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Building the right customer relationships

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A business involves two parties- the business owner and the customers. A product is what bridges between a customer and an owner. Usually, business owners care much more about the improvement of their products than anything else. However, customer service and customer experience should have mattered the most. Building customer relationship plays an essential role in the success of a company. It is the most critical factor for a business to get success.

You must have been thinking of all the potential ways of effectively running your company as a business owner.

Well, success lies in a company’s heartbeat.

What is the heart or the pulse of an organization?

The customers are.

Therefore in your business, a good customer relationship will make you successful.


Customer service-oriented companies succeed more rapidly and more quickly than other companies.

There are a lot of tactics that can make your business easier.

Building a good customer relationship is the secret to this.

In this article, we will address different aspects of building customer relationships.

The approach for customer relationships will be our primary concern.

However, before we get to know about the other things, let us start with the importance of developing good customer relationships.

Importance of building customer relationships

The stronger the customer relationships of a business is, the livelier is that business.

Customer service is the soul of a business.

When you treat your soul better, the ultimate results get better.

The core of a business

Now, let’s answer a question.

Have you seen any popular brands, or let’s say any brands that do not have any customers?

You undoubtedly did not.

That is because a brand, a business, or a company, is nothing without customers.

It does not even exist.

So we can think of the customers as the foundation of a business.

Now, think of a building that has a weak foundation.

It will get damaged or break down into bricks easily.

However, a building with a solid base is going to stand tall for a very long time.

The same applies to companies with good customer relationships and customer service.


Suppose a client bought your product or service once upon a time.

You are sure that that person will never buy again.

Should you end your relationship with that customer then?

A survey shows that people buy from those companies that they get recommendations about.

3 smiles to review customer service
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That answers the question.

You should not shut down any of the customer relationships.

Even if one or some of the customers do not need to buy your service, they will surely recommend your business to others if treated accordingly.

But if you treat your customers poorly, you cannot expect that recommendation.


If you want to succeed, you must learn to be cost-efficient.

Good customer experience is a way for that.

We will know about customer retention as a benefit of customer relationships in the latter part of the article.

When the same customers buy your product, you need not invest in those customers.

It saves a lot of money for your business.

Besides, it increases the number of your loyal customers.

We will discuss it further, too.

Three things determine the success of your business.

success go get it
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The quality of the products you sell is the first one.

The next and most important one is how you sell those products.

After-sale service is the next factor. As you can see, two of these three services include customer relationships.

If you cannot fulfill that essential requirement, you cannot expect a successful business.

This is how vital the right customer relationship is.

Benefits of building customer relationships

We have already discussed how vital building customer relationships are.

Now, let’s learn some of the benefits that you get from building customer relationships.

Positive customer relationships have some highly beneficial results for your business.

The benefits range from higher customer satisfaction, good customer service, and retention rates to increased potential leads.

Here are some of the top benefits.

Customer service and retention

The continuity of the growth of a business relies upon the customer retention rate.

If the rate is relatively high, the possibility of high success-growth increases.

Now comes another question.

How does it involve customer relationships?

Well, easily assumable, if you can build good relationships with your customers, the customer retention rate increases.

So does the customer experience.

Thus, the relationships eventually benefit you.

Various studies proved that if the customer experience is low with a company, they do not continue with it.

On the other hand, no matter what the product is, clients involve for the long term with the companies that manage to provide a high-quality customer experience.

Customer loyalty

Having business success has become even harder nowadays.

That is because of the lucrative offers from other competitor businesses.

However, the right customer relationship is enough to attach your customers to your business forever.

That means other companies cannot lure your customers away.

The same will happen no matter how lucrative their offers are, only if you manage to build a customer relationship of such.

Customer loyalty plays a highly valuable role in businesses.

The fields are becoming more and more competitive.

In this competitive situation, building customer relationships is the solution.

It creates an incentive for your customers to return to your business.

Thus it drives customer loyalty a lot, benefitting customer service.

Researches even proved that more than half of all customers are ready to pay more for products with which they have a good customer experience.

Customer satisfaction

The headline talks itself. Customer satisfaction is another critical factor for success in a business.

You will find for yourself that we do not usually complain about some products.

We just do not go back to the same company or brand again.

The same applies to your customers.

However, if you manage to build a good customer relationship, your customers will share with you.

They will inform you whether they are satisfied with your service or not.

You can then have an opportunity to improve the service if needed.

Thus, the customers will be interested in buying from you again.

Besides, they will find themselves important to you.

That is because you valued their feedback and customer experience.

Eventually, they will become a lifetime fan of your business, helping in better customer service.

Moreover, if the communication keeps smooth, they will inform you about their likes and dislikes.

That will help you improve your service as well as will let you build up trust.

Besides, the customers will self-advocate for your company.

It will draw more customers.

Is not that what you want as a business owner?

How to build customer relationships?

Before knowing the tips to build strong customer relationships, you need to understand the basics of it.

The goal is not to earn money.

It is actually, though.

However, the primary concern of a strong customer relationship is better customer service and to engage with them.

Well, how to engage customers then?

If we know that, we will learn how to build strong customer relationships.

