Last Updated on February 25, 2021

50+ Top trending products to sell in 2021

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Are you eager to start an online store but don’t know the trending products to sell? Don’t worry; we got you covered in this article. Running a successful e-commerce store requires three important things. The first is to start with popular products, market them to your target market and then wait for that unprecedented growth.
We don’t want you to wait for many years before getting it right. Right from the beginning of your e-commerce journey, you must sell only the trending product. So, if you don’t choose these products, it may take years for anyone to notice your online store. But when you start with the best trending products for your e-commerce store, even Google will advertise your site.

But sometimes, it’s hard to find new trending products.

That’s why we will help you do that by showing you the trending products to sell right now.


We will show you more than 50 hot products to take your online store to the next level in 2021.

The best part is that we got these products from different niches to make sure you find the best.

Check them down below.

We will categorize these products under their niches for easy comprehension.

This will also help you to for further research.

1. Women Sportswear

Women in this era are getting more and more interested in weight loss and overall fitness.

More women are hitting the gym every day, and as such, the demand for women’s sportswear is on the rise.

Women’s sportswear includes shoes, t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts.

Women’s sportswear is one of the trending products to sell according to Google trends.

It’s not limited to any particular country, but the global trend suggests a steady rise every year.

2. Women Denim jeans

Here’s another trending product to sell in your e-commerce store in 2021. Denim jeans can never go out of fashion.

According to Google trends, this product’s demand is constant and will likely remain the same in the year to come.

woman denim jeans statistics on google trends

The best part is that both men and women between the ages of 18-50 love denim jeans. So your target market is huge.

3. White Sneakers

This is the people’s favorite for sports, fashion statements, and striking look.

Both men n women love white sneakers, and even Google trends suggest that it’s one of the trending products to sell every year.

4. Leggings

The demand for leggings is never-ending.

This women’s clothing is becoming one of their favorite pieces of item worldwide.

best sellers of leggings on amazon

So, selling this product online is one of the best decisions to make this year.

According to google trends, the worldwide demand for this product is huge.

The best part is that women from 18-54 years can’t seem to live without leggings.

5. Crossbody bag

This product is in the women’s bag niche, and it’s one of the trending products online this year, according to google trends.

It might be the favorite of women, but more men between the ages of 18 and 54 are always buying the bag online.

6. Fitness Tracker

Anyone serious about weight loss doesn’t joke with fitness trackers. This is why the demand is skyrocketing every year.

Fitness Tracker statistics on google trends

This device helps users to monitor their physical activities and even monitor their calorie intake.

It shows them their heartbeat, steps they’ve waked during exercise, etc.

No wonder the product is showing rising demand in its worldwide trend.

7. Monthly Planner

Here is another trending product to sell for the success you deserve.

It’s a tool that anyone can use to plan or schedule their daily tasks.

A monthly planner is important to families, students, and entrepreneurs all over the world.

This is why the trend every year is usually at the peak, especially at the beginning of the year.

The good thing is that people between the ages of 22- 60 years usually purchase this item worldwide.

8. Seat Cushion

This is another product to sell due to its worldwide high demand.

Every corporate office has seat cushions in large numbers.

People who it from 8 to 5hours everyday demand this item to promote backbone wellness.

seat cushion statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

That’s why global trends for this item show promising movement.

Both men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 use seat cushions.

So, if you target it well, you can record huge success with it.

9. Power Adapter

If we say that this is one of the best items to sell online, we are not fibbing.

This product makes it easy to charge all kinds of devices that have a USB connection.

If you search power adapters on Google trends, you’ll see that it’s rising steadily worldwide.

power adapter statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

So, add it to your list of products to sell online and make huge profits.

The best part is that both men and women from 18 to 54 years use power adapters.

10. Solar Panel

The world is moving towards renewable energy, and as such, the demand for solar panels is on the rise.

The reason is that solar energy is cheaper than our usual source of electricity.

Even though solar panels are not cheap, you can make good profits from selling them.

If you check solar panel’s worldwide trend on Google trends, you’ll discover that the movement is steady and upwards.

11. Tripod

Now that visual content seems to be the new normal, many people are continually creating captivating pictures and videos online.

That’s why there is an upward movement in the worldwide trend for tripods.

So, consider it as one of the trending products in your e-commerce store.

12. Mattresses

No matter when you check this product on Google trends, you’ll notice that it’s one of the best trending products ever.

