Last Updated on September 5, 2022

Business Property: A Short Guide to Purchasing


Choosing your first business property is a very big decision, both financially and for the future of your business. If you are a startup with no experience in handling business premises before, this decision may feel particularly challenging.

This article serves as a guide to help you outlines the key areas you should be considering when searching for any business property.

Understand the Budget Set for Purchasing your Property

Knowing your strict budget when it comes to property is key to finding the right choice for you. When planning your budget, no matter whether you’re buying or renting, it’s vital to understand every single cost involved with the decision and not just the monthly rental or purchase cost.

The cost for your business property should be implemented into your overall business plan and financial budget so that you can not only find something you can afford initially but which is going to be affordable for the long-term.

Choose the Right Location

If you’re a business that is opening up a physical store, or if you will be having visitors and clients making contact at your premises, then the location needs to be in prime position, accessible by foot, car, public transport, and bike. This will be essential for attracting customers and clients.

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The location also needs to adhere to the type of business you are in, and with your clientele in mind.

Use Dependable Property Contacts

When searching for commercial property, you want professional support from property companies that can offer a wide range of available properties suited for your business. It’s a good idea to liaise with professionals who can aid your search and help you to filter out those properties which aren’t in your budget. Support from property professionals will make your commercial property search a whole lot easier.

Plan Out Your Specific Requirements

You need to be aware of exactly what you want and need from a commercial property before you begin looking. Certain features or requirements which are non-negotiable may mean that you have to make compromises elsewhere in your budget. Knowing your requirements ahead of time will help you to filter out any properties which don’t offer what you need, saving you time.

Decide Whether Renovation Will Be a Factor

It may be that you’re willing to commit to renovation work to create the perfect commercial property. If this is the case, you need to factor renovation costs into your budget, as well as understand the procedures for renovating a commercial property.

This will also require you to be more open-minded when viewing properties, as certain properties that don’t offer what you need at this time may be able to be renovated so that you can make the additions yourself.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your first business property takes careful planning, and in the first instance, it needs to be about realistic budgeting and understanding your costs. Going into property search without fully knowing what you can afford can cause significant problems. As long as you make a plan ahead of time and stick to it, your property search can be a success.

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