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There are endless ways you can make money online, even right from the comfort of your house. I’m sure you read the topic and are wondering, but how? You mean people get paid to chat with people online? To press the phone? Yes, they do. People even claim to make up to $500 daily by just chatting. So how do I get paid to chat with people online?

That is what we are going to answer in this article and many more.

Also, we’ll show you what websites and organizations pay people to chat and talk to other people.

So stop wasting your data and time chatting with people who won’t pay you (well, friends and family are important) and start getting paid to chat.

How does it work?

Yes, yes, I know you are eager to get right to it, so let’s start.

There are so many opportunities out there on the internet, and you won’t believe some of them.

Before I go further, let me put a disclaimer: This online job isn’t appropriate for everyone.

If you are a person that loves to chat and make interesting conversation, then this is for you.

Some jobs involve you to chat with men (for the women), those that pay you to make online friends and relationships and those that deal with a business-customer relationship.

Get paid to chat with men

Let’s get started with the first set of online jobs where you get paid to chat online.

These social sites offer jobs mainly to women to keep their male clients’ company via chat.

Many of them just require you to make conversation with them, so you get paid to answer text messages.


Some others prefer you to talk with these clients on the phone and also video chat.

This is not compulsory so you can stick with what makes you comfortable.

1. ChatOperatorJobs

You do not need to have any form of experience to join this site.

All you need is access to steady internet, and a phone or your personal computer (PC) and you’re good to go.

ChatOperatorJobs hire ladies above the age of 25 to keep the company of lonely men.

This job requires you to respond to at least 75 messages per week, which is decent.

They pay $0.2 for every message you reply to.

This means you can make a minimum of $15 every week from the comfort of your home.

ChatOperatorJobs pays its workers every week to their PayPal account.

So if you do not have a PayPal account, ensure you create one.

For this job, you must have good grammar.

2. Chat Recruit

Another online job that pays you to make conversation with men is Chat Recruit.

This site is a UK-based one, but it serves everyone worldwide.

They boast of having high-paying clients and steady jobs for their workers.

This service allows video chat, phone chat and messaging.

There is no pressure in this, if you are not comfortable with video chat, just stick with regular messaging.

You have control of your work hours, and they pay $2 per chat minute.

You do not require a PayPal account to get paid.

For those in the UK or Europe, payment is made via direct bank deposit.

If you live outside the UK or Europe, you will receive your payment through international wire transfers straight to your local bank account.

3. Dream Lover

Dream Lover is another site that connects lonely men to women above the age of 18 who are willing to keep men company.

This service allows you to share pictures, but if you are not cool with it, you can simply avoid doing that.

This service disallows physical contact, and they keep their chatters’ information safe and secure.

You are in complete control of your schedule, and you can work any day at any time.

Dream Lover accepts women all over the world, as long as you are 18 and above anyway.

4. FlirtBucks

If you have a great personality, FlirtBucks is the way to go.

This site encourages women to be themselves and in control.

This means you chat with only those you are willing to chat with, and no client will be forced down your throat.

You get to choose what you want to chat or talk about.

They also allow you to chat with multiple clients at once so that you can maximize your earnings.

FlirtBucks seems to be one of the most popular online sites offering this service.

They boast of having enough customers to go around, so you don’t need to find clients yourself.

They pay twice a month via check or PayPal.

This job, like others, require you to be 18 years of age and above to use their service.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a common platform where freelancers of different fields get online jobs and get paid for them.

You can also get paid to chat with people online on this platform.

Fiverr allows you to set up your service, state your price, and wait for clients to contact you.

Ensure your label is in line with what you offer so that clients find you easily.

If you want to offer flirting services, then name it along that line.

6. Lip Service

Lip Service is another mode where you can get paid to chat with people online.

It is a UK based company that connects companies that need chat agents with a specific agent.

This is how it works.

Say this company needs a Native American female speaker to talk to their American clients, Lip Service provides them with the qualified agent.

What you need to do is create an account with them and fill an application.

If your application is accepted, a Lip Service representative calls you to hear your voice when you talk.

To join Lip Service’s bank of chatters, you have to be at least 18 years of age.

Some of their services require you to be 21 years old, like clients that need you to talk to them and flirt.

The amount of money you can earn depends on the client that wants to hire you.