Everyone uses mattresses in their homes.

Checking this product on the worldwide trend, we discovered that the demand doesn’t wane but continues to be stable. So, adding it to your e-commerce store is not a mistake.

You can even target both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 years.

Also, you can narrow your products down to orthopedic mattresses.

13. Armchair

For those who sell furniture online, don’t miss this product on your list.

Many people use armchair because it’s portable and comfortable.

Some people even prefer to use it in their office as a place to rest their arms.

If you check this product on Google trends, the data reveals an upward movement in its worldwide demand.

Armchair statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

So, go ahead and add it to your products to sell.

14. Curtain Rod

You can also sell this product online because it’s trending right now.

This home décor item is a part of every household, and the demand is not dropping anytime soon.

Since the worldwide trend shows curtain rod at the highest point, don’t miss them in your e-commerce store if you’re selling home decoration products.

15. Baby Swing

This is amongst the products to sell in the baby care niche. You can’t go wrong by adding it to your online store.

Many new parents buy this baby swing to entertain and comfort their newborn whenever they’re in distress.

top baby swings sellers on amazon

This is why the demand for this item will always be on the high side.

The worldwide trend for the baby swing is consistent each year, and that’s a good sign.

16. Diaper Bag

One of the things an expecting mom buys is a diaper bag. If you’re selling baby care products online, don’t miss out on this product.

Diaper bag worldwide demand is very high, and you can make huge profits selling this item in your e-commerce store.

17. Baby Play Mat

Any store in the baby niche searching for trending products to sell should grab baby play mats right now.

The movement of this item in the worldwide trend is promising.

Baby play mat statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

You can be amongst those making huge profits in your niche by listing it in your e-commerce store.

18. Baby Gate

Okay, so who doesn’t want to keep their toddler and infants safe all the time?

Every parent all over the world would rush to pick the best baby gate for their little ones.

That’s why it’s a trending product to sell online, and even google trends show it as a fast-rising product worldwide.

19. Can Opener

There are so many foods we consume that come in cans. Some people even eat out of the cans.

So, can openers be amongst the best trending products to sell online no matter your location?

Can opener statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

Almost every home needs this item, and if you add it to your store, you’re set for profits.

The worldwide trend for this product shows a steady rise every year. So, add it to your list today.

20. Kitchen Stove

Every home uses a kitchen stove, and this product has a steady demand each year on google trends.

The worldwide demand is high, and it’s not about to drop anytime soon.

You can be sure that women between the ages of 18 to 54 need this product in many countries.

21. Measuring Cup

Here is another product to sell online in your e-commerce store.

It is one of the important cooking utensils that every household needs.

the screenshot of top products on amazon

You can’t cook anything without following the right measurements, and it’s the measuring cup that’ll help you with that.

As for the worldwide trend, this item is not too hot right now, but it’s still in demand.

22. Waffle Maker

Covid-19 may be pushing the demand for this item higher this year.

Since many people are always indoors due to the imposed lockdown, families rely on homemade waffles more.

Waffle Maker statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

So, the trend shows a rise in the demand for waffle makers online.

So, if you’re searching for one of the trending products to sell in 2021, you have a winner right here.

23. Broom-Holder

This simple item is trending and can make high returns for you.

If your store caters to household items, why not add this product to your list.

The broom holder is where families store their cleaning equipment to prevent chaos.

It can house the brooms, mop, and others to keep everywhere tidy and organized.

This product is one of the trending products to sell in 2021.

So, why not add it to your store and make profits since the worldwide trends show that it’s in high demand.

24. Stove Cover

Here is another trending product to sell this year. Many families use an oven for baking all kinds of goodies.

Without a stove cover, your oven will look old and rusty due to excessive heat and grease.

But with the stove cover, you can say goodbye to it.

That’s why the worldwide trend for this item shows a steady and unending demand every year.

Many people even use stove covers to make their kitchen attractive.

25. Washing Machine Cleaner

This is an essential item for almost every household.

The demand for this product wasn’t so good, but it became a hot product when people realized the importance.

So, if you’re ready to sell one of the trending products this year, add washing machine cleaners to your list.

Washing machine cleaner statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

If you check this item on Google trends, you’ll discover that it has a hike in its worldwide demand.

26. Spin Mop

This product is a winner when it comes to trending products to sell online.

Using a spin mop is one of the best things that can happen to anyone mopping the floors.

