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40 Small Business Ideas for Men


Men have great ideas when it comes to coining, developing, and growing their businesses. Here are a few of the small business ideas that are appropriate for men. 

1. Restaurant: Food is people’s basic necessity

If you are looking for a business to venture, you can never go wrong in the food industry.

Food is part of the daily needs of people and, therefore, this would help you begin your business right away.

This idea will even be a good one if you love cooking and eating, too! 

If you are into this type of business idea, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • You should be good at managing and planning
  • Diligence to work for long hours or as long as you are needed in the restaurant
  • High motivational skills
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Being hospitable by being warmly welcoming to guests and customers

Having these skills mentioned above would greatly help you not just in the good begin, but in its growth and long-term development as well.

2. Bar: People love having fun

If you are into having fun and celebrating with friends and family, then a bar might be a good business idea for you.

To begin, you must realize that this type of trade is good if you can think of new ideas, especially because the competition is tight in the bar industry. 

Most men would buy the idea of opening up a bar because this trade’s success in its first 6 months may return you your investment for the next 3 years. 

Now, you must have the following requirements:

  • Have a generous amount of money as a capital
  • Imbibe enough knowledge in running a bar, especially because this type of trade is just around the corners of almost every street
  • Create a clear vision

3. Bakeshop 

If you are into baking, then opening up a bakeshop is a good idea for a start. It doesn’t need as much capital.

If you would decide to have this idea, you should be able to work long hours, especially very early in the morning. 

One of the secrets of establishing successful baking is not just having the best-tasting bread and cookies and cakes, but having your products look so good that makes them irresistible.

This great idea would earn you roughly $3 billion annually. 

You need the following criteria:

  • Be able to work at odd hours, especially early mornings
  • Be creative since baking is considered an art
  • Open your bakeshop in a highly commercialized location

4. Barbers Shop

Men love their hair; there’s no doubt about it.

Most men would not mind paying a great amount just to make sure their hair is well-trimmed and shaven.

Others would even travel far just to go to the best barber in town. 

If you are into hairstyling, then a barbershop may be one of the good small business ideas for men. Criteria in meeting the needs of your clients:

  • Have skills in hair styling 
  • Be creative since hair styling is a form of art
  • Have the proper equipment in the shop 
  • Be willing to work with customers with strange or different hairstyle needs

If you meet the above criteria, you will be able to begin your barbershop just in time. 

5. Supermarket 

One of the good small ideas you can have is a supermarket.

This is a good idea for you if you are into running errands, listing and buying your groceries. 

Having this business can give you a lot of return on investment if you meet the following:

  • Choose the right location
  • Know the needs of the community
  • Be willing to work long hours if needed

Supermarket, as one of the small business ideas for men, will be a great deal if you have great managing skills as well.

You also have to take note that your prices must be affordable as to the status of the community where your shop is located. 

6. Bookshop

The bookshop is again, one of the great small business ideas for men.

There’s not much skill that is required of you to begin this business.

Although you may need enough capital to begin this idea, the growth and the return of your investment can be achieved in the first 2 years of operation. 

To begin with, you may need the following requirements:

  • Be a good reader to suggest customers’ books that are of quality
  • Have great management skills
  • Possess good literary knowledge skills and background

This idea, if managed well, could even make you a millionaire in no time!

7. Part and Events Organizing

If you are into parties and events, you may want to open your own company in parties and events planning and organizing.

People love celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. You can use this as one of your ideas, to begin with. 

The following skills are needed for you to begin this great idea:

  • Have an eye for small details
  • Be creative
  • Know how to have fun!
  • Be a people person

Profit and sales for and event organizing industry are reportedly good and would, therefore, give you a high chance of gaining a lot from this idea.

8. Catering Services

One of the good ideas for men is opening up your catering services.

If you have the knack in cooking, then this could be a good venture for you to begin.

The following are some of the needs in catering services:

  • Be patient and creative
  • Have a great organizing and planning skills
  • Explore new delicacies

Catering services, as part of the food industry, have been reported to have increased and its steady growth is an indicator that opening up this great idea could be more of a gain than of a loss for most men. 