Lip Service provides flexible work hours, and they inform you whenever you have a client.

7. My GirlFund

My GirlFund is similar to Go Fund Me.

How? Let me explain.

This online site connects lonely men with women.

The men “rent” girlfriends in exchange for a fee charged by the lady.

The men pay to have some sort of virtual relationships with women; they have emotional connections and just have someone to talk to.

Its similarity to Go Fund Me is that the women may request money for expenses like paying rent, paying college fees, and the men pay them if they are willing.

Some women say they makeup to $40,000 a year just by making conversation and emotionally connecting with the guys.

Off-site meetings are prohibited, and your information is kept securely.

The site allows the women to cash out anytime, and payment is made via PayPal.

8. Phrendly

Phrendly is another online dating site that prohibits physical meetings.

You just have to answer text messages from the comfort of your home.

It allows users to flirt, have online relationships and bond emotionally.

Most of the clients are men who have no time to have a real relationship and are good with virtual ones.

In place of going out to get drinks, these men can send virtual drinks on the site or app, which can be exchanged for money.

The more you chat, the more money you get.

Phrendly app is only available for iOS.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can make use of the website.

This is another great way to get paid to chat with people online without the pressure of meeting them.

9. TexKings

If you are a great typist, here is a great job for you.

TexKings require their workers to have a typing speed of 25 words per minute since the conversations will be web-based.

Another requirement is that you should have excellent grammar with a good sense of humour.

The conversations can be casual or flirty, so you should be comfortable with both and be open-minded.

You are expected to work at least 12 hours a week.

Payment ranges from 6 to 12 euros cent per message.

TexKings says it’s possible to earn up to 500 euros per month.

Payments are made weekly or monthly.

10. Text121Chat

This is another company that provides various chatting services.

Test121Chat pays you to chat with their clients.

You are in complete control of your time and schedule.

However, the company requires you to have at least 2000 texts a month.

This company pays about 7 cents per message which is about $140 per month.

It is not enough to make it your full-time job, but it could be your side job.

All you need is access to high-speed internet and phone.

I would advise you to make enough research about this company as their rating online doesn’t look too good.

Get paid to offer customer support services (chat agents)

Next, we move on to another set of online jobs.

This category consists of contract companies who service other companies by providing them with chat agents.

Companies that hire chat agents during peak periods like holidays also fall in this category.

This is an awesome opportunity to get paid to chat with people online without having to chat with or talk to men or flirt.

1. Amazon Chat Support Representative

Everyone knows Amazon, right?

It is a big name in the e-commerce industry.

Amazon is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers of goods.

Since it’s one of the most popular shopping sites, it is flooded with customers having one form of request or the other.

During the holiday season, the number of shoppers increases considerably, and Amazon staff most likely won’t be able to keep up.

In their peak periods, Amazon hired chat agents to chat with customers and attend to their needs.

You will talk to the customers using their online chat tools and assist them in resolving their issues and shopping requirements.

Amazon has an attractive compensation rate, and they hire around September to January.

There is also a catch: If you perform wonderfully well, you stand a chance of being employed as a full-time Amazon staff!

2. LiveWorld

LiveWorld is another company that will pay you to chat.

They hire chat agents to provide stated services.

LiveWorld requires you to have top-notch communication and typing skills.

Your grammar and punctuation skills also have to be solid.

You should be able to multi-task as well.

LiveWorld offers part-time job opportunities and also remote working opportunities.

You are free to work from any corner of the world.

They also have enviable compensation which includes health insurance and time-off.

3. Accolade Support

Accolade support is a contracting firm.

They are a business-to-business contractor, and they help companies source for chat agents.

They have the task to improve the return on investment (ROI) for their client companies.

As a result, they are always in search of talented people who can serve as chat agents.

Accolade support requires their chat agents to have good communication and conversational skills as well as excellent typing skills.

Chat agents are required to work remotely and are given various tasks to carry out.

4. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is also similar to Accolade Support in that they are a contracting company.

They continuously source chat agents to work for various companies.

This job requires one to have a typing speed of at least 80 words per minute.

You also need to have good communication and organization skills.

The Chat Shop trains their recruits for the online chat position.

You could earn about $10 per hour with them.

