Easy steps on how to be a successful Youtuber

If you know how to be a successful YouTuber, then you have the talent to make money. YouTube is currently one of the most visited websites and the most popular video-sharing network. Owned by Google, YouTube is a goldmine that remains to be leveraged by entrepreneurs. If you know how to be a good YouTuber, then you are literally sitting on a goldmine.

There is a current demand for high-quality and informative videos. With numerous hot and trend topics to create videos on, being a successful YouTuber may not be as hard as it used to be.


You just need to know the basics. This post comes with highly important tips for creating a YouTube channel. The following 13 easy steps will help you become a successful YouTuber.

13 easy steps to become a successful YouTuber

1). Select your niche

Starting a YouTube career always begins with knowing your audience. Once you figure this out. It is all downhill from there. Also, starting your YouTube channel on the right path means that you have to know your target audience.

Understand clearly the industry to focus on with your videos. Choose a niche and create videos that focus on this niche. By niche, we mean a specific market or industry.

There are various hot niches to choose from. You have Cryptocurrency, Hollywood movies, music, soccer, sports, construction, technology, travel, real estate, education, and so on.

Once you choose a suitable niche, you can then decide to create related videos about your niche. For example, if your chosen niche is women’s makeup products, you can go ahead and post videos about female makeup products.

So, other related videos will be such videos as starting your private label makeup products or the trendiest makeup brands for women’s makeup. The possibilities and opportunities are numerous. But be sure to focus on your niche and create quality content all the way.

2). Know what you want

When starting your YouTube channel, you need to outline what your endgame is. What do you want to achieve with your channel? Do you need just video views? Do you want to monetize it? Are you looking for conversions? Do you need to create more productive engagement with your customers?

How do you want to become successful with it? These are the important things to be taken into perspective when starting your YouTube profile.

3). Planning your channel

After choosing a niche for your YouTube account, you will need to plan out what videos you need to post and how often you should post the videos. Try thinking of this plan as a type of business plan.

Therefore the plan might include a checklist of the important things needed for you to develop and optimize your YouTube account.

One part of planning out your YouTube account is to think about your video production equipment. Find out the best and affordable tools that can be used to produce a high-quality video. You can also choose to develop a suitable presentation format for your video.

This means whether to use a narrator, you, or a group of experts. Next, is the posting frequency. You might want to create a realistic video timeline for posting your videos, collect various useful topics for your video, and so on.

4). Create an attractive channel page

Starting your YouTube channel on the right path means that you need to do the right things all the time. If you want to be taken seriously by your viewers, you will need to create and design an attractive page.

Then, you must have a complete profile. Since this platform involves the use of videos to send out a message, presentation is everything. 

You need to place the logo or photo of your profile in the right place. Also, you need to set the image of your channel banner in the correct location. Furthermore, you should check your video thumbnail format. Ensure that they are visually appealing and be consistent with it. You also need to ensure that all elements are in the right location and have the right size.

5). Researching keywords

One important aspect you being a successful YouTuber is creating a well-conceived search engine optimization for your channel. This will help the biggest search engine find you.

To help you properly research keywords, you can use the Keyword Tool from YouTube to search for popular keywords within your niche. Therefore, the optimization of your loaded video content is just as essential as the content that you upload on the video-sharing platform.

You need to be completely strategic, perform your research, and identify your chosen market. Google also present videos as part of their search results. Therefore, this means that you can cross-reference your keyword research for Google with your YouTube research. This is an important part of the process of planning.

6). Create high-quality videos

Now no one ever creates viral video content for the sake of it. If you want your video to go viral, you need to plan it out to be well-conceived and attractive. You need to stick to the message of your brand and create a video with purpose and high quality. While this may not instantly get to millions of online viewers, you will certainly capture the right audience. 

7). Focus on the message of your videos

Don’t expect people to come over to your page and see that your videos are not relevant to them. Or they are not as advertised. With lots of information around, people have no time to waste on irrelevant content.

So, if they feel that they can’t get what they want from your videos, they will simply go elsewhere. This is the same as disappointing a customer with the wrong product. Treat your subscribers, visitors, and followers as your customers and cater to their needs with quality video content that focuses on your niche. 

This is the best way to retain their attention for a long time. When you create contents that focus on your niche, you can expect to get more views. Then always remember to notify your viewers to leave their thoughts in the comment section.

This way, you see their comments, and what they think about your videos. This will help you review your strategy and tweak your future videos to suit their styles.

One good way to increase your subscribers is to keep your viewers focused on your channel. This is one of the easiest ways you can become successful. To do this, you will need to embed links to other videos to help you increase your view count.

