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Free Online Jobs that Pay Daily- Ultimate List

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With the internet, a lot of things have become easy. One of the best parts of this is that you can now use the internet to earn a good side income. Anyone- be it a student, homemaker or a regular worker can work on the internet and make some good money. With that in mind, let’s go ahead and learn about the different types of online jobs that you can check out. Apart from talking about a free online job that pay daily, we will also talk about some tips that you must keep in mind when looking for one. Let’s go ahead and start from some things that you must know before finding a free online job that pays daily. 

The Basic Requirements:

Before you start earning from a free online job that pays daily, there are a couple of things that you must know.

While anyone can get on the find the job and try to earn, you must fulfil some criteria. Then you can start work from home.

A couple of such things that you must keep in mind before you start:

You must have a personal computer

  • Any desktop or laptop will do as long as it can connect to the internet and can run some simple tools like Microsoft Office.
  • Though it is not mandatory, having Microsoft Office can be a big advantage. 

A working internet connection

  • There is no minimum bandwidth that you must have.
  • However, your internet must support basic browsing and video playback without too much lag.  

Basic reading, writing and testing skills

  • Again, the more skills you have that can find some use online, the better it will be.


  • In most online jobs, you must be at least 18 years.
  • However, some platforms allow anyone above 13 years to join.
  • We will talk about those as well.

A bank account and an international payment service such as PayPal linked to it

  • All the jobs on the internet pay digitally.
  • This means you should have a bank account, and it must be connected to a service like PayPal that allows you to receive funds across the globe to your local bank account.
  • PayPal is the most accepted one/, but there are other providers like Payoneer that you can check out.

With this list, you now have a good idea of what all you should have to start getting the daily paid online jobs free.

However, before we jump to the opportunities for you, it is important to know what you must avoid as well.  

Before you start earning online

The online job market is huge, and there is a lot of potentials to earn.

However, that also attracts its fair share of scams and people trying to trick you.

If you are just starting to earn online, here are a couple of things that you should be aware of:

Paying a ‘deposit’ or ‘processing fee’

  • If any online job requires you to pay first, then it is most probably a scam.
  • Do not pay anything in the form of ‘processing charges’ or similar. 

Don’t think of it as your primary income source just yet

  • While it is possible to find a free online job that pays daily, and you will be starting with relatively less amount.
  • Do not try to think of these online jobs it as your primary income source just yet.

Follow the rules of the website/marketplace

  • A lot of websites that pay online daily have referral rewards, joining bonuses, etc.
  • Do not try to make multiple accounts to gain these or ‘game the online system’.
  • While it may seem like a quick way out, the websites do notice things like these and ban users sooner than later. 

Be patient

  • Earning online will require you to have patience.
  • It may take some time and effort to get a job that pays daily.
  • With some research and effort, you can get multiple online jobs with a daily payout.

What are the best free online jobs that pay daily?

Let’s now talk about what are some of the best daily paid online jobs free of cost. 

Doing online surveys is one of the best ways that you can earn online and have pay paid every day.

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The work involved is not tough, and no particular qualifications are required for it.

Up ahead, we will talk about some of the online survey platforms that you can work on.

However, we will only focus on those that have a reputation for earnings paid daily. 

Survey Junkie

One of the most popular online jobs that pay daily is to take online surveys.

Survey Junkie is a good website that you can start with.

It is available to people all over the globe and is known for giving pay daily.

Getting your account created on Survey Junkie is easy.

All you have to do is provide a few basic information to complete your profile and link a payment method.

They will ask you a few questions, such as your experience, online interests, education, etc.

These questions will be used to determine your eligibility for online surveys.

You may not qualify for every survey out there- and that is something that happens on all such websites.

For every online survey that you complete, you get certain points.

These points are redeemable either as cash or in the form of gift vouchers from different brands.

And the best things?

You can work from home.

This is not the only online survey website that has its pay paid daily- there are a couple more too.

Let’s go ahead and talk about those. 

Paid Viewpoint is a market research survey website.

You can earn online through surveys on this site and get your earnings paid daily, provided the total is above USD 10.

On Paid Viewpoint, after you are eligible for an online survey, you will get to complete it and take your payment.

On this site, if you are investing your time and provide an honest opinion, your ‘TrustScore’ increases.

This is their patent score that gives an idea of how sincere response is.