It spins dirty water out of the mop without any assistance.

This mop is in high demand worldwide, as we discovered on google trends.

So, if you want to make good profits in your e-commerce store, add this item.

27. LED Stripe Lights

One reason for the high demand we noticed on google trends is that this product is a decorative item that illuminates a space with various colors.

If you want to add products to your light & lighting categories, don’t miss this piece.

The trend is high, and it can make good profits for you online.

28. Ring Light

Both makeup artists, digital influencers, and photo studios use ring light to create amazing selfies and videos.

The higher the demand for visual contents, the higher the demand for ring lights.

Ring light statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

So, if you add this to your store, you’ll make it big time.

Moreover, the trend of this product is on a constant rise to the peak.

So, it’s not a product to ignore because both men and women buy it.

29. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are very important to parents all over the world.

It helps to simplify the life of every parent by freeing their arms from lots of stress.

This is why we recommend this product for your online store.

Moreover, the trend for baby carriers on google trend is stable. So, you can make lots of profits with this item.

30. Baby Bouncer

Baby bouncers keep babies entertained and relieve the parents of the stress of carrying them all the time.

This is why many parents would give anything to grab it for their little ones.

Baby Bouncer statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

If you’re in the mother and child niche, add this product.

The item’s worldwide trend is gradually rising, which shows that it’s a product to sell.

31. Baby High Chair

Google’s trend reveals that this product has high demand worldwide.

Many parents order this item because it makes their lives easy.

That’s why it’s one of the trending products to sell this year. Don’t miss out on the profits.

32. Baby Bibs

Do you know that this item can never lose its place as far as this niche is concerned?

Every parent all over the world will work hard to keep their little ones neat at all times.

That’s why the trend is rising steadily and doesn’t drop. You can utilize the opportunity and make good returns in your store.

33. Breast Pump

If you don’t add this item to your list of trending products to sell, you’re missing something important.

Breast Pump statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

Breast pumps will never go out of use as long as new mothers exist every day.

That’s why the trend shows that the demand is stable every year.

34. Pregnancy Pillow

Here is another trending product to sell for huge profits.

This item is a must-have for expecting mothers, and that’s why the trends for it are high and stable.

Pregnancy pillows support pregnant women to sleep in any position they want.

So, if you’re in this niche, you must add this product to your list of trending products to sell.

35. Baby Bathtub

Every new parent buys a baby tub to bathe their newborns.

This product is a joy to sell because the demand doesn’t wane. You can add it to your online store if you’re selling baby products.

As for Google trends, it shows a peak period in the worldwide trend for this particular item.

The good thing is that both men and women demand the product.

36. Car Vacuum

Car owners can’t do without a car vacuum unless it’s the negligent ones.

This item helps them to keep their cars clean and free from dust and debris.

Many people are already driving cars worldwide, and every single one of them needs this product.

This is why google trends reveal an upward movement for car vacuum all over the world.

The trend is promising, meaning that you can make good money selling car vacuums online.

Your target market encompasses both males and females within the age range of 24 to 54 years.

37. Cup Holder

Many drivers need cup holders to ensure they can drink their coffee or water without spilling it in the car.

This item is essential and selling it will be very profitable.

If you’re offering automotive products in your e-commerce store, add this product to your list.

Cup Holder statistics on google trends, where we can see that its a trend product to sell

The trend shows a steady rise in demand, which means that it’s a trending product to sell at any time.

The best part is that this item is for both men and women between 24 and 54 who own a car.

38. Blue light Blocking Eyeglasses

This item is trendy and can become a bestseller in your online store.

These glasses reduce blue light’s impact on the wearer’s eyes to enable them to look at their screen in the dark.

Although the demand is not too high right now, it’s still an excellent product to sell in your e-commerce store.

With this item, you can target both men and women between the ages of 18 to 54.

39. Lip Balm

Both men and women use this item. Lip balms help everyone to avoid chapped or dry lips during winter and all year round.

This product usually experiences a spike in demand from November every year.

If you’re in the beauty and health niche, this is a hot item to sell in your e-commerce store. It will bring a lot of profits for you.

The good news is that both men and women between 22 to 65 buy this product online.

40. Hot Air Brush

As far as the beauty niche remains, this brush will be in high demand.

This is an item that both men and women all over the world use to straighten their hairs.

Both individuals and beauty professionals buy this item online.

So, don’t miss out on your opportunity to make good money from it.