Also, there are several ways you can do this without obstructing the current video from been viewed. You can insert this underneath the video, or make it pop up all around the video and make audiences go to a different video.

9). Learning from your video analytics

This is one essential tool that helps you improve your video creation plan. There are many features that come with YouTube. One of these is the dedicated section on video analytics which is used to see the performances of your videos.

A monitor with some analytics to improve your youtube channel

This relevant information makes it possible for you to leverage your chosen demographic even further.

The video analytics section will also help you understand why certain videos performed well, and why others did not. The video analytics tool is a powerful one that needs to be leveraged to enhance the performance of your new channel.

10). Stay abreast of your niche

If you want to be seen as a successful YouTuber in a given niche, you will need to be seen as an authority figure in your chosen industry. This means that you will need to keep abreast of all that happens within your industry as well as your YouTube peers. 

You will need to stay abreast of the events and news in your niche. This also means being aware of the latest news and events from your competitors.

This will help give you’re the needed insight to make more suitable and new content for your visitors and viewers. Watching the videos of competitors is one of the best ways to quickly learn about the nature of your industry.

11). Engage with your subscribers on YouTube

One important factor that will ensure you become successful as a YouTuber is your subscriber count. So, you should treat your channel subscribers as the gold that they are. This is beyond simply answering their comments, you should focus on engaging with your subscribers.

This might mean having a focused community engagement. One excellent way to keep your community engaged is to host an instant live YouTube stream. The use of Live videos for engaging social media followers is becoming increasingly popular.

This tool allows you to engage directly with your visitors and present your personal and unique presentation to them. You could also host a Q&A session with your audience and provide answers to any burning questions that they might have.

To keep your YouTube community engaged with your content, you should think about interacting with them on various other social media networks too. Furthermore, this is a good way to leverage off the benefits of other social networking sites and gain more visitors to the YouTube channel.

The best way to show dedication and commitment to your community is to be available on multiple online networks. These are some of the best ways you can engage with your community online:

  • You should learn to place your “Call To Action” at the end of all videos. This might mean telling them to subscribe or telling them to like your videos.
  • You should always announce a new video on various online channels. You should also include a link to the most recent videos.
  • To ensure that your community stays interested, you will need to create a blog.
  • You should consider starting a forum to keep your viewers engaged.
  • Share messages through email to inform your audience about new content and promote your YouTube platform. this should be done regularly.

12). Spread the word about your new YouTube platform

Starting a successful YouTube channel has various integral components. One of these key components is advertising and promotion. You might want to get the word out about your YouTube channel.

This can be done with the creation of other avenues to promote your videos. While you can share new videos on different social networks, you should think about creating a stunning website/blog to promote your YouTube videos.

It is always crucial to use a website in the promotion of your videos since you are not limited by any social media rules. You will not be expected to restrict your caption to 140 words.

Most importantly, no one will force you to compress the size of your videos. You can get a video maker that will help you simply sync your YouTube channel to your website. This enables a smooth embedding of the videos into your website.

This means that you can easily bring in more viewers from your website. This site will give you the choice to sell the videos, rent them out, or you could help set up a monthly plan for video subscribers. 

You can also complement this website by creating other social media accounts.

some icons of social media platforms like: twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest

Apart from the obvious choices, like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter, we also have StumbleUpon, Digg, and so on. You can also integrate Google+ into YouTube, which makes it reasonably easy to get to the people that will find your content enjoyable.

13). Be consistent

When starting your new YouTube video social media page you might want to plan out how consistently you will need to be with your content. So for you to end as a successful YouTuber, you need to be very consistent. You should be consistent when doing the right thing.

If you want your channel to go viral within a stipulated amount of time, consistently do the right thing by uploading more relevant content and keep on promoting your account. To be consistent, you will also need to be consistent with the type of content your produce and the type.

If you currently produce content on iPhones only, you will want to maintain the authenticity of your content and focus on iPhones only. This is not the time to talk about Androids.

But, though, you could produce content like “The reasons you should get an iPhone over an Android phone.” This will give you subscribers some diversity. You should also stick to your schedule when uploading your content. Be consistent with how often you post your content. Create a consistent schedule about how often you post your videos and stick to the plan.

Your followers, visitors, and subscribers will expect videos consistently from you. And also, they might begin to grow disinterested if you are not consistent with your video quality, posting schedule, and continuous and on-brand content.

Is it easy to be a YouTuber?

Being a YouTuber can be as easy as pie. Therefore, you just need to know the basic rudiments like what makes a good YouTube channel and how to be a good YouTuber. So, it is easy to become successful as a YouTuber if you know these fundamental aspects. Most of these fundamental aspects are included in these steps to become successful with YouTube.

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