The higher this is, the better earning opportunities you can expect here. 

Once you have a minimum of USD15 in your account, you are eligible to withdraw your pay on Paid Viewpoint.

The cash-out process allows you to get daily payment.

It may take another 1 to 2 days for the money to reach your account.

There is a limit on how many surveys you can take.

Also, please note that you can only create one account to earn through this free online job that pays daily.

However- do not let that worry you, have many other ways to earn online that we will talk about next. 

Quick Rewards

If you want to start making money online and get daily pay, then Quick Rewards is another option.

On this site, you can get a free online job that pays daily, doing things that you already do on the internet.

You can take surveys, complete offers, shop on their affiliate websites and play games.

All these activities will give you a decent earning chance.

The majority of the offers on Quick Rewards give you money within 2 hours.

Also, you can cash out your earning for as little as SD 5. 

Not only does this site pay daily, but it also has good online customer service.

Queries here are answered on the same day.

The online offers include activities like creating a free account on some websites, signing up for email newsletters and taking up a free online trial, among other things. 


Swagbucks is one of the most popular online websites when it comes to making money online and getting paid daily.

This free online job that pays daily website pays you for doing a variety of tasks- right from participating in surveys to watching some videos, playing games and doing online searches.

The website is free to join, and they do not charge any fee.

For taking online surveys on Swagbucks, there is a certain eligibility criterion that you may have to fulfil first.

Apart from this, you also get rewards for watching some videos on their website or their partners’ websites.

If you are an online shopper, then you can shop through their affiliate contacts and get even more cashback on your purchases. 

With Swagbucks, you can redeem your earnings in the form of gift cards.

They have more than 15 million members currently.

The available redemption offers include Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and many others.

It is available to people across the globe.

If you have a good network, then you can use that to make even more money through Swagbucks.

For every person that you refer to on Swagbucks, you get 10% of their total earnings.

There is no maximum limit on the amount that you can earn like this.

It is a good way to set up passive pay for yourself without doing too much work every day. 

Valued Opinions

While online surveys are a popular way to make money on the internet, finding ones that you are eligible for can often be a challenge.

Valued Opinions claims to be an online survey site with a difference.

It is also among the largest of survey panels in the world, and one where you can expect better pay and quality.

This website has been around since 2004. 

On this website, you redeem your rewards and get pay in the form of gift cards from leading brands, including Amazon and M&S, among others.

All you have to do is fill up their registration form, complete your profile, read a few emails, and you are all set to begin earning.

It does not just have online surveys.

You can also become a part of studies and focus groups.

While such activities do not pay daily, the associated rewards are much higher. 

There are different membership tiers on Valued Opinions, which help you to make more pay.

They start from Bronze and go as high as Diamond.

A member’s status depends on the profile completion status, online surveys completed over the past 1 or more weeks and the total number of online surveys done.

Their website has recently been redesigned, and you will find it much easier to learn and navigate on it now.s

Transcribe Me

Next, we will talk about something more interesting than just filling up online surveys.

As the name suggests, with Transcribe me, you get paid daily for typing down the audio that you hear in their clips.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Before you begin to earn this free online job that pays daily, you have to clear their qualification exams.

When you first sign up on the website, you will find documents that guide you on the basic process of transcription that they follow.

Their pay is around USD 10 to USD 20 per hour of audio that you transcribe.

It is higher for specialists in legal or medical transcription.

That, however, requires more training and expertise.

Note that this rate is per hour of audio that you transcribe.

The effort involved, as per industry experts, is 4 minutes for every 1 minute of audio.

For this job, a good grasp over the English language, punctuation and typing speed is a must. 

You can also become a transcriber in other languages, including Spanish and French if you are fluent in those.

The pay is also higher with these skills.

It will take some time to find gigs and build up a profile that gets you more projects here.


Another website where you can put your language skills to work and get paid daily is CrowdSurf.

For this free online job that pays daily, you have to create captions on videos for people who are hard of hearing or do not know the audio’s original language.

The website offers several transcription tasks that you can take as per your preference.

Creating an account on Crowdsurf is free; all you have to do is fill up a simple form.

You have to create your account n Worm Market, keeping ‘Writing And Translation’ as the main industry.

Your profile will go through in less than 24 hours (this is the standard time in most cases).

You then have to choose your payment method.

Paypal is the most preferred one, but you can also select a direct deposit to your bank.