Its worldwide trend reveals an encouraging rise in its demand, meaning that many people buy it worldwide.

41. Matcha tea

Anyone who loves green tea will give anything for matcha tea.

This tea is healthier than other green teas out there because it gives you the tea leaf’s whole contents.

Millions of people all over the world search for healthy drinks to reduce their intake of unhealthy substitutes.

So, if you’re operating in the health niche, this item will sell very fast in your store.

Matcha tea statistics on google trends

This is because women between the ages of 18 and 64 love a promise of healthy drinks.

Moreover, the worldwide trend shows that the demand is rising steadily.

42. Neck Massager

This product is a surefire way of making profits in your niche.

It’s a device that people use to relieve tension on their shoulders and neck, especially after a long day of sitting over a table.

It increases relaxation and reduces stress for the user.

This product’s trend shows it at a steady rise, and it’s not falling anytime soon. So, adding it to your store is a wise decision.

43. Eyelashes

Here is another hot and trending product to sell online.

Women can’t seem to be complete without fixing eyelashes, and this is all over the world.

Your store is not complete without adding this trending product.

The worldwide trend for eyelashes reveals an upward and consistent movement, indicating a never-ending demand.

So, utilize this evergreen product to make enough profit.

44. Dog Pen

This is a small house for your dogs to relax, move about and play.

Many people now realize the fun of keeping pets, so the demand for these products is on the high side.

You can’t go wrong offering this product to your customers.

Dog Pen statistics on google trends

Many pet owners search for such products to make dog maintenance easier. So, demand is rising every day.

If you check this product on google trends, it reveals a positive movement, indicating a hike in its worldwide demand.

45. Dog Brush

Here is another essential product for pet owners. They use this product to reduce excess dog hair and straighten their dog fur.

Don’t forget to add this item to your choice of trending products if you’re operating in the pet niche.

dog brush best sellers on amazon

When we checked the movement in the demand of dog brushes on google trends, it revealed an upward movement.

This indicates that the product is promising and profitable.

46. Dog Bowls

Dogs must eat, and to do that; they need their bowls. Pet owners worldwide pick this product as part of their pet accessories.

So, your pet shop won’t be complete without featuring dog bowls.

The demand for this product is high now judging by the worldwide trend. So, adding it to your e-commerce store is not a mistake.

47. Cat Bed

Here’s another product you need to sell in your online store. Pet lovers who have cats usually pick this product for them without batting an eyelid.

Cat bed statistics on google trends

This is because it makes their cats happy and comfortable. So, add it to your choice and make money selling it.

Moreover, worldwide trends reveal that this product is rising very fast and anyone selling it now will be happy doing it.

48. Dog Collar

This is one product that won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

Every dog owner buys a dog collar, and in some of the collars, you’ll also find the dog’s identification number and medical information.

This is why google trends show it as a highly-demanded item in the pet niche.

So, don’t think twice about selling it this year, 2021. It’s trending right now and will make lots of profits for you.

49. Dry Dog Food

This is a dog food that offers all the necessary nutrients that dogs require to be healthy.

Many dog owners buy dry food to keep them strong and agile.

If you’re selling pet products, you must add this item to your catalog.

Even on Google trends, the worldwide movement shows a rise in the demand for dry dog food.

50. Pet Carrier

A Pet carrier is more like a baby carrier. It helps pet owners to carry their dogs everywhere without stress.

Since you’re already in the pet niche, don’t miss out on the profits from this product.

Its worldwide trend shows a steady rise in its demand well. So, adding it to your products is not a mistake.

51. Baby Monitor

Many households, especially the new parents, don’t joke with baby monitors.

This device helps them to monitor their little ones remotely.

It helps them to hear their babies from anywhere in the home and take care of them as required. This is a trending product to sell for good profits.

We checked baby monitors on worldwide Google trends and discovered that the demand is consistently on the high side.

Baby monitor statistics on google trends

So, you can’t regret selling them.

52. Wireless Security Camera

As many people become involved in protecting themselves and their loved ones, these gadgets receive a steady boost in demand.

This camera uses radio frequency to transmit signals to a receiver.

It doesn’t need any wires to work as it should, and that’s why the demand is also rising.

If you’re using the dropshipping business model, you can make a lot of money selling this item.

The Worldwide google trends show a steady rise for wireless cameras. So, add it to the products you’ll sell this 2021.

53. Hair Growth Serum

If you’re selling hair care and styling products, don’t leave out the hair growth serum.