5. Live Sales Staff

Live Sales Staff hires people on a freelance basis.

Like many other online jobs, you are free to work anywhere you wish.

It is reported that they pay around $500 per month to their freelance chat agents.

At this point, let me advise you to carry out research before joining this platform or any other one as their reviews online are not encouraging.

As a chat agent in Live Sales Staff, you will make use of email, support tickets, and online chat.

6. Asurion

Are you below the age of 18 and looking for online jobs to do?

Asurion extends its reach to 16-year-olds.

So if you are a teenager seeking a side hustle, you can get paid to chat with people online with Asurion.

They are a typical call centre company, and they hire remote agents as part-time and full-time staff.

You can set your working schedule even on weekends.

Asurion pays between $10 and $12 an hour to talk to clients.

7. 1800 Flowers

Like Amazon, 1800 Flowers typically hires during their peak periods.

During periods when there’s a heavy influx of customers, the source for qualified extra help.

If you perform well, you stand a chance of being retained as permanent staff.
This job allows you to work from the comfort of your home on part-time.

8. Liveops

For this company, the job is to handle calls, customer service, revenue maximization, customer acquisition services, amongst other duties.

You can earn around $10 per hour when you receive calls for this company and talk to customers.

Liveops is another online job where you get paid to chat with people online.

9. American Express

American Express is another company where you get paid to chat with people online.

They provide financial, insurance and travel services to customers.

Their products include different types of credit cards, traveller’s checks, and charge cards.

Often, American Express hires remote workers as customer service agents.

Your job as a customer service agent is to receive calls and talk to customers, respond to emails and also to chat with customers online.

The job description is to assist travellers in providing reservations.

American Express gives attractive compensations to their remote workers, and you can earn about $15 per hour.

If you take up more work, you get paid more.

10. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is another business-to-business company that is in constant search of remote chat agents.

They task themselves with helping businesses survive unforeseen circumstances by providing contact centre solutions to service their customers.

Do you wish to work at the convenience of your home?

Working Solutions avails you of such an opportunity.

They provide free training for their remote workers, and there are a lot of success stories on their website.

Their workforce consists of independent contractors just like you.

Working Solutions can pay you from $9 to $30 per hour.

The rate depends on the program you are taking, your performance, and how much time you use.

So to earn more, you have to work better and put in more hours.

They pay via direct bank deposits and checks, which are issued twice a month.

Work ranges from 15 to 20 hours a week, and it is fully flexible and controllable by you.

Some agents work up to 40 hours per week.

Get paid to answer questions online

If you are a professional or expert in any field or you love to carry out research, then these next set of online jobs are for you.

They involve you answering questions online, just like you are chatting with the people asking the questions.

You get paid to chat with people online, get familiar with your followers while getting paid to answer their text messages.

1. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is an expert online platform that provides professional answers to questions.

The categories include medical, legal, automotive, veterinary and tech support.

JustAnswer hires operators to provide answers to questions.

If you love to research or you are an expert in any of the fields stated, then you can sign up to provide answers.

If your answer is accepted, you can earn anything from $5 to $30.

You are allowed to withdraw your earnings when you have $20.

This obviously cannot serve as a full-time job, but it can add extra cash to your pocket.

2. Presto Experts

Presto Experts also offer some form of professional advice to people.

They cover the following categories: technology, design, counselling, health, tutoring, and business.

They hire experts in those fields to provide online help to their visitors.

You can get paid to chat with people online by providing them with professional answers.

You make money when you share your knowledge.

The pay is about $2-3 per minute, and the answers are given via chat, email, and phone.

3. Premium.Chat

Premium Chat is an app that helps monetize your knowledge and expertise.

If you are an expert in any field or an influencer, this is an opportunity to make money off your followers.

You just have to set up your account like you would a normal social media account and set your charges.

People pay you for consultation, easy-peasy.

You set the rates per defined time, e.g. per hour or minute.

Both parties can see how much time is spent, and the client is charged for it.

4. kgb

Before you read further, kgb is only available for US residents.

If you don’t reside in the US, you can’t access their services.

You have to provide your social security number when signing up to prove you’re staying in the US.

Kgb requires that you have good communication skills and are able to carry out research.

They need people who can respond to questions quickly and accurately.

To ensure this, they have a vetting system in place.

