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100 Unique Website Ideas to Make Money Online

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To kick off the year 2020, let us think about business ideas! Have you thought about making money at home? Are there business ideas that would allow you to earn money in the comforts of your home? Could we find 100 ideas to do business and earn money online? There are best website ideas to make money online. Business ideas online where you can make money without having to spend any penny to make it. No hidden subscription services, no hidden fees, nothing like that. So, let’s start things off with a bang! First off, let us have some ideas on the 50 websites that would allow you to earn money in a few clicks here and a few types there.

Here are some ideas you can do to earn money online. Scroll down further and check out the 50 Websites that would let you earn money for free:

1.  Redbubble

Any ideas about what Redbubble is and how it helps us start our business ideas and make money out of it? It is a website that allows you to be their business affiliate and make money by creating and selling custom products online. Here, you can start and create your business website ideas to make money, if you know how to create things like T-shirts, phone cases, and others. Advertise, promote, and discuss these items in your blog and social media to further promote your merch!

2. Skillshare.com

This website sponsors many YouTubers and this is another perfect place for you to start and create your business ideas by sharing your skills with the world.

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People visit this website, create an account, and get paid with $10 a month to get access to all their video classes. This is also an excellent avenue for you to promote your skills and have them featured in blogs.

3. Shutterstock.com

Start and create your online business ideas by selling photos and videos that you take. Do people buy this? Absolutely. Some of these buyers would use them in their blogs to add more graphics to their blog platforms.

4. Merch.amazon.com

All you need to do to start and create your business ideas is to upload a piece of artwork or design and Amazon will create these products for you. By being in a business affiliate program of merch.amazon.com, you can create an Amazon product listing that people can find just by using their search engine. By being an affiliate in this website, you can set your business price, your business title, business description, and fully edit your listing. Advertising this in your blog would be a great help in the promotion of your products. That’s all the ideas you need to know on how to start your business ideas and turn them into profitable income.

5.  Fiverr.com

If you want to start and create your creative business ideas, this is a place where freelancers can start and offer their services in the form of one-off gigs that people can buy. It’s free to create and list a gig which sells its services. So, if you’re a freelancer who has great creative writing ideas, create your online business account in Fiverr now because this is a great website to make money.

6.  Textbroker.com

In textbroker, all you need to do is log in to the orders portal, choose an order, and write an article for it. If you want to be their business affiliate, easily write a 1,000-word article in an hour and earn as much as $14 an hour with a four-star ranking. There are so many website ideas all over the world that discuss easy money you can make from Textbroker if you are given a 4-star review.

7. Instagram

There are numerous opportunities and an website ideas for people to earn money online with Instagram. Instagram influencers start and create their business ideas simply by posting videos and pictures on their Instagram accounts. You can connect and share this in your blog to further promote your Instagram accounts for more followers.n How do they do this online business idea? Well, you can post content that is sponsored. Sponsors, then, offers you money for publishing and advertising their products and services. This is one of the greatest business ideas that you can have, especially if you have tons of followers!

8. Shoutcart.com

This allows pages to create and advertise without clogging up their feed with ads. Shout outs are an easy low-effort way to make money by creating shout outs and ads from different sponsors and brands. 

9. Qumy.online

It pays you to shop online and would also pay you to share your opinions and ideas by answering some questions on their online survey as simple as searching on Google and Bing. They pay you in cold, hard cash.

10. Freelancer.com

This site allows you both to look for a client and be the client. It’s very easy and simple. All you need to do is create an account, which is also totally free. Then, if you are looking for a client and wish to earn money online, you can simply tailor your account depending on your skills.

11. Remotask

It is known for its annotation tasks where you label cars and others. Many business affiliates of Remotask are earning here through LIDAR tasks. How much are they earning here? The highest that they earned here is about $150 to $200 per week. So, if you have ideas on annotations, check out this website now to make more money!

12. Directly

As a business affiliate of Directly, you work here as chat support (non-voice). So customers are asking questions about specific products. They send questions to the website, and you answer those questions. For every answer, you earn $1. Directly is one of the great business website ideas to earn easy money.

13. Acadsoc

It is an online tutorial website and the students are Chinese. Other websites have Japanese students. It depends on the ESL company. If you know a little bit of Chinese and Mandarin, that’s a plus for you! One blogger featured Acadsoc and narrated the amazing experience being an online tutor which opens doors to more opportunities for learning new things at the same time earning money.

