Top 20 profitable fast-growing business in Nigeria

Advertisements Are you an intending entrepreneur looking for a fast-growing business in Nigeria to startup? Are you tired of that job and are looking for a business opportunity to make cool money from? Then you are in the right place. Before I go further, you must understand that not all profitable businesses are fast-growing. It […]

What are the best profitable business ideas in Singapore?

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AfDB Chief Akinwumi Adesina to be Probed

Advertisements Earlier in February this year, the African Development Bank (AfDB) president, Akinwumi Adesina faced some accusations. The accusations were brought by a group of anonymous “concerned members of the staff”. These accusations led to an investigation into Akinwumi Adesina’s governance, human resources, deals and management. On May 5th, the Ethics Committee of the Board […]

What are some small business ideas in Turkey?

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What are the best investment opportunities in Kenya?

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How to get 50 dollars fast without a traditional job

Advertisements Nowadays, people are turning to online methods of earning cash. Who could blame them? It is easy and convenient. You can earn money fast while just sitting on your computer at home. If you’re wondering how to get 50 dollars fast while at home? Keep on reading. There are plenty of ways to make […]