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20+ Affiliate Marketing Tools You Need To Know


In our journey through this digital age, many people are ditching the 9–5 routine lifestyle for other income streams they can control. This is why affiliate marketing has become the right option for many. But if you want to succeed, you must use the best affiliate marketing tools to achieve your goals. 

Affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity of working from anywhere at your time. It allows you to earn income by promoting the products and services of different brands. The more products and services you’re affiliating for, the more you will earn.


However, one of the major challenges for most affiliate marketers is they lack the right tools to use in their marketing. Even after building their websites and inserting their affiliate link, they still can’t earn. So you must target the right and best affiliate marketing tools for easy integration with several platforms as an affiliate marketer.

The good news is that there are some free affiliate tools out there for every affiliate marketer. Also, you can even get the best affiliate plugin for WordPress if you’re using the platform.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the business of promoting the products and services of companies online. The company gives you a link as one of its affiliate marketers, which you’ll use online on your platform. Also, you will earn a commission if a client or customer patronizes the company through your affiliate link.

One of the outstanding things about affiliate marketing is that you can be an affiliate of as many companies as possible. There’s no limit as long as you are willing and you’ve got what it takes to promote their products or services.

Great Affiliate Marketing Tools For You:

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is an all-in-one effective tool that affiliate marketers need. It’s one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. SEMrush is a great tool that you can use for keyword research. It’s also useful in competitor analysis and to fix SEO errors.

semrush's page with analytics as a good affiliate marketing tool

SEMRush will give you a clear understanding of competitors’ content with the highest ROI. The tool also provides an analysis of the issues with on-page SEO. Here are the basic uses of the SEMRush tool:

  • Runs SEO audits to keep watch on possible website issues that may interfere with your search rankings.
  • SEMRush gives the analysis of competitors’ keywords and ad budgets.
  • It gives a plagiarism check to ensure that your content is original.
  • SEMRush keeps weekly records of your keyword ranking.
  • It monitors your ad copy and link’s landing pages.
  • SEMRush confines your Ad campaigns from potential copying.
  • It reveals new competitors in Bing Ads and Google Ads.

SEMRush usually comes with a 14-day free trial period for its users. It keeps you apprise of your competitors’ PPC campaigns. So if you’re running a PPC campaign, you’ve got the right tool. The tool can make a real-time uncovering of your competitors’ ad copy. Also, from the exported results, you can use them for reference. It becomes easy to create the new ad copy that you can use in split testing your campaigns.

When you combine this with the keyword search results, you’ll be on an advantageous high level above your competitors. If you’re an industry leader or you’re very close to becoming one, we recommend the SEMRush tool for you. The tool will assist you to keep up with your position at the top.

2. Flippa

Flippa is an affiliate marketing tool that helps you to get domains. Most affiliate marketers are always faced with the challenge of starting and building a website from scratch for each of their affiliations. Besides being time-consuming, such a situation leaves you with zero SEO power. This means that you need lots of time, even years, to establish such sites.

With Flippa, you already have a flip in overturning the tables. This affiliating tool operates as a domain marketplace to access domains with the right Domain Authority (DA) score that suits affiliate marketing.

Eventually, you won’t need to build a site from scratch anymore, as customers can easily access your content with such domains. Furthermore, with the strong backlink profile from the domain, you are sure of rapid SEO growth.

However, there are some challenges associated with getting such sites without undergoing a backlinks audit. For example, some domains utilize black-hat SEO operations such as PBNs. Sometimes, a Penguin algorithm update can penalize affiliate marketers who purchased such domains. The reasons are usually from the previous owner’s building practices through black-hat. Thus, it’s always advisable to run a full backlink audit when you plan to purchase any domain.

3. Ahrefs

This is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for those that personally manage their website and SEO. The operations of Ahrefs are quite similar to those of SEMRush. Ahrefs, as an affiliate marketing tool, has a free trial period. Interested users can carry out free SEO checks within the period. Ahrefs undertakes the following 

  • Analysis of competitive content for new ideas on your site.
  • On-page SEO and other audits.
  • Keyword research
  • Analysis of backlinks.
  • Compiles new link-building possibilities.
  • Exposes sites that tap to your site’s broken pages.