14. upwork.com

This website is a global announcing platform where businesses and freelancers from all around the world can connect and collaborate their ideas on certain jobs.

15. YouTube

If you are into doing online business and you know how to create videos and upload them on YouTube, you may want to consider earning money from that. YouTube pays you money and sponsors ads in your videos. Just like blogs, YouTube helps you turn your creative ideas into income-generating projects.

16. Amazon

Being a business affiliate in Amazon is a great online opportunity to sell any product out there because there is a huge search engine of millions of customers that researching for products that you can tap into and start earning money from. You can promote your products and services on different platforms like blogs, vlogs, and social media.

17. Clickbank

This is a large online marketplace that specializes in digital products so products, ranging from ebooks to video tutorials to electronic software or different electronic services. It aims to connect these digital content creators with affiliate marketers.

18. flippa.com

This site buys and sells digital assets online and welcomes you to be a part of its business affiliates. If you are good in marketing skills and selling your personally made software or applications, this is the right place for you. One blogger wrote that he was able to earn at least $100 per week on this website!

19. Rover

If you love pets and happen to be in Canada and or America, you may want to start earning money on this website. This site allows you to babysit their pets and you get to earn around $80-$100 per night of watching over someone’s pet. It’s amazing how you can make money by simply looking at some cute and adorable pooches.

20. Takelessons.com

We all have skills, right? If you want to showcase to the world about how good you are at a certain skill, then you might want to check this website. Isn’t it amazing to be sharing your skills at the same time earn online? On this website, you can’t be all timid and shy; if you’ve got talent then flaunt them!

21. Dropshipping

In dropshipping, you can sell someone else’s product online for a profit but you skip the shipping part. Dropshipping is about being an affiliate and buying someone’s product and reselling it as your own.

22. Fieldagent

Being a business affiliate in this site pays you at least $12 an hour just to send some pictures of companies’ products as to how they are sold and displayed in the market. This is a company’s way of checking if their products are sold and displayed correctly. Others have already made entries in their company’s blogs as to how their products are sold in different parts of the world

23. Google

Google opinion rewards. It pays people to be their affiliate and give their opinions online about their services. This is their way of knowing how far their services and products have gone and know how to improve their services even more.

24. Bird

This website ideas is newly introduced to the online business world so that many people can easily earn money. It works simply by letting people know you have scooters for rent online. This business works well if your location has a wide population. 

25. Onespace

You can get paid if you become a freelancer on the site and it will pay you to do things like entering receipts into a database, write content articles or do research work.

26. Gigwalk

Gigwalk pays you by being their affiliate and simply taking a photo of certain company products and their price tags. If you are up to take snaps of products in groceries, this job sounds cool for you!

27. Scribble

In Scribble, you can earn online by transcribing audio and video files and transform it into a word document file. If you have a great knack in listening, you can easily earn and it pays a lot! So, check out their website now!

28. Clear voice

Allows you to create online content for large companies who need help in creating written content for their brands and online presence

29. Usertesting

You can earn up to sixty dollars an hour to test out products from the comfort of your own home working via Skype.

30. Marketer Agency

There are online companies that do not how to market their services and products online, especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This can be a great way for you to start earning money online. Creating basic ads for less than 5 minutes can earn you up to $1,500 extra money or even more!

31. Shopify

Shopify lets you sell your products and services online without the need to hire more staff. This is a great way for you to market your products and save the cost of manpower at the same time.

32. Avada

In Avada, you get to shop and get some cash back at the same time. This is a great online shopping store for you. Not only does it offer great discounts, but you can earn more by having cashback in every purchase you make. You can download this app which is available for both Android and iOS supported phones.

33. Swagbucks

This is a website that is popularly known for its points that can be redeemed either by cash or gift cards. You simply have to watch videos or write online surveys and comments about their products and services. You can do all these while in the comfort of your home. It’s not going to make you reach, but it’s good enough to put money in your pocket.

34. Gazelle

This site is a place where you can sell your used or second phones. You can always sell them for small or large profits, depending on the specifications of the unit you’re selling.

