9 most successful small businesses in Africa

Small businesses
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Everyone wants to have a shot, a chance to achieve their dream business.

However, not all people have the big capital that they need. Which is why they tend to find an alternative – one that would allow them to start small but still dreaming big.

Hey, you got to start somewhere, right?

This is why small businesses in Africa are in full bloom.

It is important to note that not because you are just starting up a small business that you would neglect doing extensive research on the subject. Not doing research is like throwing away your hard-earned money and wasting your chance of earning more.

Business is still business – no matter if it is small or big. The only difference is the money that you will earn. Small businesses might earn lower than the big ones but in the long run, if you are making good with your earnings then chances are that you will be able to expand your business and it will not be a small one anymore.

You might even be able to start another business that will go along nicely with your original one. What are these small businesses that are worth checking out on? This article will help you discern the correct business for you by providing the most prominent ones here in Africa.

Small Businesses - Recycle
Small Businesses – Recycle

Recycling wastewater

A lot of water is wasted every single day. With the possibility of the world’s water supply to come dwindling down in the next centuries, it is very important to conserve water and to be able to recycle the water that has been used already for other purposes that can benefit mankind. 

Small businesses that deal with recycling wastewater has been significantly growing these past few years. Imagine having the technology of recycling used water for it to be potable and drinkable again. This would solve the water shortage problems that other countries are experiencing.

It is for this reason that investors are keen on opening this kind of business in Africa due to its promise of good earnings and assistance in making the environment cleaner.


Processing agricultural goods

In the past, Africa has been importing different foods from other countries like China and America. However, in the past years, Africans have finally learned the secret of making these foods that they otherwise import.

Due to this, Africa is now also a major player in the food production business especially those made on the agricultural side. Seeing this development, foreign investors are now placing their money on the line in doing food processing businesses in Africa to join to food race.


Small businesses connected to providing internet services to the people

You have to admit that the internet has been a major need; a commodity so to speak. You can see people from all walks of life hunkered down and fiddling their smartphones or laptops.

The internet has been stockroom of knowledge and has provided services that otherwise are impossible without being personally there with the persons involved. That said, many ISP companies have invested in Africa since it is a place that is ripe for technological advances.

Nowadays, people have been using several messaging apps that allow calls to be made on top of sending messages. Due to this, ISP is going to be the “in” thing and will surpass GSM services in the next few years.

Small Businesses - E-vehicles
Small Businesses – E-vehicles


The usage of electric vehicles has spread like wildfire in Africa because why not?

These vehicles are economical, easy to use and are helping the environment by not emitting any harmful smoke since everything – from its engine to its throttle, to its lights and brakes- is fully battery-operated.

These batteries can be charged from a normal electrical outlet for at least 8 hours and once charged, you are off to go again. It would be high-time for someone to strike a partnership with TESLA and start a small business like this one in Africa. 

Small businesses like this one are sure to make a huge impact in the country due to its sheer ingenuity.

Small Business - AI and robotics
Small Business – AI and robotics

AI and robotics

People have to face the fact that more and more services and appliances are being controlled by AI or Artificial Intelligence and robots.

These things make work more efficient and would reduce the harm dealt with by work hazards to people. Small businesses that use this technology are bound to earn more due to the reduced cost of not needing a person to do simple tasks.


This would also mean that the people would have a chance to nab a higher position in that business or company that will make use of their skillset.

Health-conscious food

Health and fitness have been one of the small businesses that expanded tremendously due to the demand of people who wants to have a healthy living lifestyle.

The foods that promote health and fitness can be easily made with the ingredients found in Africa. That way, they do not need to import these types of food anymore and might even be able to export them to other countries as well making it a global business venture to anyone who would try and invest in these products.

Green Engineering Technology
Green Engineering Technology

World protectors

More and more people are using green engineering technology as a form of environmental protection and to prevent global warming. Small businesses like this one need the help of the local government so that foreign investors in Africa can take advantage of the benefits of this business.

Fully autonomous vehicles

Gone are the times when people think that vehicles will always be manually operated. Even the so-called automatic transmission needed minimum human supervision. This is because of the proliferation of self-driven vehicles. With the use of GPS, these vehicles can go to and from a specific location.


The usage of drones

Drones are primarily used by civilians to record places while in the air. Vloggers use this often so that their videos would have an aerial view. However, drones are mainly used for military or security purposes. Like in other countries, this is a very important tool for Africa’s growth.

Small businesses will not remain small. All it needs is funding, strategical planning, research and support from the people involved. In the long run, the business owner will not be the only one who will benefit from this type of business but the country as well.