the time with would allow you to grow. And your growth is their pride and happiness.
  • These people would help you succeed in life.
  • Positive people radiate their positivity in you.
  • Good people bring out the best in you.
  • They create a ripple effect. They do good to you, so you also do good to others.

Sometimes, in life, we find ourselves losing the people that we once thought would never abandon us.

However, losing them would always mean something good in the end. Losing people in life is fine.

Note that if a door closes, another one will open.

If you lose some, that means better ones are coming. Hold on.

They are worth the wait. Losing these unwanted people in life means gaining your freedom in your lifestyle.

Step 5: Invest and Love Yourself

A lot of you would wonder what and who do you love?

Many would also answer they love their jobs, their businesses, their partners.

But the question is, do you love yourself?

How much do you invest in yourself?

You can never love someone if you do not start loving yourself.

You can also never invest in something if you do not start investing in yourself.

So, stop investing in your money or businesses and start investing in the things that make you happy.

How do we invest in ourselves? Here’s how:

  • Learn new things. If there are things that you want to learn, do it. Also, if you want to learn how to take up lessons in cooking, singing, dancing, painting, and others, it is high time to take those lessons now.

It is only in learning new things and acquiring new skills that we get to invest in ourselves.

Businesses are just your temporary investments, but your knowledge and skills will take you far.

  • Treat yourself. You may be working long hours in your business or your job, but when was the last time that you treat yourself for a spa or a massage or even a simple movie marathon at home? Doing these simple things will boost your love and care for yourself.

You only have one life; no one can love you more than you love yourself.

Achieving Freedom Lifestyle in Business

If your concern is losing all the business investments you have made all these years, do not worry.

You can still establish your name in the world of business at the same time, achieving a freedom lifestyle.

If your business and/or job is taking a toll on you, why don’t you start your own online business?

Working online and at home would give you more freedom than you think.

Therefore, an online business allows you to work on your own pace and in your own space.

You are your business owner, and you are your boss. No one would be telling you what to do.

It will just be you and your freedom. 

Here are a few tips in attaining freedom lifestyle in business:

Work from home

You do not need to have toxic people at work.

You can work in your own space in the comfort and freedom of your home.

All you need are a good internet connection and a working computer.

Working from home offers you the following benefits:

  • Time is all yours to manage. By working from home, you do not have an around-the-clock company or office time. You can check-in at any time of the day that you want. 
  • Breaks in between. When you are running your business at home, you can take breaks at any time you want. You can take your kids to a playroom if you want. Also, you can walk the dog in between hours of work. Your business is yours to run and taking breaks does not have limits. Having your business with no bounds to any sort of rules means freedom in business lifestyle.
  • Working at home is equivalent to entire freedom. Hence, you can do whatever you want while running your business. You can work while in your pyjamas or with no bath at all. This also means you have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • Mobile office. Our businesses and jobs can be very demanding. However, if your presence is not as needed, maybe you can also learn to take on a mobile office. There are causes of office-related stress when you are working in a working environment.

Your freedom in lifestyle can begin by incorporating a mobile office.

Your business can run through this type of working environment.

One can even work when you are away from home as long as you have a stable internet connection and a computer set.

A person can make phone calls through a mobile office.

You can arrange meetings via email.

Also, you can even give a strategic plan via the internet.

Technology has made a great advancement nowadays.

This is your chance to take the time to work at home.

This way, you may be able to spend more time with your family at the same time, run your business.

Having a freedom lifestyle in business can be a little bit of a challenge for starters.

But once you get the hang of it, you are good to go.

It does not happen in a snap of a finger. Acquiring a freedom lifestyle in your own business takes a lot of responsibility and commitment.

Here are a few needed requirements for you to sustain and maintain a freedom lifestyle while growing and developing your business.

Here are a few characteristics which you should have in achieving freedom lifestyle:

  1. Be consistent. You cannot achieve a freedom lifestyle at the same time growing your business if you lose your consistency. This means being able to be firm and consistent with the daily decisions and decisions you make in your personal and business life.
  2. You have to be patient. Again, you cannot achieve a freedom lifestyle in the snap of a finger. It takes time. Therefore, you have to have very long patience in achieving it.
  3. Embrace simplicity. A lot of simple people are happy and fully contented in life because they do not surround themselves with all the material things. Your business may grow tremendously, but that does not mean drowning yourself with all the material things.
  4. Give. When your business starts to grow, it is better to give back the blessings you have received. Your business ventures and growth will not be possible if not for the people who helped you. So, it’s time that you give them back the efforts they spend in appreciating and helping your business grow.
  5. Seek happiness in small things. Seeing the beauty and happiness in small things is very much ideal in achieving the most coveted freedom lifestyle. Above all, you need to imbibe a mentality of seeing and being happy with the littlest things in life. Happiness means not owning the most expensive cars if yours still run in a good engine. It also does not mean wearing signature clothes if yours are still in great condition.

In finding and achieving freedom lifestyle, here is one last and final step: Decide on what you want to do

Have you ever asked yourself, “What do I want in life?”. If you feel like you are trapped between the things that you want to do and the things that you should do, choose the former.

So, doing the things that you should do would only put pressure on your ability to do things.

It leaves you with a lot of pressure to do the things that people, your friends, your business partners, your loved ones are telling you to do.

Start doing the things that you want to do.

Doing these things does not have to involve money.

Try to list down the happiest moments in your life. Think up to 10 things that made you the happiest in your entire life.

Even more, try to recall which part of your lifestyle made you the happiest? Notice how many of these are experiences and not material things?

The money will only make you happy temporarily.

You experience freedom shortly if you equate it with money. But experiences and people leave a forever ink marked in your heart.

So, get up and start deciding. What do you want to do?

Also, remember that a freedom lifestyle is not about resigning from your job. It is about being entirely happy and satisfied with what you have – no matter how small it is.

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