After this profile creation completes, you can join CrowdSurf as a transcriber.

You will have to go through some guidelines and take an assessment to join the group and get paid.

After you pass it, your account is set up within 3-5 days.

The majority of the transcription tasks are quite easy and do not take as much time.

You can choose your working frequency and time. 

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie gives you the chance to earn by listening to music, which is one of the most interesting free online jobs that pay daily.

This is a good way to make some extra money off the internet for those who like listening to music.

On this platform, musicians upload the work that they want other people to listen to.

You are their audience- you listen to this music and provide a rating and review.

Reviewers like yourself are ‘scouts’ on this website.

Most of the times, you will be listening to the work of new and upcoming artists who are still making a name for themselves.

The artists who are getting the highest ratings are a part of the website’s showcase.

The scouts also get a chance to support these artists apart from their pay.

In return, you can expect free merchandise and music.

You have to listen to a minimum of 90 seconds of a track, only then will you be eligible to leave a review.

The more detailed and thorough your review, the better will be the earning opportunities.

In addition to music, this website is now letting users review fashion as well.

The pay from this website is in the range of USD 0.04, but it goes up as you review more.

A minimum of USD 10 must be there in your account before you start a withdrawal.

It allows anyone over the age of 13 to sign up and earn money.

The only limitation is that a PayPal account is a must to get your pay. 

LionBridge Smart Crowd

LionBridge is a USA based company that is building its Smart Crowd team.

As a part of this team, you will get paid for completing small tasks as per your convenience.

Tasks include activities like taking part in marketing research, visiting websites, creating a trial account, etc.

You have the choice of your own working time and hours.

Apart from the usual tasks, Smart Crowd also offers you work in data entry, research, testing and language, among others.

The pay here varies based on the task as well as how productive you can be.

As you sign up on Smart Crowd, you will learn more details about the money you get for each task.

There are no fees for creating your account- which is one of the best things. 

As you create your account, you will have to provide certain details.

These will help them to provide tasks more suited to you and the pay you expect.

These details include your skills, demographic information, language expertise, and interests.

You do not have to search continuously for work here.

Once you create your profile and give all the details, the Smart Crowd team itself will contact you as it gets a project for you. 


One of the most legit platforms to find a free online job that pays daily is the mTurk platform.

This is the Amazon Mechanical Turk.

It is defined as a crowdsourced marketplace.

Businesses find numerous people to do tasks for them on this platform.

The tasks on mTurk can range from anything, including filling up an online survey, doing some translation work, recording a review video, etc.

If you are looking to leverage some skill into earning money on the internet, then this is a good place to start.

You can browse the HIITs or Human Intelligence Tasks, pick the one that you find interesting and apply for it.

If the requestor of the tasks approves your application, you can go ahead and complete the task.

Your earnings are available once the requestor of the task approves.

This platform is ideal for users from almost all countries. 

You can manage this work from home.

There are tasks with payments ranging from USD 0.1 to USD 20 per job and even more.

Those that give a chance to earn higher may have an eligibility criterion attached to them as well.

Creating an account as a worker is simple- if you already have an Amazon account, you are all set.

Simply enter your address details to complete your profile, and you’re all set to begin. 

mTurk is not the only crowdsourced marketplaces to earn on the internet.

As you read about it, you must be wondering about how good a concept this is, and that there should be other such platforms.

Well, you are in luck- because there are, and that is what we will talk about next. 

OneSpace (formerly CrowdSource)

The online crowdsourcing marketplace is a great place to do tasks and earn.

A platform of this model with more tasks is OneSpace.

This was earlier known as CrowdSource.

This is a great freelance marketplace wherein you can sign up and earn at your own will.

They pay daily for all work that gets approvals in time.

This helps you to continue to earn and not worry about your past dues.

OneSpace has tasks ranging from content writing to graphic designing, product research, and data entry, among others.

As you log on to their website, you will find a list of all open positions.

You can apply for any of them and start to earn once your application is approved.

In case your desired job is not there, you can submit your profile, and they will reach out to you as a job or vacancy comes in.

You make your schedule and work at your comfort when on OneSpace.

This is one of the easiest freelancer platforms to sign up on and to begin to earn.

In case you want to learn more about them, there are several guides and how-to videos on their website too.


Clickworker lets you sign up and earn from doing different types of jobs.