They offer $0.10 per response given and $0.05 per validation response.

Payment is made by direct bank transfer.

Ways to receive payment

1. PayPal

You must have heard of PayPal at some point, right?

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American based company operating a worldwide online payment system that supports online money transfers.

You can accept money through the service.

Any money received remains in your PayPal account and can be withdrawn to one of your linked bank accounts or cards.

2. Direct Bank Deposit to virtual accounts

For those living in the US or the UK, the easiest mode of payment is direct bank deposit.

For those of us that don’t have a dollar or pounds account, Payoneer can help you create one.

Payoneer can create virtual USD, GBP and EUR account so you can receive direct bank deposits in those currencies.

3. International Wire Transfer

Some of the companies pay international agents via wire transfer.

Wire transfer also referred to as bank transfer or credit transfer, is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another.

An international wire transfer can be made from one bank account in one country to another bank account in a different country.

Scams to avoid

Not everything online is a scam.

However, some naughty people like to take advantage of good opportunities like this to deceive people.

Unfortunately, the online chatting industry is filled with so many scams.

These scams take different forms so you would need to be more careful to protect your identity, yourself and your money.

You do not need to get scared about falling prey once the necessary precautions are taken.

We will walk you through common scams we have seen in this industry and how to avoid them.

1. Asking for upfront payment

This might seem ridiculous but trust me, it’s one of the most common online scams.

It is not just used in the online chat job industry but many other online jobs as well.

They ask you to pay some amount of money, usually small you won’t suspect.

They might tag it different names like “security deposit”, “startup fee” or “administrative fee”.

You must never start working for a company that requires you to pay to secure your spot or to prove you are serious.

I have encountered this type of scam, though I never fell for it because I was equipped with a lot of information (plus I didn’t have money to spare anyway).

Agreed, the job might require you to have essentials like a phone, microphone to talk into or a headset but you should have the liberty of purchasing them yourself.

One disclaimer I should include at this point: Some online companies like Fiverr and Freelancer may have the option of upgrading your membership with them.

This is not a scam as paid membership might include more benefits, but it shouldn’t be forced down your throat.

2. Unsecure sites

When you go on popular websites, you might notice a small locked padlock beside the web address.

If you never noticed, just type something on the Google search engine and notice the lock.

This indicates that the site is secure, and any information you enter is safe.

For a job like this, it is essential, compulsory in fact, that all your data is safe and encrypted.

Although some legitimate sites don’t have that security, however, all scam sites are unsecure.

If you click on that “secure” tag, you will get a dropdown to view the site’s certificate.

You can check from there if the site’s certificate is verified or not.

This would just assure you that your data is safe and does not stand a chance of being hacked or leaked.

3. Check for reviews

When you want to apply for a job, a bit of common advice you get is to check out the company profile and do adequate research about them.

The same goes for any online job.

Before you even think about creating an account with them, you need to check out what people are saying about them.

Check comments on review websites, that’s where you get the full gist.

Some review websites are paid to make the company look good, so you need to read critically.

Look for popular review websites like TrustPilot and also read people’s comments.

We know humans are insatiable creatures, right?

So you will see some negative comments here and there.

This shouldn’t write you off completely.

If you go by one bad comment, you will not do any job at all.

Just ensure that the complaints against such companies are not grievous and persistent.

Read the comments of past workers of those sites and check for recommendations.

4. Too good to be true offers

If an offer seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.

Don’t get too carried away with attractive pay for little or no work.

As much as possible, especially in this line of work, it’s advisable to work under the protection of a reliable company or online platform.

Getting clients on your own may be asking for trouble as they may either not pay you or you stand the risk of your information being exposed or misused.

There are a lot of creepy people out there so stay safe with a trustworthy company.
If you read all through to this stage, well done.

It shows you are committed to getting your earnings on.


To recap, there are various ways you can get paid to chat with people online: you can get paid to text men, get paid to answer text messages as a chat agent, get paid to be an online friend and lastly, get paid to chat in English if you are an expert in your field.

We also took you through the common ways you can receive your earnings, and you won’t want to work in vain, right?

To help you avoid scams in this industry, we talked about that too.

In conclusion, endeavour to read and digest all the content of this particular piece if you are interested in getting paid to chat with people online.

Have a great day!

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