Seven strategies help you to engage with your customers.

– Know your customers

Let us think about a steady relationship.

Can you build a relationship with someone you do not know?

You obviously cannot.

The customer relationship is the same.

When a customer buys your product, they get to know about you.

Now it is your turn to know about your customers.

Knowing about customers means understanding your customers with their psyche, emotions, and customer experience.

A sensible salesperson can easily understand the customers.

Put that salesperson hat on.

Now, think about how you could persuade the customer to buy your product.

Which interactions will make your customers interested in your products?

What triggers the interests and habits of your customers?

When you have a better knowledge of what your customers want, you can move to the next step- communication.

– Tailor communications

With the previous step, you have learned the expectations of your customers.

Now, be a tailor- not of clothes but your communications.

Connect with your customers the way they want.

Keep in mind that people do not like to interact with robots.

Do not be a robot; be a human.

Try to laugh with their joys.

Email communication has become a common one.

You should not leave that behind. Inform your customers about various offers, discounts, and sales through emails.

However, email communication is not enough in the present modern world.

You know how influential social media are now.

Use that to your advantage.

Different social media channels can be beneficial.

You can also receive open feedback through these.

No matter what channels you take, make sure that you personalize the communication.

That means to personalize your communication based on the specific customer data and previous customer experience.

Besides, make sure that you use the communication media that the customer prefers.

– Exceed customer expectations

We have been discussing the measuring strategies for so long.

Now starts the actual strategies.

The first one is to exceed the expectations of your customers.

You can exceed their expectations through deliveries and promises.

However, the exceeding began when you listened to your customers actively and asked probing questions.

Here are some of the tips to exceed their expectations.

  • Lower the interval between replies through communication.
  • Show professional etiquette.
  • Resolve escalated issues as fast as possible.

There are some other tips that you might consider how to build a relationship with your customers.

However, let us move to the next strategic step.

– Timely interactions and consistency

Customers expect and value consistency in your customer service and interaction.

Keep in mind that the customers pay to get your services.

Therefore, a customer does not expect negligence or rudeness.

Instead, they hope you listen to them carefully.

They expect you to solve their problems without excuses.

Keep connected with your customers.

Do not connect only when you have something to sell.

That will create trust issues.

Do not leave your customers out of the communication loop.

Instead, regularly contact them.

It will strengthen the relationship, making a good customer experience.

You can develop communication policies that will determine how you reply to your customers.

Again, do not be a bot, be a human.

Also, develop guidelines regarding how often to make communications.

– Show genuine care and seek feedback

In the previous steps, a tip kept coming again and again.

That is to be a human.

Well, this strategic step is wholly based on that.

When communicating, show genuine care to your customers.

Show your customers that you care for them.

Seeking continuous feedback from your customers is an excellent way to deliver care.

When you seek feedback from your customers, they believe that you are willing to improve the product or customer service based on their comments.

That makes them feel important.

Keep in mind that every person wants to feel important.

When you manage to make your customers feel important, they trust you as they do themselves.

You can even start open feedback.

They can leave open feedback through websites, emails, or social media.

When you receive feedback from your customers, make sure that you evaluate them.

It will help you greatly to improve your service.

You can even reward one or some customers based on their feedback.

Besides, you can congratulate all the customers that have provided feedback.

It will help you build stronger customer relationships and customer experience.

– Establishing trust

The core of building customer relationships is to establish trust.

It was implied through the previous steps also.

Building trust means that you are open and honest with your customers, even if the look is not so good.

Let’s say that it will take longer than usual to deliver a product.

You can communicate with the customer beforehand and inform them about the delay.

It will make your customers believe that you are honest with them, and you will undoubtedly provide high-quality service.

As a result, despite the delay, your customers will trust you with their next purchases.

Is not that what you want?

Surely it is.

– Be appreciative

This one is the last step.

It is to appreciate your customers every once in a while.

Appreciate them for good reviews and at the time of leaving feedback.

Even, appreciate your customers for bad reviews or inappropriate feedback.

Let your customers know that you understand their thinking and will work to improve your customer service.

It will make them come back to you even after a bad review.

As an appreciative approach, you can send your customers gifts every once in a while.

A simple, inexpensive item like stickers and pens will not cost you much but will help customer satisfaction.

Besides, if you reward items with your logo on it, it will work as a campaign.

Although it will cost you some money, the result will bring much more profit.

These were the fundamental strategies.

There are some additional steps that you can take.

  • Introduce loyalty programs. It will work as another move of appreciation towards your customers.
  • Try to resolve issues as soon as possible or at least manage the situation through conversations. Check their feedback for different services.
  • Stay positive. When you smile, your customers smile. So always keep a smile and try to bring one to your customer’s face.
  • Call the customers by their names. Personalization works better than any other tricks. When you know their names and their previous records, they completely trust you.
  • Communicate through every step. Do not leave your customers alone.
  • Buying a service requires tough decisions. Help the customers through the process. It will help the customers trust you. Besides, it will help you gain trust and will help in the success of your business as well.

Customer relationship building tools

Customer relationship is all about having long-term customers.

