How to start a furniture-making business? The complete guide

Africa is home to many residential areas, business establishments, and educational establishments. It is often said that Africa is a gem hidden under tough terrains. Furniture makers and retailers have a great business opportunity here since all types of furniture in huge demand on the continent. This may range from the lounge to home furniture […]

100 Best business ideas with small investment

In this day and age, making money is just as easy as it is difficult. With so many business opportunities being opened by the world of technology, one might say that there are more options now for making money than any other era. In contrast, the high population leading to a higher competition makes it […]

How do Bloggers make money in Nigeria?

How do bloggers make money in Nigeria? Most people often ask this question when they see how successful Nigerian bloggers are. Many prosperous bloggers in Nigeria double up as brand influencers for rich people and commercial businesses. Bloggers in Nigeria make money through a lot of channels. They make their money by signing lucrative advertisements […]