Ahrefs tends more to backlinks than on-page SEO. It’s a good tool for those competing with bigger sites. Also, Ahrefs empowers its users with the opportunity to strengthen their affiliate campaign. Through the ‘Content Explorer’ feature, you’ll discover lots of brands in your niche for future collaborations.

ahrefs' page with seo analytics as a good affiliate marketing tool

From such explorations, you can build your domain with more backlinks and drive more traffic. With time and based on your growth, influencers may start commenting on your brand.

Also, you can get more followers on your affiliate program. With Ahrefs, you can efficiently grow your affiliate network while monitoring your competitors.

Before now, Ahrefs runs the Ahrefs affiliate program, where they gave 20% lifetime commission to their affiliates. However, the Ahrefs affiliate program closed in 2015. Their site now has a footer displaying their link and a message that reads ‘Coming soon.

4. OptinMonster

This is one of the best conversion optimization tools available for affiliate marketing. It’s also one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. OptinMonter gets your traffic to act the way you want. So this WordPress affiliate marketing tool can redirect your traffic to your affiliate products.

OptinMonter enables you to create effective campaigns that will promote your products. You can keep the campaigns as a fullscreen welcome mat, floating bar, pop-up, etc. By displaying your content at the right time to the right people, you can set a target for your campaigns.

Usually, by monitoring your customers’ journey, your target can be directed to some segments of your traffic. The Exit-Intent Technology is a good example of targeting rules that display campaigns to users at the point of exit. Through this means, your affiliate links can get targeted campaigns. 

With your call to action, your users are redirected to the sales page for your affiliate products. This helps you monitor your traffic as well as increase your earnings without using any paid ad. With the use of SEO, you can get an organic increase in your web traffic. The resultant impact on your earning will amaze you as you keep utilizing OptinMonter’s high converting campaigns.

5. AnyTrack

This is one of the affiliate marketing tools that permits affiliates to monitor and get conversions from other affiliate networks. AnyTrack utilizes the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics in its operations.

Affiliate marketers always prefer to measure their effective progress to understand the impact of their campaigns. This will help them to ascertain their success and failure and how to recreate and improve their campaign performances.

anytrack's page with analytics of a page is one of the best affiliate marketing tools

You can use some free ads for affiliate marketing as your analytics tools to track your data conversion. SEO, Facebook, and Google Analytics are great tools that you can employ to get the necessary insights for optimization and campaign improvement.

With AnyTract TAG, you’ll get a single code line that automates data collection fully. The TAG also syncs data through your market stacks and avoids setup complications. Some key features of AnyTrack include:

  • It tracks affiliate links automatically and forms submission without nodes.
  • With its single line of code, AnyTrack connects all your pixels and analytics.
  • With webhooks, AnyTrack syncs conversions with third-party marketing tools such as API, emails, etc.
  • It uses one-click integration with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • It allows native integration with different software solutions and affiliate networks.

AnyTrack is a great platform for affiliate campaigns on Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Ads, SEO content. Also, you can use it on content websites, comparison websites, and lead generation for growth. With the custom audience building tool, you can build identical audiences through all pixels simultaneously.

6. ShareASale

This is one of the reliable affiliate marketing tools that creates a meeting point for affiliate marketers and merchants. When it comes to affiliate partnerships, ShareASale is the recommended go-to resource.

Customers always enjoy seamless operation from their top-notch technology.  For advertisers that seek help in driving sales, ShareASale connects them to publishers. These publishers can earn per phone call, website visitor, or lead that they link to the advertisers.

ShareASale is known as the wonderful starting point for affiliate marketers. This’s majorly due to the part that they play to connect the affiliate markers and the merchants. However, affiliate marketers will always get higher commissions on their sales when they get a direct connection with the advertisers.

7. Adplexity

Adplexity is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for ad intelligence. With this tool, you can track your competitors’ ads which are profitable in different areas.