35. Ibotta

This is alternative couponing so that on your next grocery shopping trip, you can start earning cash back right away. This is now the digital version of the old and traditional way of cutting coupons from magazines and newspapers. With this, you can get gift certificates or cash that you can withdraw anytime.

36. Swappa

In this site, you can buy and sell used phones, tablets, watches. All items sold undergo a quality check to make sure that these are not stolen.

37. Expert Opinion Broker

This is an app that is also known as EO Broker. Here, you can buy and sell stocks through your mobile devices. With expertise and luck, you can win cash just like in a real stock market.

38. Legendary Marketer

If you want to have proper training in online marketing, this is your best choice. Aside from learning, this site also allows you to be an affiliate marketer. You can start earning money from commissions and being an affiliate gives you more profit. It’s a passive earning that grows fast.

39. TaskRabbit

If you are up to running some errands, building a bookcase, or even gardening, then this is the right place for you. You can look for possible clients who want some tasks to be done. You can start earning money according to the terms and conditions you have with your client.

40. Wonder

If you are a research geek and love to dig in for information, this site is for you. Wonder hires people to do a wide range of research topics. They can pay you $20 an hour which is not bad for an online job right?

41. ThreadUp

ThreadUp is an online store where you can sell some clothes that look new and can still be used. You can sell your secondhand belongings and post them for the affordable and profitable amount.

42. Swap

This is almost the same with ThreadUp. You can be an affiliate by also selling your used items here. However, Swap accepts more varied items from clothes to kids’ toys. Also, the site filters the items that are up for sale. If your item is accepted, you get a certain percentage of credit in their store. Check their website for more details!

43. Cardpool

This site buys gift cards that have gone expire. However, they only accept gift cards that are worth a minimum of $25. They will either buy your gift card in cash or you can have it in exchange for another gift card.

44. OfferUp

This site allows you to become like an affiliate and helps you find the item you would want in a yard sale without you going to the yard sale. How? Very simple. All you need is post a picture in their site of the item that you want and someone would buy it for you.

45. Mechanical Turk

This site pays you simply buy spotting differences in the picture. You get a few cents per task, but with great practice and persistence, you could earn at least $200 extra cash a month!

46. Elance

This is another freelancing site. Having a few hours to spare in your time allows you to do different projects that eLance site offers. This also allows you to build up your portfolio which makes you grow your network.

47. Fotolia

If you are into photography and have nice shots sitting in your drawers for a long time now, this is the right site for you! This site buys photos for a very reasonable price.

48. Zirtual

This site is the best for you once you have great secretarial skills, this site hires virtual assistants or “zirtual assistants” as they call it. They hire you based on your skills and experience. Being a zirtual assistant to a very busy person may earn you at least $11 an hour!

49. Airbnb

If you are into real estate and have invested in rentals, Airbnb offers you a safe place to post your rooms, apartments, houses, etc. that are up for rent. Millions of people who travel from one place to another search on Airbnb to look for a place to stay. 

50. Inboxdollars

This site pays you by simply shopping online, watching trending videos, commenting on posts and other online activities that you normally do. Isn’t it nice to get paid without feeling like you’re working?

Now that we have discussed the 50 business ideas where you can start earning money, let’s continue to try and figure out 50 other things you can do online to earn.

51. Blog

If you are into writing and if you can think of creative ways to make your writing skills into something more productive, you can always consider writing and publishing blogs. Originally, the blog was inspired by writing diaries. As technology advanced, people lessened the use of paper and pen and resorted to digital technology. Blog, or “weblog” as it was originally called, was a platform for people to write and share their experiences.

You may have different content (blog posts) in your blog and let people know your passion for different things. It could be food, clothes, fashion, and other trends. You earn money in blogs by creating content and then promoting your blog’s content and having multiple subscribers. Your blog has to grow and be maintained regularly for it to constantly earn money. If you are into writing and sharing your experiences and ideas with the world, you can start creating your blog accounts now and earn money.

Here are 3 different ways how you can monetize your blog posts:

  1. Affiliate marketing (Affiliate programs)
  2. Your own product (usually its a e-book, course)
  3. Having Ads in your blog posts

52. Teach online

They say that if you are a teacher, you can be anywhere! You can be in the classroom teaching or you can be sitting in front of the computer, teaching too! Many online companies need teachers to teach their non-English speaking students.