Many men and women are suffering from hair fall, and they are desperate for a solution. This product works wonders in restoring lost hairs.

If you sell it online, you’ll make good profits. Also, google trends reveal a spike in demand for this product worldwide.

The best part is that this rise is not falling anytime soon.

54. Avocado Oil

This product is a healthy alternative to most cooking oils in the market.

Many people have realized it and are now rushing to grab it.

Avocado oil statistics on google trends

The demand is fast rising, and the worldwide google trends suggest that you can partake in the profits by dropshipping avocado oil.

It is never easy to find trending products to sell online.

This is because the shopping options are too many, and many sellers are competing seriously with one another.

So it becomes a bit challenging to find trending products to outshine your competitors.

But the good news is that there are ways to know the trending products amidst the craziness online.

So if you’re ready to do the work, start with the following ways:

These two search engines are great in revealing what people are crazy about at every point in time.

They’ll also show you the growing popularity of such searches around a product or service.

Google trend will help you to identify products that people are searching for every day and show you how the search volume increases or decreases over time.

Once you notice that the graph is rising gradually, you can take advantage of the high demand and make some money out of the product before it peaks and starts to decline.

Since Google is the parent company of YouTube, it’s also beneficial to search for trending products on the platform.

When it comes to YouTube, the search filter can help you locate recent videos, and those products reviewed in such videos will be the trending ones.

2. Social Media

Here’s another way to fish out the trending products online.

There’re many social media platforms out there where many people interact with one another every day.

These conversations will help you to discover the trending products to sell.

Some of the platforms we recommend include Reddit, Pinterest & Fancy, Instagram, etc.


Check people’s comments, hashtags, trending posts, influencers, etc.

That way, you’ll know what’s trending online at a particular time.

3. Check product review sites

Some many magazines and blogs can help you to identify trending products to sell online.

Product review sites focus on trending products to give their audience every information they need to understand and probably buy the products.

If you locate these sites, you can easily pick hot items to sell.

Some of the popular sites include Huckberry, HiConsumption, Bless This Stuff, Uncrate, Cool Material.

These and many others are sites that entrepreneurs like you can rely on to locate trending products.

If you want to find trending products for the year, conduct targeted research on those marketplaces where millions shop online.

From what we discovered, some of the marketplaces you can rely on include Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Etsy, Kickstarter, etc.

Amazon is the leading e-commerce website to find anything you need.

If you don’t start your product research on Amazon, where else will you go?

If you want to get your results faster, check out the Amazon Movers & Shakers and Amazon Best Sellers.


The former are those products that have made huge gains on the platform within 24 hours.

Amazon updates the list every 1 hour, and you’ll notice that those products are trending.

Then the best-sellers are those popular items that many people buy from Amazon.

The list is updated every hour too. Another way to discover trending products on Amazon is by using a tool known as Jungle Scout.

It requires a little investment, but it’ll help you to discover what you need faster.

The next marketplace is eBay.

If you want to get fast results on eBay, check the “eBay Trending” and “eBay Watch Count”.

While the former shows you a list of those trending products you want to see, the latter shows you how many times consumers watched a particular item on the marketplace.

When it comes to Aliexpress, go to the “Popular section” and discover the trending products for that particular time.

Apart from Aliexpress, Etsy also shows you what’s trending on the “trending Product section” too.

5. Supplier Directors

Why not ask the suppliers about it?

They’re usually equipped with that information because they want to fill their store with trending products too.

Every supplier wants to have what store owners will need from them at every point in time.

That’s why they’re also holding a huge inventory of trending items too.

So, if you want to know what people are demanding, you can rely on your suppliers’ knowledge of the market.

The best place to know what the suppliers know is through supplier directories.

Check some of these: Doba, Alibaba, SaleHoo, Global Sources, etc.

One good thing about using the supplier directory is that once you’ve found the product you want to sell, you’ll know who to get it from since the supplier is also listed.

Do you know that you can identify a trending product through the news?

For instance, the outbreak of covid-19 shut down many businesses and opened lots of new businesses.

If you were following the news, it would be easy to know that some particular items will become very hot during the pandemic.

For instance, during the lockdown, people were not visiting some places, like barbing salons and hair salons; there was a spike in clippers, hair care products, etc.

The pandemic necessitated social distancing, which led to a rise in the demand for face shields and masks.