The jobs here include writing, translation, research, data entry, etc.

As a ‘clockwork’, you are an independent worker who chooses his or her schedule and works on whatever you like. 

After you sign up on the platform, there will be some tasks to choose from.

However, what tasks you see and get vary as per your qualification, assessment, education, interests, and other factors.

You must provide as much information as possible while creating your profile.

This will allow you to get maximum jobs and get daily pay.

For every task, the amount is shown before you apply for it.

Clickworker gives you small tasks, known as micro-jobs, to earn.

You have the flexibility to choose the type and number of jobs that you want to do depending on what you want to earn.

No formal education or training is required to earn on Clickworker.

Students and professionals can all sign up and take upon jobs from here.

The website is available in both French and English.

You can also check out their help articles to get a complete guide on how to get started on earning daily from this website. 

Crowdsource marketplaces are a great platform to earn side money and allow you to try your hand at several things.

However, if you have a certain skill(s) and would like to earn online through those, then you can try dedicated freelance portals as well.

So are you ready to start work from home?

Let’s go ahead and talk more about those. 


Fiverr is one of the best places to freelance and get pay daily.

Freelancers from many different areas- graphic designing, writing, web designing, development, and many others use this platform to earn.

If you are good at what you do, you can even make Fiverr a primary source of income for you.

Wondering how this works? Let’s dive into it now. 

With Fiverr, you advertise whatever skill you have on its website to earn.

Buyers, who are people that have some work to be done, browse through the available freelancers (aka sellers) and ask for their project.

Once they find someone with the right skill set, the job begins.

On Fiverr, you can get paid the moment your client verifies the job’s completion.

This could be daily and even multiple times a day if your gig does not take you too much time.

Fiverr has a great support team, and you can be sure that your time and money are both taken care of.

If you are looking to become a professional freelancer, then Fiverr is one of the websites that you must try. 


As we talk about portals to freelance to earn an income, Freelancer is yet another great option.

It has jobs in almost every field that you can think of, and you get paid daily or even more frequently.

The payment credit to your account is instant.

There are several payment options for you to choose from- right from PayPal to direct bank transfer and other payment gateways.

On Freelancers, people post the job that they have and an estimate of how much they are willing to pay.

Freelancers who have the required skills bid on the job.

You can quote more or less pay then asked for.

Depending on your reputation and any sample work that you may have, the Freelancer for the job is picked.

While there is a lot of potentials to earn on this website, you will have to put in a lot of effort to build your reputation and gather customer testimonials for bagging more jobs.

Freelancer is one of the biggest portals out there, and it is a great way to find a free online job that pays daily.

You can start from anything- including content writing, web development, writing research papers, and so on. 

If you are good at a particular subject and think can teach others too, then online tutoring is another idea that you can explore.

Let’s go ahead and talk about a teaching-related job. 


UpWork is the largest freelancing portal online.

If you have some specific skills that you want to leverage into creating a job online, then this is the platform to check out.

Their list of skills ranges from Admin Support to design, web development, IT, accounting and many others.

You can get jobs that pay daily, short-term projects and even long-term contracts.

To start working on UpWork, just create your profile, specify what skills you are good at, and you can start browsing projects that pay well.

There is always a lot of work available on the platform.

All you have to do is bid on the project.

It may require you to have a proposal along with the application as well.

Some projects include a demo or some test.

This can vary depending on what skill/ domain it is from.

As with other freelancing websites, you must build a reputation to get projects.

You may get projects with less payout at the start, but this will increase as you get positive client reviews.

The payment comes through after a client’s approval.

If you can complete the tasks within a day, then you can get paid daily as well. 

Chegg Tutor

Chegg Tutor is among the most famous websites for teaching online and making decent pay.

You can tutor in a variety of subjects.

These include not just Science, Math, and languages- but also specific fields like voice lessons, antitrust laws, and even botany.

You get the freedom to tutor students at their own time.

Simply create your profile and pass a few tests to confirm your eligibility as a teacher. 

The website takes care of matching you with students who need help in your subjects.

You can teach from anywhere in the world at whatever time that suits you.

In addition to that, you have the freedom of taking up as much work as you want.

If you know one of the high demand subjects, you can also make extra subject bonuses.

Chegg tutor works with students across all levels.

Its user base includes school students (both middle and high school), college students and even working professionals.