53. Be a Virtual Assistant

If you are good at managing and organizing schedules, you are perfect for this job. Most of the busy people would no longer have the time to spare to manage and fix their schedules. While being a virtual assistant, you may do some other part-time online jobs such as vlogs and blogs! That’s a great way to earn your money while just sitting in front of a computer!

54. Answer online surveys

This is a very simple job. All you need to do is create an account, answer some questions and start earning. This may not give you a big amount of money in every online survey, but it is a quick and easy way to start earning money online. You can even do this while you’re doing your laundry or while cooking. Easy as pie!

55. Create e-books

Readers nowadays have also become virtual. That is why you, as the writer, also need to be virtual! Start writing your e-books! Stop keeping your stories and writing skills to yourself and upload them online! Who knows your short stories which you have been keeping to yourself is the next Harry Potter and you could be the next J.K. Rowling! Start creating your e-books now!

56. Edit and proofread

There are so many websites, books, and other materials that need editing. Some bloggers who are way too busy with their sites need to hire an editor to check and improve their blog entries. These skills allow you to start and create your business ideas by simply finding errors and correcting them in writing. If you are good at such a skill, then you can use that to earn money. If you are a master of grammatical rules, then this is exactly for you!

57. Manage social media

I know that you are always on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Use your addiction to social media into something profitable. You can further promote this by discussing them in one of your blog entries if you have one!

58. Sell items online

You may be shopping mostly online, but have you realized how much you can earn if you sell products online by being an affiliate? When you become an affiliate, you can start reselling items and have some add-on reasonable price for your customers. Your products can vary from clothes, cosmetics, and accessories.

59. Improve LinkedIn resumes

Some so many people need others’ eyes to check, read, edit and improve their resumes on LinkedIn. Although most of them are non-native speakers of English, there are still few who need your expertise in making their resumes even a lot better!

60. Be a freelance writer

Just sparing a few hours of your time to write can make you a freelance writer. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer offer you a great ideas and opportunity to earn money as a freelance writer.

61. Be a transcriptionist

Having a great listening and fast typing skills can be good for you. A transcriptionist is someone who converts audio and/or video formats into document types.

62. Be a moderator of online forums

If you are fond of listening and viewing online forums, you may use this fascination of yours into an income-generating project. You can start earning by moderating forums.

63. Post on social media

If you are always posting on Facebook and Twitter, you might want to use that as your source of money. Visit https://app.sponsoredtweets.com/r/dprfor more information on how you can earn by simply posting online.

64. Be a bookkeeper

If you are a degree holder or may have studied bookkeeping, this is the right job for you. Most entrepreneurs would want their bookkeeping to be done online for an easier and faster task.

65. Be a tester for sites

Some websites need to be tested and some even pay as high as $10 for each website you review and $15 for every site you test on mobile. And no, this is not a technical job. These websites only need to check on what people think about their website an ideas where you can make money faster.

66. Sell on Amazon

Regardless to say, Amazon is one of the most famous sites to shop. Maybe you shop here, too! This may be the right site for you to sell your stuff.

68. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a perfect place if you are into art18s and crafts. Your simple handmade products can be a source of your daily income. Check out their website www.etsy.com for more information that can help you in earning money.

69. Play mobile games

Yes, you read it right! Playing games can generate income. Some games pay you $ by simply completing their tasks, not skipping their ads, and simply enjoying their games.

70. Chat support

As the name implies, It’s non-voice. All you have to do is just answer the questions online. Don’t worry, we will make a walkthrough on applying for a job on one of their categories. Chat support has been around also in the home-based community since 2011-2012.

71. Type names online

There are so many websites ideas to make money and would simply pay you to encode and type names on their sites. What an easy way to make money!

72. Captcha Entry

This job may sound very simple and not that high-paying, but if you are persistent, you can earn as much as $500 per month!

73. Copy and paste

This is probably becoming known in internet jobs nowadays. As the name implies, you can earn by simply copying words from one document and paste it to the other.

74. Join in micro-jobs

There are endless sites that would hire you in their date entry positions. Once you gain the client’s trust, you may earn as much as $200 per month.

75. Typing jobs

Some sites hire typists. If you are fast in typing and if you can type 30 or more words per minute, then this is the best job for you. You can earn as much as $300 per month doing this job.

