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10 Best Registered Nigerian Stock Brokers


2019 and 2020 was a great year for Nigeria’s stock market! 2020 and 2021 is hoped to be better than the past year. However, for many first-time Nigerian stock brokers finding the best brokerage firm can be a very difficult process.


Especially the ones that accept Nigerian traders and would allow you to invest in your currency, the Nigerian Naira. Here, we will discuss the best stock broking institutions that would let you trade stocks.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best Nigerian stock brokers:

1. Meristem Registrars Limited

Meristem’s core stock brokers their values are at the heart of everything they do. They define who they are, how they work, what they believe in, and what they stand for.

The core values set out how the Meristem act and how they expect to be treated. As part of the Meristem group while providing a sound basis to make decisions. The Meristem’s core values are summarized in the acronym C.E.P.O.E.M.

Clientocracy – Meristem is crazy about their clients. Customers will never forget how you made them feel regardless if it is good or bad. But it is better to always make them feel good. They strive to always put their clients first in all they do. Meristem goes above and beyond to make clients feel special. That they are the reason they do what they do.

Esprit de Corps – which means teamwork makes the dream work. Individual contributions in a group’s achievement are what makes their teamwork. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Meristem’s ability to work together toward a common vision makes them stand out and win as one of the best stock brokers in Nigeria.

Professionalism and integrity – which is not the job they do, but how they do it. And believe passionately in what they do and never compromise on their standards and values. They are true professionals aiming for true excellence. They do our best work even when they don’t feel like it.

Ownership – they take responsibility for their actions

Their performance will improve their relationships and will flourish. Their market value restores people’s respect for them which allows them to improve and be great examples for others to follow. Eventually, these will all lead to the growth of their self-esteem.

Einstein – Just like Einstein’s work, innovation is not the result of chance it’s the result of an action. It’s not a thing to wait for, but a thing to do.

Meristem – believes that they can never influence the world by being part of it. Rather, they take challenges as their opportunity to be creative. They also believe that there is a way to do things. Last but by no means least in their core value is a meri-star delight. Meristem believes that happiness has a domino effect. Happiness among employees can radiate throughout its workplace. This means happy employees give out good vibes and happiness to their customers as well. With this positive vibe in the workplace, everyone can make a difference!

2. TradexTraders

Even that the TradexTraders.com is a new brand, start operating in 2018, belongs to one of the good broker on the market.

You can find small spreads, on some type account without swaps and with over then 1200 tradable stocks and commodities.

The fact that theirs accounts are in Coutts private bank, one of the oldest bank founded in 1692, it is a good sign that funds are in good hands.

3. BGL Limited

Also known as Banc Garanti Limited started its business venture in May 1993.

Has officially started its financial operations 2 years after.

It is known to be one of the best and fast-developing financial companies under the supervision of the SEC. Also known as the Securities and Exchange Commission. Having said that BGL is a registered member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange or NSE as one of the county’s largest and best brokers and dealers.

After a decade of operations, BGL is now known as one of Nigeria’s fastest developing financial corporations which showcases goals and achievements at par with global standards.

Just 3 years after its official commencement in the stock market and business world.

The BGL Securities Limited have acquired different partnerships with some known financial companies such as:

  • United Bank for Africa
  • Commercial Bank in Nigeria
  • Continental Trust Bank

In July 2008, BGL officially introduced their Asset Management and Private Equity Limited subsidiaries in addition to their BGL Securities Ltd.

This makes their company even more powerful in terms of finances and stock exchange by stock brokers.

This powerful move is a great financial strategic action that they did in response to their clients’ problems in financial necessities. Indeed, BGL Securities has built its reputation for almost a decade now.

Its professional excellence in offering outstanding advisory in finances corporate, banking and asset management.

It has a wide array of clients from government to corporate and even high net-worth people invest in BGL.

They are known to deliver and put their mission to accomplishment by seeking insights from highly acclaimed institutions.

Also known for their innovative works and incorporation of integrity in every transaction and project that they do.

They are known to have never failed to achieve their clients’ goals in finances.

4. Cradle Trust Finance and Securities Limited

Cradle Trust Finance and Securities Limited were introduced in the business and financial world on December 20, 2005.

Its exact address is 188A, Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

Just like BGL and Meristem, Cradle trust Finance and Securities is also registered under SEC or also known as Securities and Exchange Commission.

This certifies that they are in authority to run as a financial company licensed to operate as a stock broker in Nigeria.

With its almost a decade of experience in the financing and stock exchange industry.

Cradle Trust has already established its credibility and integrity as a company.

It offers various services, such as financial advising, financial securities, and stock exchange advising.

Cradle Trust Finance and Securities Limited always have their doors open for anyone interested in investing in their company.

5. Bestworth Assets and Trust Limited

Established in February 1996, Beswortth Assets and Trust Limited is known to be one of the oldest and fast-developing stock broker in Nigeria.

Its location, at the heart of Central Business District, makes it easier and more accessible for people to contact their company for any business and financial concerns.

Today, Bestworth Assets and Trust Limited has already established business and financial connections in and out of the country.

These connections make them one of the firm choices of the Nigerian market in finances.

They have proven for decades that they have both local and international clients from all over the world.

To make all these happen, they have organized offices and world-class professionals deployed in their local and international offices to meet the needs of their clients.

