Sudan crisis: Military to resume talks with Opposition

Sudan crisis: Sudan’s military council and the opposition to resume talks. The African Union envoy to Sudan has announced that the constitutional declaration talks between the Opposition Freedom, Change Alliance and Sudan Transitional Military Council (TMC)  would resume on July 30. The constitutional declaration to be discussed between the TMC and the alliance includes powers […]

‘THE LION KING’ Premier in Kenya

Disney’s highly anticipated remake of ‘The Lion King’ is expected to draw herds of filmgoers around the world at a time when ticket sales are struggling seriously. Box office watchers Box office watchers predict that one of the greatest hits this year might be the studio’s grand return to the Pride Lands. “The Lion King” […]

2019 Nigerian Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

The election tribunal was set up to have jurisdiction to hear all petitions and determine whether elected candidates are validly elected into any federal or state level. However, unlike the offices of the senators, Members of the house of Assembly and Representatives, Governors and Deputy Governors of the 36 states of Nigeria which are subjected […]


The Indian Ocean Island Games known in French as Jeux des îles de l’océan Indien is a multi-sport event that happens every four years among several athletes from the Indian Ocean island nations. History Five countries were instrumental to the creation of the current games: Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Mauritius, Comoros and Reunion. These countries drafted the charter of the games […]


The most recent round of negotiations took place in the capital, Khartoum, on the 4th of July and were arbitrated by the prime minister of Ethiopia and members of the African Union (AU). Sudan’s ruling military leaders and council have reached a power-sharing agreement with the opposition alliance until elections can be held. This new […]


The Ugandan parliament has passed theLandlord and Tenants bill 2018 to law. The bill which seeks to regulate the relationship between landlord and tenants was passed with several amendments that relate to the duties and rights landlords and tenants have in rented commercial and residential premises. The key provisions in the new bill is that […]