Some of such areas include mobile, desktop, push, eCommerce, enterprise, native, etc. The diverse operational ability of this tool makes it a must-get in affiliate marketing. For instance, Adplexity Mobile, through mobile traffic sources, will track the most profitable campaigns of your competitors.

You will understand the successful ads and implement marketing decisions that will improve your earnings from such information. You won’t need to start building your performance from scratch. Once you’ve understood the high-performing ads, you can just copy them and customize them for yourself to flow with the trend.

8. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is one of the affiliate marketing tools that encompasses lots of services just in one pack. So, it’s a handy tool that affiliate marketers can leverage to maximize their efforts. Some of the functionality of MobileMonkey includes:

The best chatbot for affiliate marketing tools 

MobileMonkey is a live chat software that provides you with the platform to communicate with your customers and prospects. From such connections, you can generate leads, increase your revenue and give support over multiple channels in real-time.

monkey is showing some icons

Affiliate marketers make great progress from the combination of chatbot automation and live chat. Just from a single unified inbox, they can employ live chat on several marketing channels. Some of the benefits of using MobileMonkey for live chat are:

  • Increase by 3x in website engagement rates.
  • Over 45% increase in conversions on the websites.
  • Impact over 63% of consumers to return to a website.
  • Enhances the qualifications and generations of leads.
  • Helps in the building of a sales chatbot
  • Generates more reviews.
  • Operates a giveaway on Facebook.

The affiliate marketing tool for SMS text messages

MobileMonkey is also a great SMS marketing tool. It’s also one of the free affiliate tools available in WordPress. MobileMonkey needs no mental effort for its operation. Its opt-in tools are equally useful to affiliate marketers.

They include SMS keyword opt-in-tools, website chat SMS opt-in widgets, and web page popups for desktops and mobiles. MobileMonkey enables the following SMS marketing campaigns: 

  • Proactive messaging and automated responses.
  • Bulk text messaging.
  • Automated SMS drip Campaign.

The affiliate marketing tool for Facebook

Facebook Messager ads provide the users with free ads for affiliate marketing. One of the interesting features of Facebook Messager ads is their ability to run across the apps of the Facebook family. Such apps are Instagram newsfeed, Facebook newsfeed, Facebook and Instagram Stories, Messager, Marketplace, etc.

9. ThirstyAffilaites marketing tool

This is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for link cloaking. This WordPress plugin helps affiliate marketers to fix and maintain broken front-end links through its cloaking operations.

ThirtyAffiliates is a great platform for beginners in affiliate marketing to list and earn income. It presents the opportunities of getting active affiliates for beginners as well as exiting marketers. This is one of the affiliate marketing tools that come with a free version of WordPress.

So you can cloak your affiliate links for free with the version. This is one of the rare privileges for affiliate marketers that use WordPress. Also, ThirtyAffiliates offers its users alternative landings or destinations for all international clicks.

10. Voluum

Voluum is an affiliate marketing tool for ad tracking. It can track all the user’s advertising campaigns, optimize ads performances, evaluate data for insights. Voluum is one of the affiliate marketing tools that operate with several advertising traffic sources.

It has pre-built templates for most platforms for easy affiliating. Some of the platforms include Google, Facebook, ExoClick, Zeropack, Taboola, Revcontent, AppNexus, etc.

Voluum also has a top-notch reposting feature that gives real-time reporting on campaigns and ads. It also has direct tracking pixels and some cost models like CPM, CPA, and CPC. Some of the advertising formats and ads supported by Voluum include:

  • Display banners
  • Native ads
  • Push notification ads
  • Search ads
  • Video ads
  • Social media ads
  • Pop ads
  • Email advertising, etc.

11. All in One SEO (AIOSEO) marketing tool

All in One SEO is a great and one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. Most affiliate marketers will love this great tool as it can build and attract the right audience to their affiliate sites.

Affiliate marketers have the privilege of selecting focus keywords while creating their content, then All in One SEO will handle every technical SEO involved in the background. So with this amazing affiliate marketing tool, you’ll receive a list of SEO tips to improve your content. 