9. Fish farming

Most people love fishing! Most men know varieties of fish and how to grow them.

If you are one of these people, then fish farming is good for you to begin. Before this, you must meet the following needs:

  • You must have a good area of land with good irrigation 
  • You must be well-equipped with knowledge in fish farming
  • Your land must be equipped with machinery and equipment

Farming is a good start for most people in the agriculture industry. If this is managed well, you can earn millions in its first 2 years of operation.

10. Fitness Gym

We can all agree that men love going to the gym. They are obsessed with getting fit and achieving their masculine body goals.

Here are what you need the following requirements:

  • A good amount of money as capital is highly needed
  • Identify the gym equipment is needed to incorporate in the gym
  • You should also be fit, yourself
  • Research great information about the fitness industry

It may be a great idea to venture, but the return of investment can double in no time. 

11. Food truck

A food truck is another good and profitable idea for people, especially those who love food and who love cooking!

You can never go wrong in the food industry. Aside from it is a need for all people, it is also a great way to offer your food variants to people. 

If you want your food truck, you must realize that this requires you to move around from one place to another and you are the one delivering to your customers.

The beauty of this is you are traveling and selling at the same time. 

12. Gaming industry

Most people love games and this love for mobile and video games can be turned into an income-generating project.

As of 2015, video and online games are one of the top high-earning industries. 

The market in this great idea is rapidly growing.

Most young adults love playing games, but as of 2013, the market increased from young adults to seniors.

This is a good idea for you to begin your gaming industry. 

You may need to have great knowledge and experience in video games.

You may also need to have an ample amount of money to have this business.

However, once you have established your business in this industry, you can earn millions in just your first 3 years of business operation. 

13. Internet cafe

Yes, most people already have access to the internet on their phones.

But this platform is not enough to offer them a conducive working environment.

This is where you can begin your internet cafe business. 

To begin with this great business, you have to make sure that your internet cafe offers high internet speed.

You should also require your computer units to have up-to-date software.

A good location for this business is also a great consideration.

You have to make sure that your business is located around the Central Business District (CBD) to cater to your market around office workers and students. 

14. Car wash

Men love their cars! This could be a good business to venture into.

To begin with, you must have a great location. An area with a great flow of traffic could be highly suggested so that this business is exposed to many car owners.

Also, you must be knowledgeable about this business industry.

Having the right equipment could lure the car owners in appreciating your business.

You must also know the latest trends in cars to give great suggestions to your customers. 

15. Pest control    

This business for people is not difficult to have. You do not even need a high amount of money to start this business.

All you need are your knowledge and proper equipment to start this great business.

If you are planning to have this business industry, you should know that your target market is the households.

Therefore, a proper location for this business must also be taken into consideration. It is highly suggested that you locate this business in an area near neighborhoods to give them easy access to your services.

You can even have this business in your own home! 

16. Computer repair shop

With a boy’s addiction and knowledge about computers, this could be used as your capital in starting a business in a computer repair shop.

This business industry is rapidly growing and provides you a great opportunity to earn. 

Your skills and knowledge in computer parts and how to repair them are the necessities to start this business.

You must also take note that you have to be aware of the latest software and hardware updates to keep your services in trend.

17. Boutique

Men are very much into fashion, just as much as women. If you are into the latest fashion trends, then starting up a boutique is one of the good small business ideas for men. 

You can start this business by looking online and check on the latest fashion trends. After, you may start opening your boutique store in a perfect location where customers are around the corner.

It is also highly advisable that you equip yourself with promotional venues such as blogs, vlogs, and other platforms that would help you grow your clients. 

18. Tailoring Business

This is a perfect and great business to pair up with your boutique. Clothes can be someone’s statement of fashion and would, therefore, be of great quality.

You can help your consumers be attractive by starting your own tailoring business. 

Great knowledge and skills are highly needed for this type of business. You should be greatly aware of the fashion trends, the needs of men and women in clothing.

Having the perfect machinery and team are also highly expected if you plan on starting a great and profitable business on tailoring.

19. Photography Business

If your hobby is in photography, it is high time that you convert this hobby into an income-generating project.

If you have the right equipment such as cameras, pods, lights, etc., and of course, the right skills and knowledge, then you are fine.

