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15 Best Free Apps for Small Business Owners


The present world is more modernized than ever. We always tend to seek modernized help. Apps are such bits of support for us. For any problem, we seek software, that too, for free. Business owners also ask the same question. That is why we will share some free apps for small businesses in this article. In the following paragraphs, you will find 15 of the top free apps suitable for small businesses.


Different of these are ideal for various aspects of a business. Hence, we will include which part the app supports the most.

What is the best app for small businesses?

This question is one of the most asked ones. Especially, newcomers in the sector ask it most often. There is no actual parameter to determine the best.

However, some business apps have gotten more positive reviews than others. Also, you must consider special features.

But you must understand that not all of these are free. Most of them require purchase.

Therefore, we searched out some of the best ones that offer free service. Besides, we made sure that you get unique features and advantages.

1. Gusto

If you are looking for a free finance app for small businesses, this one will be at the top of our suggestions. Gusto supports a company in various ways.

It has beneficial effects on the payroll, benefits, and tax processes of a company. Gusto manages the online onboarding of employees.

gusto website screenshoot with a woman who is working as a florist. Gusto is a free app for small business

Besides, it handles the reporting of new employees. There are some other benefits as well.

The platform ensures federal, local, and state tax fillings. Also, it automates deduction for benefits as well as comp payments of workers.

Furthermore, it emails digital pay stubs to the employees of the company.

2. QuickBooks

This accounting software will help any business owner to run their business.

It serves the primary purpose of assisting you to understand the total financial health of your company. You can use this app for several purposes.

Firstly, you can track the expenses and sales of your company.

Next, you can view different financial statements like loss or profit reports. It does not end here.

You can pay your vendors and employees through QuickBooks. Also, you can track your unpaid invoices, which sometimes is very crucial.

Besides, you can maximize your tax deductions. A business requires a connection between different accounts.

QuickBooks lets you do that. For example, you can connect your bank accounts, online wallets, credit cards, and so on.

You get a seamless upload of data from these accounts.

As a result, tracking your income and expenses becomes much more manageable. The app lets you upload receipt photos from your phone.

As a result, doing your company taxes gets simplified.

If you do not want to install the application, there is an online version for you. You can access that from your smartphone.

3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks has a similarity in name with the previous one.

However, the primary purpose of this app is somewhat different. It mainly helps business owners to track and manage invoices.

With this software, you can create your professional-looking, personalized invoices.

Many times, owners fail to do that on their own. From that perspective, this app is a free pass for them.

Sometimes, billing your clients may feel tiresome and awkward.

However, FreshBooks can help you get rid of that tiredness. That is because it automatically bills the recurring invoices of your clients.

As a result, you do not even need to worry about that. It tracks and organizes your expenses.

Besides that, it creates customizable business reports like loss and profit statements for you.

4. Wave

It is an accounting platform. The platform is designed such that small businesses can get the most benefit out of it.

Besides, it is suitable for companies, proprietors, or independent contractors with fewer than nine employees.

The software is compatible with both PCs and Mac. So no matter what you use, you can access the software.

There is a mobile-compatible app too. The mobile app allows receipt scanning and mobile invoicing.

Also, it supports both android and iOS devices. Wave helps business owners to track their expenses and sales.

A screenshoot of a wave website

Besides, you can track your customer payments with it. Paying employees is also possible.

Furthermore, Wave lets its users manage invoices, generate different accounting reports, and scan receipts.

The same company offers personal finance software for small business owners, that too, for free.

5. Addappt

Communication is an essential factor for businesses. For small businesses, it is even more crucial.

Addappt is such an app that will help you manage your contacts. Eventually, the essential task will be easier to maintain.

Sometimes, your contacts update their information. In that case, the updates change automatically on your phone.

The app also lets the users organize contacts into groups. Besides, you can send messages to your contacts via Addappt.

6. Skype

It is a must-have software for business communications. Right now, Skype is sitting on the throne of videoconferencing.

Many other apps have tried to knock it off from its position. But not a single of them succeeded.

As a result, Skype is still ruling the market. You can easily understand the popularity and effectiveness of the platform.

Ten million reviews on the Google play store speak for it. The primary feature of the app is its voice or video call.

Twenty-five people can attend a call together. The attendees can also see each other through the option for video calling.