They envision to be one of the most efficient financial companies offering services, products, and solutions to financial crises all over the world.

All in all, Bestworth Assets and Trust Limited continues its mission to provide quality, and with excellent customer financial service and state of the art facilities, catering to local and international clients.

Thats the reason why we put them on 4th place in our list of 10 best registered Nigerian stock brokers in 2020.

6. GTI Capital Limited 

GTI envisions to become a world-class financial and banking agency with its excellent services to clients all over the world.

They have been in business operation since 1998.

Their years of experience have honed them in delivering excellent and quality services to their clients with various needs from financial and security issues.

They have also established an office in London, which makes them even more popular and more closely connected to their foreign and local clients.

Their services include stock broking, asset management, wealth management, treasury, microfinance, corporate and investment banking, and handholding.

With all these services, they have primarily excelled in stock broking and their London subsidiary has played a great role in the development of their services.

Indeed, with GTI Capital Limited’s wide array and excellent services, they are truly a world-class and leading financial firm locally and internationally.

7. Icon Stock Brokers Limited

Founded on June 30, 1962, Icon Stock brokers Limited or once known as Icon Nominees Limited is considered one of the oldest stock broking companies in Nigeria.

Since then, it has been registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission and has gained its excellence and fame in financial marketing.

It is known for its long-standing and excellent records and participation in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Icon Stock Brokers Limited also offers a wide array of financial services that are specially custom-made to meet the needs of individual customers.

Their partnership with Merrill Lynch has also played a great role in the development of their financial growth.

They envision to always satisfy their customers’ needs and be the world’s leading corporation in terms of giving financial services to their customers locally and internationally.

8. Sigma Securities Limited

Sigma Securities Limited focuses its expertise on financial marketing. They always ensure to provide their clients with high satisfaction.

They also give excellent financial advice from their pool of financial experts who are well-trained highly certified in the field.

Established on May 30, 1995, Sigma Securities has already proven its worth and excellence with their decade of providing quality service to their clients.

Registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sigma was also licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange in the same year, before their official opening.

Their mission is to be able to give world-class and quality services to aid in the challenges of the daily requirements of each of their investors worldwide.

Thinking of investing in Sigma?

With a minimum of 5 million Naira, you are already eligible to be a part of their teams you can purchase your stocks or fund through a check deposit or even internet banking.

These simple and basic requirements make the Sigma Securities Limited one of the easiest and user-friendly stock broking companies in Nigeria.

Thats the reason why we put them on 7th place in our list of 10 best registered Nigerian stock brokers in 2020.

9. First Guarantee Risk Solutions

First Guarantee Risk Solutions aims to be the country’s finest brokerage firm.

They focus on assisting clients who have challenges and are at risk in their financial strategies.

With their quality service, First Guarantee Risk Solutions can extend their help and legal advice to stock holders who encounter financial difficulties and losses.

Their clients are found both locally and internationally.

They keep in mind and ensure the clients of their security of finances with appropriate services meeting the diverse needs of their clients.

10. Action Alliance Stockbrokers

Action Alliance Stockbrokers aim to be the best stock broking firm in the region and even in the world.

They are highly committed to helping clients become more financially aware of their finances.

This allows the clients to be more responsive to their needs and more assertive as to what, how, and where to invest their money.

Also known as the African Alliance, Action Alliance Stockbrokers is already famous all over the continent.

They never stop learning and seeking opportunities in making banking more fun and a safe place for most investors.

Their services come in different forms such as financial marketing and of course stockbroking.

If you are looking for the best place to invest stocks, this is the right firm for you!

Not only are you able to develop your stocks, but you’re also able to develop yourself in the process of learning how the financial and stock market work!

11. Adonai Stockbrokers Ltd

Adonai Stockbrokers Ltd is one of the most active stock broking firms in Nigeria.

It has been duly registered in SEC or known as the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2003.

They are also an active member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange with a capital of 1 billion Naira and a fund of shareholders amounting to 1.5 billion Naira.

With their decade of experience and exposure to different financial situations, Adonai Stockbrokers Ltd has proven its worth to the hundreds of its investors.

Their services are of high quality, meeting the standard needs of its Nigerian and foreign clients.

They don’t do business with mediocrity; they always transact with outstanding services.

Their pool of experts in financial management extends its help to cater to the needs of their customers. And the main focus is catering to the financial needs of their clients coming primarily from Nigeria, but they also open their doors for foreign investors who are trusting enough to out the fund in the Nigerian currency.

Their mission is to be able to extend financial advice to their clients while creating special wealth for their clients at its best.

If you are a Nigerian who would want to invest in a Nigerian company that prioritizes local investors like you, Adonai Stockbroking Ltd is the best for you.

10 Best Registered Nigerian Stock Brokers in 2020 and 2021 Summary

Yes, investment in stocks can be quite risky!

It is for the bold!

But once you get the culture of stock broking in Nigeria, you would eventually know the tricks and you would soon learn your techniques in making your stocks grow.

One day you would soon realize how far your stocks have grown in a period.

So, do not worry about those risks that they say!

I hope you now know what registered Nigerian stock broker you should invest your money at.

Let us hope that 2020 would be a wonderful and bountiful year for all of your stocks in the market!

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