Promoting this business can be a nice start. You can get promotions from different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to make your name known and to further grow your market.

It is also imperative that you keep yourself in track with the different trends in photography, so attending seminars and training would be a great help to further meet the needs of your clients. 

If you have a great eye for details and a great visual and editing skills, then starting a photography business is right for you.

20. Poultry business

If you live on a farm or have grown on a farm, you might consider starting a poultry business. 

There’s a great need for this industry since poultry products are sold worldwide.

The greatest requirement for this business is your knowledge of growing poultry as well as having the right location which involves a vast land area in growing your farm. 

Once this business grows bigger and wider, you may even venture on importing and exporting your poultry products.

With proper management, this business can make you a millionaire in just a span of its first 3 years. 

21. Yoga Instructor

If you are into a healthy lifestyle and would want to turn this hobby into something profitable, then you might want to start your business on yoga instruction. 

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This, however, may require that you have knowledge and experiences on yoga exercises.

Also, this business requires that you have a studio located in an area away from the noise of the city so that your customers get to live the full-on yoga experience. 

22. Handbags designing and making 

This business does not require expensive capital to start with. Also, it is easy to establish, most especially if you have prior knowledge and experience in the business.  

One great, if you want to start and grow this business, is to tap-up with a bigger bag-related business or company which can make your names even more popular.

With this, you’re helping your business grow together.

23. Uber    

If you are a duly-registered and, of course, mindful driver, you might want to start a business with Uber. This business is very simple to start with.

All you need is to submit and meet the requirements of Uber and once you pass, you can start driving your passengers around your area. 

This business requires your knowledge about your vicinity and make sure to get your passengers to their destinations safely.

With quality service, your passengers may even give you a big tip! 

24. Laundry service business

Another easy business to start on your own is the laundry service business. People – students and workers – are busy nowadays that they no longer have the time to their laundry. This is where your service is needed. 

If you are planning on jumping into this business, you need to choose a location that is near busy areas such as schools, establishments, and work offices.

Of course, having the right equipment and machines are also highly needed in this business.

25. Martial Arts Gym

One of the good small business ideas for men that you might want to start with is a martial arts gym.

This business can also be very lucrative and inviting since a lot of people nowadays want to be equipped with knowledge and skills in self-defense. 

Before you start this business, you should be skilled with martial arts, yourself. Prior knowledge and training are imperative in starting this business.

A nice location and gym equipment are also highly required if you want to start this business.

Most of your target market for this business range from kids to adults, so it is advisable that you locate your gym in the central business district where schools and most offices are located. 

This business may require you a lot of capital in money, knowledge, and skills, but this tiny business could turn into something great! 

26. Worm farming

One of the good small business ideas that people would want to start with is worm farming. Yes, you can earn money in growing worms!

Although this business does not need you any agricultural degree, this business requires that you have skills and knowledge in growing worms. 

As a requirement, you need to have enough farms with healthy soil to properly grow worms.

Also, you should check that your farm is far from infestations and industrial factories with chemicals that could harm your farm. 

Worm farming is not new in farm and agriculture, but this business gives you profitable growth and profitable return of investment. 

27. Real estate

If you have skills in sales talk and is knowledgeable about houses and real estate, you might want to consider it as one of your good small business ideas for men. 

Real estate offers you great profit and your only capital needed is your knowledge and skills in real estate.

Some people have become millionaires in real estate. So, don’t miss your opportunity to be one.

28. Music studio

Music is life and people would always want to have music in their lives. If you love music and are have skills in mixing musicals, then this perfect business is suitable for you.

With little to no capital, this tiny business can become something great by offering great services to your clients.

The only highly required necessity for this business is to have a great place to put up your studio and high-end equipment.

Nevertheless, this business is great for all people and music lovers out there. 

29. Delivery business

For most people, doing your daily jobs entails great work and requires a lot of working hours. This is why starting your own delivery business is a great way to meet people’s needs in helping people with their daily chores.

Starting your own delivery business can give a lot of relief for busy workers, busy parents, and busy students.

The deliverable may vary from groceries to school and office supplies. This would save a lot of time and effort for most busy people. 

