Acacia Hits More Tanzanian Roadblocks as Barrick Bid Looms.

Advertisements Acacia Mining Plc hit another roadblock in Tanzania, they are facing issues with the Tanzania government, two days before a deadline for its parent Barrick Gold Corp. to make an offer to minority shareholders.  Tanzanian National Environment Management Council (“NEMC”) ordered the company’s core gold mine to stop using a waste storage facility at […]

Traders Angry with Brokers Working In Mombasa Port

Advertisements Traders from the (DRC) Democratic Republic of Congo using the Mombasa port claim that they are considering moving to Dar es Salaam. They mention frustrations from traders posing as officers of the state freight company Office Congolaise de Gestion du Fret Maritime (Ogefrem), demanding taxes that are not paid. Importers suggest that the brokers posing as […]

Inflation Rate Rises in Tanzania And Uganda, As Kenya’s Business Drops.

Advertisements Annually, the headlines on inflation rates for both Tanzania and Uganda rose in the last month of June while that of Kenya dropped. According to the Tanzania’s National Bureau of Statistics, for past few week’s report indicated that, an inflation rate has increased of 0.2 per cent from 3.5 to 3.7 per cent in […]

Japanese Investors Decry Kenya’s Unclear Trade Laws

Advertisements According to Jetro’s statistics, the Japanese export to Kenya have stood about $898million last year. This is due to lack of communication policy and regulation changes that have been established by the government. Which required irritation and blocking to the Japanese investors in Nairobi. The Foreign journalist claimed that the companies are scared for […]

Financial Troubles at Cell C Limited – South Africa

Advertisements Cell C, a mobile company ranked among the top 4 leading mobile network providers in South Africa is in huge financial trouble. The company was forced to delay in its debt payments and has hired Bowman’s Attorney to investigate its business practices. The problems at Cell C are so severe to the point where […]