Some of the top tutors on the platform earn an average pay of USD 1,000 in a month.

While it may take some time for you to reach that level- it is surely an opportunity worth checking out.


For those who are good at writing and want to take it a step further to earn more, Contently is a great platform to check out.

This is a content marketing business, connecting writers with companies all over the world.

This website has been around since 2011, and you can trust it to get you genuine writing gigs with decent pay.

Anyone is eligible to join contently- including freelance graphic designers and videographers too.

A client (any business or company) searches for writers on the platform.

As a writer, you must have a portfolio, details about what topics you are good at, a link to some website where your work is and a few other details.

Clients use this to shortlist freelancers for their job.

After Contently confirms your profile, there is an orientation course that you have to take.

Remember that you will only get work through Contently post completion of this orientation.

What makes this better than other portals is that Contently keeps you updated about new projects, approaching deadlines and other details you need to earn.

Its editors ensure that your work is as per the client’s expectations.

As a client accepts your write up, the payment is sent to your PayPal account.


If you have a great command over the English language, especially as a native speaker, and can help others better themselves at it, then Cambly is worth checking out.

This website aims to help people better their English skills.

They employ native speakers from around the world and connect them with people who wish to learn English.

The students could be from any background- those who are planning to take TOEFL or IELTS, people migrating to another country or anyone else.  

As a teacher on this platform, you work with students over video chat.

Thus, you must have a good internet connection and webcam-enabled PC to work here.

If you are fluent in some other language as well, then it is a bonus.

Students can then type in their native language and learn the corresponding English translation. 

You have freedom over how many classes you want to take and at what time.

Cambly is present all over the globe and is a great platform to earn online while helping other people.

As you work more and earn good reviews, the earning opportunities will also increase. 


If you are good at teaching and want to explore how you can earn from it, Studypool is a great option.

As a tutor on Studypool, you can teach any subject that you are good at school and college students.

What sets them apart from the other tutoring platforms is that their service fee is among the lowest.

It is just around 20% of what you make.

Considering how they help you to get opportunities, provide a platform to teach and expand your income- this is a low figure.

You have the freedom to create your schedule.

It will connect you to students that need help in your area of expertise automatically.

You can give lessons, answer questions and help students complete assignments.

It has subjects starting from Account and Algebra to Medical, Law, Programming, and Writing, among others. 

Studypool provides opportunities for students and tutors all over the globe.

Payments can be withdrawn through PayPal.

The top tutors on this platform make a lot of money in a month.

While it may take a while for you to build your profile and get regular work here, it is something that you must check out. 


Needle hires customer service representatives and helps online shoppers get expert advice.

It has one of the unique business models out there.

The company aims to provide the expertise of offline in-store shopping to people online.

It is a brand advocacy website.

People that work on this platform are brand advocates.

A lot of organizations hire brand advocates to help shoppers choose by choosing their brand and pay them in return.

These brand advocates are experts in that specific retail area and know everything there to know about it.

It aims to do away with chatbots and help shoppers make the right choice.

As a brand advocate on Needle, you will work for companies and eCommerce platforms to help answer their shopper’s questions and make decent pay.

You will have to go through a bit of training and to learn to earn money here.

However, you cannot just sign up and start to earn.

You have to fill up their registration form and provide relevant details as they ask.

The company will then contact you and help you to get job.

Until sometime back, Needle paid a fixed hourly rate of USD 10 per hour.

However, this is now changing, and a flat pay system is coming.

You will be paid directly from the brand that you are advocating.

The points that you earn makeup your pay as gift vouchers.

The available gift vouchers are from various brands globally, including Amazon, Walmart, iTunes and Google Play, to name a few. 

A few other ideas

The list above is just of the easiest opportunities that you can use to earn daily in addition to your regular pay.

There is a lot more than you can do online and get more pay.

If you are creative and are good at making videos, then YouTube pays quite a lot for good content that draws in users.

For those who like eCommerce and are good with sales, becoming a ‘drop shipper’ is another great idea.

If you want to take your writing and marketing skills to the next level, then you can even start your blog.


However, each of these ideas requires a lot of work to get to the stage where you can earn and get paid daily.

As you begin to work online and take up a free online job that pays daily, you will be able to make quite a good secondary income.

When working online, keep exploring and learning new things.

This will help you to make most of those skills and increase your income and the best thing you can work from home.

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