You may need a truck to deliver these items and your expertise and knowledge about the area or location of the delivery addresses.

30. Cleaning business

One of the easy small business ideas for men nowadays is starting with a cleaning business. This business is easy to start and you can even operate at home.

You must have an eye for details and make sure that the place is tidy enough to impress your customers and give you quality reviews and ratings.

You should establish your cleaning business in a highly-urbanized location where people usually gather. This would open your business to a lot more possible target market. 

31. Hat making business

This great business can start as your hobby or maybe a collection, but you can make this into something bigger by creating your hat designs, colors, and make it into something fashionable. 

This could be one of your choices of small business ideas for men which can make you earn loads of money.

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It is imperative that, when you start this business, you should know the latest trends in hats and other headdresses or head accessories.

Your hats should also accommodate all genders. The more variants you offer, the higher is the growth possibilities for this business.

32. Fruits and Vegetable Cart or Store

One of the widest and strongest small business ideas for men is the industry of fruits and vegetables. This is why having your own business in the fruits and vegetable industry is a nice decision. 

If you are planning on having just a fruit and vegetable cart, then it is a wise move to look for a great stall or place in the market.

This is good since a lot of people would rather go to the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, if you plan on having your fruits and vegetable store, it is better to look for a location in the middle of residential and commercial buildings. 

This business does not require a lot of money for a start. However, establishing your store might need more monetary expenses than having just a cart.

Nevertheless, this is one of the good small business ideas which can give you good and easy profits in the future. 

33. Toy store

Men are kids in an adult body, as they say. If you plan on venturing into a new business, putting up your toy store is one of the great business ideas for men. 

This is a fun way of reliving your childhood fantasy of having all the toys that you want. To start this awesome business, it would be wise to conduct your research and study on which location is the best for you to put up this business.

It would also be wise if you do some digging on what toys are highly in demand for kids nowadays.

This business, if properly managed, may give you a high return of investments in just a year of operation.

34. Dance studio

If dancing is your skill and your hobby, then it is the right time to make this hobby into something that could generate income.

Being a great dancer and/or choreographer could be an added factor if you put up this business.

Most would prefer to have these types of small business ideas for men to meet the needs of the growing market in the arts of dancing.

One great requirement that you have to need is to look for an accessible location. This should be near schools and offices where your clients can go straight up to the studio after work or school. 

This small business idea does not require a lot of money to begin. Your basic capital is your skills and knowledge in the world of dancing. 

35. Shoemaking

“Men’s shoes show their character”, as they say, and most people, indeed, love wearing great shoes. Being a fan of shoes and their styles can be a great way for you to earn. 

You can begin this small business idea by researching the latest trends nowadays in footwear. You can always vary your style to all gender and all ages to meet wider customers in the market. 

It is also suggested that you consult men in the shoe-making industry and ask for their pieces of advice as to how to make the business grow. 

36. Skincare product business

If you are thinking that skincare products are only for women, think again. A lot of people have been successful in the line of skincare products.

Some successful people have ventured into the skincare products industry. And yes, a skincare product corporate is one of the good small corporate ideas that one could jump into.

In having this industry, knowledge is a great requirement. You must know the latest trends and types of skincare products.

Having a degree in dermatology is an additional factor! This would make you an even more reliable corporate entrepreneur in the industry of skincare. 

One best way to start this business is to look for an accessible place for all people – from young adults to seniors.

Also, if you do not have a degree in dermatology, partnering with an incensed dermatologist is a great idea to make your business more reliable. 

This small business idea can make you a millionaire in no time if you possess proper training, knowledge, and skills. 

37. Goldsmith business

This is one of the most successful and most-money making small business ideas for men that you can begin with.

This industry is originally for men because it requires all the masculine force and strength. However, over time, women have also empowered themselves in this industry and have even succeeded. 

In starting this, you must have great knowledge and skill in venturing into this trade. You cannot be successful if you do not have enough knowledge and skills.

Also, proper training and exposure are a must in entering this business idea. After this, you may decide on which specific goldsmith venture you would like to jump into.

In most cases, men would embark on jewelry since it offers more profit and gain.