Anyone keen on finding trending products during that time can quickly identify those products that are solving global problems.

Using google trends to find products to sell is smart. It helps you to find trending products online to boost your e-commerce business.

So, if you’re eager to start but don’t know what to do, take the steps below.

You’ll need a Google account for this. If you don’t have one right now, go ahead to sign up for the account.

A google account will open a lot of features for you to explore and utilize. You can also use Google analytics with your account.

Once you open Google trends, find the place where “Enter a search term/topic” is written. Then, type the word you want to search into the box.

Step 2: Investigate your search term

There are many things to check about the search term you added.

First, check the searches around it and the seasons for it.

In this case, you’re looking for trending products, and once you add the one you have in mind, you can check the number of searches, the season it rises, etc.

The next thing is to check the location. So, you can even decide to check the worldwide interest or the interest of a particular country on the product over time.

Then, consider the product’s movement yearly and find out if the searches increase annually.

Step 3: Discover where the clients are

Check the world map on the dashboard to discover the country that does most of the product searches.

You can even be more specific to a particular city, subregion, metro if you want.

The main reason to discover the higher search location is to enable you to improve your marketing strategy.

For instance, if you find out that more Indians are searching for face shields than other countries, you can choose to give more Indian-friendly information on your store.

For instance, you provide translations of the product description in Hindu or even translate the prices in their local currency. This way, you can win the hearts of your Indian visitors.

Step 4: Analyze the data

Don’t stop at checking the location of your potential customers. Take a step further to check other available data.

When you look down on the result page, you’ll also discover other related topics or products.

That way, you can also indicate such related products on your product page.

You’ll also find all the related queries around your product or topic and even filter them based on the period you need.

Step 5: Make your search specific to only Google Shopping

When you do this, you’ll see when people shop for that particular product.

You can also choose a country and discover the season in which the demand for the product is higher.

When you discover the season your product sells more, you can create strategies on how to attract your potential customers during the season.

Don’t stop at knowing about your product only.

You can also go over to the left menu of the interface and check what’s trending at that moment.

This section will show you what people are crazy about at the moment.

Such information will help you to outshine your competitors by knowing the next trending product even when they don’t.

Although, the way you utilize this information depends on your business or product.

The most sold items online

Do you know that some products may sell more in a physical store but not in online stores?

So you can’t choose products for your online store without knowing if they’ll do well on the internet.

That’s why we present the following most sold items online to help you choose wisely. Check them out!

1. Fashion items

Fashion items sell very fast online. You may not know this, but it’s an industry that remains at the top all over the world.

Even though there are many online stores selling fashion items, that niche is still making high sales.

One good thing about fashion items is that someone can buy them and return them if the size or specifications are not right.

2. Trips & Tourism

This is another niche that is selling fast online. The products in this niche include plane tickets, hotel reservations, tour bookings, etc.

Nowadays, many people would instead complete all the transactions online than physically. That’s why every product related to trips & tourism sells very fast.

3. Tech products

Tech products are also hot online. Many people order different gadgets such as computers, phones, accessories, TVs, etc., online.

The only thing affecting tech product sales online is the fear of getting products with defects and can’t return them.

But apart from that, these products are hot online.

4. Second-hand items

People are interested in getting what they want at half-price if possible.

Sites like eBay sell second-hand products in all categories. These items include books, electronics, cars, clothing, tickets, etc.

Once the product is in good condition, many people are willing to buy it off the shelves.

5. Music and Books

These products are also selling fast online. Although the increasing rates of unauthorized downloads have slowed these products’ sales, they’re still worth it online.

Most importantly, in the nearest future, the demand for hard copies may no longer exist. As a result, the demand for online books will increase.

6. Educational Courses

These are other fast-selling products online. E-learning is one of the trending industries in this era.

There’s nothing you want to learn that you can’t find online.

Many platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, etc., sell millions of courses at affordable prices and the sales keep rising every year.

Also, more and more people are getting interested in learning everything they want in the comfort of their homes.


You can’t succeed in e-commerce if you don’t offer what people need.

Millions of people shop online in this era, and if you must capture their attention, you need to offer trending products at every point in time.

That way, you can boost your online sales and make profits.

So, if you’ve been searching for trending products to sell online this 2021, we hope that this article has helped you out.

We have provided 50+ trending products to sell this year.

We also provided a short guide on how to use google trends to find products to sell.

With all this information at your fingertips, we hope you’ll make huge profits this year.

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