76. Filling up forms

Some companies would hire assistants and help them fill out forms. The challenge that you have to go through, though, is to look for missing information that may require intensive research. But once you get used to it, it’s as easy as pie.

77. Convert image to text

If you are skilled in converting scanned files of images into text in a word document, then this is the best job for you. The complexity of this job is a little bit challenging but the pay is good.

78. Format word documents

This may sound easy, but you have to have great skills in technical writing. You must also be knowledgeable and has mastery in exploring and navigating MS Word. Regardless, this is one simple job to do while at the comforts of your home.

79. Payroll data entry

Companies would hire an online worker to encode their employees’ payroll, salary, deduction, and others. This is a very easy task especially if you already have the mastery in typing.

80. Processing of emails

This may sound tedious, but it’s not and it pays well. All you need to do is read some emails and sort them all out. The more emails you process; the more money you earn.

81. Customized data entry

This job is very specific to the needs of the hiring company. Their task may vary from day to day, depending on their needs. However, this may become a long-term job, especially if you are already trusted by the company.

82. Take photos

Some companies need photographers and would buy your pictures online. If you are skilled at this, it’s a perfect job for you.

83. Don’t skip ads

If ads irritate you while you’re playing online games or watching videos, this may change your mind starting now. Not skipping ads can mean money for you. Some sites and apps pay you for watching their ads online.

84. Customer service representative

Being an agent can be done at home, too! All you need is to gear yourself up with a great internet connection and a good headset. Once you get hired, you can get paid at least $500 per month!

85. Business analyst

If you are great at problem-solving, this is the best job for you. You can get money online by simply looking for solutions in a certain complexity faced by the company. You can search for theses kind of website ideas to make money.

86. Quality analyst

This job pays well for simply checking the workflow of a certain company to check if the workflow is in line with its mission and vision.

87. Web designer

Being creative pays a lot nowadays! This job allows you to create and design webs according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

88. Graphic designer

Again, creativity pays! Monetize your creative skills and start looking for sites that need graphic designers for their videos, sites, and other platforms!

89. Scoping

This job is quite rare. This is editing transcripts that were transcribed in courts. Editing includes grammar and its technicalities. If you’re in love with grammar and writing, you might enjoy this job!

90. Voiceover artist

If you have an animated voice, this is for you! You can use your voice to earn money by simply recording voice over for videos, audiobooks, and even movies.

91. Virtual recruiter

This job requires you to look for artists and other workers that the employees need. This job enables you to build your network and it pays as much as $300-700 a month, depending on the size of the company that hires you.

92. Travel agent

This job pays you for booking and arranging your clients’ stays, schedules, and travel activities. You can earn a very profitable income if you’re good at this skill.

93. Resumé writer

Many job seekers want their resumés and applications to be edited. They pay you at least $20-$50 per resumé, depending on the level of editing difficulty.

94. Translators

Translating one language to another, of course, pays a lot! There are online documents that clients need to be translated. Languages vary from German, Russian, Korean, and others.

95. Telephone interviewer

Companies like MaritzCX hire workers to call and interview their clients to further evaluate their products and services.

96. Virtual restaurant servers

Yes, this job exists! Some restaurants hire virtual servers to help them organize their orders for takeouts. This job pays you at least $9 per hour. 

97. Music review

Love listening to songs? Monetize that by getting paid through listening and commenting on some snippets of songs. This job pays $5 per hour at its minimum. Some website ideas to make easy money.

98. Grant writer

This is a very intriguing online writing job. Some organizations want to have a financial grant from an institution. To do this, they hire highly skilled writers. You need to collect all the data and information and put them all together to meet the qualifications for the grant.

99. Slogan and business name writing

Companies pay a lot to witty writers who can come up with a creative slogan for their products and services.

100. Home-based accountant

If you are a holder of a degree in accounting and want to work at home, this is for you. Companies hire accountants in helping them with their budgetary concerns. You may be required to do monthly and annual sales and other accounting reports. 

With all the suggested website ideas, you can now start thinking to make money and gather as many jobs that suit you. The more online jobs you get; the more money you may earn. These jobs are for everyone, most especially for those who desire to work in the comforts of their home. With this, there is no need for you to leave your room and get paid. Work from home and earn income as much as you can!

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