The unique features of All in One SEO are befitting to search engines. From its full optimization, you’ll get a push-up in your content rankings and a good image for your affiliate site. So not only are you having more audiences to your site, you’re getting the very right kind of audience.

12. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale is also one of the affiliate marketing tools that has a WordPress plugin. This affiliate tool allows you to build and facilitate affiliate marketing from beginning to end in a very short time.

Its WordPress plugin gives vendors the right solution in creating an alternative platform such as ShareASale for their products. The alternative platforms are usually self-hosted affiliate marketing platforms

Affiliate Royale has tracking tools for affiliate link that monitors your campaign’s performance and content. This enables you to build and manage your affiliate site and program properly and with ease. 

Using Affiliate Royale keeps you on top and apprise of everything in your affiliate marketing. It helps you to monitor payments, sales, and clicks of your affiliate from its dashboard. You can also personalize what displays on the dashboard to your important data based on your goals.

13. ClickBank Affiliate marketing tool

ClickBank is one of the affiliate marketing tools that is also an affiliate marketplace. It’s a prominent global retailer with reputable payout history that offers affiliate marketers products to sell.

ClickBank stands as a great opportunity, especially for affiliate marketers at the beginning stages. ClickBank has several resources in its marketplace, such as the opportunity to sell, discovering, and shopping for creative products.

A marketer can also get trend products to promote or sharpen his affiliate performance with online courses.  Affiliate marketers always prefer ClickBank because this affiliate tool has an evolving compilation of digital and physical products.

Also, when it comes to reliability, ClickBank has never failed for over 20 years in payments. The following affiliate types can use ClickBank to leverage:

  • Affiliates who are at the beginning level and will need to understand the techniques in online products sales.
  • People who’re looking for a side hustle to augment their income.
  • Existing affiliates who want to build their products portfolio or automate more sales easily and conveniently.

14. SpyOver

SpyOver is one of the affiliate marketing tools that analyzes and monitors native ads. This affiliate tool has over 7 million ads in its database. It tracks about 70 affiliate networks and 15 ad networks in more than 115 countries.

spyover's page with analyzes native ads as a great affiliate marketing tool

This is indeed an amazing feature. Also, SpyOver offers several segmentations for assists its users during their searches. Some of the benefits of using SpyOver include:

  • Enables users to track and sort their data and content by duration and date.
  • Users can filter data and content by device, GEO, browsers, and networks.
  • Users can discover detailed graphs, stats, data, and content for every campaign.
  • For exploring landing pages through text, title copying, URL, and links.
  • For downloading competitors’ landing pages and choosing multiple contents to download at once.
  • Discovering trending campaigns using advanced filters to prepare for better campaigning content for your affiliate site.
  • Through its SEO tool, users get optimization for their campaigns and can analyze their content.

15. Refersion

Refersion is one of the advanced affiliate marketing tools that you can utilize to remain profitable in affiliate marketing. This great tool empowers you to track, manage and develop your network. 

Using Refersion helps you track real-time conversions in your digital marketing. Integrating your eCommerce platform using the Refersion offers a better leveraging ground to you. You can effectively monitor the sales that your affiliate drives.

Also, Refersion gives access to performance analytics and reports. This helps you to arrange great content for your campaigns. You also get a greater advantage through unrestricted commission structures that are automated.

16. AffJet marketing tool

AffJet is among the best affiliate marketing tools to manage affiliate marketing campaigns. It enables you as an affiliate marketer to effectively track your network’s performance.

You can also monitor the income you earn using the tool. Through AffJet’s dashboard, you can view the analysis of over 100 affiliate networks. This will help you to discover the top performers and the down players as well. 

Also, you can understand the content of the excelling campaign, which will help you create good and impactful content in your campaign. From there, you can build a great affiliate marketing site with great traffic and unending clicks.

17. Tailwind

Though there’re several social media marketing tools, Tailwind is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for Instagram and Pinterest.

For any knowledgeable affiliate marketer retailing physical products online, the importance of using Instagram and Pinterest can never be overstated. Tailwind is a social media analytics and scheduler tool that brings tremendous results in affiliate marketing content.

