Last Updated on August 20, 2020

Blue chips: How the Big Mac and Barbie helped set a new S&P 500 record

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With the last Wall Street trading session this week dominated Blue chip companies, Google and Twitter. Beyond Meat continues to grow, and its stocks are more expensive than McDonald’s. But beware, if you think the new trend sent the good old Big Mac to the sidelines, then you will be disappointed. Shares of the company McDonald’s closed on Friday at a historic high. Also another Blue chip company, Coca Cola presented good results. Because McDonald’s and Coca Cola are an inseparable couple for decades, also Coca Cola has reached its historical maximum today.

T-Mobile US, a telecommunications operator, obtaining approval from the regulator to join another Sprint telecommunications company. T-Mobile’s shares added almost 5%.

No, this was not a good year, or quarter, for another Blue chip company Goodyear today. Shares fell by less than 10%, responding to the results published on Friday. Looking at the German Grand Prix F1 training and the Pirelli tires, the shareholders sigh and remember the years when the F1 cars raced on their tires… those were good years.

Amazon shares fell by 1.7% and remained the only one out of the gold trio, which weighs 8% in the S&P 500.

One more comeback was seen on Friday on Wall Street when the Barbie doll returned to the spotlight. Together with Mattel slimming, it helped to grow by 13.5%.

This week, the market will wait for the Fed to cut interest rates, but we may also learn more about US-China negotiations. But it is only next week, and Donald Trump will certainly like to contribute Twitter with some contribution, as it is today to France and digital taxes.

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