Last Updated on May 16, 2020

Coronavirus Free Countries on the African Continent


In Africa, there are now more than over 70,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Since the beginning of this global pandemic, several countries imposed a range of prevention and containment measures against its spread.

The following are stats from John Hopkins University and Africa CDC on coronavirus in Africa.

  • Confirmed cases = 78,280
  • Number of deaths = 2,624
  • Recoveries = 29,245
  • Active cases = 46,411
  • Infected countries = 54

Coronavirus free countries as of May 16

Mauritania became the first African country to be virus free after they had 6 full recoveries and a death. However, days after declaring its virus free status, another infection was reported. Mauritania now has one pending case of the coronavirus according to data from John Hopkins University.

Mauritius has also declared virus-free status making it the second African country to reach that status. Mauritius had a total of 332 cases of the coronavirus. Of this number, 322 recovered while 10 fatalities were recorded. May 11 marked the fifteenth consecutive day that the no new case was recorded in the country. A lockdown however remains in place to contain possible spread of the virus.

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Eritrea has also officially declared itself virus-free after all 39 patients successfully recovered from the coronavirus. A Ministry of Health statement said the 39th patient had been discharged from hospital as of May 15th.

As of May 8, there were only two active cases. One was discharged on the 11th before May 15th final recovery and discharge.

Eritrea is also among a handful of African countries that have not recorded deaths as of May 15. Others are Madagascar, Central Africa Republic, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Lesotho, Rwanda and Uganda. Below is Eritrea’s coronavirus stats.

Confirmed cases = 39
Recoveries = 39
Deaths = 0
Active cases = 0

Also, up until May 14th, Lesotho was the only African country without a case of the coronavirus. That however changed as they recorded a case in a Lesotho national studying in Saudi Arabia.

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