Marketing on Pinterest and Instagram puts more focus on the visual content of your campaigns. This forms the basic difference for Pinterest and Instagram from Facebook or Twitter marketing. Tailwind’s marketing tools for Instagram include:

  • Time-Saving Shortcut – It saves Instagram hashtags as lists, especially the top-performing ones. It also tags relevant locations and persons as well as format captions in a single file.
  • SmartShedule – By using Auto Post, it schedules your videos and photos in less than no time. It also selects the post times that it’s the peak of your audience engagement.
  • Content Plans – It steps in when you’re confused with what to post. It offers customized posting ideas that suit your business. It gives you unlimited content to build on.
  • Hashtag Finder – By using the relevant and popular Instagram hashtags, it engages more people for easy accessibility to the right followers.
  • Free Landing Page – It builds a free landing page. Also, it enables most of your audience to access your important content. 
  • Visual Planning – It enables the draw and drop in previewing your 9-grid. Also, it ensures that you always get a polished profile.
  • Clickable Links Addition – In just one step, this tool adds a link to Instagram posts. Using its behind-the-scene updates for your landing page, every click the person to your website, product listing, or blog post.

In addition to analytics reports and dashboards, Tailwind also gives Pinterest similar marketing tools in its platform.

18. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for building landing pages for affiliate marketers. Its popularity is on the increase. It requires no coding skills.

Also, its users always leverage their lead generation tools. Among all the features of Unbounce, its ‘Smart Traffic’ and ‘Conversion Intelligence’ distinguish it from the competition.

Customized building pages are essential when you run high-targeted campaigns. They help you to tailor all your funnel content to the audience.

This is very practical in account-based marketing campaigns for affiliate marketers. It’s always easy to get conversions when the landing page is aligning with the links on any campaign. Unbounce offers you the right tools to create unique landing pages for your multiple campaigns.

From there, you are sure of higher conversion rates. Also, Unbounce allows you to duplicate your very successful landing pages seamlessly and with lesser time. This will enable a bulk building of high-converting pages.

19. Google Adsense marketing tool

It’s a great move to earn income for every referral, but you can move further. Using Google Adsense gives you a great means of increasing your earnings. So Google Adsense is also one of the affiliate marketing tools at your disposal. You can set up several ad blocks on your site, which others will pay to use using Google Adsense. Some of the ways to get payment from the ads on your site include:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) – This enables you to earn for any ad click on your site. Though there’s a variation in the payment rates, it’s majorly dependent on the industry involved. The best safe benchmark is always on 1% click-through-rate (CTR) or the $1 per click.
  • CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) – This enables you to earn when there are a thousand page views for the given ad. There’s also a flat fee, and the range is between $1 – $3 or more.

20. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the right affiliate marketing tool for a higher level craving digital marketing plans. Besides being a marketing tool, Sendinblue is a full sales platform.

By using Sendinblue, you can develop targeted emails to fortify your campaigns for your affiliate links. Sendinblue also equips you to launch SMS campaigns.

sendinblue's editing page. Sendinblue is a great affiliate marketing tool

Sendinblue also empowers you in setting up an on-site live chat feature. This becomes more profitable where your affiliate marketing is a support to your core services or products.

Thus, your audience follows the live chat to your affiliate articles. So Seninblue helps you to maintain the connection with your audience.


Omnistar is one of the great affiliate marketing tools that you can use to boost your affiliate marketing results. Also, it ensures you get full optimization with your referral marketing content and campaigns.

Through its SEO for your campaigns, you are up for faster growth. By using Ominstar, you can easily integrate your site with your developed affiliate program.

The seamless integration prompts affiliates and your audience to your products and brand promotions. This helps you not only to get new clients but more earnings as well.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get and enjoy a free lifestyle. It allows you to create and control your working schedule even as your earn your income. That is the life that most people crave and love to have.

However, without employing the right tools, affiliate marketing can become a frustrating move in your life. Using any of combining some of our 20+ affiliate marketing tools is the right step to improve your marketing efforts. 

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