A notebook with a smartphone where is skype is on

Besides, Skype lets its users share photos, videos, and files of any size. Options for sending voice messages or texts are there as well.

During a call, participants can share their computer screen, which is quite essential sometimes.

7. RescueTime

As the name suggests, the app is for proper time-management. In a business, time management is essential for success.

That is why there are so many apps that help with the same. RescueTime is one as such.

The app helps you track your time spent on websites and applications.

Then based on your activity, it sends detailed reports. As a result, you get an accurate result of how your day has passed.

Also, you can set alerts for a certain amount of time spent. That will help you prevent wasting time. You can also block unnecessary websites with it.

8. TripIt

It is like a planning app. As a business owner, you will need to travel from time to time.

The app helps you consolidate different such plans into one. As a result, you can access all your plans from a device at any suitable time.

When you forward your travel emails to TripIt, it will take care of the rest.

You can check your departure time as well as delays in the app.

TripIt also avails directions to help you go to the airport. Weather reports are available as well.

9. Square

As we are discussing free business apps, now comes an essential part. That is payment apps.

Well, the first one serving this purpose to mention is Square. Although any business can use Square, there are some which are more suitable.

A woman in a white jacket and with the words: the future of business around her

For example, if you own beauty salons, retail shops, or food trucks, Square is a perfect fit for you.

It accommodates the users with a small, portable card reader. Attaching it to a mobile device, you can make fast, convenient payments.

There is Square Register for brick and mortar businesses that work as a point-of-sale system.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

10. PayPal Here

If we didn’t talk about PayPal in payment apps, we would leave something big behind.

That is because PayPal is in the leading position among payment-based apps.

No matter whether you own a business or not, for any type of payment, PayPal is a versatile option.

The PayPal Here app has made the use of PayPal more convenient. If you need to pay on the go or get paid, PayPal Here is ideal for you.

11. Evernote

As a business owner, if you are not organized, you cannot hope for success.

That brings us to the need for organizer applications. Evernote is such one.

It helps you keep your notes organized. As you are a small business owner, you must keep some to-do lists or reminders.

Evernote allows you to share and store those lists and reminders with your team. The application is available on both PC and Mac.

12. KanbanFlow

KanbanFlow is ideal for managers. It helps the user to assign tasks to the team.

Besides, you can upload file attachments and necessary documents, schedule probable dates.

And above all, you can visualize the total workflow with the help of KanbanFlow.

lean project management. simplified. Boost your personal or team productivity.

The software’s board is divided into columns as such that you get an overview of your current situation.

Also, it lets you divide tasks into smaller ones so that tracking becomes much more manageable.

Besides, there is an option for filtering that lets the ones see who is given access to it. As a result, there is no threat to privacy.

13. Expensify

The platform tracks your expenses on business trips. Any company requires a lot of trips.

And if you have noticed, keeping records of the expenses is the most hurtful part of any trip.

The app lets you connect your debit or credit card with it. As a result, any amount you spend will show on the expense report.

You can also take pictures of the receipts. Expensify will extract the necessary relevant information automatically.

Then, you can create a report yourself from the data. As you have got all the data required beforehand, it will take a short time.

14. Dropbox

Storing and sharing files are important for anyone, not only for companies.

Maybe that is why there are over 500 million users of Dropbox. But that does not mean that the platform does not have enough businesses.

Serving over 200,000 firms, Dropbox can claim to be the top of storing applications.

a dropbox app on the left side and a man who is showing to a woman how to use this free app for her business

If you own such a company that requires a massive share of information, there is no alternative to Dropbox.

15. UNUM

Anyone in the modern world understands the importance of social media campaigns. You also know that, indeed.

UNUM is such an app that can help you with creating such campaigns on Instagram.

Among social media platforms, Instagram is holding the leading position for its high-quality content.

So if you can reach audiences accordingly, that will be a plus point for your company.

With UNUM, you can schedule posts for future purposes. UNUM can even claim to be the best free scheduling app for small businesses.

Final thoughts

We have included the top 15 business apps in the article. All of these are free apps.

That means you do not need to pay for any of these business apps. For small businesses, that is undoubtedly some kind of relief.

Hopefully, you will find a suitable free app from the list and use it for your business.

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