It may take a while before you have the full grasp and expertise about this venture, but once you do, your return of investments will be doubled or even tripled in no time. 

38. Coffee shop

Coffee has become a staple in people’s everyday life and having a coffee-related business gives you a stable and everyday income. 

Having your coffee shop is one of the good small trade ideas for most men which you may want to consider.

Most men own coffee shops and with their strategic style of managing, they can grow it into something bigger over the years.

Before this, you would consider the location of the shop. Ideally, men would put their shop around commercial and residential areas.

Busy people always have their coffee in hand so it is better to offer your coffee-related service just a few steps away from their offices. 

Another thing to consider is your skills and knowledge. You must have both knowledge and skills in the coffee industry such as roasting and mixing and making coffee blends.

Also, your knowledge about the coffee industry such as how coffee is grown and harvested would give such a great contributing factor in succeeding in your commercial endeavor.

Being a coffee lover is a plus points for you.

If you succeed in this, it is likely to receive your return of investments in just 1-2 years. 

39. Smoothie cart

Smoothies are gaining popularity nowadays and a lot of consumers, especially the young ones, are getting into it. This is one of the good small business ideas for men that you might want to begin with.

This idea does not need a lot of money as capital. For most men, they want to consider mixing fruits and different flavors altogether, depending on the tastes of your customers.

Also, this small trade idea does not need training and proper education. You can even learn it online by watching some tutorials.

But having skill in bartending can be an added plus point for you.

Before you jump into this corporate, thinking of the best location is a crucial decision.

Ideally, you put this up in a highly commercialized area so that you attract more people and customers.

If managed well, your smoothie cart may turn into a shop and expand it into more branches. Having more branches means more money that you can earn.

Other people can even franchise from your commercial trade and in no time, you shall be sitting in your pile of money.

40. Ticketing and travel business

Most men love traveling and boys have great visions on the different destinations that are worth traveling for. If you are one of these men, then you may want to offer your services in the ticketing business.

We can all agree that booking our tickets and travel packages from one place to another could be such a hassle, especially if we are juggling work, studies, and leisure.

But if you offer a ticket, you can make the lives of much less stressful. 

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In establishing this, it is necessary to have great organizing skills paired with great patience. You must also be knowledgeable about different travel destinations, both locally and internationally, so that you can give suggestions to your customers.

Reading a lot of travel blogs and tourist destinations could also be of great help in adding more information to your company.

You may not even need a place for this since you can do it remotely by transacting online. This is a great avenue for most stay-at-home dads who would rather work at home.

If you will be able to manage and promote this business, there is a great chance that you can become a millionaire in no time.

Necessities in Acquiring Your Business

There are no universal rules on how to own your business. Most men took lessons and undergone training. While others happened to just have a spur of the moment in deciding on men’s ventures.

However, here are a few requirements before people could have their small ideas:

All need their owner’s perseverance. If you are planning on having a new trade, you need to work long hours and even work on holidays. 

Your growth does not happen overnight. So, you have to be patient in waiting for your return on investment. Some take years and years before they were able to develop and grow their industry.

Money is of great necessity to begin your venture. Your commercial adventure cannot function if you cannot afford all the necessary equipment, machines, or even pay your monthly rent for the space of your shop. You will also be needing money for the manpower that you need to put up your plans in commercial trade. 

Reliable team. It is also a must that you look for a group of people that you trust. It is not easy managing your work all by yourself. So, having a reliable team would ease out the burden. Working alone may mean a lot of work for you, so you shouldn’t do the entire workload yourself. However, being in a perfect team is just right.  

Perfect location. A good location means good and high profits. You have to realize that the location is a very crucial requirement. You have to check if the people in the area need your trade because if not, you might be venturing in the wrong idea at the wrong location.

Dream BIG. Dream and dream big. Put this dream into reality by working hard. Dreams will not become a reality on their own. You have to make an effort and put them into realization. If you dream, dream big and put them into reality.

40 Small Business Ideas for Men Conclusion

To sum it all up, putting up a business, whether you are a man or a woman, is not easy. It takes a lot of requirements before it grows into something profitable.

Again, there are no universal rules in running you are own corporate, but with a great attitude, you are on your way to success!

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