If you fail to manage long-term customers, you cannot expect a good outcome.

A relationship does not build overnight.

You need to stick to your plans and implement them accordingly.

Besides, you need to keep a continuous connection with your customers.

Form customer relationship management, i.e., a CRM program.

It will let you track the activities of your customers.

Besides, you can analyze their expectations and behaviors.

As a result, you can deliver solutions accordingly.

These programs will be enough to take care of your customers.

CRMs vary from company to company, based on their size.

Medium and small companies usually use customer service based CRMs.

On the other hand, big companies typically use detached customer service management.

Here are some of the best customer relationship management programs that you can use.

HubSpot CRM

It offers the most essential and fundamental marketing.

Service and sales management tools are also a part of it. This CRM tool gives you unlimited access to these options:

  1. It tracks customer inquiries (collects from platforms like phone calls, social media, and emails).
  2. The tool designs customer profiles.
  3. It contacts customers through live chat, email, or bots.
  4. It sends personalized emails or messages.
  5. This tool records conversations between customers and agents.
  6. It sends notifications for user activities.
  7. It synchronizes the calendar.

If you own a small business, this tool is preferable because it includes many options for free.

Zoho CRM

This tool is designed such that it can manage interaction with customers.

The tool integrates forecasting, lead management tools, and some other features.

However, it is not free like the previous tool.

It will charge you as low as $12 for regular uses.

For professional services, the price is $35.

Not to worry about the price.

Because Zoho offers some features that other tools do not, some of these are Zia and bot powered by AI.

It can handle the following interactions.

  1. It analyzes conversational tones (applicable for online communication).
  2. Besides, it automates troublesome tasks for professionals, i.e., CS representatives.
  3. Moreover, it forecasts sales in the future.
  4. Also, it delivers gathered information upon demand.

You can consider using this tool for your medium-sized business.

It is also beneficial for large businesses.

Although it will cost you some money, the delivery is appreciative and helpful for your business.

Building successful customer relationships

You cannot build a successful customer relationship at once.

It needs so much care and time.

You will need to take the necessary steps, as well.

Here are some of the steps that you can take.

Invest with open hands

Investing in this field won’t bankrupt you; having no customer will.

Therefore, invest where necessary.

At first, invest in the training of your employees.

investing is one of the steps to build the right customer relationship
Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

Remember, communication needs two parties.

If you can ready your side, you can succeed.

Let your employees learn how to interact with your customers varying on situations.

Most businesses look for these communication skills at the time of hiring.

However, these basic skills will not be enough.

Create a satisfactory workplace

As a business owner, you do not directly communicate with your customers.

Your employees do the work.

You can do that sometimes, though, to improve your ranking.

However, you interact with your employees, and they do with the customers.

That is how a business runs.

So, we can say that your employees are your customers based on the interactions.

If you treat them better, they will treat the customers well.

If you treat them the best, they will treat the customers better.

Therefore, create a workplace where your employees are satisfied.

They will ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Improve first call resolution (FCR) rate

Try not to complicate things.

When a customer faces some problems, they call you.

Try to solve their problems at once, on the same platform.

Do not make your customers go to another touchpoint or follow-up.

To do that, make an equipped team.

They will respond to such problems and solve the issues as soon as possible.

When you can solve your customers’ issues efficiently from one platform, it will satisfy the customers.

This customer satisfaction will eventually build better customer relationships itself.

Increase efficiency through software

We have mentioned some tools previously in this article.

Make sure to use them to increase efficiency.

Manually handling the whole relationship is harder than it seems.

However, CRM tools are here to help you with that.

If your business is a small one, using a free tool will be enough.

In the case of larger firms, you can use paid tools.

Although it will cost you a little, the result will be much more fruitful.

Be accessible

Think yourself in the shoes of a customer.

Suppose you have faced a problem or have an inquiry.

You want to ask but cannot access the business owner.

keys from your own business
Image by mastersenaiper from Pixabay

Will it lead you to trust the company or mistrust?

Indeed, it will make you mistrust the company.

The same happens for customers.

However, if they can come in touch with you, they will be able to trust you.

It will eventually result in a successful customer relationship.

Let customers reach you when they face any problems.

Suppose that you offer self-service.

Still, you need to have a response team ready.

Most of the customers do not want to go through the solving steps.

They want you to take care of their problems.

As a successful business owner, you should keep an eye on that.

Offer self-service

Some customers prefer self-service.

You should keep an option for them, too.

Besides, you may not always be there for them to solve their problems.

Therefore, there should always be an option for them to solve the issues themselves.

However, you need to provide them with the necessary tools or bot services.

You can offer chatbots for such options.

Also, you can guide your customers through your website to help with purchases.

Keep in mind that some customers will still like to call with their problems.

Create a customer-based culture

Create a culture that puts your clients first.

The culture will help you solve long-term problems.

Also, it will help you provide good customer service.

You can create that culture based on the collected data.

Give those data to your employees.

It will motivate them to provide quality service.

Because they now know what the clients want.

Make sure that the culture is entirely focused on your customers.

Thus you can ensure a successful customer relationship.

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